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The Mysteries of Kakoucheō and Antithesis

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7. Be still 


Kakoucheō and Antithesis have been in operation before the creation of humankind. The Creator (Yahweh) of the universe has an enemy known as Satan. Satan recruited some of God’s creations to rebel in heaven.

By heaven’s court order, Archangel Michael and his subordinates drove Satan and his minions out of the Celestial City. If the Creator of the Universe has an enemy, how much is humankind?

Let’s be analytical. Did God (Yahweh) know that Satan would rise against him? If yes, it means God created his “enemy” (Satan). God created a perfect (sinless) entity known as Lucifer (see Isaiah 14:12-20, Ezekiel 28:11-19). 

When Lucifer rebelled against God, his name was changed to Satan (the devil). Satan allowed sin to dominate him, paving the way for Kakoucheō and Antithesis to occur in heaven and earth. Since Sin and God has no fellowship, there had to be a separation.

When Satan chose the path of sin, he became a servant of sin. This is one reason we experience Kakoucheō and Antithesis in the spiritual and earthly realms. I recommend reading my series of articles labeled mysteries of sin.

I have explained some mysteries of sin, Satan, and the impact of evil. Kakoucheō and Antithesis are not new seeds, virtues, and activities of humankind and spiritual forces. As stated, Kakoucheō and Antithesis existed before God created Adam and Eve.

Kakoucheō is a Hebrew word for Adversity. Antithesis is a Greek word for opposition. It doesn’t matter how poor or rich you are; you will face Kakoucheō (adversity) and Antithesis (opposition).

Opposition and Adversity are the weapons of the enemy to limit our assignment. In this article, I will share the top fourteen reasons you face Kakoucheō and Antithesis.

I will further share with you seven ways to overcome opposition and adversity. That is, I will provide you with seven practical and biblical ways to stand Kakoucheō and Antithesis. Do well to share the link to this article with your loved ones because the revelations and wisdom keys in this article can deliver a soul from the gates of hell. Below are the top fourteen reasons you are going through opposition and adversity.


The Top fourteen reasons for Kakoucheō and Antithesis

why spiritual warfare


1. It is the nature of the natural man

We have children of God, creatures of God, children of the devil, and several people living among us. I encourage you to download and read my book, the forty types of people and how to live with them, for more profound revelations.

In the book of first Corinthians chapter two, verse fourteen, Apostle Paul writes that the natural man does not receive the things of the Holy Spirit because it sounds foolish in their soul. People who are not born again do not have the nature of Christ Jesus.

These people don’t care about hurting you because the Holy Spirit does not have absolute control over their lives. These people enjoy the pleasures of sin. It is their nature to inflict pain on themselves, people, animals, plants, and other creations of God.

Because these people are not born again, they have the Adamic (sinful) nature incorporated into their spirit and soul. They do whatever their flesh tells them to do. Like a cat, it will hurt a mouse or cockroach when it crosses its path.

That is how the natural man operates. These people are creatures of God. They have not migrated to become children of God. If you live with these people, they will oppose you. It is a hard truth you cannot deny.

These people live all over the world (in workplaces, schools, churches, homes, and social gatherings). As far as these people are alive, you will not escape Kakoucheō and Antithesis. Keep reading because I will provide some vital keys to stand and overcome their wickedness.


2. Insecurity 

People hurt, fight, oppose and disgrace because of insecurity. Most often, insecurity emanates from an inferiority complex. Inferiority complex creates images of rejection, unworthiness, and shame in the subconscious mind. People who fight you usually act out of low self-esteem.

In the attacker's mind, he feels he does not match up with you, so the best way to overcome that mindset is to attack you. Anytime someone attacks you for no reason or for a bit of offense that should not have attracted Kakoucheō and Antithesis, know that the person is suffering from insecurity (inferiority complex). For more profound revelations, freely download and read my book on how to break the spirit of inferiority.  


3. Fear

Fear is an invisible spirit that makes a man act outside the will of God. Fear is not of God because God has not given us the spirit of fear (see 2 Timothy 1:7). Fear shuts your eyes of faith and opens the door for the enemy to manipulate you.

When someone is under the control of fear, he will do anything to harm you. Because the person is determined to offend you, he initiates Kakoucheō and Antithesis. Analyze people who oppose others; they act out of fear.

It is said that “the bark of a dog is not might but fright.” In other words, dogs bark at people because of fear. Most animals attack when threatened. In the same way, some people attack because of fear.

The fear that you will reject, ignore, forsake, or destroy them in the future makes them exhibit Kakoucheō and Antithesis. For more profound revelations, freely download and read my book, the mysteries of fear.


4. Jealousy

Some people attack out of envy. Some people see your glorious future, so they devise ways to bring you down. They can visit shrines and pay money to witches and wizards to cast curses and spells on you and your loved ones.

It is an act Kakoucheō and Antithesis. Like baby Moses, Pharoah assassinated the Jewish children because he saw a new king (Moses) coming from that tribe. The birth of Christ Jesus also got the attention of Herod.

Herod killed innocent children because of Jesus the Christ. Anytime people oppose you or form a group to eliminate you from a specific position, it can be jealousy. For more profound revelations about jealousy, freely download and read my book, the mysteries of jealousy. Also, check out my article, the mysteries of household enemies for more wisdom keys.


5. Acceptance of erroneous advice

Life without sound counsel can be dangerous because we don’t know everything. However, it is better to be ignorant than to receive corrupt advice. Some people are experts at giving bad advice.

Jonadab is an example. He gave Amnon the best strategy to defile his half-sister, Tamar. Amnon died prematurely because of his lust and the bad advice of Jonadab (2 Samuel 13). Some people are experts in giving deceptive advice.

Be watchful of such people because they are pretenders. These people are always fond of giving negative comments. If you find yourself among such people, you will face opposition. You will face Kakoucheō and Antithesis because such people attract these spirits.

Like rainwater, it is clean and pure when it flows from heaven. However, the rainwater becomes contaminated if it enters a polluted container. Some people are like polluted containers.

It doesn’t matter how clean the water is; as soon as it falls into that container, everything becomes impure. You will likely face Kakoucheō and Antithesis because of the false news these people have spread about you.  


6. Past experiences

Some people attack because of their bitter experiences. One thing you must know about the experience is that it can stay in your heart for a long time. Some people will attack you because they have categorized you in the same arena as their former victim.

The attacker would say in his heart that this person might end up like “Kofi Samson” or “Ama Lydia.” As these negative thoughts run through his soul, he will devise ways to destroy you. I will oppose him with all my strength!

Meanwhile, he has not spoken to the person or observed the person for some time to gather evidence. Experiences are good but don’t solely depend on them because time and seasons make experiences null and void. Anytime you see someone maltreating, opposing, fighting, or destroying others, check their past experiences.


7. Demonic manipulation

Demons are agents of the devil. They oppose anything that brings glory to Christ Jesus. Demons can work through human beings, animals, trees, tangible things, and anything that has breath.

Some people are too vulnerable to the extent that demons can work through them. With these people in your arena, expect Kakoucheō and Antithesis because demons get strength in an environment of conflict, fear, confusion, pain, depression, disaster, and evil (meditate on James 3:16).

If you are born again, you have the Spirit of discernment. You can detect whether demons and evil spirits are controlling the person or people opposing you. Demons are rebellious, wicked, tormenting spirits.

If they get hold of people, animals, buildings, trees, water bodies, or anything that has breath, they can use that medium to oppose, destroy, and eliminate you. Keep reading because I will provide some keys to counter these wicked forces and satanic agents.


8. Mental problems

Some people attack because of psychological problems. As human beings, we are limited because of the flesh. The flesh can generate diseases if you don’t take care of it properly. Some foods are full of poisonous substances.

With these foods entering the body, it can affect the mind. The issues of life, too, can affect the mind. When the mind becomes overburdened, it behaves abnormally. Some people carry too many problems, and the only way to offload their problems is to project attacks on you.

If you analyze most of the attackers, you will realize that they have mental imbalances (partially insane). They might think they are doing the right thing, not knowing they are harming you. People who often attack are not well in the brain, so stay calm.


9. You are operating outside God’s will

Sometimes you will face Kakoucheō and Antithesis because you are walking outside the path of Christ Jesus. God can be the one opposing you. He does not want you to perish, so He puts stumbling blocks on the road.

God does that to make you return to the right path. God is love. He does not want his children to perish. He wants you to end well, so he sends some people to caution you. In the process of correction, some people may oppose you. The opposition will bring you back to your senses. When you come back to your senses, the people God sent to oppose you will stop worrying you (meditate on Proverbs 16:7).


10. Faulty foundation

Kakoucheō and Antithesis can emanate from bad foundations. If you have not dealt with evil altars in your bloodline, generational curses following your lineage, and evil covenants accusing you in the courts of heaven, the opposition can limit to your success.

One thing you must know about the devil and his cohorts is that they operate with a license. Although some demons operate without laws, most work strictly by laws, and one of the seeds that open doors for evil spirits to fight you is sin. I recommend reading my article, the mysteries of evil foundation and deliverance, for more profound revelations.


11. You are in the perfect will of God

Christ Jesus was doing the will of God, yet some people (especially the religious people) opposed him. In John chapter sixteen, verses thirty-three, Christ Jesus promised us that we would have tribulations.

Christ Jesus promised that He had overcome the world. Some people will fight you because you are in the perfect will of God. The enemy knows that your accomplishment is expanding the kingdom of God, so it will use natural people (unrepentant vessels) and demons to hinder you.

Don’t give up on the path of Christ Jesus. Keep up the good work because it is the part of the cross we must carry as Christian believers. For more profound revelation, check out my series of articles, the adventures on the road to the Celestial City.


12. You are causing trouble in the kingdom of darkness

None of the twelve disciples died naturally except Apostle John. Some were stoned to death. Some were crucified. Some were speared. Some were beaten and abused to death. Several Apostles of Christ Jesus died unnaturally because of the harm they brought to the kingdom of darkness.

The devil could not stand watching the kingdom of God expand, so he used wicked leaders to assassinate the disciples of Christ Jesus. In the same way, if you are doing the work of God, the devil and his agents will not watch you depopulate their kingdom.

They will see you as a threat. The kingdom of darkness will do anything to end your life. Glory to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; they cannot kill us unless God permits them.

You are an enemy of Satan and his cohorts as a Christian believer. The only language the devil and his minions understand is war. They will give it to you if you are on the path of Christ Jesus (meditate on 1 Peter 5:8-9, Ephesians 6:10-18).


13. Ignorance

Some people will fight you because they don’t know you. If they knew who you were, they would not have attacked you in the first place. They would not have issued curses and insults at you if they knew that you are called and chosen by God Almighty.

Life is a school. Either you learn, or someone learns from you. Some people are ignorant to the extent that they are ready to attack with their mouths, money, connections, position, and power, not knowing what you stand for.

It is part of life. Some may receive mercy. Some of your opposers, too, will receive punishment from God. It goes in that way. Kakoucheō and Antithesis often emanate from ignorant people with no vision for their lives.


14. Poverty

Some people attack because of financial depression, hopelessness, and confusion. Most often, poor people have no vision or mission. They gossip and attack people of vision and mission. Accept it as part of life.

Poor people are full of depression. They feel better when they bring others down. Because they are going nowhere, they are determined to bring others to their level through insults, false accusations, gossip, lies, and opposition.

Poor people’s mind is often full of negative thoughts. Anything that comes out of them is offensive to humanity. If these people live around you, expect Kakoucheō and Antithesis. If you encounter these people, expect Kakoucheō and Antithesis.

Also, note that some poor people have good thoughts while some “rich” people have evil thoughts. Freely download and read my book, the 40 types of people and how to live with them, for more wisdom keys.


What to do in the season of Kakoucheō and Antithesis

spiritual warfare prayers


  • Apply the key of Glōssa

Praying in the Spirit can liberate you from the evil energies people projects at you. When you pray in the Spirit, the Holy Spirit fights for you in the spiritual realm. Your battle becomes the battle of the Holy Spirit when you pray in tongues (meditate on Romans 8:26-27).

One reason Apostle Paul could stand the season of Kakoucheō and Antithesis was that he applied the key of Glōssa. If you are going to overcome the false accusation, insults, depression, and attacks of the enemy, engage in tongues (the Holy Spirit's way of prayer).


  • Be focused

One thing that keeps me going despite the opposition and adversity is that I am focused. Aside from praying in tongues, I have programmed myself to be consistent. It doesn’t matter what I am going through; I keep moving forward.

With God’s grace available, I can do everything through Christ Jesus, who strengthens me. I know my own strength is low to take me through Kakoucheō and Antithesis. My strength is in the Lord.

Because my strength is in Christ Jesus, I press toward the mark. I don’t allow the negative words of others to distract me. With this mindset, the enemy cannot stop me with the weapon of Kakoucheō and Antithesis. If you are going to be successful in your life journey, apply this principle.


  • Apply wisdom

Take a break. Analyze the words of your enemies. Some of their offensive words may be constructive. Pick constructive criticism and work on it. Disregard the destructive criticism to prolong your life.


  • Stay connected

Surround yourself with genuine people who love you from their hearts. Have time with them to reduce some stress. Even machines depreciate when you use them for a long time. You are not a machine.

Rest at the appropriate time. When you rest, your mind and other body organs become fresh. The freshness of the body will drive some enemies away because they will expect you to grow lean, but you are growing stronger and stronger.


  • Apply the key of kôach kôach

In the book of Revelation chapter twelve, Apostle John wrote that Michael and his angels fought the dragon (the devil) and his angels (demons) in heaven. Some enemies will not leave until you apply spiritual power.

Fasting, prayers, holiness lifestyle generates spiritual power. When you fast and pray as the Holy Spirit leads, God and his angels will deal with the enemy you cannot handle. If you are going to be successful in the field of Kakoucheō and Antithesis, apply the weapon of kôach kôach.


  • Apply the key of spiritual songs

Spiritual songs have the power to change the atmosphere. Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit through spiritual songs opens the portal for your spirit, soul, and body to receive divine touch and encounter.

When you receive a touch from the Holy Spirit, the enemies bothering you will depart. Like king Saul, the evil spirit tormenting him left when David played spiritual songs. You need active emotions to live a victorious life.

Without spiritual songs, the enemy can hijack your soul. The enemy can attack you when you have no fellowship with the Holy Spirit. Engage in spiritual songs in the season of Kakoucheō and Antithesis. You will see the power of the Holy Spirit breaking the walls of the enemy.


  • Be still

God is a Judge. He knows how to deal with enemies you cannot handle. You don’t have to spend your precious time fighting some enemies because vengeance belongs to Him (see Romans 12:19).

If you take all the battle, God and his angels will not be to help you. Leave some battles to God by refusing to retaliate to the enemy’s provocation. In the short run, the enemy might think he has won. God will show forth his power if you exercise patience. You will see the power of God when you allow God and his angels to tackle the case in the courts of heaven.

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