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How to escape from the ocean of masturbation | FREEDOM FROM FORNICATION|

The desire for sex is one of the devil's greatest weapons to trap many people in his kingdom. I have struggled with masturbation before, so I know its danger and addiction. God created sex for humankind and animals so they could reproduce.

Sexual intercourse between a husband and wife is not evil because God created it for procreation and intimacy. Sexual intercourse becomes evil when you practice it outside marriage. Today, evil has advanced to the extent that people are discovering subtle ways to engage in sexual immorality.

I have written some books and articles on sexual purity and sexual immorality by God's grace. However, the revelation keeps coming to me as I keep myself for the Lord. Today, people engage in phone sex, sex toys, oral sex, group sex, prostitution, masturbation, and other sexual sin and cover themselves under “human rights.”

In his wisdom, God created sex for a mature man (husband) and woman (wife), but what do we see these days? Sex has become so common to the extent that people below the age of ten also engage in it.

When I embark on evangelism in tertiary institutions, especially in their hostels, I often see students engaging in sexual immorality. Maybe you are asking how did I know students in the tertiary institutions involved in sexual sin?

When I enter the school hostel and apartment to win souls for Christ Jesus, I usually see a male and female student sleeping on the same bed with blankets covering their bodies. These students do not feel ashamed of their actions because they see sexual immorality as normal.

The ones that feel ashamed and shy sometimes refuse to open the gate when I knock on their door. Fornication is rampant in primary, junior, and senior high schools. Fornication has numerous dangers, and it is your responsibility to guard yourself.

Today, we have several countries legalizing gay and lesbian marriages under the guise of “human rights.” If we don’t apply wisdom, the wrath of God will descend on the earth. The Holy Spirit has revealed several visions of some countries that allow abortion and sexual immorality.

The Holy Spirit has revealed His judgments on these countries. The Spirit of God has revealed to me in the spiritual realm the destruction coming on countries that have legalized gay marriage, lesbian marriage, abortion, bestiality, and all forms of immoral sexual practices.

Countries that have legalized homosexuality, lesbianism, bestiality, oral sex, sex toys, and forms of ungodly sexual intercourse must repent, or else the wrath of God will descend on them. I write this article by the authority of the Holy Spirit.

If you check the article's topic, you will realize that I titled it, how to escape from the ocean of masturbation. I chose masturbation because that is one of the greatest battles people face, especially the youth.

I have received several phone calls from people asking how to come out of masturbation. Several people ask how they can come out from masturbation in some of my social media groups. As a Christian leader, I felt this question is important to the body of Christ.

I will briefly define masturbation so you can understand it. Masturbation is a lustful force that drives a man or woman to satisfy himself or herself sexually without the involvement of the opposite sex.

As I stated at the beginning of this article, I was once in the prison of masturbation, so I know how it feels when you are struggling with masturbation. I have come out from the prison of masturbation by God's grace.

I want to share with you some of the principles I used to overcome masturbation. I will also share biblical principles you can use to escape masturbation. I will further share some dangers and causes of masturbation. Knowing these truths will help you walk in victory.


Top nine reasons people masturbate


1. Idleness

From my little experience, I realize that one of the main reasons people masturbate is because of idleness. When you are alone doing nothing, you will be tempted to do something that goes against the Word of God.

If you live a life of no purpose, you will be forced to follow whatever comes into your mind. Since the flesh has lustful desires, your idleness will trigger it to satisfy itself in that season. Meditate on Galatians 5:16-21 for a more profound revelation


2. If you are not born again, you can be a slave of masturbation.

Another reason people engage in masturbation is that they have not repented and surrendered their lives to Christ Jesus. If you are not born again, the devil and his minions have total control over you. Demons can manipulate you to masturbate if you have no spiritual covering over your soul, spirit, and body.


3. Watching porn and excessive romantic videos can lead to masturbation.

I have also realized that people engage in masturbation because of what they feed on. When you constantly feed your mind with seductive videos, it arouses your sexual hormones. Some spiritual forces also hide in sensual videos. The more you watch these videos, these evil spirits can get access to you, leading to masturbation.


4. Listening to ungodly secular music can trigger demons to control your soul and body to masturbate.

Do you know that words affect our soul? Just like food and water quenches our hunger, so do words spoken out of the tongue affect our soul. How did you feel when someone said offensive words to you?

You did not see those words, but you felt them. That is how the lyrics from ungodly musicians affect your soul. One thing I have realized is that evil thoughts generate evil energies. Anytime you think evil, you authorize evil spirits to access your environment and soul. You must know about life that every human being has a spirit backing him in the spiritual realm.

If the musician you listen to has an evil spirit backing him, his words can hunt you. If you keep hearing those seductive words coming from his tongue, it opens a portal in the spiritual and soulish realm. You create an ungodly soul tie with the person you keep hearing. If the person carries demons of lust, the spirit of masturbation will hunt you.


5. Entering into a pre-mature relationship can lead to masturbation.

People masturbate because they rush into a relationship. One thing you must know about a relationship is that it affects you spiritually, emotionally, financially, socially, psychologically, mentally, and physically. If you are not mature in these seven sectors, you will be tempted to masturbate.


6. Reading erotic books can lead to masturbation.

People masturbate because they feed on illicit materials. If you are the type that loves reading magazines showing the nakedness of women and men, you will be tempted to masturbate on those materials. You must also know that reading affects your mind, and your mind controls almost every organ of your body.


7. Equally yoking with unbelievers can lead to masturbation.

As the Holy Bible states that evil communication corrupts good manners (See 1 Corinthians 15:33). The people you associate with have a great impact on your life. If those people are full of lustful spirits, the evil spirits living in them will affect you.

The corrupt words you keep hearing from those evil friends will damage your soul and open the portal for evil spirits and lustful thoughts to bombard you. When this happens, masturbation will dominate you.


8. No fellowship with the Holy Spirit can lead to masturbation.

If you have no fellowship with the Holy Spirit, you become vulnerable in the spiritual realm. If you don’t have time to fast, pray, worship, and praise God, your spirit and soul will be open to demonic attacks leading to masturbation.


9. No time to study God’s Word (Holy Bible) can lead to masturbation.

The Word of God has a great impact on our soul, spirit, and body (meditate on 1 Peter 2:2, Hebrews 4:12). If you don’t feed on God's Word, your mind will be open to attacks of the enemy. If you ignore the Word of God, you will think and behave like the unbelievers. If the Word of God is absent in your spirit and soul, lustful thoughts will bombard you leading to masturbation.


Top eight dangers of masturbation


1. Masturbation can make you a slave to evil spirits.

Consistently engaging in masturbation can open the portal for the marine spirits to dominate you. Marine spirits are wicked spirits living in the water bodies. They are the spiritual enforcement agents of immoral sexual activities. These evil spirits can enslave you in their kingdom if you keep masturbating. They can hinder your progress if you become their prisoner.


2. Masturbation can create problems in your marriage.

Masturbation can weaken your sexual organ. When this happens, you will struggle in the season of marriage. I learned from my research that the three main problems in marriages are sex, finance, and communication.

Since masturbation weakens your sexual organ, your spouse may feel dissatisfied and cheated when you don’t perform well in bed. It can lead to conflict and divorce in the long run because you do not think about the consequences of masturbation.


3. Masturbation can make you proud.

One of the things masturbation does is that it makes you proud. You may not see pride because pride can be invisible. You feel you don’t need anybody anymore because you can satisfy yourself sexually.

If you are proud, God will resist you. When God resists you, the marine kingdom will recruit you making you an enslaved person in their kingdom. Meditate on James 4:6 for more profound revelations.


4. Masturbation opens the door for wicked demons to hijack God's blessings in store for you.

When you become a slave to masturbation, you remain under the curses of demons. Demons hate good things, and they oppose God and His creation. Demons will hijack the blessings of God in your life when you keep masturbating because masturbation gives them the spiritual license to operate in your life. Meditate on Ephesians 6:10-18 for more profound revelations.


5. Masturbation can weaken your spirit, soul, and body.

One thing masturbation does is that it weakens you in the spirit, soul, and body. The semen that comes out of your sexual organ is precious energy. The more you keep masturbating, the more you waste that resources. Instead of you progressing in life, you will see yourself moving backward because you are wasting the energy God has invested in you.


6. Masturbation can lead to demonic depression, suppression, and oppression.

Demons are satanic agents that work with human beings and other wicked spiritual forces. As stated that masturbation can make you a prisoner of demons. Demons can torment you with sickness, fear, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, anger, confusion, envy, pride, sorrow, and negative feelings. Meditate on Proverbs 31:3 for more profound revelations.


7. Masturbation can make you sin-conscious.

One thing masturbation does in your life is that it can destroy your peace of mind. As soon as you masturbate, it makes you sin-conscious. When you become sin conscious, your faith in the Lord begins to weaken. When your faith in God begins to weaken, your love for God diminishes. In the long run, you can backslide and become a rebel in God’s kingdom and an asset in the devil’s kingdom.


8. Masturbation is a doorway to self-destruction.

Do you know that you destroy yourself when you constantly masturbate? Medically, you weaken your sexual organ when you masturbate every day. Some people don’t mind masturbating five times a day!

Some people masturbate to the extent that blood comes from their sexual organs! You might think you are releasing stress by masturbating, but you are destroying yourself! You may not be able to function well when you marry if you keep masturbating!



Top eleven ways to overcome masturbation


1. You must be born again

The master key to breaking the chain of masturbation and escaping the ocean of masturbation is to repent and confess to Christ Jesus as the Savior and Lord of your life. When Christ Jesus comes into your heart, He grants you the spiritual power (Holy Spirit) to overcome the desire and spirit of masturbation.

No power can subdue the power of Christ Jesus. If you have not surrendered your life to Christ Jesus, I encourage you to do it now because that is the first stage of deliverance. I have written a prayer for you at the end of this article. Pray them from your heart and follow the instructions after the prayers to receive total deliverance.


2. Build a consistent relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a Spirit of holiness. He cannot stay in an environment of evil. When you build a consistent relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He occupies your life with His presence, gifts, wisdom, power, and seeds (meditate on Galatians 5:22-23).

Pray more in tongues because it builds you in the Spirit (meditate on 1 Corinthians 14:4). When you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit intercedes for you (meditate on Romans 8:26-27). No evil power can control you when the Holy Spirit makes your heart His permanent home.


3. Guard your invisible gates.

Job was a righteous man who hated evil with all his heart, and he made a covenant that he would not lustfully look at women twice (See Job 31:1). You must know about the eyes that it is a gate to our mind, spiritual realm, and soulish realm.

Christ Jesus said that out of the heart comes evil thoughts (See Mark 7:21-23). Decide to guard your eye gate, ear gate, tongue gate, and the body's five senses because they can open the portal for the spirit of lust to access you.


4. Avoid idleness.

If you have nothing to do in life, the demons will suggest things to you. You must know about the devil that he begins the battle from our mind (meditate on 2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Do something purposeful with your life because idleness triggers demons to influence you to masturbate. When you are busy doing something purposeful, you will not have the desire to masturbate.


5. Disconnect with unrepentant unbelievers

We have two types of unbelievers. Unbelievers who are possessed by evil spirits. Most often, these are the hardened and unrepentant sinners. Then we have unbelievers who are not possessed by evil spirits.

These unbelievers are not hardened sinners but can be manipulated by evil spirits. Disengage from hardened and unrepentant unbelievers because they can corrupt and make you a slave of masturbation. Apply wisdom when walking with the second type of unbelievers because they can corrupt and make you a slave of masturbation.


6. Feed your soul with God's Word (Holy Bible)

The Word has the power to transform our minds (meditate on Romans 12:1-2). As stated in point four that, the battle begins from the mind; when you feed your soul with the Word of God, it builds and restructures your philosophy (ideologies, mindset, beliefs, and faith).

The Word of God can break all the lustful thoughts in your soul and mold you into the stature of God. Live by the principles of the Word so that a spiritual transformation can occur in you. Decree the Word of God, declare the Word of God, profess the Word, and pray the Word of God because there is power in God’s Word (Holy Bible).


7. Occupy your mind with the physical and spiritual consequences of masturbation.

When you know the danger of something, you will think twice when tempted to do it. Study the risks of masturbation. You will think twice anytime you feel drawn to masturbate. Will you jump into fire when you know that it can destroy you?


8. Seek counseling from trusted people as led by the Holy Spirit.

Wisdom demands that you seek counseling from godly, trusted, qualified counselors, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, clinical psychologists, wise people, and spiritual leaders. You might be surprised that these professionals can help you.


Hear counsel, and receive instruction, that thou mayest be wise in thy latter end.

Proverbs 19:20

Maybe your problem might not be spiritual. By seeking advice from trusted people, they can assist you in breaking out of the prison of masturbation. One of the ways to know that masturbation is a spiritual problem is that you will occasionally see yourself having sex in dreams. You will dream of seeing strange marine spirits. When you occasionally have bad dreams about sex and marine spirits, it is an indication that you are struggling in the spiritual realm.


9. Seek deliverance if it is a spiritual problem.

When you detect that the root cause of the masturbation is spiritual, seek deliverance from called and anointed servants of God. You can also deliver yourself if you are a Christian believer. Speak the promises of God’s Word over your life daily.

Get self-deliverance books and manuals and follow the instructions in those books or search for churches that have mastered spiritual deliverance and let them deliver you. Let the Holy Spirit lead you before choosing deliverance churches because there are some spiritual repercussions.


10. Dominate your environment with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Check out my series of articles for more profound revelation. If you have an audio version of the Holy Bible, play them consistently in your room. Listen to the inspired teachings of your spiritual leader because it builds your faith and creates power in your spirit, soul, and environment. When you build capacity in the Spirit and your environment, masturbation will surrender to you.


11. Marry

One of the ways to break masturbation is to get married. As Apostle Paul writes to the church that if you cannot control yourself, marry (see 1 Corinthians 7:8-9). Marriage has a powerful key that can deliver you from masturbation because you will get the chance to express yourself when sexual desires come. I am praying and searching for a partner. Do you have a partner?

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