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satanic kingdom and the minions of Satan and how they work against our christian life. the process, plan and detailed structure of Satan Kingdom. How to combat the satanic forces. the master plan of Lucifer, Satan and full explanation of demonology.

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

In this article, I will briefly explain the types of satanic minions and how they work against mankind. The word of God states we should not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy least he takes an advantage over us (See 2 Corinthians 4:4). Failure to decipher the tactics of the enemy puts you in great danger because you will not know how to strategically position yourself for His attacks. The ability to discern the tactics of the enemy gives you a detailed plan to enable you to position yourself when the battle begins.

Most Christians ignore the tactics of the enemy because of pride and ignorance. We should never allow the enemy to overtake us because the power lies in us. God has given the power to His children to enable them to exercise the authority in the name of His Son (Jesus Christ).
Refusal to use the power and the authority of Jesus Christ allows the enemy to deceive and destroy you. Remember this key, deception is one of the devil’s secret weapons. Below are the mediums the devil uses to attack mankind according to the book of Ephesians chapter six, verses twelve.

The Principalities
These demons are kings and the prince who lives in the spiritual realm. They live in the second heavens, and their primary duty is to instruct lesser demons. They assign works to the lesser demonic spirit and add rewards to the assignment. Demons who do not fulfill their job receives punishment. They work directly with Satan because they are kings in their jurisdiction. It takes strong and radical intercessors to break their assignments. (Study the book of Daniel in the Holy Bible for more wisdom).

The Dominions
These demons always seek to rule the affairs of men. They impose curses on individuals who refuse to submit to their plans. They work directly under the principalities. They use seduction to break strong men and women of God. If you are a weak Christian, they project arrows to corrupt your thoughts about the personalities of Jesus Christ. These demons rule most political powers and governmental bodies. It takes Christians who walk closely with the Holy Spirit to destabilize their works. Another weapon to break their works is Word declaration.

The Powers
These demons rule communities that are full of envy and pride. They possess people full of pride and rebellion. They try to challenge and imitate the acts of God. Their primary duty is to cause confusion in countries, families, communities, and in cities because they want to show that they are the possessors of power. It takes a life of fasting and prayer to break these demons.

The Spiritual Host of Wickedness
These demons are the most wicked of all demons. They are corrupt than Satan himself. When a man is delivered, and the same man goes back to his evil deeds, these demons come in to possess the man, and the state of the man becomes worse.
For example, if the man was a womanizer, and he repents, then later he returns to his former state, the man becomes a drug pusher, drunkard, and a murderer together with his womanizing lifestyle because the demons of wickedness come in to abide in the man. (See Matthew 12:43-45). The evil dwarfs fall under the spiritual host of wickedness; they are also known as elemental spirits. The marine kingdom also falls under the spiritual host of wickedness.

The Familiar Spirits
These demons take on the image of a dead person and act as the deceased person. They monitor the lives of people and report to higher demons. They enforce curses on individuals, communities, families, and countries. It takes prophetic Christians to break their works.

The rulers of Darkness
These are the human agents of Satan, who works for Him. Below is the list of the rulers of darkness.

The Witches and Wizards
The witches and wizards are human beings who work mostly in the middle of the night. They can turn into cats, dogs, snakes, cockroaches, and different animals depending on their maturity, assignment, and family clan. There are white witches and wizards, red witches and wizards, and black witches and wizards.

They often cause road accidents, poverty, sickness, marriage divorce, hardship in life, atomic bombs and deadly weapons, and other dangerous assignments. They use human blood in their operation most often. It takes prayer, holiness lifestyle, the blood of Jesus Christ, and faith in the Word to break them. (Study the book of Psalms 22 and 59 in the Holy Bible).

The Occult
These people work as a group. They are secret societies that operate mainly in the dark hour. They work on covenants. Most often, their covenant is based on human blood. They give riches, fame, and power to their members. Their source of wealth works on strict conditions. Satan gives them several years to live because it is a covenant they have made with demonic forces. They cast spells and make incantations on their enemies at certain hours and days. It takes genuine and prayerful Christians to break their weapons.

The Sorcerers
These people call the corrupted spirits and souls of dead people to their side. They work with the spirits of strange animals. They use magic mirrors to cast spells on their victims. They use demonic books in their operation. They work with the witches and other lesser demons to destroy the peace of mankind. It takes sanctified and prayerful Christians to disarm them of their weapons.

The necromancers
These people are like the sorceress because they can also call dead spirits to enquire from them. They use demonic tools to foretell the future of men and women. They can discover hidden knowledge about men. For example, they can tell the history and the future of someone. Their process is demonic because they go against the will of God.

The Holy Spirit is the only Spirit to reveal a hidden truth to mankind. Some holy angels may reveal a hidden truth to mankind because God has mandated has entrusted them with such truth.  It takes Christians who have put on the whole armour of God to destroy their works as they make intercession (Study the book of Ephesians chapter six in the Holy Bible).

The Satanic Family
These people have sacrificed their lives to serve the devil. They have unique books which I will not mention here. These books contain their rules and regulations and the wisdom of the devil. They use these books to serve Satan and call demonic spirits to their side.

They sacrifice to the devil on different occasions and seasons. Their main target is to destroy the lives of Christians because they oppose Jesus Christ and His children. It takes strong anointed and prayerful Christians to break their works.

The Illuminati
This is a secret satanic organization that was founded by a Bavarian professor at the University of Ingolstadt named Adam Weishaupt in May 1776. They have a symbol of a one eye pyramid. Most celebrities belong to this group because their main aim is to exalt money. They exalt money above God. Jesus said you cannot serve God and serve mammon (See Matthew 6:24). It takes anointed evangelists to wipe them out of our system as they preached against their secret acts.

The Evil Traditional Priest
These people consult demigods. Their gods can be in the form of trees, stones, carved materials, and other images. They use perfumes, blood sacrifices, and part of humans to create miracles and magic in the earth realm. Some of them can see the spiritual realm because they bath with certain herbs and demonic materials. They are known to live in remote parts of the community because of their evil work. It takes anointed and prayerful Christians to challenge and break their works.

Prostitutes and Womanizers
These are people who have partially sold their lives to the enemy. Gays and Lesbians fall under this category because it is not natural for a man to sleep with his fellow man. The same applies to women. People who sleep with animals also fall under this category because it is unnatural and demonic to have sexual intercourse with a beast.

These people use their bodies to destroy the lives of others. The enemy uses them to strengthen the spirit of lust and Jezebel. Demons possess these people because the devil is the one using them to destroy the divine purpose of others. It takes Christians who walk closely with the Holy Spirit to break their works. Anointed men and women of God can deliver them if they repent.

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