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The Top Eleven Practical Ways to Dominate Death (Wisdom for Life)


Nothing in this world will live or last forever. Whatever has a beginning has an end. When manufacturers create a product or service, they indicate an expiry date because the product and service have limitations.

Animals, plants and humans die. Great men and women who did great and mighty works have left this world. They are dead because we cannot communicate with their bodies. The container which they lived in has become useless.

One truth we can never ignore in life is the appointment of death. It does not matter how poor, wealthy, famous and great you are in this world; you have an expiry date. If you do not believe in this truth, visit the mortuary or graveyard.

According to this website, “about 163 898 people die per day? Six thousand eight hundred twenty-nine (6829) people die per hour. One hundred fourteen people (114) die per minute, and 1.90 people die per second.”

Death is not a respecter of persons. If your time arrives, he will eliminate you. According to the Holy Scriptures, Enoch, Elijah, and Melchizedek were the only men who did not see death. A time is coming when Christ Jesus shall descend to snatch His children.

Christ Jesus came as a Savior, soon He will appear as a Judge. Whether you believe in Christ Jesus or not, He is coming back to take His children from this dark world. You might not understand why I describe this world as dark.

If the Holy Spirit should open the eyes of your spirit, you will understand that humankind lives in extreme wickedness. It takes the grace and mercies of God to be alive. The wisdom keys I am about to share with you entered my soul when I reflected on life in my chambers.

I have shared some secrets about death in my previous article. In this article, I will share some of these practical keys with you to enable you to dominate the spirit of death. Aside from death being a spiritual entity and enemy, we must apply wisdom to dominate him.

The holy scriptures state that people perish because of ignorance (See Hosea 4:6). We sometimes fail because we lack the required knowledge to advance in life. In this article, I will share the top eleven master keys to dominate death.

If you have not read my books and articles on death, check them out and read them for more profound revelations. Become a blessing by sharing the link of this article with your loved ones and enemies because the wisdom keys can save a life.

Whatever I am sharing with you in this article came to me by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Apply wisdom in these last days because many wolves are pretending to be sheep in the house of God.

Don’t act as a blind follower. Be led by the Holy Spirit before choosing a church and spiritual leader because the devil is using numerous leaders posing as true Christian leaders. I have made many mistakes by honouring some of these wolves in sheep clothing in my books and articles.

Get in touch with the Word (Holy Scriptures) because the Word is the best companion in life's journey. Keep your eyes on Christ Jesus and serve the Lord from your heart. Engage with the Holy Spirit because He is the best Shepherd.

If your heart is right with the Holy Spirit, no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Curses and conspiracies will rise; if your heart is one with the Trinity (the Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and Holy Spirit), you will triumph.

If you are always conscious of what everybody thinks about you, you cannot walk with the Holy Spirit. It takes faith and the Word to walk with the Holy Spirit. Apply the wisdom keys I am about to share with you because God expects you to use your mind sometimes.

If God wanted us to always walk by faith, He would not have created our minds. There are times God expects us to live and walk in faith. Other times God expects us to apply wisdom in our vicissitudes of life. Below are some of the wisdom keys I want to share with you. Apply them, and you will dominate death (premature departure).


1. Eat a balanced diet

It doesn’t matter the level of your spirituality and involvement in church activities; if you don’t eat a balanced diet, you limit the body's lifespan. Our body needs specific nutrients to work. Some foods contain proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and several benefits.

Eat vegetables, fruits, eggs, beans, fish, meat, rice, ampesi (well-cooked yam, plantain, cassava and other carbohydrate seeds), banku, fufu and meals that will nourish your flesh. Don’t be too spiritual because the weakness of the body will affect the spirit and soul.

Do not eat ampesi in the morning, afternoon and evening. Change the meal. For instance, I’m not too fond of breakfast because it has become part of me. Although I learnt that breakfast is good, I have reasons for ignoring breakfast.

Eating well during breakfast, lunch, and supper dramatically affects your body. From today, learn to eat well. Spend reasonable money on quality food because the nutrients in this food will affect the development of the body and the operations of the soul.

I am not a dietician. I am a servant of God. I write as led by the Spirit of God. Learn how to cook because most of the food you buy outside are poorly prepared. If you have a budget and can employ someone to prepare food for you, do it to save time.

If you have enough time, prepare it yourself. Marrying a woman who likes buying food outside is a liability. As you eat properly, you are prolonging the length of your days. On the other side, eating badly or too much will affect your body negatively. Engage this wisdom key to dominate premature death.


2. Take good care of the body

Our body has limitations. You cannot stress yourself with too much work. I am not encouraging laziness because I love work. I utilize my time profitably because time is an asset. On the other hand, too much work can affect your health, leading to premature death.

Rest when you are tired because some organs of your body need it. We are not like robots that do not get tired. Do you know that some robots even get tired and break down when they overwork? For instance, the laptop I am using to type the article you are reading sometimes becomes hot when I use it for a long time.

Sometimes it shuts down automatically when it overheats. The machine can return to sleep mode when I don’t use it for some specific time. That is how our body works. Overworking has side effects.

You may not see it in the short and medium-term, but in the long run, you will start reaping it. Dedicate some time to reduce stress when you are tired. Engage in exercise to help strengthen your body.

Drink a lot of water because water is good for our body. Water is life to the body. A greater percentage of our body carries water so supply it with good water. Engaging in this wisdom key can prolong your life and exempt you from premature death.


3. Occasionally visit the hospital for a checkup.

When was the last time you visited the hospital or clinic for a health checkup? It is important as a human to occasionally visit the hospital for a checkup. If you have a personal medical doctor or physician, let them check on you because their advice can save you from premature death.

Don’t be too spiritual to see a medical or herbal doctor for advice because you don’t know everything. There are times God expects us to use our minds. Don’t over-spiritualize everything and become a loser.

Have faith in God but also check your health! Some doctors may conclude your death, don’t accept such reports if they try to act as your God. You only need their advice to validate your health.

Some doctors don’t believe in God. Others, too, are weak in faith. Apply wisdom when accepting reports from some doctors because their advice can sometimes worsen your case. You may need their advice because they have some knowledge you don’t have.

Today, technology has made it easy to do research. When you receive a negative report from a medical doctor, research their advice. If you feel led by the Holy Spirit to apply faith in the Word, apply faith in that situation.

If the Holy Spirit leads you to follow the medical doctor's advice, follow it to escape premature death. One advantage Christian believers have over the unbelievers is that the Holy Spirit is not living in them, so the unbelievers follow medical doctors, physicians and knowledgeable people blindly.

The Holy Spirit can alert us (Christian believers) if these medical doctors and professors want to deceive us, but for the unbelievers, they have no choice but to follow blindly. Apply wisdom when following the advice of medical doctors, physicians and experts because they can make mistakes. Engage this wisdom key to escape premature death.


4. Fast once a while

When was the last time you engaged in fasting? There are times the Holy Spirit will command you to fast and pray. In such a case (fasting season), you may not experience hunger. You can intentionally engage in fasting because it has some health benefits.

For instance, when I engage in fasting, the tone of my body becomes fresher and fresher. I feel inner healing after fasting. Do you know that fasting can cure some diseases in your body? Some people carry strange and unknown diseases in their bodies without their knowledge.

The only way to clear these strange diseases is to engage in fasting. Do you know that during fasting, the body heals herself? Our immune system (antibodies) become stronger to fight the foreign virus, fungus, bacterial and other parasites living in the body during fasting.

I knew a dog that engaged in dry fasting for some days to recover from sickness. This dog excluded itself from the people living in the house because it was healing itself. It hid from other animals and us because of natural healing.

The dog knew fasting was the only way out. Maybe if this dog lived in one developed country, it would have received immediate veterinary assistance. The dog applied the key of fasting, and it got healed! Glory to God!

Find some time to fast because overeating can harm your body. The body must flush out some poisonous substance in your body, which can happen during fasting. Fasting will empower some organs of the body to remove the unwanted materials in your blood veins.

It is like a bottle of water. A time comes, the water in the bottle becomes full as you keep filling it. Make time to empty the bottle! You are stressing the body (bottle) with too much food (substances). Empty the body (dust bin and trash) with fasting to prolong your life.


5. Enjoy your leisure time.

There is time for everything. Time to work and time to play (Meditate on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8). Enjoy yourself sometimes because a busy mind and body can lead to health issues. Don’t lose your mind or become insane by overlearning.

Having fun is a booster to your health! I utilize my leisure to relax in a cool place. I sit and reflect on life to regain energy. I enjoy the cool breeze and weather to heal my body. When I am alone, I feel strengthened and creative. Ignoring your leisure time can shorten your life.


6. Avoid extreme negative people and environments.

A hostile atmosphere can endanger your life. If you allow harmful or destructive people into your life, you put your life in great danger. Their evil words can kill your soul and deteriorate the health of your body.

The hostile atmosphere will darken your heart, making you hopeless and depressed all the time. If depression dominates your heart, it invites the spirit of death to take over. This is one reason people commits suicide.

Because they have lost hope, they have nothing to hold onto. Negative people will always make your life miserable if you walk and live with them. From today, decide to avoid extreme negative people and environments because that presence invites the spirit of death into your life. For more profound revelations, read my articles, how to dominate suicidal thoughts and how to be focused.


7. Avoid bitterness and unforgiveness at all costs.

Bitterness and unforgiveness are invisible viruses, parasites and disease vectors in the body cells. When you allow bitterness to dominate you, you invite strange sickness into your body. As the holy scriptures,


A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones.

Proverbs 14:30 KJV

King Solomon knew bitterness generates diseases and untreated diseases lead to death. Some people carry strange diseases because they hold hurts, pain and unforgiveness in their hearts.

Child of God, do not attribute every disease to evil spirits because you can dig your own grave. If you think bitterness and unforgiveness will harm the offender, you deceive yourself. You are the one killing yourself.

You better release the poisonous seed of unforgiveness and bitterness from your heart to prolong your life because bitterness kills! The more you hold unforgiveness in your heart, it develops into hurts.

When the hurts graduate, it turns into bitterness. The bitterness will then generate pain, leading to psychotic and psychosomatic issues. If God does not intervene or show you mercies, the spirit of death sends you a friend request leading you to your early grave.

I don’t want to see you enter heaven or hell prematurely because you have souls to win. From today, learn to forgive and forget. Read my book, Spiritual seeds for growth; I have enumerated five powerful keys you can use to forgive offenders.

For more profound revelations on unforgiveness, check this out. If you want to prolong your life with wisdom, eliminate unforgiveness and bitterness from your heart.


8. Yoke with family and friends who love you from their hearts.

Family and friends have a great impact on your life. People who love you from their hearts can revive you emotionally. As humans, we sometimes become sad, uncomfortable, depressed and lonely.

At this hour, you need family and friends who love you from their hearts. The sweet words you receive from your family and friends can prolong your life. Since words spoken with passion, love, and understanding gives life to the soul, connect with genuine people who are full of divine love, they will pour inspirational words into your soul to quicken your inner being.

Their words will heal every broken heart and disappointment in your life. Don’t remain in sorrow because sadness invites the spirit of death. Connect with friendly people who reverence and love God; their words can prolong your life and exclude you from the list of premature death.  


9. Have some fun with domestic animals.

Animals play an important role in our lives. Have you ever asked yourself why some animals are friendly, and others are unfriendly? Will you love to play with a tiger in the jungle? You will not do that because tigers in the bush are not trained to live with human beings.

Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, sheep, parrots, goats, hens, ducks, and others are safe to live with because they can relate with us. God did not create animals for food only; they play a bigger role in our lives.

I love animals because it’s my nature. Some of my favourite animals are cats and dogs. Playing with cats, dogs, and other domestic animals creates a certain aura in your life. Animals will be attracted you wherever you go if you love them from your heart.

Playing with animals and taking good care of them have some spiritual benefits. You can learn a lot from animals when you get close to them and study their lives. You can prolong your life by caring for animals from your heart and having time with them but apply wisdom.


10. Enjoy the theme

What do you love doing in your leisure time? I shared with you in point five that there is time for everything. Do you know that words in music, videos and books can generate death and life? Make it a habit of playing inspirational songs because they are life-givers.

Occasionally listen to inspirational tv or radio programs because it empowers and prolongs your soul. Occasionally read your favourite books. Play some favourite electronic games. I mean games that do not violate the Christian faith.

Sometimes I play soccer on my laptop to reduce some stress. If you are married, have time with your family. Spending a little of your time will generate inner energy to upgrade your health. Listening to secular music that opposes Christ Jesus can harm your soul and invite the spirit of fear, death and other wicked demons into your environment.

Stressing your mind with too many activities can shorten your life and destroy your relationship. The key point is to enjoy books, songs, videos, games and activities that make you happy when you feel depressed. Engage this wisdom to escape premature death.


11. Set your soul free by the Word (Holy Bible).

For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12 KJV

The Word has the power to recreate our soul, revive our spirit and prolong our life. Until your mind is renewed in the Word, you remain a prisoner of the enemy (death). Destroy every negative seed in your mind by feeding on the Word because the spirit of death works through the soul. When the soul is full of God’s Word, the spirit of death will have no place to issue his attacks (Meditate on 2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

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