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/ / What is Love (Understanding True Love, Lust, Passion, and Infatuations) – 6

What is Love (Understanding True Love, Lust, Passion, and Infatuations) – 6


As we journey to the celestial city, we will pass through different scenes in life. It is said that only the goat that knows how hot it feels. The goat may be sweating profusely, and no one will see its struggle because its skin will not allow you to see the sweat.

Like a crying man walking in the rain, you will not see his cry because the rain will hide his tears. Such is life. Some people put on smiling faces, but inwardly they suffer. It is time you put off the mask and be real because you cannot pretend forever.

Like a pregnant woman, she can wear the tightest cloth to hide her pregnancy; time will reveal her pregnancy. Many people are dying in silence because of love. Some people have passed through a bitter relationship, so they cannot trust anyone.

Their bitter experience has created a philosophy in their life to the extent of passing those bitter experiences to their family and friends. Child of God, one thing you must realize in life is that life is a school.

Failure to learn from your bad experience and the experience of others is to your detriment. Maybe, you passed through several bitter experiences in life, so you cannot trust anybody. However, do not allow your bitter experience in life to block the gate of heaven (deliverance).

The fact that someone mistreated you does not mean anyone you meet in life will abuse you. Understand that others have abused anybody who abuses you. You have the right to reject abuse because you have choices.

It is your prerogative to desist abuse because God has built willpower in your soul. It is only robots who cannot discern and reject abuse. Do you know that some people are in psychiatric hospitals and mortuaries because of abuse?

Do not allow anyone to use your leniency to abuse you because abuse can destroy your seed of love. Abuse can destroy your lovely personality and make you self-destructive. Christ Jesus has commanded us to show love, and it is our duty as Christian believers to express love in the ways of God.

Until you learn to love yourself, you cannot love others. You cannot give what you don’t have. Anyone who cannot love others does not love himself. Anyone who cannot express love has never experienced true love from others.

In my previous article, I wrote that words affect the seed of love in our souls. You must know the thought pattern (psychology) of men and women because it will help you understand love. In my previous article, I wrote that most women are emotional beings and most men are logical beings.

Since most women are emotional beings, you must speak sweet and inspiring words to activate their love. As I wrote, every normal person has a love language. Love language is the ability to identify the triggers of a person’s love.

In other words, you know what makes another person feel love. For example, domestic animals such as dogs and cats can show you signs of hunger, tiredness, and anger. I can see from the face and actions of several animals when they are hungry, happy, tired, or angry because I love animals. If you can detect what makes an individual tick, you have identified what makes that person act.

For example, some people love food, so they feel loved the more you provide them with food. Some people feel loved when you interact with them from your heart. Since most men are logical beings, do something reasonable or something to make the man think you love them.

Note the word “think” and “feel.” A man wants to understand love, whiles a woman wants to feel love. A man first understands love before feeling it whiles a woman feels love before understanding it.

Although some men are emotional and some women are logical, a greater percentage of men are logical beings, and a higher percentage of women are emotional beings. Whiles most men are thinking about work, success, and provision for family and loved ones, most women are thinking about the feelings and wellbeing of family and friends.

Child of God, understand that words are powerful creative forces to activate the soul of humankind. Like fire and gasoline, the gasoline (words) blazes the fire (soul of humankind). Like a locked gate, you need the prescribed key to unlock it.

The same applies to words and the human soul. The human responds to the words we speak. For example, sometimes, when you hear a particular song, name, or event, it changes your emotions. Those words in the song create an unseen atmosphere in your soul because your soul has received an activation.

Develop a habit of speaking words of encouragement to your loved ones because it is an act of love. Do not kill the soul of others with destructive words. Don’t create a hostile atmosphere with hurtful words because spiritual forces work with the words we speak.

When you constantly speak evil words, it opens the portal for evil spirits and demons to dominate a jurisdiction. Moreover, since spiritual forces can sometimes detect or suspect your feelings, they will act randomly to confirm their perception of your soul. Know these truths.

  • Your words can help people create a perception of your personality.
  • Your words can create a lustful atmosphere in your jurisdiction for demons to operate.
  • Your words can rekindle the love of Christ Jesus in your surroundings for the holy angels to operate.
  • Your words can build the weak soul in your environment.
  • Your words can rekindle the fire of love within your jurisdiction and increase productivity.
  • Your words can make an emotionally weak person harm herself.
  • Your words can build a strong relationship.
  • Your words can strengthen the angels of love in your jurisdiction.
  • Your words can create an ocean of love in the soul of the people within your jurisdiction.
  • Your words can deliver a demon-possessed person from the enemy's prison.
  • Your words can destroy and kill the destiny of others.
  • Your words can make people abandon you.
  • Your words can generate enemies.
  • Your words can make people draw themselves to you.
  • Your words can build the seed of love in the soul of humankind.
  • Your words can touch the heart of others to help you from their heart.
  • Your words can build or destroy your destiny.
  • Your words are like seeds in the spiritual realm; grow them daily with your tongue.
  • Women do not only hear your words; they feel and feed on your words, so speak with wisdom.
  • Men do not only hear your words; they assess and judge you by your words, so speak with wisdom.

I hope these few revelations of words will empower you to use words wisely. I don’t speak anyhow because I know the power of words. You will hardly find me speaking in public. However, you are likely to see and hear me speaking in public because of the gospel, sharing relevant ideas, and counseling others.

When someone tries to provoke me, I think about the consequences of my words and actions before speaking. Child of God, you must know and understand the power of words. Read my book, how to break the spirit of inferiority, for more profound revelations on words.

Understanding the love language of your partner works in many ways. First, you must understand that your upbringing, personality, life experiences, and family background (culture) are different.

Precisely you are different from your partner. Maybe you came from a family weak in finances, communication, weak in brotherly love, rampant abuse, and conflict. Those experiences will impact your love language and philosophy of life because your partner did not suffer from what you suffered.

You need wisdom, knowledge, and understanding when expressing love to people who have passed through bitter life experiences and people whose life experience differs from yours. On the other side, your partner may have come from a stable family where love and money were not a problem.

The partner experienced love from family members and had whatever she desired. In this case, the partner's demand for love will be different from yours because you did not pass through that experience.

In such cases, it will take time for both of you to build true love and compatibility. In addition, expressing true love requires wisdom and knowledge because your differences (faith, family background, and life experience) will affect the relationship.

If you don’t apply wisdom in your relationship, you may give up when the storms arise. I am writing this article by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, with the knowledge the Holy Spirit has availed to me and by the principles in the Holy Scriptures.

It takes a vessel filled with the Holy Spirit or a vessel that fears God from the heart to express true love. When I talk about true love, it is not the unbeliever’s type (give and take). The love I am describing here is the one that has no hidden motive.

The love I am describing here is the love that emanates from the throne room of God. Unfortunately, some people only talk the love without expressing it. Such is not true love.

True love acts. True love gives. The best way to discern true love is to check the pureness of the lover. I mean reading the heart of the lover with the spectacles of the Holy Spirit. True love expects nothing in return.

Some people keep reminding their loved ones of the love they expressed; that is not true love. If it is true love, the receiver will remember your love without you reminding her.

True love gives without reminding the beneficiary of the good deed.  True love saves the vulnerable. The giver of true love most often becomes vulnerable to the receiver if the receiver is wicked.

I remember when I was at University, a woman had an extremely friendly dog. This dog was so loving that it followed anyone that pet its head. Unfortunately, as I passed by the woman's house for lectures, I was not seeing this lovely dog.

A week passed, and the dog was nowhere to be found. It was later I heard from the neighborhood that a car had killed the dog. In this case, the dog died before its time because it did not apply wisdom in love.

I know a loving dog that lives in our neighborhood. Although this dog is kind to strangers, it can detect an enemy. The dog barks at wicked people anytime they enter the house. Child of God, expressing love requires divine wisdom and knowledge. Know these truths.

  • True love takes time to build because its foundation is indestructible.
  • True love rest on the foundation of God’s Word. Someone may not deserve a favour, but we show love because the Word of God commands us to do it.
  • True love overrules every evidence of the enemy. People may have tangible reasons to disqualify the vessel, but you choose to show mercy; that is true love.
  • True love does not watch with the critical eye.
  • True love sees with the heart and eye of mercy and compassion.
  • True love says, if Christ Jesus will do it, I will do it.

Why do you think people commit suicide? Well, you can read my article, how to dominate suicidal thoughts for more profound revelations. But, the truth is true love is a powerful force that can compel an individual to do the impossible.

If people can commit suicide because of love, then we must understand the inner workings of love. First of all, I explained that words have power over our souls. When people fall in love for a long time, they create a soul tie.

A soul tie is when two souls become one. For example, some people spend their time, money, energy, and resources to grow love in a relationship. Now, what happens is that the more people build a relationship with their time, resource, and energy, their soul bonds.

Another secret you must know is that stronger soul ties build when sexual activity occurs in a relationship. In the book of Judges, we see a profound revelation about sex and soul ties.


And it came to pass when she pressed him daily with her words and urged him so that his soul was vexed unto death;

That he told her all his heart and said unto her, There hath not come a razor upon mine head; for I have been a Nazarite unto God from my mother's womb: if I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man.

Judges 16:16 -71 KJV

Samson could not resist the temptation of Delilah because of a sinful act. One important truth you must know about sexual intercourse is that you create a strong invisible bond with the one you have sex with.

I mean, sexual intercourse creates a stronger love and soul tie. So when Samson had sexual intercourse with Delilah, the soul of Samson and Delilah became one. If you read from the holy scriptures, you will see that Delilah oppressed and constrained Samson daily with her words to the extent Samson’s soul (power and desires) became weak.

Samson felt like dying because he could not resist the oppressive words of Delilah. Delilah knew Samson could not resist her through intimate sexual intercourse, so she enslaved Samson with sex.

Child of God, sex is not a “pleasurable” activity for boys and girls. Sex is a spiritual bond. Expressing love with sex is one of the invisible bonds in the race of humankind, and I have learned from the advice of others that sexual activity uses the five senses of humankind.

That is, anytime you have sex with someone, your desires, emotions, willpower, intellect, sense of touch, sight, hearing, and other faculties of your body, soul, and spirit become one. I have not mentioned the spiritual effects of sex.

If you want more profound revelations on soul ties, read my series of articles on sexual purity and a series of books.

1.  The Mysteries of Sexual Purity

2. The Mysteries of Sex and Purity

3. How to Activate the Anointing of Gladness and other books.

Samson became a slave to Delilah because of illicit sexual intercourse. Samson revealed the secret of his strength to a disguised enemy (Delilah) because illicit sexual intercourse imprisoned and conquered him.

Some people complain that they cannot stop fornication, adultery, and other immoral acts. However, these people do not know that they have become slaves through illicit sexual intercourse.

God created sex for married couples to rekindle their love. Acquire relevant wisdom because true love acts with prudence. God showed us love by giving Christ Jesus, so we will do something to prove our love (See John 3:16).

Expressing sympathy is partial love. Instead, provide a practical solution to solve the problem. For example, if someone is hungry and you have money or food, don’t only sympathize with that person; give that person some money or food to quench his hunger.

Doing that is an act of true love. Sympathizing with the hungry vessel may alert him that you care, but it isn't true love. Your love becomes valid when you provide the solution. Sympathy may play a role in the field of love.

After sympathizing with the hungry person, do something (SHOW LOVE BY SOLVING THE ISSUE). God could have sat in heaven and sympathized with humankind. Instead, He decided to sacrifice Christ Jesus to save us because of love.  This means love is an action. Love is a force. We must feel and see your love.

Don’t preach love without expressing it because anyone can preach and teach love. Real lovers show it. Like Christ Jesus, he suffered and died at the hands of wicked men because of love. This does not mean killing yourself to show your love. Express your love by your deeds because true love is action-driven.

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