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Seven Invisible Currencies of the World – 2

 What are the 5 keys to success in life?

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The price of life

A boy asked his father why the world is filled with injustice and pain. The boy did not understand why some people enjoyed the world while others lived in depression. His father replied that life is a mystery.

The seed you plant determines the fruit. Human beings are so blind that they act on limited information. Most people judge and finalize issues without adequate evidence. They allow their mistakes to cover up their opportunities.

The “father” continued; life is a garden. Planting seeds into the soil does not mean it will germinate. You must deal with the weeds and ensure the seed receives adequate water and sunlight.

The weeds are the enemies of life. You have to know how to deal with and live with the weeds. Failure to deal with weeds can destroy your seeds. You have to allow some weeds to grow with the seed.

Eliminating the weeds can limit or break the growth of the seed. Remember, there are some weeds; you have to eliminate them. That is how life works. We don’t judge people by rumors. Do not finalize an issue because the crowd promotes it.

You have to investigate. Do spiritual and physical investigation. You might be surprised that the rumors might be half-truths or lies. Don’t repeat your mistakes. Anytime you recognize a mistake, find ways to amend them.

Do not sit contemplating on the mistake because it has already been done. Be part of the chosen ones. Do not judge only by outward appearance. Only blind people judge by their outward appearance.

Press forward despite the limitations (gossip, rumor, false accusation, and opposition). Every human has what it takes to become valuable. The fact that you are alive means God has a purpose for you.

Do not bow to the gossip and rumors of blind people. Use your inner power to judge and finalize issues. Derive concrete evidence from trusted sources before concluding. Respect anyone who crosses your path.

God created humans in his image and likeness. Have a clear conscience and a pure heart. It doesn’t matter what the enemy’s attack is; God will deliver you. Walk and live with the heart of the lion, the mind of the ant, and the eye of the eagle because some enemies will not bow without a fight.

Fight with wisdom. Fight on your knees. That is where real victory begins. God has invested innumerable resources in you. Come out of the prison. Shine like the sun, the moon, and the stars.

You have the currency to become an honorable vessel. If you have not read my previous article, I encourage you to check it out for more profound revelations. In this article, I will write in detail seven additional currencies that will uplift you to the realm of power, productivity, and prosperity. Kindly share the link to this article so others can receive the knowledge that brings deliverance.


Seven incredible currencies of the world

how to be successful in life without education

1. Potentials

I hope you know the currencies. If you have read my previous articles on currencies, you will have a fair knowledge of currencies. Currencies in this article mean a treasure we can use to acquire valuable things.

In my previous article, I explained that money, products, services, upgrades, the psychology of people, leadership,and problem-solving are worldly currencies. However, I will add seven earthly currencies.

I stated that potentials are currencies. You may not know that potentials are currencies because they are hidden. Everyone has potential. Your potentials are the unused powers in your soul. Within you are skills, talents, and gifts.

You are unique in your way. Maybe you can sing, write, act, play football, cook or do something special. That’s your currency. Your uniqueness is an invisible currency. You can use them to acquire something precious.

Maybe you are excellent when it comes to organization. You can organize people for events. That’s a currency. You can use this currency to achieve something great. Maybe you can inspire, motivate and talk for a long time.

That’s a currency. Maybe you have the spirit of entrepreneurship. That’s a currency. Whatever you can do without struggle is a currency. Whatever you can do without easily getting stressed is your currency.

Whatever you can do without getting paid, yet you enjoy doing it, is your currency. Maybe you are good at writing songs, playing the instruments, and writing fictional books, poems and non-fictional books.

That’s your currency. You can use those currencies to acquire something great. Haven’t you read and seen singers, writers, cooks, movie actors, entrepreneurs, footballers, designers, and computer scientists living in peace and abundance?

You can be good at developing software. That’s your currency. Most of today’s billionaires are computer scientists and engineers. Why do you doubt your potential (currency)? Maybe you are good at practical engineering.

If you can create electrical and electronic devices such as cars, motors, engines, and robotic machines that enhance people's work, it’s your gift, talent, and skills. Maybe creating programmable software can be your gift.

You have to identify your gifts, skills, and talents. After identifying your gifts, skills, and talents, build and refine them. Reading is one of the best ways to build, refine, and upgrade your skills, talents, and gifts.

For more profound revelations, download and read my book, 777 Uncommon Wisdom Keys to a Successful Life. Find successful people with your gifts, talents, and skills and learn from them. You will be surprised that your unused gifts, talents, and skills are the reason for your failure.

Don’t allow blind people to discourage and sabotage you. Press on. Work hard. I mean work effectively and efficiently. Be prayerful as well. If your environment does not support your gifts, talents, and skills, locate a new environment that supports you. Are you ready to build your currencies (skills, gifts, and talent)? They are your seeds (currencies). Use them to grow yourself and the world. The world will pay you!


2. Inner Power

Do you know that you have currencies within your soul? Diligence, discipline, patience, persistence, and endurance are currencies. Many people cannot utilize their gifts, skills, and talents because they lack these currencies.

As stated in the previous point, talent, skills, and gifts are currencies. You need the inner power currencies to make your gifts, skills, and talents shine. Life is a harvest. If you don’t have the patience (currency) to wait for the harvest, you will abandon the currency.

Some seeds take time to reach their harvest stage. In that season, you need the currency of patience. Patience will empower you to wait for the harvest. If you are not diligent, you limit your skills.

For instance, I have many schedules. However, I am diligent. I work hard! By God’s grace, I’m focused. Ask any writer. I mean writers with more than seventy books (writers who wrote the books themselves).

They will tell you that writing demands diligence and discipline. Sometimes, I can sit for over seven hours to write. You can download and read my book on my blog, how I wrote over 40 and over 350 articles within 3 years for more profound revelations.

Without diligence and discipline, you limit your currency. Maybe you are a writer, singer, footballer, designer, computer programmer, actor, entrepreneur, pastor, or manager. Without diligence and discipline, your currency will depreciate.

Observe any high-performing star. You will realize that they train in their chambers. Famous sportspeople, actors, writers, and leaders work hard in their chambers. Hard work does not kill. It trains you.

From my experience, hard work has made me disciplined and diligent. However, I rest at the appropriate time. I also have fun as well. However, I don’t joke with my time. Time is a currency.

It works with discipline and diligence. Discipline, diligence, patience, persistence, and endurance build us to work effectively and efficiently. These are invisible currencies. You must build these currencies because no one will build them for you.  

Discipline yourself to make the currencies potent. These currencies stay with you. Nobody can steal them from you. People can learn these currencies by observing you. Be persistent because enemies will put stumbling blocks on your path.

You need the currency of endurance to stand the storms. Discipline, diligence, persistence, patience, and endurance are unstoppable currencies. They activate your hope. With the virtue of hope, you press on despite the challenges.

While others give up, you press forward. While others lose focus, the currencies of diligence, discipline, endurance, patience and persistence catapult you into the future. Your visionary glass becomes brighter because of hope.

With this glass (telescope), nothing can stop you. One master key to building the inner power currencies is to pray in the Spirit and feed on the Word of God (the Holy Bible). Remember, without the inner power currencies, you are going nowhere. You can travel far when these currencies are active.


3. Godly character

You can have the skills, talents, and gifts. You can even possess the inner power currencies. However, you limit yourself if you don’t have a good or godly character. Having a good character is an invisible currency.

This currency makes people recommend you. As the Holy Bible states, a good name is better than riches (see Proverbs 22:1). If you disrespect people, you lose reputation and favor. Bad character magnetizes evil spirits, calamities, and wicked people to your side.

When evil people and evil spirits become one with you, they destroy your currencies. Respect people. Don’t think your money and status make you untouchable. It takes good character to maintain your currency.

Showing a good character does not mean everyone will accept you. There will be some people who will hate you for your progress, personality, and persistence. We cannot please everyone.

Christ Jesus lived a sinless life, yet he had enemies. Do your best to respect anyone that comes your way. However, don’t bow to a sworn enemy! Like a snake, some are poisonous, while some are not poisonous.

You can play with the non-poisonous snake. However, you cannot play with a poisonous snake. You create a currency if you give respect and honor to whom respect and honor is due. Respect the poor and the rich.

This currency will empower people to favor your course. People will recommend you. People will be willing to support you if you present yourself well. Are you building on the currency of godly character?

Don’t allow bad character to limit you. Strive for perfection (godly character) because Christ Jesus recommended this currency (see Matthew 5:48). Some people will speak evil about you despite your godly character.

However, press on. The godly character will pay! One of the best ways to build a godly character is to repent from your sins and accept Christ Jesus as the Savior and Lord of your life. After that, renew your mind with the Word of God (the Holy Bible) and become an active member of the Church. You can connect with my book, Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet, and other series of books for more profound revelations. The books are free on my blog.


4. Social skills

Another currency you must work on is your relationship. We live in a social world. Every normal vessel desires love. If you can show genuine love to people, they will support you. Today, the internet has made it easy to connect.

Social media apps and sites are making socialization easy and fun. You can sit in your comfort zone and make friends worldwide. I am in Ghana. However, I have friends in America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and other continents.

I chat with friends on Zoom, e-mails, and social media applications. One of these days, I will use Google Meet to chat with my friends online. Although I am an introvert, I do my best to make friends.

That is how the world runs. Make friends globally and locally. Some people make friends because of what they can get. That is not true friendship. I make friends because it’s a mandate. Your relationship is a currency.

You might not know the benefits of that friendship. That friend of yours can connect you to higher places in the future. Through that friendship (relationship), you can meet your husband, wife, and destiny helper.

Do not play with the currency of the relationship. Make friends with the great and small. Don’t despise people. You will need their help one day (try visiting the hospital and mortuary). Love people from your heart.

It is a currency you are sowing. Someone can recommend you because of a relationship. Someone can favor because of a relationship. Someone can promote you because of a relationship.

Someone can favor your lineage because of your relationship. From today, start relating with people (and domestic animals). However, apply wisdom. Some people can use relationships to manipulate you.

  • Do you have enough friends in your neighborhood?
  • Do you have enough friends in the workplace?
  • Do you have enough friends in the Church?
  • Do you have enough friends in the school?
  • Do you have enough friends globally?
  • Do you have enough friends locally?

It is time to make friends! Some people will reject friendship. However, don’t let it discourage you. Keep trying. Build yourself, and people will befriend you. Love people from your heart. Help people with your resources.

Apply wisdom in the relationship. The relationship is a currency. You will reap it at the appointed time. The Holy Spirit is the best friend. Freely download and read my series of books on my blog to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit.


5. Flexibility

You have a currency if you can identify with specific people. Apostle Paul knew the currency of flexibility. He could identify with the Jews and Gentiles. Apostle Paul knew how to preach to the Jews and Gentiles because he knew this secret (currency).

To be successful, you must possess the currency of flexibility. For instance, you must learn to act or speak like an African when you come to Africa. In the same way, you must develop the positive culture of Americans, Asians, Africans, Europeans, and other continents when you enter their territory.

If you are too tribalistic, you limit yourself. People will find it challenging to connect with you if you cannot identify with them. Try to imitate the godly culture of people and organizations. They will favor you.

It’s a currency. Like Apostle Paul, he became a gentile to win the Gentiles to Christ Jesus. Paul lived like the Jews to lead them to Christ Jesus. If you are too rigid, you will lose the blessings of the tribe.

For example, you must be flexible if you are from America, Europe, or Asia and come to Ghana. It would be best if you imbibed the Ghanaian culture. You can dress like a Ghanaian. You can wear the Kente.

You can enjoy our local meals, such as Fufu, Ampesi, Banku, Akpele, and Kenkey. You might not like some of the food. However, “enjoy” the food and people because you want to connect. Doing that makes you adaptable and flexible.

The people will accept and favor you! It is a currency. Over-rigidity will limit you. Be flexible sometimes in your Church, company, and organization. Over-rigidity will make the people in your circle unfruitful.

Have a sense of humor. Be a little jovial. Analyze the temperament and personality of the person you want to connect with. Adapt the personality trait. Doing that will increase your favor. Analyze the things the person likes and dislikes.

Do what he likes and dislikes. The person will favor you. It’s a currency. However, don’t fall into the manipulation prison. If the culture of the people is hard work, be hardworking.

However, do not follow cultures that oppose the Word of God. Flexibility is an invisible currency. Don’t fake it. Be natural and learn from the culture and people. Do what they are doing. The people will like and favor you. It’s an invisible currency!


6. Humility

Humility means respect and honor for the poor, rich, and God’s creation. A humble person does not discriminate. His love is without partiality. Humility is a currency. Humility draws people to you.

It makes people like you. Like pride, it makes people hate and resent you. You become an enemy of God if you live in pride (see James 4:6, Isaiah 14:12-15). Humility reveals your mortality. Some people may see it as a weakness.

However, it’s an invisible currency. Some people may think you are poor when you humble yourself to people. However, it’s a currency God and humankind recognizes (see James 4:6, Proverbs 15:33, Proverbs 18:12, Proverbs 22:4).

Humility can take you to greater heights. Kill pride with the seed of humility. Don’t think you are above everyone because of your money, gifts, skills, connections, and assets. Money and assets are good. However, they are temporal. It takes the seed of humility to rise. Do you want to advance? Activate the currency of humility (service)!


7. Knowledge with Practical wisdom

The world works with laws. One of the laws is education. If you want to become relevant, educate yourself. There are two ways of educating ourselves. We have formal and informal education.

Informal education is less expensive. You educate yourself by reading relevant books. Reading books have numerous benefits. Freely download and read my book, 777 Uncommon Benefits of Reading Books, for a more profound revelation.

The more you know, the higher the opportunities. Formal education is quite expensive because you have to pay school fees, buy educational books, and purchase materials. With formal education, you will acquire a certificate (currency).

With this currency, you can apply for a job. The government or business owner will pay you wages or salaries after employment. It’s a system of the world. Get a college or professional certificate (currency).

Apply for a job with the currency. People will pay you. Nowadays, the jobs are scarce. If you want a potent certificate (currency), attend technical and vocational schools. I mean, schools that teach practical things.

For example, schools that teach practical engineering. Under engineering, you can study computer engineering, civil engineering, electronic engineering, automotive engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, petroleum engineering, industrial engineering, chemical engineering, software engineering, communication engineering, automobile engineering, marine engineering, agricultural engineering, materials engineering, aerospace engineering, manufacturing engineering, geotechnical engineering, and environmental engineering.

People will employ and pay you for your work after getting the certificate (currency). You can educate yourself in your room by reading the textbooks or eBooks connected to the courses and watching the lessons online if you can access the internet.

What are you waiting for? Start acquiring your certificates (currencies)! Remember, you can acquire these currencies through informal education. Freely download and read my book, 777 Uncommon Benefits of Reading Books, for more profound revelations. The book is free on my blog.


Practical wisdom

Aside from your certificates (currencies), reduce expenses (spending). Save a percentage of your income. Budget daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. The saved money is your currency. You can use those funds (currencies) to start or diversify your business.

Don’t spend on wants. Spend on needs. I mean, do not spend on unnecessary things. For instance, food, water, transportation, and home bills are essential expenses. Budget them and pay them on time.

You may not need new clothes, watches, phones, cars, hair, jets, computers, yachts, chains, shoes, and electronic devices. Do not spend on highly depreciable assets (products). For example, don’t take a car loan. If you will use the car for business, that may be good.

However, don’t take a car loan because you also want to drive. Take public transport and save money. When the time comes for you to purchase a car, nobody will tell you. If you are into long-distance, take economy class flights to save money.

If you want to save time and transact a profitable business, you may take a business class or first-class flight. However, don’t overspend by taking costly transportation. If you have passive income systems that can cover huge expenses, “do that with your money.”

However, I advise you to spend wisely and save that money—that savings in your currency. You can use those funds (currencies) to do something better. Also, don’t spend excessive money on internet data bundles.

If you use that internet data bundle to do profitable business, that’s fine. I can show you many ways to accumulate significant currencies. However, these are enough. In summary, prioritize the important things.

Focus much on things you cannot do without—budget on those products and services. Spend little or nothing on things you can do without. For example, you are buying the latest phone. Meanwhile, you already have a phone that can perform the required duties (save the currency and use it to do something better).

Spend wisely. If you want to spend lavishly, ensure you have adequate sources of passive income to cover the expenses. However, I advise you to save and use the money wisely. The savings is your currency.

The passive income system is your currency. You can do more with those currencies. Kindly share the link to this article with your loved ones so they can receive the wisdom that brings deliverance.

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