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The Top Ten Wisdom Keys for Life (Before you criticize or attack a vessel)


Life is like a market center; failure to take action leads to loss of profit. In life, we advance by wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. The arrows of life can limit you if you don’t know the systems of humankind, God, the devil, and creation.

We live amid people of different philosophies. Your beliefs, faith, mindset, and understating of life differ from others because you came from a different home and country. Your parental upbringing, neighborhood, training, educational background, and religious faith can never be the same as others because each person was raised differently.

Even in the animal kingdom, they live by wisdom. If you think they are fools, you are ignorant. Some animals are more intelligent than others. Let me be specific; some animals are wiser than human beings.

It is just that we sometimes see them as irrelevant. We sometimes see animals as weak because we can manipulate most of them. Today, technology has advanced to the extent that researchers are creating robots (artificial intelligence machines) to control the system of humankind.

Soon, technology will be controlling some sects of human beings. We will have human beings who are half robots and half animals. It will take the mercies of God to intervene. In this article, I will share some vital wisdom keys that will help exempt you from calamities and break out in life.

As far as we live on this planet, everybody will not agree with our decisions, ideas, plans, and assignment. As I explained to you at the beginning of the article, we have a different cultural backgrounds, parental training, and philosophies.

What you treasure in life is like a rag in the mind of others. You need higher wisdom to walk and live on this planet. No matter your greatness, poverty, fame, wealth, and status in life, there will be someone criticizing you.

Some people and spiritual forces will attack you spiritually, so pray and live in wisdom. One important truth you must know about criticism is that it can affect your progress and assignment in life.

Criticism means a general or sharp review, comment, and suggestion of an issue, plan, decision, or person. Some people can criticize you out of ignorance. Others can destructively criticize you out of jealousy, anger, and pain.

Most often, people who criticize you in a destructive manner search for your weak point and create problems in your plans to destroy your progress. These criticizers negatively speak hurtful and uncomfortable (cursed) words to drown you in your progress and assignment in life.

This type of criticism is often found in political and religious groups. We have people who criticize constructively. These criticizers review your plans out of love because they see the dangers and provide practical solutions.

Unlike the destructive criticizers, they hate you and your plans, but constructive criticizers provide solutions after carefully reviewing your plans. These criticizers do not challenge your decisions out of hatred; they challenge them out of love.

They can provide better ways of tackling the issue, but with destructive criticizers, even though they know your plans are good, they will do everything in their power to condemn and oppose your ideas because they hate you.

They don’t want your progress. These criticizers are enemies in disguise, but constructive criticizers are helpers in disguise. It takes wisdom to discern destructive and constructive criticism.

Do not assume that everybody will agree with your ideas, decisions, and plans because your progress is someone’s defeat. Most often, you find the greatest criticizers from your circles. Circles in the context of this article mean your competitors and the people of your tribe.

Even Christ Jesus had criticizers. The religious people that were supposed to encourage him were his greatest opposers. There are times too your bad habits can attract criticizers. Analyze your life and work on an attitude that opens the portal for the enemy to criticize you because words have greater impacts on your soul.

When people constantly criticize you, it breaks your soul and makes you fearful and depressed. You become a target for the enemy when you succumb to destructive criticism. As I described, we have people who criticize out of ignorance.

These people are not destructive criticizers, nor are they constructive criticizers. They follow the crowd. These criticizers attack because they have seen and heard others criticizing. If you are in this group, you put your life and family in great danger because you might be criticizing something you don’t understand. In the book of Job, we find a profound Word.


Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Job 38:2 KJV

If you read the entire context of this holy text, you will understand that Job began questioning the intelligence and integrity of God because of his pains and accusations of his friends. God responded to Job with these words.


Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Job 38:2 KJV

God was alerting Job’s ignorance and limitation. Job thought he knew everything about God, but he had little knowledge of God in a real sense. In life, some people criticize others without knowledge and understanding.

Be careful not to fall into the enemy's trap because your words attract punishments and rewards. I don’t want you to fall into the trap of the enemy because many people are in the grave, prisons, and hospitals because they lack the wisdom keys I am about to share with you.

Before you criticize, attack, or condemn someone, assess yourself with the top wisdom keys, I am about to share with you. Become a blessing by sharing the link of this with your loved ones. You can save a life by sharing the link to this article.


1. What have you accomplished?

Before you criticize, condemn, attack or oppose someone, assess your accomplishments. What have you achieved in life? If you have not achieved anything profitable in life, do not criticize others.

Your accomplishment in life gives you the right to constructively criticize others because you know what it takes to climb the ladder of success. If you have not accomplished anything, keep mute.

I don’t want to use these sharp words but permit me to use them because they are sensitive. Don’t open your big and uncontrolled poisonous mouth to criticize others if you have not accomplished anything relevant in life.  


2. Where is your tangible evidence?

Do you have pieces of evidence to support your accusations and criticisms? Before you criticize, oppose, or attack anyone, make sure you have trusted proof against the person, or else you are fighting a dangerous battle.

You don’t present a case without tangible evidence in the law court. Before the judge finalizes a case, he concludes on the visible evidence. The fact that many people oppose or criticize a group or someone does not mean you should also criticize. Before you attack, fight, or open your mouth to criticize, be rest assured that you hold trusted and visible evidence to support your point.


3. Have you read all the books of the person you are criticizing?

Maybe you have not considered this vital wisdom key. You cannot criticize someone because you feel it. Have you read all the books of the person to know and understand his mindset and heart?

Most often, people write the thoughts of their hearts in their books. After reading all the books of the person you are about to criticize, you will think twice about opposing and attacking the vessel. 


4. Have you listened to all audios and videos of the person?

Consider listening to all the audios of the person before attacking him because, through his audios, you will know his mindset. If the person has videos, check them out. The videos and audios of the person will broaden your understanding of the person you are about to criticize, oppose, and attack.

Investigators, criminologists, and knowledgeable people do not conclude on a matter without gathering important information about the suspect. Don’t act in ignorance. Search for all his materials available because it will save you from unknown calamities.


5. Have you received a vision from the Holy Spirit about the person?

The Holy Spirit knows everything about humankind. Before attacking, opposing, or criticizing someone, confirm from the Holy Spirit. I recommend this point to people of the faith because the Holy Spirit leads us.

Do not attack, oppose and criticize a spiritual leader without a revelation from the Holy Spirit and the Word (Holy Bible). If the Holy Spirit occasionally reveals something to you, He is telling you to take note of that issue.

The Holy Spirit has revealed several visions about the church, gospel ministers, heads of states, and prominent leaders in the world. I have the right to criticize these people because I have spiritual evidence from the Holy Spirit.

Gather some evidence from the Holy Spirit and the Word before criticizing a spiritual person. Also, note that the human soul, flesh, and devil can show you visions. Apply the wisdom of the Word when using this key.


6. Are you aware of the seeds you are sowing?

Think of the seeds you are sowing in the life of others through your ignorant and destructive criticism. As the Holy Scriptures states, what a man sows, he reaps.


Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Galatians 6:7 KJV

If you want others to destructively and ignorantly criticize, oppose and attack you, do it to others. Don't do it to others if you don’t want others to criticize you destructively. Life gives you what you have sown, so sow good seeds to reap a good harvest. Do not forget seed time equals harvest time.


7. Have you thought of the calamities you are creating in the person's life?

Maybe you have not thought of the injuries you are causing in the life of the person or group you are destructively criticizing, opposing, and attacking. In the book proverbs, the wise makes a powerful statement.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18:21

The words you speak to others can generate death and life, so think twice.


8. Have you read the history of people that destroyed the lives of innocent vessels?

Read the history of people that intentionally attacked and destroyed innocent people. You will understand the danger of destructive criticism. The Jews that condemned our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ lost their descendants through a painful death.

Do your research on leaders, countries, companies, and groups that opposed the church and innocent people; their end was disastrous. Think twice if you don’t want to end like Adolf Hitler, Sadam Hussein, Idi Amin, Joseph Stalin, Vlad the Impaler, and the rest.   


9. What have you survived?

Have you thought of the person's challenges, and can you survive his trials? Before you criticize, oppose, or attack someone, think about his pains and things he has passed through. The person you are destructively criticizing, opposing, and attacking began small.

He suffered in the early stage. Maybe you were not alive when he began. You did not see his painful beginning, so keep mute. If you read or listen to his history, you will know how the person has survived.

You would not have the appetite and vigor to destructively criticize the vessel if you knew his pain and beginning. If you cannot produce what the person has created, do not destructively criticize the person. I will share the last key with you in one of my upcoming articles. Have you learned something from this article?

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