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Stop Carping and Start Complying – 7


practical wisdom keys for success


My experience with Pakistani men

I remember hiring a Pakistani man online. He was sincere. However, I did not find his work to be satisfactory. In addition, he wasted my time. Then I found another man from Pakistan. I gave him a different job, and he wasted my time.


I said, is that the way Pakistani citizens behave? Already, I hired another man from Pakistan. He was not friendly (maybe that is his temperament). It was at this point that I began to conclude that Pakistani men are unfriendly.


However, I encountered another man who was from Pakistan. He was very friendly. He knew how to communicate. I loved his work. What would have happened if I concluded that men in Pakistan are unfriendly and wicked; therefore, I would not communicate with the fourth Pakistani man?


That could have been a tragic mistake! Before meeting the fourth man from Pakistan, I doubted whether he could be good because I had worked with three Pakistani men. The first man wasted my time.


The second man was unfriendly. The third one couldn’t do the work prescribed. I could have concluded that men from Pakistan are incompetent and unfriendly. I could have missed the right man, who was also from Pakistan!


The fourth Pakistani man knew his work. We communicated as if we knew each other! I loved the sincerity and generosity of that Pakistani man. While the three other men from Pakistan failed men, I could have ignored the fourth man because he was also from Pakistan.


I could have concluded that he was the same as the other Pakistani men. However, I was wrong. My mindset about Pakistani men changed when I met this man. I even thought the three Pakistani men mistreated me because I was an African.


How wrong I was! The issue was that I did not meet the right people. So, what is my point here? We often complain because of what we have been through. It’s so pathetic that we are limited in knowledge.


You need advanced knowledge to make the right decisions. The mere fact that you encountered an incompetent and wicked African, Asian, American, European, or any nationality does not necessarily imply that the people on that continent are similarly incompetent or cruel. You met the wrong people! Stop complaining. You will find the right person.



Light and darkness

When you observe darkness and light, what do you see? I may not know what you see. However, when I see darkness, I see destruction. When I see light, I see and feel hope. That doesn’t mean that black people are destructive.


One reason most Africans are black is because of the sun's intensity. Africans are not gorillas. I wonder if some nationalities identify the devil and evil objects as black. Well, that’s their understanding.


We (Africans) are human beings. The same blood that flows through Americans, Europeans, Asians, and other nationalities also flows through us (Africans). Our philosophy (our mindset, ideologies, and beliefs) is the difference.


Darkness limits our vision. However, light enhances our vision. In darkness, we cannot do many things. For instance, darkness can make us vulnerable to wild animals such as snakes, scorpions, and mosquitoes.


Because of darkness, we can ignorantly step on a nail. In the same way, light helps us to see hidden things. With light, we can recognize and interact with our environment. So, what is my point here?


Light and darkness are not the same. Darkness is a symbol of complaint, while light symbolizes compliance. Anyone who complains unprofessionally and bitterly lives in darkness. To get rid of darkness, we turn on the light.


You cannot get rid of darkness with another darkness. In other words, you cannot deal with complaints by complaining. You cannot deal with an angry vessel by being angry. That angry man has experienced hostility several times.


The angry man needs love, care, prayer, provision, counseling, and encouragement. You have to use different strategies to deal with the angry man. The angry man needs light, not darkness. The angry man has lived in darkness all the days of his life.


He needs greater light to terminate his darkness. Don’t fight darkness with darkness. Defeat darkness with light. Turn on the light when darkness reveals itself! Stop complaining and start complying!


Just as light eliminates darkness, compliance eliminates complaints. God Almighty commanded light when darkness dominated the earth (see Genesis chapter one in the Holy Bible). In the same way, to deal with your problems, you must turn on the light.


Complaining will not solve the issue. We can solve the problem by complying. I mean turning on the light when darkness appears. Are you using darkness to deal with light? Are you using darkness to deal with darkness?


Use the unquenchable light to eliminate darkness. Use the Word of God (the Holy Bible) to deal with wickedness. It doesn't matter how thick the darkness is, use the Word of God to eliminate it. Use the unstoppable light to break the unbreakable barriers. Stop complaining and start complying!


Sometimes, I marvel when I see people destructively criticizing others. You will see and hear people criticizing in the media, the internet, workplaces, homes, schools, and organizations. Instead of criticizing parents, politicians, leaders, and people in your chambers, learn from their mistakes.


We have the right to expose the wickedness of others. However, don’t criticize destructively. Don’t criticize out of jealousy, hatred, and hostility. Criticize constructively. I mean, give tangible and logical reasons for your criticism.


Criticize with working solutions. What have you accomplished? Do not open your mouth, sorry to say, “your big mouth” to issue insults. Your criticism must be professional (logical, full of solutions, and ethical).


In my previous articles, I explained how to complain professionally. Kindly read my previous articles related to this article for more profound revelations. It’s time to stop complaining and start complying.



The seed of past bitter experiences

dangers of living in anger and bitterness

At the beginning of the article, I stated that we often complain because of past bitter experiences. Back in 2017/2018, I encountered a problem. Thieves broke into my apartment. They stole my laptop, external hard drive, and other important assets.


This happened when I was not home. My eBooks and several projects were stored on my laptop and external hard drive. I cried and prayed all kinds of prayers because I wanted the thieves to return my assets.


The most important things I needed were the data and information on my laptop and external hard drive. I lost hundreds of uncompleted books and project outlines. However, I believed in God for intervention.


The thieves did not return the stolen goods. However, the Holy Spirit helped me start new projects. I received fresh ideas for writing new books. Although I lost significant books and projects, I did not allow bitterness to dominate me.


I could have complained and remained in bitterness. That could have buried my future! I could have lost the fresh ideas from the Holy Spirit if I kept living in anger and bitterness. Don’t remain in the prison of bitterness.


Bitterness is an invisible weapon the enemy uses to cage our blessings. Failure to eliminate the past bitter experience can block your blessings. Remember my case with the Pakistani men?


I could have complained that Pakistani men are unfriendly, incompetent, and wicked. I could have missed the right Pakistani man if I had complained about the other three Pakistani men. However, I did not complain. I complied.


I did not allow my past bitter experiences to stop me from connecting with the fourth Pakistani man. Today, that Pakistani man is my friend. We work remotely. Although I have not met him physically, I believe he is a good man.


I have also not physically met the other Pakistani men who disappointed me. However, their actions troubled my heart and created a bad image of Pakistan. One thing about past experiences is that they can build or destroy you.


Some women met several men who forsook them. Because of the heartbreak, every man that comes into their lives is a suspect. They see every man as a heartbreaker because of their past bitter experiences.


Some men, too, see women as cheaters because of their past bitter experiences. Some people have experienced emotional, financial, social, spiritual, psychological, sexual, and physical abuse, so they cannot relate well.


Because of their past bitter experiences, they have schizophrenia (abnormal) problems. Their past bitter experiences have made them anti-social, bitter, unforgiving, angry, sadistic, and hostile.


They complain wherever they go. Their past bitter experience has made them toxic. Because of their past bitter experience, they are master complainers. Maybe people have abused you. Do not allow the past bitter experiences to destroy you.


When you allow bitter experiences to dominate you, you will miss opportunities. Sometimes, God allows us to pass through bitter experiences to train us. Stop complaining that people don’t want to associate with you.


You have allowed your past bitter experiences to dominate you. Your bitter experience has changed your character and personality. Your bitter experience has blinded your eyes of understanding.


Recover from the bitter experience because others have recovered. One way to recover from bitter experiences is to surrender your life to Christ Jesus. When you surrender your life to Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit becomes one with you.


From there, renew your mind with the Holy Bible and build a strong relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Associate with the Church and read relevant books that will shape your mindset.


You will stop complaining when you follow these master keys. I encourage you to download and read my series of books for more profound revelations. The books can transform your mindset and make you a better person. The books are free on my blog and YouTube channel.



The prison of the comfort zone

dangers of comfort zone

Every natural person wants freedom. We want to live in comfort, joy, and peace. We don’t want others to control our lives. That’s the mindset of a natural person. However, living only with that mindset can hinder your progress.


There are times when you must leave your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone and locating a new place helps you to see the big picture. Like a man with a telescope standing on a mountain.


He can see what others can’t see. Maybe you are afraid that people will reject you when you enter a new environment. Fear of failure might also be another factor. You prefer to stay in your comfort zone because you don’t want to "lose."


Well, I have “bad news” for you. I mean for those who don’t want to leave their comfort zone! Do you know that your comfort zone can imprison your potential? Yes, your comfort zone limits your potential.


Maybe I should state that again. Your comfort can limit your gifts, talents, purpose, and creativity! Living in your comfort zone destroys your manliness. You remain a baby when you stay in your comfort zone!


Your mental and emotional capacity will not expand when you stay in your comfort zone. You will become a master complainer when you stay in your comfort zone! You will become a candidate of the rat racers when you remain in your comfort zone.


So, what is a comfort zone? I define a comfort zone as any place where you easily get food, water, money, shelter, and happiness. It could be your family's house. You have friends, family, and loved ones who are always ready to assist you in that arena.


That’s a comfort zone. In a comfort zone, you have complete “protection” from family and friends. The comfort zone is a place of continuous enjoyment, joy, and peace. In your comfort zone, you can watch long-hour movies, play electronic games, eat any food you want, and enjoy free bills.


Your comfort zone is an arena where you rarely take responsibility. It is a place where people cater for your finances and wellbeing. Your comfort zone is a place of accessibility. You don't have to struggle to get what you want.


That is your comfort zone. Staying in such a place for a long time will imprison your inner power and glory. In your comfort zone, when things begin to fall, you start complaining. However, nature begins to train you if you locate a new place to start life afresh.


You might not get access to family and friends in your new location. You might not get access to adequate food and water. This is where you can break your childlessness syndrome and build the seed of manliness.


When you change environments, you begin to see things from different perspectives. I left my parents' home a long time ago. I rented my little apartment. I pay weekly bills. I do not depend on family and friends for assistance.


Because of that, I work hard and smart. Leaving my parents’ home made me think like a man. It has expanded my potential! Even if my parents die, I can live. Some people cannot live without their families and friends.


They are bonded to their family and friends to the extent that they cannot do anything without them. What a tragedy! What if those people died? What will you do? Kill comfort zone syndrome and become a complete vessel.


Some people even commit suicide because their comfort zone has made them emotionally and psychologically weak. They want to hear from their family and friends every day. What a pity! Babies cannot live without their families and friends!


By the way, are you a baby? Become a man. Stop complaining and start complying! I live as if I don’t have family members and friends. It has helped me in several ways. Leaving my comfort zone has enhanced my decision-making skills.


Vacating my comfort zone has helped me manage my finances well. I know how to live without the support of family and friends. Leaving my comfort zone has built my social skills. I don’t depend on the government, family, or friends for survival.


I do not depend on others for food, water, and other basic needs. Leaving my comfort zone has built my emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial, and social strength. Although I visit family and friends occasionally, I live on my own.


I am building capacity because I have left my comfort zone. I don’t join people complaining about the economy. By God’s grace, I know what to do to become successful. I know how to manage my time, mind, and resources.


By God’s grace, I know how to manage myself because I left my comfort zone. You will hardly find me complaining. Do you know why? Because I left my comfort zone! I do not fear traveling to different towns, schools, and villages to preach the gospel because I left my comfort zone.


I know how to handle “strangers” because I left my comfort zone. Get me right. I am not stating that you should forsake family and friends. That’s a terrible idea. I am stating that, you should learn to be independent of family and friends.


Locate a new place and start your life. Doing that will enhance your maturity. You will stop complaining about basic needs and wants when you live independently for a long time. You will learn to be responsible when you are on your own.


You will stop complaining and start complying when you leave your comfort zone. The comfort zone is an invisible enemy. It’s a comfortable prison. Vacate your comfort zone at the appointed time.


The experiences you will pass through in the new environment will eliminate you from the complainers. You will become a complier. I encourage you to download and read my books, How to Pursue a Purposeful Life Without Money, Uncommon Wisdom Keys, How to Pursue a Purposeful Life, and other wisdom-related books for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog and YouTube channel. Do you want to join the Association of Complainers or Compliers? The decision is yours!



The seed of impatience

the power of persistence

Life is a journey. It takes time to build. Like a newborn baby. The child learns to walk, eat, bathe, and talk. A time will come when the child will go to school. From there, the child grows into adolescence.


Then, “the child” begins to make friends. A time will come when he will get a job, marry, and build his family. That is how life works. When you plant a seed in fertile soil, it doesn’t germinate at the same time.


Some seeds take days, weeks, months, and years to germinate. That is how life works. Stop complaining that things are not working. It is a matter of time. God makes things beautiful in his time (see Ecclesiastes 3:1-11).


You need patience. What would have happened to David if he had given up? David was the next king of Israel. However, the current king (Saul) opposed him vehemently. King Saul tried several times to kill David but to no avail.


David could have concluded that he would no longer bother with the kingship because of King Saul’s hostility. However, David did not give up. God gave David victory when he endured the hostility of King Saul.


Sometimes, the one supposed to help you can become your bitter enemy. The devil does that to discourage you from accessing your glory. Enemies will come from every angle. However, do not give up.


You may even try to please everyone. That’s another enemy trap (see Proverbs 29:25). You cannot please everyone! Escape the prison of manipulation! The Holy Spirit is the most important person to please.


The devil and his minions will hit you the hardest when you are close to your blessings. Do not give up! Stop complaining and start complying. Comply by building strength in the opposition season.


Joseph faced a similar issue. His brothers hated him because of his assignment. Joseph endured pain, betrayal, and slavery, and God gave him the Victor's crown. Christ Jesus could have forsaken the cross.


However, he endured the pain. Today, Christ Jesus reigns. His Kingdom is forever! Do not give up because you are failing. Failure is part of the test. Stop complaining because everything you touch fails.


Stop complaining because family, friends, and those supposed to help you have ignored you. Opposition, insults, rejection, failure, pain, depression, and hostility are part of the training! Stop complaining and start complying!


I encourage you to download and read this book, Losing, Suffering, Sacrificing, and Dying, for more profound revelations. The eagle passes through much pain before building new feathers. When the eagle is able to endure the pain, it soars higher.


The butterfly goes through pain before flying in its infancy. That is how it learns to build capacity. Build inner capacity (strength) in the season of hostility, criticism, pain, and rejection. The Holy Spirit knows where he is taking you. Conquer fear, rejection, hatred, failure, and hostility to climb the mountain. Stop complaining and start complying!



The seed of offense

dangers of unforgiveness

One thing you must know about human nature is that the natural man is hostile. Try your best to be at peace with all men. However, you will find some people disagreeing with and fighting you! As stated, we cannot please everyone.


There will be some people who will always find faults in you. It’s because of hatred, ignorance, manipulation, and mental challenges. Most often, demons control such people. The best thing to do is pray and endure.


Some people are damaged mentally, emotionally, socially, financially, and spiritually, so they don’t know how to deal with and live with others. Because of these challenges, they offend anyone that comes their way.


Keep this in your memory. People will offend you irrespective of your innocence. The devil knows that offense can make you bitter, so it will use carnal and demon-possessed people to trap you.


Sometimes, you have to act like a fool because you want peace. If you are not wise enough and you remain in the trap of offense, the devil will control you. As we all know, the devil has three agendas.


The devil steals, kills, and destroys (meditate on John 10:10 and download my series of books on the enemy for more profound revelations). The books are free on my blog and YouTube channel.


Remaining in the cage of offense  limits your progress. Living in offense empowers evil spirits to hijack your blessings (meditate on Matthew 18:23-34). Offense makes you bitter and blind. An offended person authorizes wicked spirits and people to control his life.


Stop complaining that things are not moving well. It is because you are offended. The devil and his cohorts are using the offense in your heart to hijack your blessings. Forgive offenders from your heart. The Holy Spirit knows how to deal with offenders (meditate on Romans 12:19, Hebrews 10:30, Nahum 1:2-3, Psalm 94:1-3). Are you complaining or complying?



The seed of imbalance

dangers of idleness

Aside from you have been disciplined, hardworking, and sacrificial, do not neglect your body. Machines even depreciate when we use them for a long time. Failure to maintain the machine can cause it to break down.


In the same way, our bodies are like machines. We have to take good care of our bodies. Be hardworking, disciplined, and diligent. However, don’t overstress yourself. You can attract strange diseases and even die prematurely if you overstress your body.


I have heard several stories of people dying prematurely and contracting mental and physical diseases because of improper care of the body. I rest when tired. Once in a while, I watch movies, play games, and enjoy myself.


However, I don’t ignore work. Eat a balanced diet. I mean maintain good hygiene. Occasionally, check your health. Your body needs maintenance. Depression and strange mental illnesses can step in if you don’t take good care of your body.


Maybe you have been complaining about specific illnesses. Can I present to you that you are stressing your body? I love work. However, I rest when tired! Stop complaining and start complying.


I think these wisdom keys are enough. I wish I could share more wisdom keys with you. However, I feel in my heart that it is enough. Kindly read the previous articles related to this article for more profound revelations.


I encourage you to read my wisdom series for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog and YouTube channel. Do well to share the link to this article so others can acquire the knowledge that brings deliverance. Connect with my wisdom teachings on my YouTube channel for more profound revelations (over 30 videos).

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