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The Ten (10) Invisible Generations Living on earth


In my previous article, I enumerated the seven generations living among us. Check it out for more wisdom keys. I have realized in life that nothing on earth can stop you if Christ Jesus is on your side.

People may oppose you and say all manner of evil against you. If the King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Christ Jesus) is on your side, no weapon that is formed against you shall prosper. You will accomplish your task if you are determined, focused, and consistent,

Keeping malice and envying others is a waste of time and energy. You cannot be bitter (take poison) and expect someone to die. In other words, being angry at others does not change the person if the person does not care about your anger.

I have realized that people begin to resent and envy you when you succeed. Irrespective of the resentment, opposition, false accusation, and negative emotions around you, keep up with the good works.

You cannot please everyone. Your success will make some people angry, resentful, and jealous. Don’t allow the enemy's jealousy, resentment, false accusations, and opposition to limit your productivity.

Be focused, prayerful, and disciplined, and you will break out from the dark environment. Those seeking your downfall will become tired when you refuse to give them attention. I have built myself to the extent that I don’t allow the opposition, resentment, envy, and false accusations of the enemy to limit my progress.

I press towards the high calling. I am living to please my Saviour and Lord Christ Jesus. That is my goal. When you succeed, the right people will locate and work with you. The wrong people are those who will destructively criticize and oppose you.

Like blind, dumb, and deaf people, they are vulnerable to the wicked. These vulnerable people may act out of insecurity, fear, pain, and confusion because they cannot see, hear, and talk. That is how some people will act towards you.

People attack you because they are insecure, abused, fearful, demon-possessed, confused, depressed, and visionless. Some people attack you because they have mental issues. You don’t have to retaliate when a mad person attacks you because he is ignorant of his actions.

Retaliating to the attacks of a mad person places you in his position. I remember encountering two guys on a prayer field. I occasionally pray on that field every evening. That night, these two guys were unlucky.

They thought they could abuse me. Whiles praying on the field, these two guys approached me and started giving me prophecies. The older one among them was doing most of the speaking. Anytime he gives negative prophecies, I reject the prophecies using the name of Christ Jesus.

Finally, they requested money from me so they could deal with the “spiritual issues” they saw about me. To make the story short, I led them in a short prayer (about 30 minutes). They thought they could make me fearful by giving me negative prophecies.

Child of God, don’t accept negative prophecies. Reject false words when someone speaks them over your life. Words are powerful to the soul of man. If you receive the evil words of people into your life, they can affect your life (see Proverbs 28:21).

Evil spirits can hold negative words and use them against your life. In the same way, evil people with an evil mindset will likely prophesy evil things about you, don’t accept those prophecies. Sometimes, God may give “negative prophecies.”

God gives “negative prophecies” so you can pray about it. Like Hezekiah and the “negative prophecy” of Prophet Isaiah. When God told Prophet Isaiah to tell Hezekiah about his death, Hezekiah faced God with the prophecy, and God changed it.

We have genuine and false spiritual leaders. The Holy Spirit has revealed to me several false spiritual leaders in Ghana, Nigeria, and other parts of the world. The Holy Spirit has also shown me, genuine spiritual leaders.

Opposition is part of life. Even the Creator of the Universe (Christ Jesus) was opposed in heaven. If Lucifer and his cohorts opposed Christ Jesus, people would oppose you. I cannot exempt myself; people will resist me because I follow Christ Jesus (meditate on John 15:18-19).

No evil powers can dominate us if Christ Jesus is on our side. Because of the opposition, resentment, false accusations, and persecution we receive on earth, I will share with you the ten types of generations living among us. The wisdom keys in this article will help you to live in wisdom.


1. The Manipulators

These people have mastered the art and skills of seduction. They know how to control others with money, fame, connections, power, position, and tricks. They often act out of fear, inferiority, and superiority complex.

These people always want to be in charge. They love to see people begging them. Because they don’t want to lose control, they use evil psychological tricks to control those in their circles. When they see that you are weak, they use physical, vocal, and emotional power to dominate you.

Apply wisdom when you encounter these people because they earnestly desire to be in charge of everything. They can fake love if they see that you need love. These people will create a false impression that you need them.

They act as if they don’t need you; meanwhile, they need you desperately. These people often use sex and money to control others. Know your limits and improve your weakness because they can easily detect them and use them to control (manipulate) you.

These people will pretend to be with you or agree with your plans. It is a strategy to play with your intelligence. If you know who you are, they cannot control you. If you know your value in Christ Jesus, their temporal money, fame, and connections will not confuse you to surrender their deceptive schemes.  

2. The Proud

These people act as if they know everything in the world. Out of ignorance, they die of depression. If you encounter these people, don’t try to convince them because they will not accept your opinion.

They only believe in their wisdom. These people will not understand you even if you speak with all your heart. Don’t bother yourself sharing ideas with these people because your wisdom is nothing to them. They may agree with you if you believe in their opinions with all your heart.


3. The Angry People

These people are ready to destroy, oppose and fight anyone that crosses their path. Most often, they have mental issues. Because of the abuse they received in homes, workplaces, and schools, they want to release it through war.

Don’t try arguing with these people because they will fight you with all their strength. They don’t care about your status in life. They will insult and destructively criticize you wherever they find you.

Most often, these people have issues making friends. They have little or no friends. If you examine their friend's circle, they are also angry people. These people will negatively interpret your words because they want a fight.

If they cannot find ways to fight you, they will create an atmosphere of war and confusion to provoke you. Because these people love to fight, they cannot live in an environment of peace, love, and joy. Distance yourself from these people because they will corrupt you with their evil mindset.


4. Careless people

Let me use the American slang; these people don’t give “a damn or fuck” to what people think about them. Although it is good not to allow the words of others to dominate you. You must also understand that you cannot be right all the time.

Sometimes, you have to listen to the counsel of others to progress in life because you don’t know everything. However, these people have zero respect for other people’s opinions. They are determined to do what they desire, even if it is an evil act.

If they feel like causing trouble, they do it without restraint. If they feel like fighting, committing fornication, and engaging in any unlawful act, nobody or nothing can stop them. No counsel can stop them because they don’t care what others say. Because these people don’t have respect for the counsel of others, do not agree with them in every decision because their erroneous decision can create problems.


5. Always right, people

These people believe that everybody is wrong and that they are the only right people in life. They are similar to the proud people. The difference between these people and proud people is that these people regard everybody’s opinion as false and irrelevant. How can you live with people who think they are always right and everybody is wrong? Do not reason with them. Don’t advise them. As simple as that.


6. The Doubters

These people are fond of questioning the productivity of a group. Bring an idea, and they will always tell you why it cannot work. These people will never believe until they see the result. You cannot plan with these people because they will emphasize the impossibility.

They will compromise in the group to let you and others know that the plans will not succeed. Don’t give space to these people in your group until you have evidence because they will create confusion and doubt. Their presence in a group will make the team lose focus, faith, and power.  


7. The Defenders

These people come into your life to uphold your purpose, goals, and vision. They are life savers. Their presence in your life is a great boaster. They come into your life because of your vision, mission, goals, and assignment.

They will defend you if you stay on course. These people will become enemies to your enemies if you stay on course. They are forever on your side if you remain true to your purpose (mission, vision, goals, and assignment). Count them out of your life if you deviate from your purpose because your purpose defines them.


8. The Caretakers

These people are there for you, not because of your purpose. They are in your life because they genuinely care about you. God has sent them to cater to your soul. These people care about your well-being and emotions.

When you are sad, they cry with you. When you are joyful, these people rejoice with you. These people will do anything to make you happy, peaceful, and healthy because that is their assignment.

Caretakers are your companions. They sometimes act like your family members. They love you for who you are, not what you have. Their love for you is unconditional. These are the rarest people in your life. If you find these people, don’t abuse them; instead, reciprocate love because that is their assignment in your life.


9. The Spenders

These are the sycophants in your life. They come into your life when all is well. When you enter the season of hardship, they reject you. These people will help you spend your money. As far as you have money and assets, you will find them with you.

Most often, these people do not love you from their hearts. They are interested in the things you have. They are like pests. They will suck all the nutrients out of you. When the nutrients in you finish, they search for others.

Apply wisdom when these people approach you because they are not interested in you. They are interested in what you can give to them. They have nothing to add up to you. They are pretenders who act like lovers. These people are the wasters in your life. They will dump you when they see that you are broke (you have lost value).


10. The Protectors

These people are similar to the defenders. These people will fight your course. They come into your life because of your assignment. Your purpose makes them relevant. Your enemies are their enemies.

Your friends are their friends. Your vision is their vision. Your wisdom is their wisdom. Whatever concerns your purpose matters to them at heart. If you align with your purpose, they are always ready to push forward with you in the storms. They will identify with you in the season of pain and joy as far as you are on course. Stay on course if you want don’t want to lose them.

To be continued…

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