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Stop Bemoaning and Start Complying – 6


How to become prosperous in life


The compliance of my group members

In my final year (level 400) at university, some group members failed to add my name to our final project work. A few days before our dissertation (thesis) presentation, I signaled the group leader that my name and signature were not on the project work.


The group leader and some members of the group started blaming each other. I stood there angry and, at the same time, surprised because I did not understand why the group leader did not recognize that my name was not recorded on the final project work.


While the group members argued and complained, I told the group leader to find ways to solve the issue. We worked it out. The supervisor of our project work gave us a letter alerting the officers in our department in charge of our thesis that I participated in the work.


It was then that my name and signature were reflected in the final project work. What would have happened if I had joined the members complaining? I had the right to argue with the group members because I contributed financially, intellectually, and socially.


However, I thought twice. I said that arguing with the members would not solve the problem. Complaining will lead to confusion and conflict within the group, worsening the matter. Have you been in a meeting or group where people argue and complain?


Most often, groups that complain make matters worse. I prefer complying (offering a solution) rather than complaining. As stated, I could have accused the group leader of not including my name in the final thesis.


However, I chose not to point fingers. I decided to find a way to get out of the enemy’s cage. Have you been to a financial institution, organization, or meeting where an officer maltreated you?


Let’s assume an officer in a banking hall or hospital maltreats you. Instead of complaining or fighting back the officer, start complying. I mean, use a wise method to resolve the issue. Locate the manager or senior officer in the bank or hospital and report the unfair treatment of the officer.


In this way, you have complained professionally. Sometimes, I marvel when people make promises. As we all know, most politicians say things the public wants to hear. They make promises they know they cannot fulfill.


Most politicians do that to entice the crowd. Instead of making promises, show what you have done. Let people know how you will accomplish the promises. After all, everybody can talk. It is time to stop complaining and start complying.



The seed of pride

Have you asked yourself why people hate, oppose, and reject you? Maybe you have not recognized that you are proud. God resists the proud. However, He gives grace to the humble (see James 4:6).


One reason God commanded his angels to cast Satan out of Heaven was because of pride (see Ezekiel 28:13-17, Isaiah 14:12-15). Stop complaining and start complying. In my previous article, I stated that we must avoid timidity and become courageous (bold).


Kindly read that article for more profound revelations. Boldness and pride differ. A proud person looks down on others. However, a bold person helps the weak. Humble yourself because pride is a seed of the enemy.


One reason people don’t want to associate with you is because of your pride. You don’t listen to wise counsel. You think you are the only wise person. You think you are the most knowledgeable person in the group.


Remember my previous article? I stated that acting like a lamb when you are supposed to act like a lion will make the wild animals devour you. In the same way, acting like a lion when you are supposed to act like a lamb will make people depart from you.


We act like lions when wild animals surround us. We act like lambs when domestic animals surround us. I hope you understand my point. You must know when to act like a lion and when to act like a lamb.


Pride is a secret killer. It makes you blind to your mistakes. Pride opens the portal for wicked spirits (demons) to impress, suppress, oppress, depress, and possess you. Pride makes you a potential prey for the enemy.


Pride is a negative energy that chases sincere people from you. Stop complaining that people hate you. It’s because of your pride. You are too proud to submit to godly authorities. Analyze the lions.


They don’t live long. However, lions are the kings of the jungle. Lions are strong and dominant. However, their pride often makes them vulnerable. You become vulnerable when you lift yourself.


Check your character and attitude. Are there some elements of pride within you? Humble yourself. Repent from that prideful habit because you are human. You have limitations. Try visiting the cemetery and the mortuary.


See how doctors practice post-mortem (autopsy). You can watch human autopsy online (YouTube). You will see that humans are nothing! Money, cars, airplanes, yachts, mansions, and power are good.


However, they are temporary. You need people. Stop complaining that people don’t want to associate with you. It’s because of your pride. Stop complaining that people dislike you. It’s because of your pride!


Don’t you visit the toilet? Maybe you don’t visit the toilet (washroom or lavatory). In my little experience, I have not seen a human being who does not unleash feces. Try checking the water closet before flashing your toilet.


You will see that those waste (feces) lived in you. You treat your fellow human beings like trash because of your pride. Because of your pride, people don’t want to identify with you. Repent! Stop complaining and start complying!



The seed of association

If you analyze the animals, you will see that they walk and live in groups. For instance, sheep live together. Lions live together. Monkeys live with monkeys. Elephants live together. Eagles live together.


Doves live together. Goats live together. Even snakes live with snakes. Why do animals live together? It’s because it helps them protect each other. Their unity helps them become productive.


Lions don’t mingle with crocodiles in the jungle. Monkeys don’t mingle with leopards. In homes, goats don’t live with ducks. There is no way an eagle will act like a chicken. There is no way a lion will act like a goat.


The little animals of the same species learn from adults. In the same way, the person or group you associate with determines your success or failure. The person you associate with reveals your character and personality. Who do you share your vision with? The person you associate with influences you consciously and unconsciously. This is one reason you must mingle with people who know their purpose.



And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?

Luke 6:39 KJV

Our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus stated that when a blind man leads the blind, they will fall into a pit. Who do you listen to? Some friends are vision killers, while some are vision promoters. Sharing your vision with someone (friend) who doesn’t want to do anything positive with his life can endanger your destiny.


However, connecting with visionary, God-fearing, selfless, and inspirational people (friends) uplifts you. Who are your friends? What advice are they giving you? What are you learning from them?


Are they adding value to your life or taking value from you? Some friends can inspire you spiritually, financially, psychologically, socially, morally, technologically, intellectually, and physically.


You need these people to rise to the top. However, there are some people (friends) who only want fun. They have nothing purposeful to do with their lives. All they want is pleasure, pleasure, and pleasure, and nothing else.


Such people come into your life when things are moving well with you. However, when things begin to go down, they depart from you. You don’t need these people. You need people who care about your growth.


You need people who desire your success. You need people who show in their actions that they want you to succeed. You need people who will give you legal business ideas. You need people who will encourage you to read the Holy Bible and pray.


You need people who will inspire and motivate you even when you feel like giving up. Stop complaining and start complying. You are failing because the people you call friends have no plans for their lives. The people you call friends consciously and unconsciously abuse you emotionally, financially, spiritually, socially, and mentally.


He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.

Proverbs 28:19 KJV

The Holy Bible states that following worthless people will make you poor. People who talk you down anytime you bring up a good idea are enemies in disguise. It is not everybody who smiles at you who loves you.


The truth is that the enemy can act as a friend. You need the gift of discernment and wisdom to detect true and false friends. Evil friends will corrupt your good manners (see 1 Corinthians 15:33).


Bad friends will encourage you in your sin. They will push you away from the Holy Spirit. Bad friends can destroy your assignment and end your life prematurely. Stop complaining. Stop blaming others for your failures.


Check your circles. Some people are not supposed to be your friends. See them as acquaintances. There are some people you should only greet them when you cross their path. You don’t have to allow them to come too close.


Create some gaps with them. You do that for your protection. However, there are some people you must allow to come close because you have discerned their vision and pure heart. Sometimes, some friends may desire your success.


However, their philosophies (actions, counsels, and ideologies) oppose God's plan for your life. With these people, let them know your vision. If they genuinely love you, they will follow your godly plans.


Stop complaining and start complying. A time will come when you must distance yourself from specific people and environments because of where you are going. These people might have been your friends for a long time.


However, your assignment will not permit them to move with you. Like Abraham and Lot. Abraham went with Lot. Later, Lot created problems for Abraham. Know your vision. Know what God has called you to do.


Associate with people who agree with the plans of God for your life. Be decisive. However, don’t treat people like trash (non-entities) because of your assignment. You may need them along the way.


Disassociate with respect. The people will catch up if they are meant to be with you. Who is your friend? Stop complaining and start complying. Meditate on Second Corinthians chapter six, verses fourteen to eighteen (2 Corinthians 6:14-18). Also, meditate on these Holy Scriptures for more profound revelations.


He that tilleth his land shall have plenty of bread: but he that followeth after vain persons shall have poverty enough.

Proverbs 28:19 KJV

And he spake a parable unto them, Can the blind lead the blind? shall they not both fall into the ditch?

Luke 6:39 KJV


The root keys

Any time you see a mango tree, what comes to your mind? Well, I may not know what comes to your mind. However, when I see a mango tree, I see a mango seed. In the same way, when I see a tree full of ripe oranges, I see an orange seed.


Someone planted the orange and mango seeds, and nature grew them to produce fruits. If you want a tree full of palm nuts, plant palm nut seeds. If you don’t want the oranges on the tree, cut down the orange tree and uproot the roots.


Cutting down the leaves of the orange tree will not change the fruits. You have to deal with the root of the tree. So, what is my point here? The reason why you complain is because of the seed you planted.


In my previous articles, I emphasized the seed of an erroneous mindset. Kindly read that article for more profound revelations. We know that a child grows by what he sees and hears. The child grows according to what his parents, guardians, and the public teach him.


For instance, a child born in a hostile family and environment is likely to become violent. In the same way, a child born into a loving family and environment is likely to become caring. Children who grow up in abusive homes and environments tend to be cruel and inferior because of the seeds of hardship they receive in their infancy.


It takes the seed of the Holy Spirit and radical transformation of the mind to change children who were abused financially, socially, spiritually, psychologically, verbally, physically, and emotionally.


Analyze most African leaders (Africans in general). Colonization has enslaved us (I think I have crossed that level). Colonization has taken a new form. Most African leaders believe they cannot develop their economy without the aid of foreign powers (Western powers).


Every year, you will see African leaders begging international banks, foreign financial institutions, International Monetary Funds, and Western powers for assistance. There is nothing wrong with seeking help.


However, it becomes a mental problem when we rely on aid and foreign powers for development. When we think that we cannot grow our economy without the assistance of Western powers, we remain enslaved people.


Most Africans oppose their fellow Africans because of mental slavery (another form of witchcraft). This is a faulty mindset (mental slavery). Until we change our minds, we will remain in bondage.


We sold our forefathers as slaves in the olden days. In this century, we have sold our minds. That’s the greatest level of slavery! Being in bondage does not necessarily mean living in closed prisons.


One of the deadliest prisons is mental bondage (slavery) because a faulty mind lives in a trapped hole. Like a pig, it delights in filthy places because that is its mindset. It doesn’t matter where you place the pig.


As soon as the pig finds a filthy place, it will bathe in it. Some animals even change when we train them. Why can’t human beings? We must change the seed. Africans must renew their mind.


We can unite. We can trade within ourselves. We can unite as a continent (United States of Africa). We can prosper without aid. We will process our natural resources. We will not make our resources cheap to outsiders.


We will create our plants. We will train people on how to transform these resources. We (Africans) are the ones supposed to support foreigners. Running to foreign countries in search of green pastures is mental slavery.


Africa has numerous resources. We are selling our resources cheaply! We are not using our minds because we have not changed the seed. Why should an African live in a foreign country as a second-class citizen?


Meanwhile there are numerous opportunities in Africa. When African leaders receive deliverance of the mind and put things in order, the citizens will become productive, making the economy prosperous. When we renew our minds and work together, we can build an empire nobody can destroy.


We (Africans) perish because of ignorance (meditate on Hosea 4:6). We are our own enemies. The enemy outside cannot destroy until the enemy within opens the door. We (Africans) are unconsciously living in mental slavery because we have not dealt with our faulty mindset. I encourage you to download and read my free books. The books are free on my blog and YouTube channel.


1. How Africa Can Unite and Prosper  

2. How African and Poor Countries Can Develop.

3. Leadership with Wisdom


Analyze serial killers and criminals. Most of them came from abusive homes and hostile environments. Like the orange and mango trees. It is the seed that determines the fruit. You are like an orange tree.


There is a seed inside you. You have roots. The seeds and roots are the counsel and advice you have accepted. The information you receive in schools, at home, in videos, books, on television, in music, in the environment, and online builds you.


You cannot change the fruits until you deal with seeds and roots. You can cut down the leaves. You can even prune the tree. However, that will not change the fruits. Deal with the roots and the seeds.


The tree will change automatically. Stop complaining and start complying. The fruits are the result of the seeds. Deal with the root. The corrupt tree will change. I will continue in the next article. You can read my series of books on my blog for more profound revelations. 

The books are free. I encourage you to share the link to this article so others can receive the knowledge that brings deliverance. Connect with my wisdom teachings on my youtube channel for more wisdom keys (Over 30 videos).

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