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How Africa Can Unite and Prosper


How Africa Can Unite and Prosper


Can Africa Unite?

Can Africa unite? As I thought through this statement, I felt an inner voice telling me to write. It is possible. Africa can unite and prosper! Before sharing the strategies we can employ to unite Africa, I will dismantle some allegations about Africa’s unity. Some people believe that Africa cannot unite because of these reasons.


Dismantling the Allegations of Africa’s Unity


1. The population barrier

At the time of writing this article, Africa has more than 1.4 billion people. China has more than 1.4 billion people. America has more than 340 million people. Europe has more than 740 million people.


If America, Europe, and China, with these populations, could unite and prosper, why can’t we unite as Africans? It is possible! Africa can unite! Population is not a barrier. Instead, it is one of the most powerful weapons to strengthen Africa!


Do you know that America has 35 countries (states)? Do you know that Europe has 50 countries? Upon these numerous countries, they are working together. Why can’t Africa develop and work together?


Africa has 54 countries. Africa can unite if other countries have done it. If China, with a population of over 1.4 billion, can work with a governor, why can’t Africa unite and prosper? We can unite as Africans!


We need to understand what unity is about. Unity does not mean we forsake our values. Unity is about the common ground. We are uniting to prosper as a continent. We still hold onto our faith. The mindset should be on growth and productivity! This mindset will break the allegations of the people who disbelieve in the unity of Africa.



2. Cultural difference

Some people believe that Africa cannot unite because of our cultural differences. Well, I have good news for you. Africa can unite despite our cultural differences. I am a Ghanaian. There are many tribes in Ghana.


However, we live in peace. There will be some people who will not agree to live in peace despite the peaceful environment. We cannot maintain a hundred percent peaceful environment. Even in the same families, disagreement occurs.


However, the family agrees on a common ground. Therefore, people who argue that Africa cannot unite because of cultural differences should stay quiet. We can unite despite our cultural differences because others have done it.



3. Language difference

Africa speaks different languages because of colonization. However, we can unite. With modern technological equipment, we can translate our languages. We can learn each other’s language. We can use interpreters when transacting business. It’s all about the heart and the mindset.



4. Religious difference

As we all know, most of the northern part of Africa is Muslim, while the southern part is Christian. That shouldn’t be a barrier. We are uniting on a common ground. It is about productivity and prosperity.


Our focus is to build our economy, not religion. When we have the mindset that it is not about religious differences but development, religion will not hinder us. Christians should focus on their faith while transacting business with Muslims, traditionalists, and other religious groups.


The same applies to Muslims and other religious groups. The common ground is Africa’s productivity and prosperity, not religion. I am a Christian. I have friends who are Muslims. You pray to your God. I also pray to my God. However, our common ground for unity is the economy’s productivity.  



5. The struggle for one authority figure to control African countries

If America can have a leader that governs different states, why can’t Africa do that? All we need is a selfless, faithful, Godfearing vessel interested in Africa's unity and prosperity and a decisive leader who will not succumb to the deception of foreign powers.


Dr Kwame Nkrumah was an example. I firmly believe some leaders are more passionate than Kwame Nkrumah. If we get a leader with the stated qualities, that leader can lead the United States of Africa without the interference of foreign powers.




The Strategies We Can Use to Unite and Prosper Africa

How Africa Can Unite and Prosper

1. The spiritual strategy

We cannot build without breaking the ground. To unite, we must first break the unseen powers that fight Africa's unity and empower Africa's disunity. Various religious groups will embark on a long fast and pray.


We will fast and pray to dismantle the evil spiritual forces and wicked powers that do not want Africa to become one. We will also embark on prolonged fasting and prayers to achieve unity. We will fast and pray until Africa unites.



2. The leader's strategy

Prominent leaders (primarily it should be presidents and loyal influencers) from all African countries will occasionally organize a conference to share ideas. The main theme of the meeting will be based on mind transformation.


The leaders will be mandated to educate their sub-leaders on the importance of unity and the power of Africa's natural resources. The sub-leaders will also educate the people under them on the power of unity and the power of Africa's natural resources.


Every media center in Africa will educate the public, organizations, and institutions about the power of Africa’s unity and the power of our natural resources. We will educate the public on how the natural resources can grow the economy.


We will train Africans on how to utilize these resources. For instance, it is estimated that the natural resources in Congo amount to over 24 trillion dollars! Just for Congo! What about the worth of other African countries’ resources?


If we radically educate the public, organizations, and institutions on the importance of our natural resources and how we can use these resources to change Africa into a glorious field, the Africans will be interested in unity!


For instance, Africa has natural resources such as oil, gas, nature for tourism, coal, charcoal, gold, silver, lead, iron ore, cobalt, zinc, manganese, diamond, bauxite, cocoa, titanium, zinc, copper, sun to generate solar energy (unlimited power), sugar, salt, uranium, and petroleum.


African billionaires, prominent leaders, and financial institutions in Africa will come together and plan on how we can process these natural resources in our continent. African billionaires, leaders, and financial institutions will unite and create our satellite for technological advancement.


We will create industrial plants for mass production. We will have our own Google. We will agree to build our technological database for advertisement and research. We will set up institutions that will train professional engineers and business-minded people.


We will have one currency. We will educate the Africans on the benefits of trading within ourselves. We will alert the Africans to why and how America, Europe, and China are becoming great.


One reason America, Europe, China, and other countries outside Africa are great is that they use Africa’s resources to build their economy. Why don't Africans trade within themselves? The billionaires and financial institutions will become one and invest in Africa. We will build libraries stocked with resourceful books in various communities and empower the public to love reading. It is not only in school that we can read. We can read in our chambers.



3. The military strategy

Africa has over 1.4 billion people. That’s power! We will train a great military group and equip them with modern weapons. Their duty is to oppose external forces interfering with Africa’s unity and prosperity. The military will protect Africa’s interests with all its power!



4. The intelligence strategy

We will set up a committee (people) with high intelligence and emotional power. They will monitor and eliminate betrayers and intruders who try to disorganize Africa's unity and prosperity.


They will deal with people and organizations that advocate Africa's disunity. These people must be voracious readers. They must be masters in every field! They will work online and offline all day and all night!



5. The wisdom strategy

We will research how America, Europe, and other united countries came together. If possible, we will improve on their unity strategy. We will not use satanic strategies if they use such principles to unite.



6. The wealth strategy

We will pick millionaires and billionaires from various African countries who will invest in Africa’s unity and natural resource development. Financial institutions in different African countries will also play an essential role in the investment.



7. The media strategy

As stated, every television station, radio station, podcaster, and famous influencer online and offline in Africa will continuously educate the public on the power of Africa’s unity, how our resources can grow Africa, the power of one currency, why we must trade within African countries and the power of one African passport.



8. Advocacy of reading

I emphasize this point again. Various leaders and all media centers in Africa will radically and continuously educate the public on the power of reading resourceful books (e.g., entrepreneur books).


Media centers in Africa will radically educate the public on informal education. That is, we must develop a habit of reading on our own. I encourage you to download and read my books, 777 Uncommon Benefits of Reading Books and How African and Poor Countries Can Develop, for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog.



9. The loss strategy

Various leaders and all media centers in Africa will educate the public on what we have lost because of our disunity and further explain to them that we will lose if we keep disuniting. We lose natural resources and trillions of funds yearly to foreigners who are not really interested in Africa’s growth when we live in disunity. These funds and resources could have been used to build Africa if we were united! Therefore, we (Africans) will educate the public on the danger of disunity so that Africans will be aware.



10. Independent strategy

I love America, Europe, China, and other countries. However, I stand by my word. This is Africa’s problem. We (Africans) will not in any way involve the Americans, Europeans, and any countries in Africa’s unity.


Africa’s unity is for loyal Africans who desperately want Africa’s unity and prosperity! No interference (loophole for intruders and betrayers). Strictly trusted African leaders and influencers will build Africa’s bridge.


If we (Africans) identify a sincere and loyal foreigner who wants Africa's development and unity, we may consider and add that foreigner. However, we will monitor that foreigner with tiger eyes, heart, and mind all day and all night!



11. Advocacy of sincerity

Various leaders and media centers in Africa will educate the public to disregard dishonest Africans who have no interest in Africa’s unity and development. For instance, the public must reject people who use deception, bribes, and temporal things to get power (votes). We will not accept any deceptive aid to build Africa. We (Africans) will only vote for tried and tested African leaders, selfless, Godfearing, and courageous leaders into power. Sharing the link to this article can save a life.

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