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How to be Focus and Pursue a Purposeful Life (The Top Fourteen Ways)


In my previous article, I enumerated twelve ways to help you discover your purpose in life. Kindly read that article or download the free pdf and read it for more wisdom keys. In this article, I will share with you fourteen keys to help you focus and pursue your purpose in life.


1. Have a vision for your life

The first key to helping you maintain a life of focus and pursue a purposeful life is to have a vision for your life. To have a vision means you have a plan, dream, and revelation for your life. After discovering your purpose, you need focus to enable you to accomplish the task.

A man without focus can never accomplish his task. With the vision God has given you, you will concentrate without distraction. Nothing will disturb you because you have received a prophecy from God (Holy Spirit).

Without vision, you can perish in life (Meditate on Proverbs 29:18). Without a complete vision, anything or anyone can distract you in life. Your vision will help you to manage your time effectively.

Whiles others are busy doing unnecessary things, you will be focusing on the vision God has invested in your heart. It is the vision that will direct your path. The vision will determine which friends to make and the association to join.

Without vision, the devil will give you work. While others fulfill their purpose, you will be fulfilling the enemy's purpose because the devil and his cohorts use idle people. Your vision will drive you to sacrifice your resources (time, energy, and money) to accomplish the task. Ask yourself.

  • What are some of the things (not evil works) I love doing?
  • Do I have an inner drive to pursue a specific assignment in life?
  • What has the Holy Spirit revealed to me through dreams and visions?
  • Have I received a prophetic word from a genuinely called and anointed prophet of God or godly Christian who operates in the gifts and stream of the prophet?
  • What are some of the positive things my friends and loved ones keep telling me to embark on?
  • Do I have a burden in my heart to pursue a specific assignment?

Above are some ways to discover the vision of your life. Write your vision and ask the Holy Spirit to help you accomplish it. You can get my series of books, How to Pursue a Purposeful life and How to Pursue a Purposeful life without money, for more wisdom keys. Have a vision, and you will be focused on the journey of life.


2. Build an Inner Passion

To be focused in life, you must be passionate about the vision God has placed in you. Passion is an invisible force or energy that compels a man or woman to accomplish an abnormal task. Passion is like fire and diesel.

When you add diesel (passion) to fire (purpose), it blazes. The fire will make you unstoppable. Christ Jesus was passionate about His Heavenly Father’s business. He drove away the people abusing His Father’s house (See Matthew 21:12-13, Mark 11:15-17).

How can one man oppose a group of people without limitation? It was the godly passion of Christ Jesus that made Him destroyed the ungodly business in the temple. Know these truths.

  • Without the passion of Christ Jesus (Holy Spirit), you cannot face the enemies of progress.
  • Without the passion of Christ Jesus, you cannot face your fears.
  • Without the passion of Christ Jesus, you cannot enter your Jerusalem (place of assignment).
  • Without passion, you will not accomplish much.
  • Without passion, you cannot lead the people (organization, church, and business).
  • Without passion in the field God has called you into, anyone can influence you with their deceptive ideas.
  • Without the passion of Christ Jesus, your loved ones will trap you in your comfort zone.
  • Without passion, nobody will believe in your assignment.
  • Without passion, you cannot be focused and purposeful in life.
  • Your passion will draw people to assist the assignment.
  • It takes passion to complete the task God has given.
  • Your passion adds value to your faith.
  • It takes passion for breaking the invisible barriers holding your destiny.
  • Your passion will drive your focus with incredible speed.

When men and women see and feel your passion (conviction) in the work you are embarking on, they will support you with their hearts and mind. Be passionate about what God has called you to do, and you will be focused and purposeful in life.


3. Don't allow the offensive opinions (destructive criticism) of others to stop you.

If you want to be focused on life and fulfill your assignment, don't allow the insults, slander, false accusation, and false gossip of others to enter your heart. You must understand in life that we live among godly and ungodly people.

Some people will never agree with you because they have a way of thinking (philosophy). Some people will fight you, support you, hail insults at you, disgrace you, falsely accuse you, praise you, and disagree with your ideas and leadership style.

The fact that people are backstabbing you or speaking evil of you does not mean everybody is against you. Some people will love you for who you are and what you stand for. Some people will never like or appreciate you, irrespective of your innocence and passion.

Have you thought of Nehemiah? He had a good heart to build the walls of Jerusalem, but some people rose against him. Christ Jesus came to build the kingdom of God, and it was the religious people who falsely accused Him and demanded His death! You can read my article, the adventures on the road to the Celestial City, for more profound revelations.

Such is life. You can never satisfy an enemy who has sworn to oppose you all the days of his life. Committing suicide to end the case is a demonic and childish act because miracles happen. Your enemies are not God Almighty to determine your success and downfall.

Christ Jesus is the Ultimate and Unstoppable Judge in the whole world. Accept in life that it is not everybody that will agree with your ideas and leadership. If Christ Jesus lived a sinless life and had enemies, how much human beings with limitations?

Accept corrections from sincere people and learn from constructive criticism. Don't allow the offensive words of some people to enter your heart because it can damage you, make you lose focus, and become a victim of the enemy.

If you are always looking out for what others are saying, you cannot accomplish the task (purpose) God has given you. Some people are full of negative thoughts. All they know is slander, insults, false accusation, backstabbing, and gossip. Responding to such people will empower them to continue in their foolishness.

Some people enjoy discouraging and destroying others with their abusive words because others have abused them. Anytime you see or hear someone abusing others verbally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, financially, and psychologically, know that the abuser is damaged (abused).

Such a person needs deliverance from anointed servants of God, the love of Christ Jesus, counseling, and psychotherapy. Will you respond to an insane person issuing insults at you? Analyze that the insane person is ignorant of his or her actions.

Responding to the insults and destructive criticism of the insane person places you in his state of madness. If you don't want to lose focus on the assignment God has given you, switch off your ears and eyes to destructive words.


4. Expect opposition from the world.

One way to overcome the shock (pain) of life and focus on your purpose is to be expectant. If you expect something will happen and that thing happens, you will not be shocked because you knew the outcome.

Christ Jesus declared that a prophet is without honour in his own country (See Matthew 13:53-57, John 4:44). The moment you understand this Word, you will not be shocked when your adversaries come from your family, friends, and hometown.

Christ Jesus said a man's enemy should be of his household (See Matthew 10:36). Enemies are part of life. Understanding the nature of enemies will allow you to be focused because these adversaries will do anything in their power to destroy you, but with Christ Jesus on your side, they will lose. You can read my series of articles for more wisdom keys (Spiritual warfare label).

If you know that the enemy wants your downfall, you will not allow his actions to stop you from focusing and pursuing your assignment because that is his ultimate assignment (Meditate on John 10:10).

Anytime you see some people opposing you in the workplace, family house, and environment, understand they are part of life. Without them, you cannot be strong and focus on the assignment God has given you.


5. Connect with people who believe in your vision.

If you want to be focused in life, connect with the people who believe in the vision God has for you. Connecting with people who disagree with your purpose will bring disagreement to the group.

As the Holy Scriptures declares, two people can walk together if there is an agreement (See Amos 3:3).

  • Are the people around you fighting your vision?
  • Do you live in an environment that opposes your vision?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the people you are working with?

If yes, disconnect with them in wisdom. If no, they are the right people to work with. If you have a sense of inner peace and joy in the people around you, you are with the right people. Your association will determine your focus; therefore, choose people who are compatible with the assignment God has given you. The spirit of focus will fire up in the group when the agreement takes the lead.


6. Build a Fortress of Hope.

Hope is one of the most invisible virtues that drive us to focus on the assignment without discouragement. It takes the virtue of hope to walk through the storms of life. Without the virtue of hope, darkness will dominate the environment.

Encourage yourself with the promises of God recorded in the Holy Scriptures. You can read my books, How to Break the spirit of Inferiority and How to Unlock the Gate of Faith, for more profound revelation.

Build a consistent prayer life. Through prayer and meditation on God’s Word, your hope grows. When your hope grows, your focus and purpose will rekindle.


7. Value yourself.

The next key to helping you focus in life is to see yourself as Christ Jesus sees you. If you have no value for yourself, anybody can control your emotions and decisions. Inferiority complex will destroy your focus if you don't value yourself.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your concern.” From my understanding, you don't allow the words of others to control your actions and emotions. Some people are too sensitive to the extent anybody can hurt them with their words and actions.

Build some shock absolvers in your soul (emotions, willpower, and intellect) because words are powerful creative forces in the spiritual and soulish realm (Meditate on Proverbs 18:21). If you don’t value yourself as Christ Jesus sees you, you cannot focus on the assignment God has designed for you.

Words affect our soul. You can read my book, How to Break the spirit of Inferiority, for more profound revelations on the impacts of words. Sometimes some people become too absorbed and overvalue themselves.

Such people undervalue others with their words and actions. That’s an ungodly character. If you are the type of person that undermines (devalue) others and only values yourself, it's pride. Know these truths.

  • If you truly value yourself, you will not undervalue others.
  • If you truly value yourself, the insults and destructive criticism will not control your actions and emotions.
  • If you truly value yourself, you will never feel insecure in the presence of others.
  • If you truly value yourself, you will be focused and purposeful in life.


8. Be relentless.

One of the best virtues to help you focus in life is to develop the heart of the lion in your spirit and soul. Lions do not give up easily because it is their nature. People who give up easily will find it challenging to accomplish anything profitable.

Giving up so soon is a sign of weakness, ignorance, and immaturity. Before a seed germinates in the soil, it dies. In this season, the seed may look weak and unfavorable because of its state. You are a work in progress. Giving up because of the season will destabilize your focus and open the door for the enemy to dominate your purpose.


9. Break the Seed of Ignorance.

Ignorance is a silent killer. What you don't know can kill you and those connected to you.  It takes knowledge to advance in life. Without adequate knowledge, you will not know what to do with your life.

The more you know, the greater your focus. The knowledge you have acquired will build a cauldron of faith in you. You sharpen the virtue of focus with knowledge. Know these truths.

  • Knowledge will empower and regenerate your focus to be purposeful.
  • Knowledge will stretch you to accomplish the task despite the opposition, limitations, and afflictions. 
  • Ignorance will shorten your focus because there is nothing substantial in your mind to rely on. 

If you want to be focused and accomplish your purpose in life, acquire knowledge by reading relevant books.


10. Love what you are doing.

If there is no love in what you are doing, you will not get the zeal to move ahead. It takes the love in your heart to focus on your assignment. Develop a strong love for the work you are doing, and your focus will expand.

The absence of love in your career will kill your focus and discourage you from attaining your goals. The absence of love in your career will drive people away from you. When this happens, no one will love to support you. If the people see the love within your career (purpose), they will assist you.


11. Be Bold and Courageous.

It takes boldness and courage to focus on your assignment. Boldness and courage frighten your enemies. With the virtue of boldness and courage, focus runs the race. The absence of boldness and courage opens the door for fear to dominate your spirit, soul, and environment.  Nothing will stop your focus and assignment in life when you are inwardly strong (bold and courageous).


12. Seek Counseling and Guidance When Necessary.

You can’t be right all the time. You don’t know everything in life. Seek counseling from godly and successful people who have tread on the road you are about to walk. You need wisdom and knowledge from wise men and women to help you stay focus on the assignment God has given you.

Adequate counseling from trusted and qualified people will boost your focus because you will learn from their mistakes and break certain limitations in life. Receiving wisdom and knowledge from wise and godly people will give you an advantage over others.

Compare God’s Word (Holy Scriptures) with the counsels and guidance you receive from others because some human experiences and counsels are incompatible with God's Word. With adequate counseling and guidance from godly and qualified people, you enlarge your focus for speed, creativity, and advancement.


13. Take Good Care of Yourself.

Man is spirit, he has a soul, and the soul lives in the body (Meditate on 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12). Taking good care of the spirit will help you receive counsel from the Holy Spirit.

Taking good care of the soul will help you overcome negative thoughts. Taking good care of the body will help prevent strange diseases. Relax (sleep) when you are depressed and tired. Eat a balanced diet.

Embark on some medical checkups; take some exercises to build the body and immune system. Enjoy some little fun when in your leisure time, and feed on God's Word to grow in the spirit. When your spirit, soul, and body are strong, you will not struggle to concentrate on the assignment God has given you.


14. Avoid willful sin.

You reap what you sow. If you don’t want others to fight the call (purpose) of God upon your life, don’t fight the call (purpose) of others. If you don’t want others to destroy you, don’t destroy others.

If you want others to support you, support others. Life is a seed. It is what you plant that you reap. If you plant the seed of orange in the soil, oranges germinate. If you plant the seed of a mango, mangoes germinate.

You will never reap oranges if you sow the seed of a mango. If you want others to fight your purpose, fight the purpose of others. If you don’t want others to fight your focus and purpose, don’t fight other people’s focus and purpose. (Meditate on Galatians 6:7).

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