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In the beginning, God (Yahweh) created the heavens and the earth. He created the spiritual forces (angelic beings) to control the spiritual world. God created humankind to control the earth realm (dominion mandate).

One of God’s angels (Lucifer) deceived humankind to disobey God’s law leading to the corruption of the spiritual, soulish, and physical world. When humankind sinned, their relationship with God fell apart.

When humankind's relationship with God fell apart, the dominion mandate of humankind returned to Lucifer. Lucifer being an enemy of God became an enemy of God’s creation. Lucifer created a group to oppose God and humankind.

Lucifer (later became Satan) started to manipulate the race of humankind. Satan and his minions introduced evil activities to the world to damage God’s creation. As a result of Satan’s evil activities, humankind increased in wickedness.

When God saw the calamities on earth and in the spiritual world, He sent His Son Christ Jesus to the earth to destroy the power of sin. Christ Jesus was born of a virgin woman called Mary. Mary did not have sexual intercourse with any man before conceiving Christ Jesus.

Christ Jesus' birth was supernatural. He lived a sinless life when He walked on earth. Christ Jesus came to the world to destroy the power of sin and Satan. The name Christ means the anointed one, and the name Jesus means the Saviour of the world.

Jesus the Christ came to the world to restore the dominion mandate Satan took from humankind. Christ Jesus' death and resurrection restored humankind's relationship with God (Yahweh). Christ Jesus went through pain and rejection because of our sins.

Today, we (believers of Christ Jesus) can fellowship with God because the blood of Christ Jesus has cleansed us from our sins. We are not sinners in the sight of God. God sees us as righteous because of the blood of Christ Jesus.

The blood of Christ Jesus has the power to wash away every sin. Unlike in the old covenant, the high priest used the blood of unique animals to atone for people's sins. In the new testament or covenant, the blood of Christ Jesus has the power to cleanse us from all sins.

It doesn’t matter how heavy your sin may be; the blood of Chris Jesus can wash you and cleanse you. You have to repent and confess to Christ Jesus as the Saviour and Lord of your life. I have written a short prayer for you.

Pray from your heart, and the blood of Christ Jesus will cleanse you from all your sins. When you repent and confess Christ Jesus into your heart, the Holy Spirit will come into your heart. The Holy Spirit will guide you in the journey of life.

You also have the Holy Bible as your guide. In Christ Jesus' kingdom, the Holy Bible is our constitution. Feed on the Holy Bible and ask the Holy Spirit to grant you understanding. Pray using the promises in the Holy Bible and live by the principles in the Holy Bible (new covenant). Are you ready to join the kingdom of Christ Jesus?




Bible reading after the prayer of salvation

Luke chapters 22, 23, and 24

The prophecy of Christ Jesus' death Isaiah chapter 53


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