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Why We Must Love Knowledge [101 Benefits of Reading Books] - 1


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Some claim, "If you want to hide something from an African, write it in a book.” That statement is “true” because “most Africans don’t love reading.” In the same way, some people from other continents also don’t love reading.

Africa is coming out with new vessels. The generation of these days loves reading. I know several Africans that love reading books. Reading has many benefits in our lives. If you analyze resourceful people, countries, leaderships, businesses, and organizations, you will observe that they love reading.

After reading, they practice the knowledge acquired in the books. That’s wisdom. I heard a man of God say, “The ability to put into practice what you have learned is wisdom.” Countries and organizations advancing at a higher pace do not joke with books because they know the power of reading.

If African and developing (poor) countries will develop and become valuable, we must be voracious readers. We must put into practice what we have learned. I encourage you to download and read my books on my blog. Below are some recommended books.

1. How African and Poor Countries can develop

2. Leadership with Wisdom

3. 777 Uncommon Wisdom Keys to a Successful Life and

4. Uncommon Wisdom Keys

I have written in detail about the power of wisdom and knowledge and how we can advance. You can also freely download and read my series of books for more wisdom keys.


The Power of the Mind and Danger of Ignorance

One thing about the mind is that it controls almost every organ of our bodies. If you have nothing substantial in your mind, you will not make better decisions. Your mindset determines your decisions and destiny. This is one reason you must be a voracious reader.


The Unspoken Power of Ignorance

Leaders that hate knowledge swim in the ocean of darkness (poverty, mismanagement, evil, corruption, and confusion). Failure to feed your mind with resourceful information will make you prey to wolves in sheep's clothing.

Manipulators and abusers will take advantage of you and your followers. They will use a “wise” and deceptive strategy to steal your resources. They will make you poor because you are ignorant.

Like a child playing with snakes, lions, and crocodiles, such a child lives at the mercy of the animals. The child would not play with them if he knew that lions, snakes, and crocodiles could harm him!

The level of your knowledge and the application of that knowledge determines your future. Do you think the Americans, Europeans, Chinese, World Bank, International Monetary Funds, and other financial institutions are fools?

Do you think they give funds to struggling countries and organizations for fun? Every fund (loan) they give to governments, businesses, countries, and organizations has spiritual and legal terms and conditions.

The Creditors often benefit by giving out these financial aids (loans). Americans, Europeans, Chinese, financial institutions, and other supporting governments are not fools to give out money!

Those funds could be used for other developmental projects in their countries and businesses. The supporting countries and financial institutions have citizens and businesses struggling. They could have used those funds to help their citizens and economy.

Financial institutions and countries that assist African and low-income countries are not fools! They know what they are doing. The beneficiaries (countries receiving the “loan” under the disguise of grants) will be relieved in the short run.

However, in the long run, the debt rises. It will get to a stage where the loan interest becomes so huge that the struggling countries become slaves to the financial institutions and supporting countries.

These loans often open the door for the supporting countries and financial institutions to take the weak countries' natural resources and dominate the poverty-stricken countries' governments and citizens.

In the long run, the governments and financial institutions giving out financial aid become masters (civilized colonial masters) over the countries receiving the financial assistance. Countries depending on the world bank, International Monetary Funds, developed countries, and other financial institutions become lazy, corrupt, and poor.

When a country or government solely depends on others for help, it destroys its creativity. Like a twenty-year “man” who believes he can do nothing without his parents, such a “man” kills his creativity because he has limited his abilities and help to his parents.

If that “man” thinks outside the box and refuses to depend solely on his parents for his needs, his creative mind will grow. That “man” will search for ways to become self-reliant, resourceful, and valuable.

This is one reason people who inherit a handsome sum of money and assets from their families waste the resources because they did not build the wealth. This is one reason most pampered children cannot grow to become responsible citizens.

Because their parents provide everything for them, they cannot live independently. If the parents of that pampered child die prematurely, the child will likely grow to become irresponsible.

Because the child receives everything without effort, he will grow with the mindset that people must provide for him. In the same way, if a child starts life with a philosophy he have to work to provide for his needs and wants, he will become responsible and resourceful.

Most African and poor (low-income) countries act like the twenty-year-old man. Most African and poor (developing) countries believe they cannot advance without the “aid” of Americans, Europeans, Chinese, financial institutions and supporting countries.

Because of this mindset, several African and poor countries are swimming in the pool of poverty. Once in a while, we can seek assistance. However, it shouldn’t be that we cannot advance without the aid of supporting countries and financial institutions.

Americans, Europeans, Chinese, financial institutions and other supporting countries ascertain the deal before giving financial aid. They know the impact of “financial assistance”, so they don’t reject the poor countries' needs and wants.

If care is not taken, the supporting countries and financial institutions will impose their evil cultures (false religion and LGBTQ) on African and developing countries. I have had several visions of African countries.

If we don’t think twice and apply wisdom, the supporting countries and financial institutions will force African and poor (struggling) countries to accept their false religion and evil cultures (sinful human rights).

LGBTQ stands for Lesbianism, Gay, Bisexuality, Transgender and Queer. Will you accept evil human rights and false religion because of financial assistance? As stated in the Holy Scriptures, the borrower is a slave to the lender (See Proverbs 22:7).

No government or financial institution outside Africa will be willing to grow the African economy from its heart. One thing about supporting countries and financial institutions is that they hide the benefits.

Like the serpent (the devil), it told Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The devil presented the benefits and hid the consequences. That is how ignorance blinds leaders and lazy government that hates knowledge.

I believe supporting countries and financial institutions are not devils if they do not have the mindset of abusing African and poor (low-income) countries. Advanced countries and supporting financial institutions will continue to dominate African and developing (poor) countries if we don’t put into practice what we have learnt.



The Power of Formal and Informal Education

We must implement and enforce our laws. We need strong systems. If Ghana can rise, we need resourceful information (tried, tested, and working knowledge). If Africa can advance, we need innovative knowledge.

Knowledge is required if Asia, America, Europe, Australians, and Antarctica will advance. Ignorant people destroy because they don’t know what they are doing. Africa has a larger number of uneducated people.

We can educate ourselves formally or informally. You can read books in your home and place of convenience. That’s informal education. Several people have become resourceful through informal education.

Formal education follows the structures designed by the government and private institutions. For example, attending school is formal. With school, you have a teacher, leaders, and infrastructures that help you grow your mind.

You get access to friends and people that builds you socially, spiritually, psychologically, and morally. With formal education, the institution rewards with a certificate recognized by the government and private boards. However, it demands “huge funds” to enter formal education. If you cannot afford formal education, use informal education. It is effective as well. You can educate yourself if you are determined.

With the introduction of the internet, you can educate yourself on youtube, resourceful blogs, and helpful sites. With your electronic device, you can sit in the comfort of your home and educate yourself with online lessons and electronic books. Informal education is good and affordable. However, it demands discipline and determination.


The unlimited power of reading and illiteracy

We must build ultra-modern structures to educate ignorant citizens. If you teach a child how to bathe, he will not worry you about bathing because he knows how. We must provide an avenue for people to educate themselves.

People must know the power of books (knowledge). This is one reason I am writing this article. If we have numerous citizens (an average of ninety per cent) who love reading, Africa will become a better place.

As stated at the beginning of the article that the mind controls almost every organ of the body. You can bathe a pig and spray the best perfume on “him.” The pig will soak in dirty water or the environment if it encounters the muddy surrounding.

The pig does that because that is how it has programmed itself. It’s the mindset of the pig. In the same way, most African and poor (weak) countries swim in the river of poverty because of their attitude (mindset).

There are numerous ignorant people in Africa and developing countries. Because we have countless ignorant people, “we” destroy our resources. The hatred of knowledge is making African and poor (developing) countries make bad decisions.

The high level of ignorance and illiteracy rate in Africa and poor (low-income) countries are making educated leaders (thieves) and politicians deceive the citizens. The lack of knowledge is making leaders, politicians, and businesses in African and poor countries make bad decisions.


People will read if we educate the public on social media, radio stations, televisions, and the internet. Suppose we can educate the public consistently (minimum of three years) on the internet and other media stations on the power of knowledge. In that case, people will become bookworms (avid and voracious readers).

Influencers, social media stars, leaders, teachers, parents, and respected community heads must educate people on the power of reading books because educated minds can develop nations. We will educate people about the benefits of reading books in the daytime, sunlight, evening, and dawn for at least three years.

Constantly repeating this message (why read books or the importance of knowledge) will make people desire knowledge. If you don’t know the importance or benefits of a product, you will likely not buy it.

However, if you know the benefits of a product or service, you will buy and patronize it. In the same way, we must radically educate the citizens on why they must read. We must inform people of the power, benefits and importance of reading books.

We must educate people until they become tired of listening. We must educate people about the benefits of reading because they will not know why they should read. Will you buy a product if you don’t know the benefits?

You buy products because you know what they can do for you. In the same way, we must educate people on the benefits of reading. After educating the public on the power of reading, we can build ultra-modern libraries filled with resourceful books.


The invisible powers of libraries

We will create electronic libraries (websites) filled with electronic books (epub, pdf, mobi, word document, texts, and many more). We will stock the libraries with resource books. We will store the libraries with books to build their minds for creativity.

We will fill the library with entrepreneur and leadership books. Books that challenge people to be self-reliant. Books with practical and experiential knowledge. We will stock the libraries with books that can build moral virtues.

We will fill the library with self-help books. Books that teach people how to make, manage and multiply money. With these books online and offline, African and developing countries will become valuable. We will know what to do because we have the required knowledge.


The undeniable and unseen dangers of ignorance

If we don’t educate people on the importance of books, they will not read. Suppose we don’t educate people about why they should love knowledge. In that case, libraries will become a waste of time, resources, and energy. If we don’t educate people about why they must acquire knowledge, they will destroy books and libraries.

Like cats and dogs, failure to train them can make them liabilities. However, training cats, dogs, and domestic animals, can help them adjust to your discipline. If animals can receive training (education) and adapt to your leadership, why can’t human beings?

If religious leaders, parents, the media, and leaders of various organizations, businesses, and institutions can educate their followers, employees, children, and members on the power of reading, we will become resourceful!


The versatility of the human mind

As stated at the beginning of the article, our mind controls our decisions. We can judge the mindset of a man by the decision he makes. The quality and quantity of information in a man’s mind can determine his success and failure.

It is what you know that pushes you forward. If you don’t know what your body needs, you harm your body. You may be the most spiritual and valuable person on earth. However, your body will fight if you don’t drink water.


The unprofitability and danger of unreliable knowledge

Note that it is not every piece of knowledge that is profitable. Some books and videos contain wrong information. This is one reason you must search for the correct information. Today, people promote false information online and offline out of ignorance and wickedness.

Write and post informative and trusted information online. You will see few people promoting that information. It looks like people love false information more than educative information. Today, people browse the internet because of fun.

Some people watch long-hour movies and do unnecessary things online, not knowing they are losing. Get me right. I am not discouraging you from having fun. However, there is time for everything.

Spending much time on your electronic device limits you. Watching videos and reading books that will not educate you wastes time, energy, and resources.

Before I watch a movie or read a book, I analyze it. I ask myself. Will this video or book educate me? Will this content upgrade me? Is the video profitable or unprofitable? Time is a resource. Learn to use your time to read books because books have benefits.


Key points of this article (SUMMARY)

I explained at the beginning of the article that the mind controls almost every decision we make. I also explained that not every piece of knowledge is profitable. I further explained the power of the mind and the danger of ignorance.

From there, I wrote about the unlimited power of reading and illiteracy, the unspoken power of ignorance, the power of formal and informal education, and the unstoppable power of education and advertisement.

I also explained the invisible powers of libraries, the unseen dangers of ignorance, the versatility of the human mind, and the dangers of unreliable knowledge. Moving forward, I will explain a few ways to check the authenticity of true knowledge, the life of reading books, and types of knowledge. You must search for trusted information because some information is incomplete and false. These are a few ways to determine accurate information.


Few Ways to Check the Authenticity of True Knowledge


1. Does the information agree with God's Word (the Holy Bible)? If you answered yes, the information is trustworthy. If you answered no, it’s questionable and subject to criticism and scrutiny.

2. Have people tried and used the information, or have people used that information to produce excellent results? If you answered yes, it’s likely to be trusted information.

3. Is there a piece of scientific evidence or proven research work on the information? If there is scientific evidence and proven research work on the information you are using, it’s likely to be trustworthy. (NOTE: The Holy Bible is not subject to scientific evidence).

 These are just a few ways to test the authenticity of information. The Holy Spirit can help you detect true and false knowledge if you are born again.


The life of reading books

You can have the most extensive library at home, workplace, and school. However, if you don’t read books, you are on the same level as a man who does not love reading. Buying and downloading books is good.

However, you must read the books if you want to be resourceful. I know reading demands discipline and time. Keep reading. You will become a good leader and wise person when you become a dedicated reader.

After reading the book, don’t keep the knowledge to yourself. Practice the information acquired in the book or teach people what you have learned. The more you teach others, the better you become.

When you practice what you have learned, it gives you power. Reading books and applying the principles within gives you an invisible power. However, don’t waste your time buying books you will not read.

Do not waste your time reading a book if you will not practice the information or teach people. Although reading a book gives a certain level of power, you must climb to the next ladder. Put the information into practice!

Like a child who knows that eating healthy food and drinking good water will expand his life, that child will die of hunger and thirst if he fails to eat and drink because he failed to apply knowledge. We have seven types of knowledge. However, I will share with you the top two.


Types of Knowledge

1. Spiritual knowledge

The world has a spiritual substance (Meditate on Hebrews 11:1-3 and Genesis 1 in the Holy Bible). God created the world with the Word (meditate on John 1:14, Colossians 1:16). Out of God's spoken Word came tangible things (trees and animals).

The Word of God is spiritual. When God spoke, the spiritual things inside the Word created the visible things. Therefore, acquiring earthly knowledge without spiritual knowledge makes you incomplete.

Spiritual knowledge deals with the systems of the invisible world. I have had several encounters in the spiritual realm by God's grace. Spiritual knowledge comes with your experience with spiritual forces and the supernatural world.

The foundation of Spiritual knowledge rest in the Word of God (the Holy Bible). From my experience, the spiritual realm is real. The real you is your spirit. You are a spirit with a soul, and this soul lives in a body. (Freely download and read my book on my blog, How to Walk and Live in the Spirit, for more profound revelation).

Spiritual knowledge deals with information about your spirit and soul. When you acquire spiritual knowledge, you dominate the affairs of the Spirit world and Earth realm. One thing about the spiritual world is that it reveals the things about to happen on the earth.

Before anything happens on this earth, it appears in the spiritual realm. I recommend you download and read my book on my blog, Understanding the Language of the Spiritual World, for more profound revelations.

Spiritual knowledge deals more with the affairs of the holy angels, heaven, how God operates, how the devil and demons operate, and deep mysticism. One thing about spiritual knowledge is that it takes a strong spirit to absorb them.

Spiritual knowledge has benefits and dangers. Receiving spiritual knowledge from evil spirits is dangerous because it is incomplete. Some information in the spiritual world is given to special people. You will get access to unique spiritual knowledge if you meet the requirement. If you desire spiritual knowledge, I encourage you to read my books, especially this series, for more profound revelations.

1. Spiritual knowledge books

2. Second spiritual knowledge books

3. Third spiritual knowledge books

4. Fourth spiritual knowledge books and

5. Fifth spiritual knowledge books.                  

As stated, my books are full of spiritual knowledge. Some, too, are resourceful. If you are hungry for spiritual knowledge, then you connect with the books and articles on this blog. Most of the information shared in my books and articles is experiential, spiritual, and biblical; therefore, they are trustworthy.

If you want to be successful in this life, do not neglect spiritual knowledge because it is the foundation of success. Any successful person has some level of spiritual knowledge. However, be careful of books that reveal spiritual knowledge. Some can put you into bondage, while some can elevate your spirit, soul and body. Apply wisdom!


2. Resourceful knowledge

This is one of the commonest knowledge available. Resourceful knowledge talks about the systems of the world. For example, how cars, airplanes, businesses, and profitable ventures are made and managed are sources of resourceful knowledge.

If you are going to be successful on earth, you need resourceful knowledge. You must know how to connect with people. You must know how to start and build a business. Study books in schools and libraries.

Resourceful knowledge is the wisdom of successful men. Some people share their knowledge and experience in books and blogs. Acquiring these books and reading them online and offline will help you in your endeavors in life.

If you acquire resourceful knowledge and ignore spiritual knowledge, you become limited. On the other hand, acquiring spiritual knowledge and ignoring resourceful knowledge will put you in danger.

Like the legs, you need the right and the left legs. In the same way, you need the right and left arms. Ignoring the left leg or left arm limits you. You need spiritual and resourceful knowledge to become complete in life.

In the next article, I will dissect the power and benefits of knowledge, the mysteries of knowledge, the danger of ignorance and why we must pursue and love knowledge with our hearts. Do well to share the link to this article so others can grow in wisdom.

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To be continued…


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