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James 4:6 But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.

In this article, I will share with you the seven levels of pride. Below is the list.

1.  First Degree
This is when an individual sees himself or herself as humble. This is the first stage of pride because you believe are humble but in the sight of God, He sees you as proud. The fact that you are calm and reserved does not mean you should see yourself as humble. Humility goes beyond calmness and quietness so don’t tag yourself as humble because you are calm. Let God be the one to approve your humility.

2. Second Degree 
The second level of pride is when an individual refuses to learn from others. This is another type of pride because what you don’t know can kill you. The fact that you are a human means, you don’t know everything, you may have read many books but understand that it is not everything that you know.
Failure to learn from people irrespective of their age, culture, and gender is pride. If you can't learn from others, it is a sign of pride you must repent. Humble yourself and learn from others because ignorance is a silent killer. God rejects ignorant people (See Hosea 4:6).

3. Third Degree 
The third level of pride is when an individual will not accept his mistakes. The person always thinks he is right. He only accepts his opinions and rejects the opinions of others. One thing in life is that you cannot always be right. There will be times you will make errors. Wisdom does not stay in one brain. God has given you some people to help straighten you.

Every president has an advisor. Kings and Prophets have advisors because they need them to help them make better decisions. When David sinned (slept with Uriah’s wife Bathsheba) against God, Prophet Nathan rebuked David of his evil deed. David did not pride himself as the king. He humbled himself through fasting and prayer. He repented of his evil deed and God had mercy on him.

4. Fourth Degree 
This is when an individual thinks he knows everything in the world. The person believes in his educational background; the certificates acquired and the connections he has. We connect this pride to material possession and properties. The person looks down on people who have not reached their level. The person only connects with people who are his type. Have you ever visited the mortuary and the cemetery? Check it out.

5. Fifth Degree 
This is when an individual fights against people of authority. These people oppose the church and the ministers of God. They oppose, insult, slander, scandalize, and use their power to destroy communities, the church, and poor people. Are you the devil incarnate?

6. Sixth Degree
This pride is invisible because you cannot see it. It breeds from the heart. It is very dangerous because we cannot easily detect it. Most often, people with this pride are the wolves in sheep's clothing. They pride themselves in their morality, righteousness, and religious activity and organization (church, company, or institution). Affliction and persecution cannot change this pride because it is rooted in the heart.

It takes people full of God’s love to break this pride. The root cause of this pride results from abuse (social abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and psychological abuse) the person received in his or her childhood and the injustice they received from the public. God in His power can deliver these people if an intercessor rises.

7. Seventh Degree

This is the worst of all pride. At this stage, the person takes on the nature of Satan. Demons possess the person. The person opposes God and His creation. The person rejects God and fights His authority. The person sees himself or herself as a god. The person desires the worship of humankind. When Nebuchadnezzar reached this level, God took his kingdom from him. Archangel Michael and his team drove Lucifer and his cohorts out of heaven when Lucifer reached this level.

Divine Key: Pride is the sibling of Satan.

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