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Sixteen (16) Practical and Strategic Ways to Effective Evangelism (Fruitful Keys Soul Winning)

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I have been preaching and leading people to Christ Jesus since 2008. In Junior High School, I preached about Christ Jesus. In Senior High School, I preach Christ Jesus to my mates. The National Union of Presbyterian Students-Ghana (NUPS-G) in Senior High School made me an executive.

I traveled with some of my schoolmates and church executives to different Senior High schools and villages to preach the gospel (the good news). In University, I preach the gospel in various lecture halls, hostels, and apartments.

In the University, I served in Deeper Life Campus Fellowship as the Evangelist Coordinator. I have served in other church leadership. I set up an evangelism team in one of the tertiary schools in Koforidua.

We preached the gospel and started student fellowship. I have preached the gospel in streets, public buses, and market centers. I’m still in the business of preaching the gospel. People must know Christ Jesus through the gospel.

When people hear the gospel, deliverance will take place. Evangelism is one of the most significant mandates of every Christian believer. Evangelism means spreading the gospel of our Savior and Lord Christ Jesus.

You can evangelize without winning a soul for Christ Jesus if you don’t know the fundamentals of evangelism (soul winning). Effective evangelism involves soul-winning. Check out my article, the heartbeat of God (Soul-winning and Evangelism), for more profound revelations.

If people surrender their lives to Christ Jesus after preaching, they have become children of God. However, it doesn’t end there. You must know the fundamental truths about evangelism (soul-winning). In this article, I will share four fundamentals of evangelism (soul winning) and sixteen strategic ways to effective evangelism.


The mandate of Evangelism (Soul Winning)

Evangelism is for every Christian believer. Ministers of the gospel are not the only ones to preach the gospel. Every Christian believer must preach the gospel and win souls into the Kingdom of God because that is our primary duty. In the gospel of Matthew, we see a profound word from our Saviour and Lord Christ Jesus.


Then the eleven disciples went away into Galilee, into a mountain where Jesus had appointed them.

And when they saw him, they worshipped him: but some doubted.

And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, [even] unto the end of the world. Amen.


Matthew 28:16-20 KJV

Christ Jesus commanded us (every Christian believer) to preach and teach the Word of God. When people repent and accept Christ Jesus as their Saviour and Lord of their lives, we must baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

After the water baptism, we must teach them the Kingdom principles. Soul-winning is our mandate. It is unbiblical to leave evangelism (soul-winning) to gospel ministers. Christian believers must join hands and labor in the Kingdom of God because Christ Jesus commanded the Church to win souls. Below are the top four key elements (fundamentals) of a fruitful evangelism


Four Fundamentals to an Effective Evangelism

fundamentals of evangelism, biblical evangelism


You must be born again

You cannot join the military to fight the enemy without adequate training. The military team must access and endorse you before operating. In the same way, you cannot operate on the heart or teeth of people unless you are a qualified heart surgeon or dentist.

In the Kingdom of God, we work with principles. You cannot effectively win souls in the Kingdom of God if you are not born again. You will not get the spiritual ingredients to win and establish souls in God’s Kingdom if you are not born of the Spirit and the Word.

Being born again means you have repented from your sins and accepted Christ Jesus as your Saviour and Lord of your life. The Trinity must bear witness of you if you are born again (meditate on 1 John 5:8-9).

The blood of Christ Jesus cleanses you from your sins when you become born again (meditate on 2 Corinthians 5:17). If your spiritual garment is clean in the realms of the Spirit, the enemy's accusations will not work.

Your evangelism will be effective if you are born again. One thing you must know about people is that they can detect whether you are born again or not. The devil and his cohorts will attack you if you are not born again.

They will project demonic arrows at you when you start winning souls. Like an unqualified man operating on a human’s heart, such a person puts himself in danger. A man who does not have military training and weapons cannot stand the enemy.

In the same way, if you are not born again, you enter the enemy’s territory at your own risk. The enemy will attack from every angle because you don’t have spiritual garments to defend yourself (meditate on Ephesians 6:10-18).

You have no spiritual covering to stand in the territory of evangelism (battleground) if you are not born again. It takes people born of the Spirit, Word, and Water to win souls for Christ Jesus effectively. Are you born again?


You must be full of divine power

Like the military man entering the battleground, he needs adequate training and weapons to defend himself. The military man needs training and adequate weapon to defeat the enemy. In the same way, you need divine power to preach, teach and win souls into the Kingdom of God.

You will face hostile people and people filled with evil spirits during evangelism. Demons and demon-possessed people will attack you in the spiritual realm. It would be best to have spiritual covering to stand these vicious attacks.

Christ Jesus preached with the power of the Holy Spirit (see Luke 4:32) because people submit to a higher power. Christ Jesus knew divine power was mandatory in evangelism, so he commanded his disciples to wait for the power of the Holy Spirit.


And, behold, I [Christ Jesus] send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.

Luke 24:49 KJV [Emphasis Added]

Christ Jesus knew his disciples needed the anointing to do great works (evangelism). Anointing is in dimensions. Freely download and read my series of books on the anointing for more profound revelations.

To effectively preach, teach, and win souls for Christ Jesus, you must be full of divine power. The power to work miracles, cast out devils, and do unnatural things comes from the fire (anointing) of the Holy Spirit.

Without the power of the Holy Spirit, your evangelism will be ineffective. Are you baptized with the Holy Spirit? (Meditate on Acts chapter two in the Holy Bible for more profound revelation).


Break the grounds

To evangelize effectively, you must break every evil ground of the enemy. Some environments are not conducive to effective evangelism. You must pray before entering a territory to preach the gospel.

If you don’t pray, the evil principality on that land will fight you and your people. The evil principality can make your evangelism fruitless if you fail to break their wicked grounds (curses, spells, and witchcraft strongholds).

Some people use demonic altars to hinder fruitful evangelism. It would help if you dismantled ungodly altars and demonic forces in the realms of the Spirit before venturing into such a place.

Before venturing into strange lands, command the elements to favor your course. Failure to break the evil strongholds will create an impression of the principality that you are an intruder.

You carry the power of the Holy Spirit. Use the Word of God to break every spiritual force in the area you want to venture into (meditate on Jeremiah 23:29). Failure to break the evil grounds will make your evangelism ineffective. Freely download and read my book, 1,001 Divine Principles of Spiritual Warfare, for more profound revelations.


Engage the people

It is not enough to preach and win souls into the Kingdom of God. You must follow up on the new converts. I often print sheets of paper and provide empty spaces for the people who gave their lives to Christ Jesus (converts) to fill the empty spaces.

After winning souls into the Kingdom of God, record their contact numbers. Take their e-mail addresses, Telegram or WhatsApp Numbers, room numbers (if it is a hostel), and necessary addresses.

Build a strong relationship with newborn babies by visiting and encouraging them if you are close to them. It takes money, time, and energy to follow up on new converts but do it from your heart.

Call and encourage the new coverts occasionally through phone calls. After building a strong relationship with the newborn babies, create a Telegram or WhatsApp group and connect with them.

 Some of the converts will not be open (friendly) to you. Connect with the few ones who will be available to you. You can also send the newborn babies occasional e-mails. It takes time and money to follow up on new converts effectively.

However, do it from your heart if you want to establish them in Christ Jesus. Once in a while, organize a live Zoom meeting or Google Meeting with the new converts. Dedicate time to pray for the souls you have won for Christ Jesus because the devil and unbelievers will attack them (meditate on Galatians 4:19). Follow this practical wisdom key. You will establish most of the new converts in the Kingdom of God. 


The hard truth about Evangelism (Soul Winning)

One thing you must know about evangelism is that not everyone will accept the gospel. Some will hate you for the gospel despite your dedication and sincerity. In the parable of the Sower and seed, Christ Jesus gave us some revelation about evangelism.


And when much people were gathered together, and were come to him out of every city, he spake by a parable:

A sower went out to sow his seed: and as he sowed, some fell by the way side; and it was trodden down, and the fowls of the air devoured it.

And some fell upon a rock; and as soon as it was sprung up, it withered away, because it lacked moisture.

And some fell among thorns; and the thorns sprang up with it, and choked it.

And other fell on good ground, and sprang up, and bare fruit an hundredfold. And when he had said these things, he cried, He that hath ears to hear, let him hear.

Luke 8:4-8 KJV

After the Sower (the preacher) evangelized, some seeds (preaching and teaching of the gospel) fell by the wayside. People rejected the seeds, and fowls of the air destroyed them. These are the people who will reject and disdain your preaching and teaching.

They allow the demons to steal the Word of God out of their hearts. Don’t be offended when you encounter these people during evangelism. There is another set of people who allows the challenges of life to destroy the sermons you have preached.

These people need a lot of follow-ups (encouragement). Some people will accept the gospel and bless you, so do not be worried when others reject your gospel. There will be some haters and lovers.

Keep up the good work. Christ Jesus faced opposition and acceptance in his time of ministry. We will also meet the challenges, rejections, and blessings. Evangelize from your heart because Christ Jesus has overcome the world (see John 16:33).


The Sixteen Types and Strategies to an Effective Evangelism

preaching the gospel, how to preach the Word

In this section, I will briefly share the sixteen types and strategies for fruitful evangelism. I have practiced most of the strategies. They work. You can try any of these strategies as led by the Holy Spirit.


One on One Evangelism

If you are the shy type, use this method of evangelism. You can connect with one person and preach (teach) the vessel about Christ Jesus. This method of evangelism is very effective because you can get ample time to answer the questions the person asks.

Christ Jesus applied this method of evangelism in his time of ministry. As the Holy Spirit leads, you can pick out one person in your office, neighborhood, school, and social gathering. Let the person know Christ Jesus through the Holy Bible or your experiences with the Holy Spirit.

After preaching and teaching the gospel, lead the person to Christ Jesus. I mean, let the person pray the prayer of salvation with you. Follow up on that person to make the evangelism effective.

Make sure you evangelize in places people can see you. Don’t practice this method of evangelism in someone’s bedroom. If you are a female, apply wisdom when preaching to males, especially in an enclosed area.

If possible, don’t evangelize in places people cannot easily see you. Be cautious if you are a male because some women or ladies can lure you into fornication when evangelizing alone. The Holy Spirit had delivered me from several traps some ladies set for me when I entered their rooms to preach the gospel.

Be led by the Holy Spirit before engaging in this evangelism. If you are a male, try finding a male to evangelize. If you are a female, also connect with a female. This method is very effective from my experience. If you follow up on the vessel, the person will join your Church.


Group evangelism

Another way to evangelize is to do it in groups or pairs. I use this method when I am with my evangelism team. I divide them into groups and send them to specific rooms (hostels and apartments) to preach the gospel. Christ Jesus used this method of evangelism.


After these things the Lord appointed other seventy also, and sent them two and two before his face into every city and place, whither he himself would come.

Luke 10:1 KJV

You can be two or three in a group. Group evangelism is secure because you have the brethren at your back. It is advisable to pair people of the same gender to avoid sexual temptation.

However, if the group is more than two, you can mix males and females. Remember that the devil can act as an angel of light. If you don’t apply wisdom and use the discernment of the Holy Spirit, the person (partner) helping you can lower your evangelism passion or lure you into fornication.

This is one reason; it is advisable to pair people of the same gender. However, if the male and female partners are strong in the Lord, you can pair them and let them evangelize. However, monitor them. When you evangelize in groups, you learn from your partner. You share the burden when evangelizing in groups.


Mass evangelism

This evangelism involves funds, leadership skills, and human relations skills. You travel to different locations (schools, villages, cities, organizations, hospitals, prisons, and several places) and win souls for Christ Jesus.

Traveling to other places to preach the gospel broadens your experience. Most often, you will not see the power of God until you travel to different locations to preach the gospel. With this evangelism, you set up large speakers and connect with the elders and church leaders where you want to evangelize.

Sometimes you have to make banners in the places you want to evangelize. You must have a place to lodge if it is a long evangelism. If you are working with people, you must find a place for them.

The crusade or revival will catch large crowds if you are full of divine power because people need help. People will surrender their lives to Christ Jesus through the mass crusade and revivals.

After winning souls for Christ Jesus, follow up on them. Set up teams to follow up on the new converts to make evangelism effective. If the Holy Spirit leads you to start a church (fellowship or micro ministry) in that place, do it. If you have the resources, set up a church in that area.


Dawn Evangelism

One of the best times to evangelize is the twilight hour. You wake up around 4:00 am or 5:00 am and preach the gospel in your neighborhood or places the Holy Spirit leads you. Using a megaphone is effective because you can carry it with you.

At this hour, your voice becomes clear because the atmosphere is conducive. The environment is silent and calm for the gospel. I have done evangelism this hour several times. I occasionally win souls at dawn.

You can use your physical voice if you don’t have a megaphone or large speakers. Using your physical voice can travel far at this hour. You can preach to people who work throughout the day at this hour.

After preaching, tell the people to pray in their rooms through your megaphone, large speakers, or with your manpower (physical voice). You will be surprised that some people will come out of their rooms to thank you for your inspired sermon and prayers.

Some people, too, will shout at you. Some will say that you are disturbing them. It is part of evangelism. You can evangelize with a trusted friend or cousin if you are afraid to preach alone.

Keep preaching and teaching in areas the Holy Spirit leads you. You can give out your phone number (s) after preaching at this hour. Some people will call you in the daytime for prayers and counseling.

While preaching at this hour, you might think, it is ineffective. However, it’s very effective from my experience. The effectiveness of this evangelism will depend on your consistency and divine power (anointing) backing the sermons.


Street Evangelism

This type of evangelism can be burdensome and frustrating if you are not called and chosen to do the work of God. People will frustrate you from every angle. While preaching in the street, some people intentionally make noise to distract you.

However, this method of evangelism is effective. If you preach and teach with the power of the Holy Spirit, people will surrender their lives to Christ Jesus. In this method of evangelism, you preach at market centers, on public buses, and near traffic lights or places large crowds gather.

You need a megaphone or large speakers to make evangelism effective because the noise in the streets can limit your voice (sermons). When preaching in public buses, you can use your physical voice.

I have been preaching in public buses, market centers, and on streets for many years. I preach at these places when the Holy Spirit leads me. Sometimes I sweat in the sun while preaching the gospel in the street.

Some hostile people will intentionally make noise to limit my voice. Others, too, sow financial seeds while preaching the gospel. However, I don’t ask for money while preaching on public buses and streets.

Some people will be sowing financial seeds into my life and ministry. Numerous people are in the street. They need Christ Jesus. Set up a pulpit and large speakers in the street and preach Christ Jesus.

Lead people to Christ Jesus in the street. In Ghana, several gospel ministers have pulpits and large speakers on the streets. They preach the gospel. You can also preach the gospel in the street, on public buses, and in market centers because unbelievers and religious unbelievers are there waiting for the gospel.

Some people need encouragement. I have printed one of my articles as a tract. I freely give them out to people who desire to read them. Other times, I preach in public places without tracts. Street evangelism is effective. You can print and freely distribute my tract in your evangelism.


Video Evangelism

I experienced this evangelism when I was a child. Some people usually bring long buses and play Christ Jesus’ movie in the evening. While the film is playing on the large screen (projector), someone on the bus will explain the scene.

After the movie, the man speaking on the bus will briefly preach the gospel and lead people to Christ Jesus. Video evangelism is effective in our time. You can set a movie related to Christ Jesus and project the film on a large screen for people to watch.

Whiles people are watching, you can be explaining the scene and at the same time preaching about Christ Jesus. Playing The Passion of Christ is effective because you can preach and lead those watching to Christ Jesus throughout the movie.

When people watch a video related to Christianity or Christ Jesus, their soul (emotions) catches up with the scene. Try video evangelism, especially in the evening near market centers, villages, and places people occasionally meet.

You will be surprised by the crowd at the place. People love to watch movies. Through the inspired movie or Jesus’ movie, you can lead people to Christ Jesus. This method of evangelism will work if you have funds, resources, and dedicated people. You can do this evangelism alone if you are determined.


Radio preaching

Preaching on radio stations is one of the quickest ways to get people's attention because you have the full ears of the listeners. Several people listen to specific radio stations. With the introduction of the internet, phones, laptops, and computers, people can listen to the radio on their electronic devices.

People can stream and listen to their favorite radio stations live on the internet. I have preached on radio stations, both local and international. A radio presenter or producer can host you on his program.

You can use that time to share the gospel. You can also buy airtime on popular radio stations and share the gospel. If you don’t have the funds to preach on the radio stations, volunteer to preach the gospel.

If the program manager or the one in charge of the radio station agrees to offer you some free time, use that time to preach about Christ Jesus. With the introduction of a podcast, people can host you on their channel.

Radio is one of the fastest ways to win souls into the Kingdom of God. If you have enough resources to set up a radio station, connect with godly and qualified people to help you start your radio station.

After preaching the gospel, give your contact number and necessary address because some people will call you for prayers and counseling. Those interested in the ministry will visit you for private counseling.


Television evangelism

Another effective way to evangelize is to preach using television. Preaching on popular television stations involves a huge sum of money. You can set up your television station if you have enough resources.

Make the television channel focus on Christ Jesus. As you know, some people love watching television. People will give their lives to Christ Jesus when you preach on tv with the power of the Holy Spirit.

This method of evangelism involves money and people to help you manage if you want to set up your television station. It is worth setting up if God has given you a worldwide ministry to spread the gospel digitally.

Some people are called to preach to the world. Why don’t you expand to digital evangelism (television and radio) if you are not a local preacher? Numerous people will be saved through television and radio evangelism. Make your contact visible on the television. Interested people will be glad to connect with you.


Local Center Evangelism

If you are called to dominate your local community, it would be best to use the announcement center of your area to preach the gospel. I have some friends who are into radio and local center evangelism.

One of them told me that using the announcement center to preach the gospel is effective. This friend of mine said he usually preaches at dawn using the announcement center in their area.

He can communicate effectively in the local language (Twi and Ewe). This friend of mine is not good at the English language. He can preach powerfully in our local dialect, so he uses the large megaphones in their local area to preach the gospel.

He told me that large megaphones and speakers reach distant places when he is preaching at dawn. He preaches to the people in hospitals and prisons. I believe in the call of God on his life because he has ministry leadership skills.

It may be that you are called to be a local minister. It is time to use the announcement center in your area. Talk to the elders or people in that area. The leadership will allow you to preach the gospel with their systems if you are called, chosen, and sent by Christ Jesus.

You must also know the timing because God may not be calling to preach through that channel. When the time comes for you to preach in these places, he will make a way. If you have what it takes to preach in these places, utilize them to reach many people. People will surrender their lives to Christ Jesus when you apply this evangelism strategy.


Online Evangelism

You can preach on the internet. Yes, you can preach online. Set up a youtube channel, Godtube channel, Facebook page, or group and preach the gospel. If you have a good camera or phone with a good camera, start live preaching and teaching on these channels as led by the Holy Spirit.

Creating a youtube, Godtube, or Facebook channel is free. It would be best to have enough internet data, a fast wireless connection, and a good camera (preferably a cameraman and graphic designer). You can record your live sermons and audio and upload them to these channels.

You can create an Instagram or Twitter profile and upload these sermons there. Promote the sermons and videos through Google ads and Facebook ads. It requires funds to promote your sermons and videos with Google and Facebook ads.

You can also promote your sermons and audio through WhatsApp and Telegram groups (channels). Creating Telegram channels and groups can help you connect with your fans. Evangelizing on the internet requires time, energy, and some money.  


Written Evangelism

Setting up a blog mainly for Christianity is a great way to evangelize if you are called to write. You can set up a free blog using or Occasionally write quality (biblical) Christian blog posts (articles) and publish them on your site. You are welcome to write a guest post (article) on my blog.

Make sure your article is well-edited and optimized for search engines. Write, publish, and share books on your blog and social media handle. People who love to support you will buy and share your books.

Freely download and read my book, how to write and publish books. Also, download and read my book, how I wrote over 40 books and over 350 articles within three years, for more profound revelations.

Online evangelism is effective, but it takes time, energy, and money. You can answer Bible-related questions on Quora and lead people to Christ Jesus with your answers. Also, join active forums, especially those interested in religion, and point them to Christ Jesus. I have been practicing this evangelism since 2013. It takes time, prayer, some money, and readiness to learn from others to make this evangelism effective.


Prayer Evangelism

Do you have the grace (stamina) to intercede? Then join the prayer evangelism team. With this evangelism, you dedicate your time to praying for Kingdom laborers. Christ Jesus said the harvest is large, but the labourers are few (see Luke 10:2)

Prayer works wonders. Without intensive prayers, evangelism will be ineffective. This is one reason we need prayer addicts (Intercessors). Praying for more labourers is another way of evangelism. Praying that God should touch the heart of people to win souls into the Kingdom is another way of evangelizing in the realms of the Spirit.


Music Evangelism

Another way to evangelize is to set up a musical concert. Agree with the gospel singer (s) to preach through the music. Connect with anointed gospel singers because the Holy Spirit can use them to touch the heart of people.

If you are anointed to sing, organize a musical concert. Let the musical concert be more of worship songs because worship songs often touch the heart of men. The Holy Spirit will be touching people's hearts as the worship is ongoing.

Use the anointed atmosphere to preach Christ Jesus. Lead the people to Christ Jesus. Let the Word of God flow whiles the music is playing. Let the Word of God flow when people are in the Spirit. Connect with my book and teachings on youtube on how to worship God in Spirit and truth for more profound revelations. I have provided helpful links in the description tab to download my free books on spiritual songs.


Undercover Evangelism

You can set up a sports activity like football, handball, volleyball, table tennis, and several social games. After the games, organize and offer refreshments (food and drinks). During the refreshment, preach Christ Jesus and lead the people to Christ Jesus.

You will be surprised by the number of people who will surrender their lives to Christ Jesus in the season of refreshment. Remember, evangelism without follow-up can make the Kingdom work fruitless.


Authoritative Evangelism

Another effective way to win souls into the Kingdom of God is to use your divine authority. This evangelism works for established ministries. Before or after the service, set up a time for evangelism.

You can introduce this evangelism in the middle of the service. Alert the church members that the next service will be a service of evangelism and follow-up on old converts. Like group evangelism, you divide the members into groups and direct them to specific locations. Let every member collect the phone numbers, house numbers, e-mail addresses, and essential contact addresses after the soul receives Christ Jesus.

When you use this method, you will get strong Christian believers who were once strong in the Lord but have backslidden. Order the Church members to return to the service after a specified time.

Each group must have some contact addresses after the evangelism. After several follow up on the converts and backslidden souls, you will win more souls in the Church. This method works when you teach your members the importance of evangelism, why they must evangelize, and how to evangelize. Freely download and read my book, Spiritual Keys for Life. I have revealed forty biblical reasons we must evangelize in that book.



One of the best ways to evangelize is to let your life be an open book. When people see the nature of Christ Jesus in you (your character and attitude), they will be attracted to Christ Jesus and the Church.

You might be the only Holy Bible available to some people. When you walk and live in the righteousness of Christ Jesus, the unbelievers will be attracted to the Christian faith. People will approach you and desire to fellowship with your Church.

If your life does not reflect Christ Jesus, you cannot win the heart of the unbelievers and baby Christian believers. When weak Christian believers and unbelievers see your righteous lifestyle, they will give their lives to Christ Jesus.

This is another type of evangelism. You are marketing Christ Jesus through your lifestyle and works. Do your lifestyle and works motivate and inspire others to join Christianity? Connect with my teachings, fourteen (14) strategic and tactical ways to fruitful evangelism for more profound revelations. To walk and live in the righteousness of Christ Jesus (the Holy Spirit), freely download and read my series of books on my blog. Also, check out my article, the heartbeat of God (Soul-winning and Evangelism), for more wisdom keys.

Fourteen (14) strategic and tactical ways to fruitful evangelism

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