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Psalm 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

In this article, I will share with you how to study the Word of God. Every Christian must understand that the Word is our only hope. Without the Word, we are lost in the wilderness. Any wild animal can attack us if we don’t have the Word in our spirit. It is like a soldier without his weapon; the enemy can attack destroy him.

God has released His thoughts to us through the Word. Without the Word, we can never understand the ways and the thoughts of God. Failure to feed on the Word allows the devil and his minions to attack us. When Satan tempted Jesus Christ, Jesus overcame the devil with the Word. Jesus Christ did not use title and position in Heaven to overcome the devil. Jesus Christ knew Satan cannot oppose the Word, so He used the Word.

A Christian who does not value the Word is to be pitied. If God (Jesus Christ) overcame the devil with the Word, who are we to deny the Word. Don’t rely on your righteousness and anointing because Satan does not fear your anointing. The devil fears the Word. The Word is full of God’s power, so if you deny the Word; you reject life.

The life in the Word is the life of your spirit. It is like a car without an engine and a battery. The vehicle will be useless as the far the battery and the engine are not present. We cannot use electrical appliances without electricity because they were made to work with power. Man cannot live for several months without food and water because food and water supply life to the body.

The same principle applies to the Word. Our spirit and soul cannot survive if we don’t feed them with the Word. I will share with you how to study the Word of God because ignorance of God’s Word makes you an asset to the kingdom of Satan and liability to the kingdom of God. Below are some ways to study the Word (Holy Bible).

1. Meditation
This is one of the best methods to study the Word of God. Meditation is when you find a quiet and conducive environment to study the Word. You sit down with the Holy Spirit and ask Him to help you understand the Word. Meditation requires a full concentration on the Word. At this stage, you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal revelation to you. You reason with the Word and ask the Holy Spirit how the Word applies to you. Allow nobody to distract you at this hour because you are engaging with the Word. I have used this method to write many books and articles.

2.  Prayer
Before you start Bible studies, make sure you begin with a prayer. Pray in the Spirit to help charge your spirit for revelations. The more you pray in tongues, the more the Holy Spirit reveals revelation to your spirit (See 1 Corinthians 14:4). Most of the books I have written came through this medium. The more I pray in tongues, the more the Holy Spirit grants me a revelation to write a book. The Holy Spirit releases the chapters to my spirit. When the Holy Spirit releases the chapters to me, I write them down and search for scriptures to connect with what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me. Without prayer, your Bible studies will be unfruitful.

3.  Topical studies
This method helps me search for scriptures I lack in my spirit.  For example, if you are quick-tempered, search the scriptures that talk about anger. Feeding on those scriptures will help you stay calm.  If you want to grow in love, search for scriptures that speak of love and feed on them. If you want to grow in faith, search for scriptures that speak of faith and feed on them. 

Search for scriptures that concern your life and feed on those scriptures. If you don’t have a Bible software to do a search. Search the scriptures on the Internet using Google or any search engine available. The search engine will provide the scripture on the topics you want to study. I use this method occasionally when I visit the Internet.

 4.  Group Studies
Group Bible studies help you understand the Word accurately because some Christians are good in interpreting the scriptures. You can find a friend or a group of active Christians and schedule to have a Bible study with them. It will surprise you at the revelation your brethren can release to you. Humble yourself and learn from others because it is a great door to higher heights. You can contact your shepherd in the church and ask the shepherd on scriptures you do not understand. They will help you understand the Word.

5.  Book by Book Studies
This method works for Christians who desire to be teachers of the Word because it requires sacrifice and determination. You read the Bible, chapter by chapter. For example, you plan to read the book of John within one month. From then you read the Pauline letters to the Church in Corinth, Rome, Thessalonica, Colossi, Ephesus, Hebrews and to his ministerial associates. This requires time because you must finish the book of Romans before you begin with the next book.

You can download free Bible software’s or buy them on the internet to help you understand the Word. I have Power Bible CD, E- Sword, The Word and Bible Work software on my laptop. I have E-Sword, and other audible Bible softwares on my phone. I have bought hard copies of Bible study tools to help me enhance my understanding of the scriptures. These Bible tools help me find recommended scriptures when I am writing my books. It is time you rise higher in your Christian life because the Word is the greatest asset.

Divine Key: The Word is your light.

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