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the kingdom of darkness and Satan,the principalities, the occult, the freemasonry, the DEMONIC FORCES and how they operation. the strategies of demonic forces and evil spirits. Legions, the marine kingdom and their operations in the underworld. and how to overcome demonic forces and their wicked acts

Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

Luke 10:19 KJV

Nothing happens in this world without a cause. Someone created the movies we watch and the games we play. Laptops and phones did not appear from the sky, a manufacturer created them. Someone created the televisions and internet connections. An author wrote the article you are reading. The words did not create itself.

It is a law of nature. There is a process a product must pass through before it gets to the final consumer. Some machines process materials into consumable products. Technicians and engineers designed the system in the machines. Without the technicians and the engineers, the machine will not function. This is a principle designed by manufacturers.

There is a kingdom that rules in darkness. They oppose the kingdom of God. There are adversaries to the kingdom of God. They reject and oppose the things of God because that is their purpose. They have laid down strategies and systems they follow. They have keys and protocols they follow in their operations. As a child of God, you belong to the Kingdom of God, and you been a child of God means you are an adversary to the Kingdom of Darkness. We can also call the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of Satan. Satan has minions who follow his instructions in their operations.

In this article, I will share some strategies of the enemy to you because you are their target. For example, Let’s say “Country Bobo” is at war with “Country Zaza.” When “Country Bobo” attacks “Country Zaza” all the citizens in “Country Zaza” will be attacked irrespective of their age and gender. You have been a child of God means you belong to the Kingdom of light, and when the kingdom of darkness attacks the Kingdom of light, they will attack you whether or not you like it.

Therefore, you must know and understand the strategies of the dark kingdom, how they operate, and the system they use in warfare. This will give you an advantage over their plans. Ask yourself these questions. 
  • Why is the world full of injustice? 
  • Why do the innocent suffer for the crime they have not committed?
  • Why is there pain and fear in this world? 
  • Why do we hear war and family conflict? 
  • Why do people die by the hands of the wicked?
  • Why do the rich oppress the poor?
  • Why do people find themselves in bad conditions with no hope of recovery?

This and many uncountable questions reign in the thoughts of men, women, and children. Until the secret is unveiled, mankind will suffer in the hands of wicked. The question is. 
  • Does God care? 
  • Why does God allow the wicked to afflict his children?
  • Is God dead?

Let me enumerate some strategies of the enemy because God deals with principles. The first weapon of Satan is ignorance. Satan uses the key of ignorance to attack most people. Ignorance is a silent killer. What you don’t know kills you. Ignorance brings fear, torment, hopelessness, and evil. The devil rules ignorant people. Ignorance of God’s Word makes the devil dominate your soul (thoughts, will, emotions, desires, and intellect).

Most people are educated, yet they struggle in some aspect of their lives. How can a wealthy man or a woman commit suicide? This is because they lack divine wisdom. They lack the Word in their spirit and soul. Such people become a target for the enemy. It is excellent to educate yourself, but if you don’t study the Word of God, the devil, will deceive and dominate you.

Satan uses unbelievers as his secondary weapon. People have sold their lives to the devil for fame, power, and wealth. These people work in the middle of the night. They work against mankind. They make enchantments, incantations, cast spells and curses on countries, organizations, and the innocent. This is one reason we see much destruction in our world. Most of these people are into the business of prostitution, gambling, human sacrifice, womanizing, pornographic scenes, and other deadly businesses. We need radical intercessors and preachers to wipe them out of our system because they consult higher demonic forces.

Every Christian must know this secret key: Power and Dominion.” God has given his children power over every force of darkness. We have to use the name of Jesus Christ, because Jesus Christ defeated Satan when He arose from the dead. Exercise the power God has invested in you as you declare the Word.

Every demonic force must bow in the name of Jesus Christ. Failure to exercise the power God has given you make Satan and his minions control your affairs; Therefore, we see much wickedness and injustice in this world. All evil shall be wiped away when all the saints unite with Jesus Christ.

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