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Stop Murmuring and Start Complying - 2


How do you live life with wisdom?


The Case of Kwaku Joseph Oduro

For three years, Kwaku Joseph Oduro has trusted God to fix his problems. Anytime Kwaku Joseph Oduro meets his family and friends, he blames them for not helping him fix his problem. You might be thinking, what’s Kwaku Joseph Oduro’s problem?

Kwaku Joseph Oduro has plans to start a real estate business. However, he does not have “adequate funds” to start the business. Kwaku Joseph Oduro has ten thousand Ghana cedis (about one thousand dollars).

However, for Kwaku Joseph Oduro to start the business, he would need about five hundred thousand Ghana cedis (about fifty thousand dollars). Daily, Kwaku Joseph Oduro would sit in his house crying to God to help him get additional funds to start his business.

Kwaku Joseph Oduro believes his business cannot begin without five hundred thousand Ghana cedis. Day and night, Kwaku Joseph Oduro complains. He thinks nothing will work without the assistance of God, family, friends, and five hundred thousand Ghana cedis.


The key of uncommon wisdom and faith

Analyzing the case of Kwaku Joseph Oduro, we can see that he lacked wisdom. Kwaku Joseph made the right decision by trusting God to send helpers. However, he had something to start with.

God expects us to use the little we have. Kwaku Joseph Oduro could do something with the ten thousand Ghana cedis! However, he wanted the entire funds. Like the five loaves of bread and two fishes, Christ Jesus multiplied those breads and fishes to feed thousands of people (Matthew 14:15-21).

Begin somewhere! If you are waiting for the perfect season to pursue the plan, mission, and assignment, it will take a lifetime! Stop complaining and start complying! Family and friends can help you succeed.

However, start with the little in your hands! You have life. Life is power. Some people earnestly need strength to embark on their mission. However, strange diseases have tied them down. Life (strength) is an asset.

The ability to move without struggle is an asset. Check within; you can speak, persuade, and organize. That’s an asset! Stop complaining and start complying! You may not have adequate funds to pursue your assignment.

However, you have people who believe in you! Start somewhere. A popular wisdom key says, “A thousand miles begins with a step.” Like Kwaku Joseph Oduro, he could do something with the little he had.

However, he wanted the full funds. Start with the little you have. People will support you when they see your courage, persistence, determination, and discipline. Stop complaining and start complying!

At the initial stage, people will ignore you. Some will criticize you. Some, too, will oppose you. If you are lucky, one or two people will encourage you! It’s part of the journey. If you want a perfect lunch-out time, you have to wait forever.

If a child decides not to walk, he will remain crawling. Until the child boldly rises and decides to walk, he will remain a crawler! That is how life works. When you plant a seed, it takes time to germinate into a full tree (fruit).

Some seeds take weeks, months, and years to germinate. You need patience. Do not allow the “inadequate” funds to limit your plans. Start somewhere.

You can sell some of your assets and use that funds to start something! There are numerous unrecognized assets! You have the mind to think. You have the hands to work. You have the eye to see.

You have the ears to hear. You have the legs to walk. You have the heart to stand the storms. Do you know that some blind, lame, deaf, and crippled people are doing exploits with their “disabilities”?

You are full of untapped potential! Don’t allow people's jealousy, hatred, and hostility to crush your glory. Stop depending on family and friends! Have faith in God. However, God expects you to use the little you have!

When you use the little you have, he will multiply them. Who knew Christ Jesus could feed over five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fishes? God needs our little. He needs our faith.

However, God wants us to take action! Faith without works is dead! Stop complaining and start complying! God promised the Israelites a land full of milk and honey. However, the Israelites had to fight to inherit that land!

God could have saved us from sin and Satan. However, he became a man (Christ Jesus). He died and rose on the third to save us from sin and Satan. Christ Jesus’ death reunited us with the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit.

God could save Noah, the animals, and the righteous people with his power. However, He commanded Noah to build an ark. Until Noah built the ark, the people could not receive the help of God.

Moses lifted his hands on the mountain as a sign of Israel’s victory on the day of battle. However, the Israelites had to fight with swords to win the war. Christ Jesus defeated the devil and his cohorts on the cross.

However, we must exercise power and authority over the devil and his minions! God has given us mangoes, oranges, maize, apples, pineapples, coconuts, and numerous fruits. However, until we plant those seeds in fertile lands and protect the seeds from enemies, we cannot get the fruits.

God has hidden the fruits in the seeds. It is our responsibility to plant the seeds. It is our responsibility to apply wisdom. Stop complaining and start complying! Depending on God without knowledge is a disaster. What are you doing to attract the help of God and humankind? Are you sitting idle like Kwaku Joseph Oduro? If you are waiting for the perfect time to start, then you have to wait a lifetime.

  • Are you waiting to get millions of funds before marrying?
  • Are you waiting for millions of funds to venture into business?
  • Are you waiting for millions of funds before making connections?

If you are waiting for millions of funds and resources to start something, then you have to wait forever. Begin somewhere! It is better to start and fail. Start something! Start with the “little” in your hands.

Stop complaining and start complying! God promised Abraham to leave his father’s house because he had a glorious future. Out of faith, Abraham left his father’s house with his family, “not knowing” where he was going!

That’s a step of faith! God honored Abraham's faith when he moved out of his comfort zone. Are you limiting your destiny because of your comfort zone? Many people cannot enter their promised land because of their comfort zone.

The comfort zone has become their barrier. You need uncommon wisdom and faith to break the gate of comfort. Everyone needs comfort. However, sometimes, we must break out of our comfort zone.

Apostle Peter would not have walked on the sea if he had not moved out of the boat (comfort zone). I believe the other disciples could walk on the sea with faith if they moved out of the boat. What boat is limiting your glory?

  • Is it family and friends?
  • Is it your school?
  • Is it your enemies?
  • Is it your electronic device?
  • Is it inadequate resources?
  • Is it your color?
  • Is your tribe?
  • Is it fear?
  • Are you afraid people will reject you?
  • Is it an inferiority complex?
  • Is it your environment?

Break out from that boat with faith. God has not given us the spirit of fear. However, He has given the Spirit of love, power, and a sound mind! (see 2 Timothy 1:7). You have what it takes to become successful!

Where is your faith? Christ Jesus needed Peter's faith to enable Peter to walk on the sea. God needs your faith. When you leave the boat, God will give you the faith to walk on the sea. When you start with the little you have, God will increase the little you have.

Where are your five loaves of bread and two fish? What are you doing with the strength, wisdom, creativity, influence, boldness, skills, talents, and potential? Until you do something, you will not see your potential.

Like an egg, it must pass through hot water for some time to become solid. The hot water may be unpleasant. However, that’s the formality. The egg will not become solid in cool water! The egg needs boiling water to change its state.

In the same way, the egg needs hot oil to fry. You cannot fry an egg in a cool oil! However, when the egg touches the hot oil, it changes. Why are you ignoring the hot water and oil? Why are you keeping the egg in cool water and oil?

Stop complaining and start complying! Life will not give you what you desire. Desiring something may help at the initial stage. However, you must go for it! You must take action! Do you think America, Europe, and other developed countries became strong by chance?

These countries worked hard! They use their funds and resources profitably! The citizens worked with their hands and minds. America, Europe, and China were in great poverty! However, they decided to change their course through hard work and advanced knowledge.

African and poor countries should stop complaining! We must start complying! We must work with our hands and minds. We have what it takes to become prosperous. Laziness cannot grow a nation. It takes unity, practical wisdom, hard work, and strong systems to build.

Having faith in God is good. However, God expects us to use our hands, legs, minds, and other part of the body. Do you tell God to feed you when you are hungry? Probably not, because you have the hands to feed yourself.

Do you cross the road while a car is coming at top speed? You will not do that because the car will kill you. You use your mind to avoid premature death! Do you depend on God to remove the feces when nature calls you?

Never! Because your mind tells you to visit the washroom (lavatory) to unleash the poisonous substance. You used your mind to get rid of the waste. That’s wisdom! Know when to apply faith and wisdom.


A false balance is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight.

Proverbs 11:1 KJV

God desires our faith. However, some things demand our input (knowledge). What is in your hands? God will not do what you can do. Balance wisdom with faith! Faith has a role in nation-building.

Wisdom also has a role in nation-building. God has given us the resources to build ourselves. We have natural, artificial, and human resources to build. God comes in when our strength and wisdom cannot solve the issue.

Stop complaining and start complying! Start and fail. You will get the experience. You will know why you failed. Your experience will help you make better decisions next time. Stop acting like Kwaku Joseph Oduro.

Dead faith and assumptions are dangerous. Some human experiences can be dangerous. What worked in the last century may fail in our century. What failed in the last century may work in our century.

Try something! Do something! Stop complaining and start complying! The successful people you admire failed several times. However, they did not give up. Failure is part of the journey. Your only mistake is to repeat the mistake that made you fail.

Make the corrections. Start with the little in your hands. God will send the helpers. Start building the ark. God will do his part. You have the promised land. However, fight to possess the land! Lift the hands of Moses on the mountain and let the people fight!

God will make sure your people win the battle. God promised the birds food. However, they must fly to get the food. You have depended on God for a long time. It’s time to apply wisdom! You may not have much. That’s your five loaves of bread and two fish.

God has given you something! Engage the community with your invisible seeds (strength, skills, talents, and untapped potential). Start something online. You will break out from the invisible prison if you stop complaining and start complying.

I encourage you to download and read my books, The Uncommon Wisdom Keys, How to Pursue a Purposeful Life Without Money, and other wisdom-related books for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog.


The key of fasting and prayer

best wisdom for success

As a spiritual leader, I cannot deny the power of fasting and prayers. However, there are extremist who don’t use their minds when fasting and praying. I have heard of some people dying while fasting and praying.

Analyzing their death, I realized they died prematurely. If only they applied knowledge, they would have escaped premature death. As stated in the previous point, we need uncommon wisdom and faith to shine.

However, some invisible powers will not allow us to succeed. If the success we are pursuing glorifies the Kingdom of God, Satan and his cohorts will fight (meditate on Ephesians 6:10-18, 1 Peter 5:8-9, John 10:10, and download my series of books on the enemy for more profound revelations).

The books are free on my blog. The devil and his cohorts hate anything that glorifies God. Therefore, if you are going to be a Kingdom star, you must occasionally fast and pray. I would not have reached this ministry level without fasting and prayers.

I have days of fasting and prayers. Do not joke with Satan and his followers because they are evil! Stop complaining about your failure because the enemy has seen your good heart. The enemy knows that your progress will depopulate his kingdom.

The witches and wizards in your family and community know your progress will destroy their works. Therefore, they will not keep silent while you succeed. The international witches and wizards know your success will limit their wickedness.

Engage in fasting and prayers to avert their wicked plans. Stop murmuring and start complying because your success is the failure of the dark kingdom. One reason the devil rarely attacks some businesses is because such businesses do not promote the Kingdom of God (the Church, ministers of God, and Christian activities).

However, you, being a Christian or an unbeliever with an interest in advancing the Kingdom of God with your business, will attract the wrath of the enemy. Occasionally, fast and pray if you want to build a business that will expand the Kingdom of God.

Stop complaining and start complying because the devil fights the light. It is your responsibility to take dominion over the wicked. Connect with my series of books on the enemy for more profound revelation. The books are free on my blog.


The key of focus

best wisdom for success

Close your ears and eyes to destructive criticism, hatred, gossip, hostility, and jealousy if you want to become successful. As far as you are doing the right thing, close your heart to haters. Some people will oppose you no matter how good, innocent, and righteous you are.

Even Christ Jesus, who lived a sinless life, had enemies. How much for us? Know these truths. Some people will not like you for who you are. Some will hate you for your hard work, persistence, vision, and boldness.

Some people will hate you for your tribe, height, temperance, and personality. Some people will hate you for your pessimism and optimism. Some, too, will hate your rigidity and flexibility. Some people will hate you for your wealth, poverty, fame, and status.

Use constructive criticism to build yourself and your kingdom. However, don’t be worried because of the false accusations, slander, and hostility. Stop complaining because some people are fighting you.

Some people will fight you because your success reminds them of their failure. Some people will fight you because of their insecurities. Some people will fight you because evil spirits control them.

Some people will fight you because they have no vision for their lives. Some people will fight you because they enjoy it. Giving such people your attention (energy, strength, and resources) is a waste.

You can channel the energy, time, and resources you will use on such enemies for important things. However, know which enemies to ignore because there are some enemies you must confront in wisdom and power. Stop complaining and start complying! I encourage you to read my series of books on the enemy for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog.


The key of the right confession

best wisdom for success

Do you know that our words significantly impact our lives and those connected to us? Let me share this Holy Scripture with you for a better understanding.


Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Proverbs 18:21 KJV

You can create a bright destiny with your tongue (words). On the other side, you can destroy your destiny with your tongue. What words are you speaking over your life? What words are you speaking over your children?

What words are you speaking over the church members? What words are you speaking over your family? Speak good things into your future. Say positive things about yourself. Apostle Paul stated that I can do everything through Christ Jesus, who strengthens me.” (see Philippians 4:13).

Words have healing powers. When you speak positive things, the holy spiritual forces use those declarations to build your spirit, soul, and body. In the same way, when you speak evil words, unclean spirits use those words to destroy.

This is one reason the Holy Bible states that death and life are in the power of the tongue (see Proverbs 18:21). If you speak life (words of courage, grace, peace, prosperity, and blessings) into your life and those connected to you, you will reap them (meditate on Galatians 6:7, Proverbs 11:18, Hosea 10:12).

If you speak death (sickness, poverty, and fear) into your life and those connected to you, you will reap them (meditate on Galatians 6:7, Job 4:8). Analyze prosperous people. Most of them speak and imagine positive things.

However, poor people speak and imagine negative things. Stop complaining if you speak evil words and imagine wicked things. One reason your family and friends are struggling is because of the negative confession and evil thoughts.

Start complying. Imagine great things! Speak words of encouragement and prosperity to yourself and those connected to you. The more you speak inspired words to yourself and those connected to you, the more nature favors you.

The Holy Spirit and angels of God will flourish around you because of your positive confession (meditate on Psalms 34:7). Change your negative mindset with inspired confessions. I speak the word of God over my life daily.

By God’s grace, I am seeing the results. When God wanted light, He declared light. Check Genesis chapter one; God spoke about whatever He wanted to see. That’s the power of words! Stop complaining and start complying. Speak the word of God into your life and those connected to you, and start acting on those words! Meditate on these Holy Scriptures for more profound revelation.


Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.

Job 22:28-29 KJV

I will continue in the next article. You can can read my previous article related to this article for more profound revelation. I encourage you to download and read my wisdom series for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog. Kindly share the link to this article so others can receive the knowledge that brings deliverance.

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