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(SUMMARY) The Mysteries of Evil Foundations and Total Deliverance



In this article, I will explore evil foundations and provide practical keys to receiving deliverance. Deliverance involves being set free from curses, chains, spells, bewitchment, and demonic manipulation.


Deliverance starts with acknowledging sins, repenting, and seeking deliverance from specific bondages. However, building a strong foundation in Christ Jesus and living according to His Word is crucial for lasting success.


Just as a house needs a solid foundation to withstand storms, you need a firm foundation to overcome life's challenges. A faulty foundation can hinder deliverance, while a strong one establishes you.


To experience deliverance, addressing the root cause is essential. Faulty foundations hold many back from reaching their potential. This article uncovers the roots of these foundations and provides biblical, experiential, and practical keys for breaking free. Having experienced deliverance, I understand the importance of these keys and aim to help you overcome oppression.


As Christian believers, we have Christ Jesus’s power on our side. Nothing can hinder the Holy Spirit's work within us. Join me as we explore levels and types of evil foundations and journey towards deliverance. Feel free to share this article with loved ones seeking freedom and deliverance.


The Six Types of Evil Foundations

1. Demonic foundations in your bloodline

Every family likely has connections to evil foundations, with demonic idols and covenants present in homes worldwide. These idols can negatively impact marriages and families, leading to significant consequences. Evil spirits operate silently through ancestral covenants, affecting our lives.


Witchcraft is prevalent in many African families and communities, influencing destinies through demonic altars. Some families experience poverty, rejection, and failure because of faulty foundations. To break free, addressing the root cause and seeking deliverance is necessary.



2. Demonic foundations in schools

Some schools have evil foundations that hinder progress. This happens when you frequently revisit your former school in dreams. Evil powers associated with schools can fight against advancement. To break free, you must break free from these powers.



3. Demonic foundations in your environment

Communities with specific sins and behaviors often have evil foundations, allowing principalities to project evils onto residents. Engaging in spiritual warfare is vital to combat these forces dominating destinies.



4. Demonic foundations in your place of birth

The place of birth significantly impacts our lives. The evil powers in your place of birth can hinder your progress if you fail to deal with them.



5. Psychological foundations

Unresolved emotional issues and corrupt philosophies hinder deliverance and success. Renewing the mind through God's Word breaks free from psychological foundations manipulated by demons.



6. Union Foundations

Choosing a partner with evil altars can impact destinies negatively. Discerning a potential partner's foundation is crucial to avoid hindrances to one's destiny.



Top Seven Powerful Steps to Deliverance

1. Salvation through Christ Jesus

Repentance and surrender to Christ are crucial for deliverance. Salvation sets the foundation for more profound deliverance from the enemy's works.



2. Deliverance through the Word of God

Renewing the mind with God's Word counters demonic manipulation. Jesus said that knowing the truth leads to deliverance.



3. Self-deliverance

With the Holy Spirit's authority, we can cast out evil spirits. Self-deliverance requires being born again, repentant, and led by the Spirit.



4. Deliverance through Spirit-filled Churches

Joining churches focused on deliverance and spiritual warfare aids in the deliverance journey.



5. Deliverance through wisdom

Removing materials empowering evil spirits and disengaging from sinful influences facilitates deliverance.



6. Deliverance through fasting and prayers

Engaging in Spirit-led fasting and prayers weakens evil spirits' hold, leading to deliverance.



7. Deliverance through holiness

Living a holy life maintains deliverance, preventing evil spirits from regaining access.




Deliverance involves addressing evil foundations' root causes and breaking free from their influence. By following the outlined steps, true deliverance and freedom in Christ can be experienced.


Seek wisdom, engage in spiritual disciplines, and surround yourself with supportive Christian believers. With Christ Jesus on your side, embrace deliverance and walk in the light of the Holy Scriptures.  Meditate on Ephesians chapter six for more wisdom keys. 

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Video two of the summarized article.

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