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The Mysteries of kôach kôach

how to get spiritual power


One of the greatest seed people desires is kôach kôach. To be relevant in life, you need the virtue of kôach kôach. You may be asking, what is the meaning of kôach kôach? kôach kôach is the Hebrew word for power.

Power gives relevance to a substance. Without power, we cannot control certain things in life. Without power, you cannot enter certain places on earth. Power makes us do unnatural things.

Power gives us access to certain people on earth. Power can make us powerful on earth. With power, you can pursue your passion without limitations. Power gives us the ability to overcome barriers that stands our way.

Some people define power as delegated authority. If you have the ability to produce change, you have power. With power, you can advance your purpose, plans and passion. Power gives opportunities to select the best.

Power gives you control and authority. You can do almost anything on earth if you have power. Power can position you in the arena of God. It makes people, animals and creation submit to your orders.

Power separates us from the ordinary. With power, you can make people do your bidding with ease. Power adds value to our credibility. Power reflects and exposes our character, personality and temperament.


The tragedy of Power

  • Some people die prematurely in search of power.
  • Some people, too, become insane because of power.
  • Some people kill to get power.
  • Some people destroy to get power.
  • Some people are ready to do anything to get power because it makes them relevant.


More revelations about power

Power makes people feel secure. Power reveals unseen forces. Power makes humankind invisible and untouchable. Power makes people celebrate you. With power, you can shape the world with your philosophy.

Power can be a good driver if the holder has a godly heart. Power becomes profitable if the person possessing it has integrity, vision, and a working spirit. However, if the person possessing the power is immature, selfish, greedy, and immoral, corruption and abuse take the lead.

This is one reason we must be careful of people we entrust power. In this article, I will enumerate the ten types of power and how you can attain them. Knowing these truths will increase your level of wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

You will know the degrees to which people get power, how power works, and how to attract real power. By God’s grace, I have had several encounters in the spiritual realm regarding kôach kôach (power).

I have encountered several people with power in the real ministry of God (Christ Jesus). If you joke with power, it can work against you. However, if you know the rules of power, you will enjoy it to the fullest.

You might not see the power of electrical wire flowing in the wire until you touch the electrical wire. Power is an incredible force you cannot play with. If you try to break the law of power, you destroy yourself.

Below are the ten levels and types of power. I have explained some of the ways to attain these powers. I will briefly explain and pinpoint the main ones to get an overview of kôach kôach (power). Become a blessing by sharing the link to this article so others can expand their knowledge on power.


The Ten (10) levels and types of power

types of power

1. Spiritual power

This is one of the greatest powers you can attain in life. Since the spiritual world controls the earthly realm, getting access to spiritual power is priceless. With spiritual power, you control the spiritual forces and certain activities on earth.

Spiritual power makes you untouchable in the supernatural realm. I have had several encounters regarding spiritual power. I cannot explain the depth of spiritual power because it carries a load and mysteries.

When you see yourself holding and lifting staff, standing on a mountain, valley or building in the realms of the Spirit, it signifies power. The height of the mountain, valley, or building determines your sphere of power (influence).

One reason the devil took Christ Jesus to a mountain was that he wanted to show his spiritual power (meditate on Matthew 4:8). Adam gave his power to the devil after the fall.

This is one reason the devil took Christ Jesus to the mountain to show his spiritual power. As explained that seeing yourself on a mountain signifies power (influence). You must consider what you are doing on the mountain because it explains the meaning of the encounter.


Ways to attain Spiritual Power

One of the ways to get spiritual power is to consistently fast and pray. Spirit-led fasting and prayers release incredible spiritual power. Christ Jesus knew this secret, so he fasted and prayed for forty days and nights.

Several prophets whose names are recorded in the Holy Bible knew the power of fasting and prayers. They knew fasting and prayers generated spiritual power, so they engaged in it. When you study and feed on the Word of God (Holy Bible), it builds your spiritual power and spiritual senses.

Obedience to God’s Word adds value to your spiritual power. Feeding on God’s Word sharpens your spiritual power. It rebuilds your spiritual power and repairs the damage in your spiritual senses.

Constant confession and profession on God’s Word sharpen your spiritual power (meditate on Hebrews 4:12). Hearing the Word of God builds spiritual power (meditate on Romans 10:17).

Fellowshipping with the Holy Spirit builds your spiritual power. Praying in the Spirit builds your spiritual power (1 Corinthians 14:4). Living in the holiness of the Holy Spirit increases your spiritual power. Submission to men of spiritual authority increases your spiritual authority (power). Doing the work of God with all your heart builds your spiritual power.


2. Psychological power

This is one of the invisible power people carry. With this power, people cannot easily manipulate your feelings, desires, and decisions because you have control over your soul. When you are strong emotionally, people cannot play with your heart.

Some people use dark (unethical) psychology to control others. If you are weak emotionally, people can take advantage of you. With psychological power, you control your feelings, desires, and the heart of others.

People with psychological power have higher emotional and social quotient. These people know the games of the heart (relationships). They know the law and tricks of manipulations. With psychological power, your emotions don’t control you. You dictate your emotions. With this power, you can easily lead (influence people).  


Ways to attain psychological power

You must read books on psychology. Put into practice what you have studied. Be decisive in your endeavors in life. Do not be easily moved by the words (flattery) of people. Learn to adjust to emotional soundtracks. Be content with what you have. Build yourself in prayer and associate with wise and godly people.


3. Mental power

This power is similar to psychological power. However, there is a difference. Mental power plays a major role in the mind. Unlike psychological power, it deals more with emotions. Mental power operates on advanced knowledge (intelligence). People with mental power know a lot because they are book addicts. They have an appetite for wisdom and knowledge. People with mental power speak about ideas, history, projects and research works.

You cannot outsmart people with mental power because they can sometimes predict the future. Most of their observations and analysis tend to be true. Although people with mental power can sometimes be outsmarted, they have a low probability of being cheated.


Ways to attain mental power

People with mental power love documentary videos, research works, educative books and self-help books. Mental power is one greatest assets you cannot ignore. It takes time, money and energy to reach this level.

You often have to sacrifice your bed and leisure to attain this power. With this power, people see you as a genius. Your words become wisdom. People with mental powers have experiential and advanced knowledge.

They see the whole picture of an issue. People with mental power have solutions to almost every problem on earth. They can solve issues with ease. These people often tend to be good leaders because they know a lot. Be a lover of books if you want to reach this level.


4. Financial power

With this power, you can control almost everybody on earth. People with financial power can buy almost anything. They can travel to any part of the world. People with financial power can control authority figures (people in leadership positions).

Financial power gives access to certain places and people. With this power, you speed up your work (assignment). Money controls most of our activities. Money is one the greatest currency we use to transact business. With this power (money), you can help people. You can change destinies with this power because you hold a legal currency that controls people, products, companies, and services.


Ways to attain financial power

Consistent, smart, and effective hard work can generate financial power. Creating a profitable, quality, and affordable products and services that are highly demanded can position you on this level. Acquiring fixed assets that produce passive income can place you on this level. The ability to make, manage and multiply (invest) money can give you financial power.


5. Human power

This is a kind of power people acquire in workplaces and political corridors. With this power, you control a section of people. People with political power can make or unmake the destinies of their citizens.

The decisions of these people affect the economy, church, businesses, industries, institutions and welfare of the citizens. Political power is one of the most dangerous stages one can attain. With this power, the destiny of your employees, citizens and subordinates lies in your hands. Judges, for instance, can determine people's destinies in the law court.

Political leaders' decisions are powerful because their minor error affects the economy's productivity. If political leaders don’t make effective decisions, it can affect your family and life.

Irrespective of your status, you will be affected. I hope you know the conditions of the churches and businesses in Russia and Ukraine. Because of the war, churches, institutions, and businesses have been destroyed and shut down.

Several people have lost their lives because of political power. People have lost huge sums of money and property because of political leaders' decisions. The power of political leaders has affected the church of God in Ukraine.

In the same way, managers, Chief Executive Officers, principals, headteachers and various leaders in assigned organization decisions can make people’s lives miserable or pleasurable because of their power (position). You cannot ignore human power because God recognizes it. Human power is precious; therefore, heed the system's godly laws. 


Ways to attain human power

Most often, it depends on your financial power. You can step into this position with legal certificates from various institutions. If you can influence others, you can attain this position. People use spiritual means to gain this power.

You often have to work through the system to get this power. The people you know and how well they think of you also give you an advantage. You can access this power with integrity, legal certificates, money, and fame.


6. Secondary power

This is a delegated authority (power). With this power, you act on behalf of someone. For example, a church's general overseer gives his assistant power to act on his behalf. A president can give authority to the vice president to act as the president in his absence.


Ways people attain secondary power

Some people receive this power because of their association, bloodline, money, mental power, psychological power, integrity, favor, and fame. With this power, you have the same authority as the authority figure.

For example, a president giving authority to the vice president to act on his behalf makes the vice president a temporal president. The vice president can do whatever the president can because of the delegated power.

As Christian believers, Christ Jesus has given us the power to cast out evil spirits and control the realms of the Spirit. It is a form of delegated (secondary) power we (Christian believers) possess. Secondary power works on conditions. The bestower of the power can seize it when you abuse it. In other words, this power is temporal.


7. Influential power

With the introduction of the internet and social media applications, you can attain this power anywhere in the world. This power works often works online. Other times, it works offline. Someone can be in Ghana and control numerous people worldwide because the person in Ghana can convince people to act in a certain way.

If you have the ability to change the mindset and emotions of specific people, you have power over that group. Famous people possess this kind of power. Celebrities have power over their followers.

With this power, you can control the behavior of the people within your circle. Do not underrate this power because technology is powerful. Technology is moving at a higher pace. You have power if you have numerous followers who react to your voice.


Ways to attain influential power

You must be famous or a celebrity to attain this power. You must know the systems of technology. You must have credibility and integrity to attain this power. You must be consistent in what you are doing to attain this power. Money can be a booster to reach this level of power.


8. Manipulation power

This is one deceptive power one can ever possess in life. With this power, the vessel uses dark (unethical) psychology to control others. Some people study the systems of manipulation (seduction) and use them to control others.


How do people use manipulation power

  • Some people use their physical strength to control others.
  • Some people use fear to control others.
  • Some people use sex to control others.
  • Some people use advanced knowledge to control others.
  • Some people use food to control others.
  • Some people use their money to control others.
  • Some people use seduction to control others.
  • Some people use charms to control others.
  • Some people use their beauty to control others.
  • Some people use anger to control others.
  • Some people use their position to control others.
  • Some people use their age and experience to control others.

Be vigilant because there are several ways people use to control others. You cannot be ignorant of manipulative power. Ignorance will make you a victim.


9. Evil power

Evil power is one of the most dangerous ways to attain relevance. Some people don’t mind sacrificing human beings, animals, and certain parts of the human body to get this power. With this power, people perform strange rituals.

After the rituals, evil spirits get access to the vessel. The vessel seeking this power will begin to do the bidding of evil spirits and demons. This is one reason some people join strange cults. People join demonic groups because they want power (money, fame, and freedom).


Dangers of evil power

With this power, you are no more of yourself because evil spirits control an aspect of your life. If you are not fortunate, these evil powers can end your life prematurely, leading to the lake of fire (see John 10:10). Some people become mad (schizophrenia) because of this power. Don’t try this power because the risks are extremely dangerous. Seek real spiritual power from the Holy Spirit!


10. Ordained Power

After the creation of humankind, God commanded us to have dominion over the animals, plants and every living thing on earth (see Genesis 1:26-30). This is a delegated power. With this power, we can control the animals, plants, and living things on earth.

The earth is our sphere of dominion. God expects us to exercise authority over every spirit walking on this earth. God expects us to multiply whatever he has created. We can multiply the race of humankind through marriage. We can control the spiritual forces roaming on this earth with the Word of God. With this power, we act as God's representative on earth.


Ways to attain ordained power

You must be born again to access this power. When Christ Jesus comes into your heart in the person of the Holy Spirit, you receive the key to operate in the ordained power. With this power, the holy angels submit to your order.

The demons and evil spirits submit to your commands when you are born again. Animals, trees, and creation submit to your power because the King of Kings and Lord of Lords live in you. Pray this prayer to get access to this power.

Prayer of Salvation

prayer of salvation

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