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The Seven (7) Generations Living on Earth


In my previous article, I revealed the ten generations living on earth. Check out that article for more wisdom keys. In this article, I will briefly share the seven generations living among us. One thing you must know about the world is that our view of life is not the same.

The influence of your environment, parental upbringing, school, church, workplace, and temperament has a significant impact on your life. You must know the people around you because they also receive different influences.

As human beings, we desire true love, respect, honor, appreciation, food, water, increase, peace, joy, and freedom. Your definition of love, respect, evil, and good differs from others. In other words, how you view the world is different from how others view the world.

If your worldview, mindset, ideologies, and philosophical concepts differ from others, how can you live as a team or family? As I thought through these things, I came out with this important article.

Knowing the people around you is crucial because you cannot connect with people if you don’t understand them. You must know the psychology of the human mind. You must know the psychology of the male and female brains.

You must know how children, adolescents, mature people, and older people think. You must know the mindset of Africans, Americans, Australians, Europeans, Asians, Antarcticians, and Oceanians.

Knowing the psychology of the old, young, and mature helps you make better decisions. Understanding the psychology of others will help you connect quickly. Even animals of the same tribe are different.

Cats, for example, are different in nature. Some cats are introverts and extroverts. Some dogs are introverts and extroverts. When I say some cats are introverts, I mean some are not readily open to human beings and other animals.

Some cats, too, love people. Some dogs love to be around their owners and strangers; whiles others bark at strangers and other animals. Some dogs and cats are friendly; whiles others are unfriendly.

So, what is my point here? If animals of the same species are different, what stops you from analyzing the people around you. There are advantages and disadvantages to being an introvert. For example, most introverts are seen as boring and unfriendly.

On the other side, introverts are loyal friends if they know you well. Introverts can concentrate on a project and study alone. Extroverts, too, can be unreliable because they have many friends. Most often, they tend not to focus on an assigned task.

People can take advantage of you and cheat you if you are too extroverted. If you are too introverted, people can ignore or abuse you. So, there must be some balance. That is when the Holy Spirit comes in to build our weaknesses and sharpen our strengths. Below is the seven-generation living on earth.


1. The Self-Absorbed

These people are one of the most annoying people on earth. If you are married to these people, you need adequate emotional and mental energy to live with them because they only think about themselves (incredibly selfish like most cats).

These people don’t care about others. They are emotionally absorbed in their work, future, health, and other basic needs. These people tend to love themselves more than anybody. Their love for others is extremely little compared to their love for themselves.

These people will not commit to a course that will not benefit them. In other words, they only commit to projects that will help them. They are in a group because they have the lion's share. Most often, they have no interest in the growth of others.

Working for others without any profit is foolishness to these people. They come into your life to suck the strength out of you. That is, these people don’t come into a relationship to upgrade you. They enter into a relationship because they want to upgrade themselves. Apply wisdom when walking with these people because they are not thinking about you; it is only about them!


2. The Blind

The Holy Scriptures call these people fools (see Psalms 14:1; 53:1). These people condemn vessels that exercise faith in God. These people do not believe in the existence of God. They live by their own rules and regulations.

The lenient ones among them turn out to be agnostics. That is, the set of people that profess to have some faith in the existence of God and occasionally questions the validity of God using scientific, philosophical, and personal reasonings.

Note that these people (atheists) have no faith in the existence of God, so be careful when walking and living with them. They can do anything to you because they seem to be “gods” and have no boundaries.


3. The Sociopath

Sociopaths are extremely wild human beings that hate people and associations. These people are the extreme opposite of extroverts. Unlike introverts who do not easily make friends, sociopaths hate making friends.

Some people categorize these vessels as introverts because of their extreme unfriendly nature. You will often find these people hiding from others at a social gathering. Like psychopaths with a personality disorder, sociopaths have no respect for social gatherings and human relationships. It is like a disease in the brain.

These people have no interest in making friends because that is how they have programmed their minds. We have such people living among us. Take notice of these people and apply wisdom because they can make your life miserable with their extremely unfriendly nature.


4. The Sadist

These people act like psychopaths. They love to see people, animals, and things in a dark (hopeless, depressed, confused, painful) state. These people receive joy when others are in pain. They increase in power at the expense of people’s sorrow and depression.

In other words, these “human beings” enjoy abusing people and animals. When these people see that things are not moving well in the life of others, they rejoice. These people have little or no mercy.

The joy, unity, growth, and power of others are their sorrow. These people delight in war and the killing of innocent people. As normal human beings, we sometimes become happy when the wicked die, but these people rejoice when the innocent dies.

These people know how to create pain, confusion, and conflict in families, schools, and organizations. They are like the devil incarnate. They have the nature of wild animals, demons, and mad people. Apply wisdom when you encounter these people because your depression and destruction increase their joy.


5. The Abused

These people are receptive to any treatment that comes their way because they see themselves as enslaved and useless. These people see themselves as enslaved because they did not receive proper care and love in childhood and adolescence.

Because of the emotional, financial, physical, sexual, social, verbal, and spiritual abuse they received in their childhood and adolescence, their minds become damaged. These people often live in constant fear, rejection, hopelessness, pain, and confusion.

Some abused people too often turn into criminals. Some abused people become abusers because they desire to load their pain on others. Help these people when you encounter them because true love can set them free. Psychotherapy, counseling, and prayers can also change these people.


6. The Mentally Deranged

These people’s conscience is dead. In other words, their thinking faculty is abnormal. They do things normal human beings would not do. For example, these people can eat human and animal feces and drink their blood.

These people often eat in dirty gutters and garbage cans. They sleep in uncomfortable places and cause harm to God’s creation. Escape for your life when you encounter these people because they don’t know what they are doing. If you are Spirit-filled, pray for them as the Holy Spirit leads.  


7. The Demon possessed

These people are partially aware of their state. These people are full of evil spirits. Demons control them. If demons tell them to steal and kill, they steal and kill. If demons tell them to destroy, they destroy.

Whatever the demons tell them, they do it willfully because they have made a covenant with them. Because these people are one with evil spirits, they live as slaves to the devil. In other words, they are agents of the devil.

Demon-possessed people enforce the agenda of Satan on earth and oppose Christian believers. These people often live in strange places like graveyards and bushes. Do not fear these people if you are born again because you have power over them.

These people are enemies to Christ Jesus and the church. Do not associate with these people. However, if they come to you for deliverance, cast the demons out and invite them to Christ Jesus.

To be continued…

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