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 the systems of the world and how Christians can operate in them. how the economy works the systems of the Christians. Believers and the operations of this world. the methodologies of the world and the rational sides of Christians.

2 Timothy 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

Most Christians ignore the systems and the operations of the world because of ignorance. God created our body and soul for a purpose. God created our body to enable us to connect with his resources on the earth. Anytime we ignore the systems of the world, they take advantage of us. For example, most Christians are not using the Internet because the unbelievers have abused the system. I believe Apostle Paul and the other Apostles would be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the other various social media platform if they were to live in our generation.

The Internet plays a major role in our lives because it is a new system designed by the world. Failure to use the Internet to spread the gospel will limit us in the gospel. God created our mind so we can think. Our mind plays an important role in the world system. If you over-spiritualize things, the world will leave behind you. There are systems the world has laid down and as Christians, it is our mandate to rationalize with their system and plan through on how we can use their system to upgrade the ministry of God.

Nowadays, we have laptops, android phones, tablets, Apple products, satellites, computers, televisions, trains, cars, aeroplanes, ships and other advanced tools we can use to advance the gospel. We should not over spiritualize everything because God will not do something we are supposed to do. Today, we have microphones, recording system and live broadcast, where we can record our messages and store them on pen drives, external hard disk, DVD’s, and on the online cloud.

We have to study the system of the world, how they are operating and the method they use in their operations. The fact that the unbelievers are using the Internet for pornographic scenes does not mean we should ignore the Internet. The fact that people die in a plane crash and car accidents does not mean we should ignore cars and aeroplanes. In the time Jesus Christ and the old prophets, they used donkeys and camels to travel long distances. Other times, they walk. I believe Jesus Christ and the Apostles would have used cars, aeroplanes, the train, and the ships as their means of transport if they were to live in our time. 

We can advertise and sell our products on the Internet because our world has become global. Transactions take place on the Internet on different websites. You can sell your books online on Amazon, Apple stores, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd, Google store, Book A Billion, Tolino and other online stores. When you sell your products online, you reach more customers online because there are Christians in the world who need your products for spiritual growth.

We should not allow the system of the world to break us;We must apply wisdom and use their system for our benefit. There are things that are spiritual and this is where we have to allow the Holy Spirit to take charge as we pray and seek His face for direction. There are times, you have to sit down and think deeply because failure to use the mind makes you unprofitable. The question is, why did God create our mind? God created our mind so we can rationally judge the things of the world.

If you want to become a doctor or an engineer, you don’t just practice medicine. Pass through the laid down system before you can become a certified and qualified doctor. You have to receive a certificate from the recognized institution before they can accept you as a medical doctor or an engineer. The fact that the call of God is a spiritual thing does not mean you can just start with the ministry with no guidance from experienced men of God. Even Jesus Christ went through the system before the people accepted Him as a leader. Jesus Christ went to John the Baptist for baptism so that they would fulfil all righteousness. Jesus knew it was a tradition laid by the people, and he had to pass through the system.

Jesus Christ paid tax to the Romans because it was a system laid by the people. You cannot just start a church because God has called you. You must go through the channel. Complete the spiritual and physical journey. Fasting is one of the spiritual traditions. Aside from fasting, you must buy land and employ people to build the church for you. There are cases, you have to sign an agreement in the law court before the land would be legally given to you to work on. You cannot start a business because a prophet said you should start a business. Study the structure of the business, how you manage resources, whether to partner with a resource person, or whether to invest in the business. Study and read books that will broaden your knowledge.

Most Christians fail in life because they don’t use their mind. They over spiritualize everything. I am not against spirituality because I love the things of the spirit but there are cases you have to use your mind. A friend of mine said, “Common sense is not common to common people.” In other words, my friend said that if you don’t use your sense, you will be common like any ordinary person in the public. 

  • Who tells you to prepare food when you are hungry? 
  • Who tells you to bath when you feel uncomfortable? 
  • Who tells you to sleep when you feel tired?
  • Who tells you to check both sides of the road before you cross to the other end? 
  • Who tells you to brush your teeth every morning? 
  • Who tells you to undress before your bath?
  • Who tells you to drink water when you are tasty?

This and many uncountable questions correspond to your mind. Failure to use your mind will cause other people to see you as an unsound person. If you want to live peacefully with the system of the world, then you must use your mind because God created your mind for creativity. You are not an animal; you are a human being. God did not create us to be robots. He gave us a mind so we can differ from the animals. 

Animals use their instincts, but we use our minds. For spiritual things, we must use our spiritual senses. This is where the spirit of faith has to come in.
The Kingdom of God connects with our spiritual sense and the kingdom of the world works with our mind. Remember, we walk by faith when our mind is connected with the Holy Spirit. We must use our body and the mind if we are to control the system of this world.

Divine Key: Study and Study and Study until studies become a part of your life.

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