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/ / How God Judges Cases: Understanding the Ways of God in the Courts of Heaven (7)

How God Judges Cases: Understanding the Ways of God in the Courts of Heaven (7)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. Working in God’s kingdom requires faith because the systems of the world and operations of the spiritual world can distract you from pursuing eternal rewards.

If you are not relentless, you will allow the persecutions and oppositions of the world to stop you. Satan and his cohorts monitor and oppose Christian believers with stronger demons when they climb higher in the spiritual realm.

Child of God, witchcraft is real. Do not play with your Christian life. Joking with your Christian life makes you vulnerable in the spiritual realm. I have realized in my Christian life that when I postpone prayers and the Word (Holy Scriptures) for a few days, I receive a heavy attack in the spiritual realm.

The devil and his cohorts use your weakness and ignorance to manipulate you. If you are not watchful and prayerful, they will weaken the spiritual fire in your life. Rekindle the fire of the Holy Spirit in your life through fasting and prayers.

A prayerless Christian believer will always fall prey to the traps of the enemy. Build your spiritual muscles because weak Christians and unbelievers are the enemy’s tools. If you are weak spiritually, the devil can use anyone to destroy your Christian life.

The devil and his cohorts hate Christian believers because we destroy their plans with Spirit-led prayers, evangelism, fasting, spiritual songs, and meetings. Have you realized that communities that do not engage in Christian activities indulge in sinful activities?

You will always find criminal activities such as rape, murder, arm robbery, prostitution, gambling, scamming, cybercrimes, and numerous evil activities in communities that reject Christ Jesus and church activities.

You will hardly find a community that engages in fasting and prayers, Christian revivals, and church meetings dominated by evil activities. When we engage in spiritual activities such as fasting and prayers, crusades, and evangelism in our communities, it creates an intense atmosphere for the Holy Spirit and the godly angels to dominate the place.

When we create this atmosphere, it opposes evil activities. When a community allows sinful activities such as alcohol trading, prostitution, gambling, and other crimes to dominate their jurisdiction, Satan and his minions control the spiritual atmosphere.

You will often see and hear on the media that murder and numerous inhuman activities have taken place in that corrupted area. Every country, city, village, and tribe has a principality controlling the atmosphere.

In most African countries, the black and red witches love to share innocent blood. Jealousy and corruption rule in many African countries because that is the evil principality dominating the atmosphere.

This is one reason, many ministers of the gospel in Africa love spiritual warfare and prayers. Our condition has programmed us to conform to the pattern. Many African countries have natural resources, yet they depend on foreign countries and organizations for aid.

Most African countries have failed to realize that we don’t only use power to build. We use practical knowledge and strong systems to develop nations and organizations. Most foreign countries are not religious, but they have been categorized as developed and high-income countries.

These countries used wisdom and knowledge to develop their nation. Prayer is good, but we must apply wisdom and knowledge to build our nation and organizations. You can educate yourself in school, homes, and online because knowledge is in abundance.

Formal or informal education without moral education makes a man wicked in his leadership. We have many leaders who lack the moral integrity to lead. Such leaders are experienced and knowledgeable, but they lack the Spirit of God to abstain from corruption.

An educated mind that reverence God with all his heart will not create corrupt systems in his leadership. It takes a leader with moral integrity and vision to develop a nation. Greediness, sexual immorality, hatred for God, and lawlessness dominate most foreign and European countries, yet they have systems that help them build their nation.

It is time for Christian believers and those with the heart of God (moral integrity) to take a leadership position. If we allow people who have no reverence for God to decide for us, we will continuously swim in corruption.

You can download and read my article, Why Christians Must Occupy Every Leadership Position, for more wisdom keys. You can freely read my short book on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, Why Christians Must Occupy Every Leadership Position, for more wisdom keys.

We must create a solid system (anti-corruption networks) that checks the various organizations and leadership. A cat (leader) can never kill (corrupt) a mouse (resources) if you confine the cat in a locked cage (solid system).

The cage serves as a system to prevent the leader from corrupting the system. We must rise as one people and travail in fasting and prayers because heartfelt prayers make changes in the spiritual realm.

When we dominate in the spiritual realm, it will manifest on the earth realm. After intercession, we must take responsibility because God works with principles (Meditate on Hosea 4:6). This is one reason I want to share with you some ways God deals with humankind.

Knowing this truth will help you understand the mindset and system of God’s kingdom. This is my seventh article on this topic. Kindly read my previous articles for more profound revelations.    


Reasoning, One of the Secret Systems of God Almighty (Yahweh)

God works with laws. He does not decide outside His set rules and regulations because those rules make Him justifiable in His dealings with humankind. In the book Isaiah, we see a profound Word.


Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD…

Isaiah 1:18 KJV

God made a powerful statement to Prophet Isaiah that we should come and reason with Him. The Word “reason” in the Hebrew language means Yakach. It means to prove, decide, judge, rebuke, convince and convict.

God is calling us to reason with Him with faith. We should approach God, decide with Him, convince Him of our plans, prove our point to Him because He is righteous in His dealings.

God is not ungodly. Ungodly leaders hate confrontation. Godly leaders allow followers to reason with them. Godly leaders create an open forum for the followers or employees to share their minds.

A godly employer will allow his employees to make decisions with him in the organization. God expects us to approach Him in the courts of heaven and reason with Him. He did not create us to behave like robots.

God created our minds to reason like Him. Our conscience can discern good and evil, so He has authorized us to share our pain, joy, and passion with Him. Child of God, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords expects you to talk to Him like parents and children.

When you need something from your loved one, what do you do? Probably you give him a phone call, send him a message on social media, or approach him in an agreed arena for discussion.

God is a Person with a Personality. God is not just wind. He understands our pain, fear, joy, and desires, but He calls us to discuss with Him. When was the last time you talked with God? I occasionally put a chair in front of me in my Christian life and assume that God is sitting on that chair.

I speak to God like I am talking to a human being.  Although I don’t see God with my physical eyes, I see Him with my heart. Some people may call it insanity, but it is an act of faith! Sometimes I put three chairs in a secluded place—one for God the Father, the Son (Christ Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. I make sure no one sees me or interferes.

I reason with God and tell him of my pain, the ministry, and important issues in my life. I speak to the chairs like I am speaking to human beings. I have had results in my Christian life practicing this.

It is not all the time that you pray without expressing all your heart to God. Sometimes, be practical with God (the Holy Spirit) because God loves fellowship and relationships. Like He spoke to Isaiah, “Come now, and let us reason together.”

God (Christ Jesus) says, come now, my vessel, because I have seen you going through some pain. I (Christ Jesus) need you to share them with me because I became a human being like you.

  • I understand the persecutions people fire at you because the religious people and unbelievers persecuted me.
  • I understand the injustice done to you because the unbelievers and religious people falsely accused me and nailed me to the cross.
  • I understand your sorrow because the religious unbelievers spat on me and stroke me with metals and cane.
  • I understand your disappointment because my closest disciples rejected me the time I needed them most.
  • I understand your hunger because I felt hunger when I walked on earth as a man.

God wants you to share your burden with Him so that He can take action. Until you share your heart with God, the problem remains intact. The power lies in your tongue. God expects you to speak, reason, and convince Him with your plans because He is reasonable.


Produce your cause, saith the LORD; bring forth your strong reasons, saith the King of Jacob.

Isaiah 41:21 KJV

God is saying; bring forth the court case, the conflict in the marriage, the hardship in life, the conspiracy in the workplace, the injustice that was done to you at the workplace, school, and home.

Convince God with your evidence, and He will take immediate action. Like the law court, the lawyer and judge expect you to bring tangible shreds of evidence. If your evidence is trustworthy, reasonable, and conforms to the laws of the court, you obtain favor. That is what God expects from you.

God does not take bribes in the courts of heaven. He is a righteous Judge.  He will not act until you produce your evidence. Satan and his minions might be accusing you in the spiritual realm, rise and produce your strong reasons.

Enforce the voice of the blood. Declare that by the stripes of the lamb, I am healed. God expects you to speak and act in faith. He expects you to show some actions in your confessions. Like a mother, she knows the child is hungry when the child shows some signs.

The mother knows that the child is sick when he shows some signs. The mother knows that the child is tired; he needs some rest when he shows some signs. That is how God deals with humankind.

God knows that you are sick. He knows that you need something, but He wants you to approach him and demand them in prayers. God wants you to reason with Him and convince Him of your effective plans.

God wants to know whether your plans will bring glory to Him. He wants to be sure whether you will not disappoint Him when He endorses your request. God needs assurance from you, so He calls you to bring forth your strong reasons, not your weak reasons.

You cannot tell your loved one that you need money to buy a phone because phones are beautiful. That is not a strong reason. Your loved one (father) may not give you the money to buy the phone because your reasons are weak.

If you can convince your father that you need a phone because you will call him in the season of emergency. If you can convince your father that you need the phone because you want to do research and study with it.

If you can convince your father that you need the phone because it will help you contact others quickly when in need. Producing these strong reasons will convince your father to give you the money to buy the phone. That is what God expects from us. God has not responded to you because you cannot convince Him with a strong reason.


I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.

Put me in remembrance: let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.

Isaiah 43:25-26 KJV

In the same book (Isaiah), we can see that God expects us to put Him in remembrance of His promises. God wants us to plead with Him. Like a lawyer, he will do anything in his power and knowledge to defend his client.

The lawyer wants to vindicate his client, so he pleads with the judge with series of cases, pieces of evidence, and legal laws. God is saying, “let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.”

God wants to hear your voice. He cannot justify you without you convincing Him. God cannot defend you without you contending with Him. In this season, you enter the realm of travailing prayers.

You persist in the prayer request. Like the widow, she confronted the judge several times to settle her case. The judge had no reverence for God. He could not resist the widow because she persisted with her request. 

The judge fought for the widow because she never gave up (See Luke 18:1-8). Child of God, repetitive prayers are biblical. Repetitive prayers aren't a lack of faith. It’s a call for action. You are putting God in remembrance.

You need the justice of God, so you persist in prayers. If Thomas Edison persisted over one thousand times before inventing the incandescent electric bulb, what stops you from persisting with God?

God is saying, “let us plead together: declare thou, that thou mayest be justified.” God is not wicked. You are the cause of your problem. You have to convince God with all your heart. When you are making an argument or a debate, how do you react?

You do your best to prove your point. That is how God expects of us as His children. Maybe God has called and chosen you to work in the ministry. Some jealous and evil people may be cursing you with premature death, poverty, and several misfortunes.

If your heart is right with God, plead with God why you cannot die at that age.

  • Convince God why the church must grow.
  • Convince God why you need more members.
  • Convince God why you need a wife or husband.
  • Convince God why you need that job.
  • Convince God why you need that VISA and passport. 
  • Convince God why you need a child. 
  • Convince God why you need money. 
  • Convince God why you need your heart's desires, and He will act. 

In the book of Job, we see another scenario,


Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said,

Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.

Job 38:1-3 KJV

If you read the entire book of Job, you will recognize that one reason Job went through pain was because of fear. In Job chapter thirty-eight, God made a profound statement. He said to Job, “Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.”

God demanded an answer from Job, which means God, expects us to prove our point when we interact with Him. God has been asking you questions for a long time, but you have not answered Him.

God has been speaking to you through dreams, visions, friends, the Word (Holy Scriptures), and spiritual leaders, but you have not responded.

  • God is asking you, can you handle that woman as your wife?
  • Can you handle that man as your husband?
  • Can you handle the church members you have desired?
  • Have you verified from the Word (Holy Scriptures) about your request?
  • Can you work as a missionary in a developing country?
  • Can you fast and pray if I anoint you?
  • Can you handle the funds you have been requesting?
  • Will you be faithful if I answer your prayers?

Child of God, you cannot connect with God if you have no fellowship and relationship with the Holy Spirit. If only you can hear God’s voice and obey Him, the problem would have been solved a long time.

Maybe God spoke to you some years or months ago. What is God saying now? God spoke to Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac. The same God told Abraham not to sacrifice his son Isaac. Maybe God said to you some years or months ago, don't build a church or start a ministry; what is God saying now.

God is always speaking, so always be attentive. He is demanding an answer from you. Until you answer that question, He remains silent. Until you convince God, He remains silent. Can you persuade God as King Hezekiah did?

To be continued…

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