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The Seven Uncommon Currencies of the World - 1


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The Tragedy of Samuel Kwaku Somiah

25th December will be Samuel Kwaku Somiah’s birthday. However, he didn’t feel joyful. His age group received numerous birthday gifts. However, Kwaku Samuel Somiah did not get gifts from his friends.

His family members, who were supposed to show love, ignored him. In depression, Kwaku Somiah Samuel decided to vacate his family house. He thought he could receive love from strangers if he left his family house.

Lucky for Kwaku Samuel Somiah, he met an old friend who gave him a piece of good advice. Kwadwo Abraham Baah revealed some secrets (currencies) of the world to his friend (Kwaku Samuel Somiah).

He promised Kwaku Samuel Somiah that these currencies would bring joy, peace, and abundance. Kwadwo Baah Abraham did not want Kwaku Samuel Somiah to live in depression.

He wanted Kwaku Samuel Somiah to live in joy, peace, and abundance. Do you want to know the advice of Kwadwo Abraham Baah? Keep reading if you want to grab the currencies of life that make us live in peace, power, and prosperity.


The necessity of currencies

In my previous articles, I enumerated the currencies of the spiritual world. I believe you learned from those articles. Knowing the currencies of the spiritual world is good. However, you must know the currencies of the world.

If you have read my previous articles, you might have had some knowledge of currencies. A currency is something we do to get a reward (treasure). I hope you have some knowledge about currency.

Kindly check my previous article for more profound revelations about currencies. A bird flies with two wings. There is no way a bird can fly with one wing. In the same way, God gave us two eyes, ears, hands, legs, and brains.

That’s balance (wisdom). Using your right brain or right eye and denying the left brain or left eye can lead to destruction. Wisdom demands that we use our two brains, eyes, legs, and hands. Like the birds of the air, they need two wings to fly successfully.

In the same way, we need balanced knowledge. Eating a specific food without changing the diet can harm the body. Our body needs a variety of food to grow. Our body needs protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and several nutrients to grow.

I shared in my previous articles the currencies of the spiritual world. It is time to share the currencies of this world. Like Kwaku Samuel Somiah, he did not receive gifts from his friends and neighbors because he lacked the world's currencies.

If Kwaku Samuel Somiah knew the world's currencies, he would not wait for gifts. He could have done something to receive the gifts! You can have spiritual currencies and live in pain if you don’t apply worldly currencies.

The Holy Bible states that a false balance is an abomination unto the Lord (see Proverbs 11:1). We need the currencies of this world to match our spiritual currencies. As far as we live in this world, we need worldly currencies.

I enumerated some worldly currencies in my first article (currencies of the spiritual world). However, I will detail the worldly currencies in this article. Knowing the worldly currencies will help you connect with people and organizations.

Like women, most of them play mind games. From my studies, I learned that most women usually prefer unbelievers (deceptive boys). Most “women” ignore the good men and run after the “bad” men.

Do you want to know why most women chase unbelievers and ignore responsible men? It’s a mind control system. It’s the currency of the world! I have been stating in my articles to the men that when a woman rejects your marriage or relationship proposal, don’t become inferior and rejected.

The woman rejected your proposal because she is not the bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh. The day you meet the bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh, she will agree when you propose to marry or relate with her.

If the woman loves you, it’s not necessarily about your money, assets, beauty, or tribe. Although those are minor counts. A real woman loves you for who you are and what you stand for! Don’t kill yourself because a “woman” rejected your marriage or relationship proposal.

Numerous potential women (responsible ladies) are waiting for you. Apply knowledge and break the deception tricks of the women. If you apply knowledge, the right woman will come your way.

It’s one of the earthly currencies you must know to connect with your wife. Without wasting much time, let me share the seven currencies of the world. You might be going through rejection, affliction, pain, and attacks.

Can I tell you that it can be a lack of worldly currencies? As stated, you can know the spiritual currencies and walk in depression if you lack the worldly currency. However, it is far better to know the spiritual currencies because the spiritual currencies greatly influence the earthly currencies.

Why do you think most unbelievers are “successful” despite their hatred for God? It’s because they apply worldly currencies. Freely download and read my books, The Forty Types of People and How to Live with Them, Uncommon Wisdom Keys, and 777 Uncommon Wisdom Keys to a Successful Life for more profound revelation.

Some people don’t want to become Christian believers, religious or spiritual, because they have seen numerous religious people live in financial poverty. One reason most religious people become poor is because they lack worldly currencies. If you lack worldly currencies, you will likely live in poverty, pain, and panic. You have what it takes to become a shining star. Connect with these currencies to break the limitations of life.


Seven powerful currencies that rules the world

how to become prosperous

1. Money

Anyone who rejects real money lives in darkness. As we all know, money plays an essential role in our lives. You can be the most anointed person. However, inadequate or no money can limit your anointing.

We cannot deny the currency of money. Money can do many things. We can use money to build Churches and buy musical instruments in our temples. We can use money to set up libraries. We can use the funds to organize crusades.

We can support Christian missionaries with money. We can use the money to purchase ministry cars, trains, airplanes, and ships. We can use money to buy land. We can use money to build roads and industries.

We can use money to buy our basic needs and wants. Money can do many things. How do you feed yourself, your family, and your workers without money? Don’t be a hypocrite and act like you don’t need money.

Money is important. Although money has limitations, money speaks on this earth! If you want to become a vessel of influence, study the systems of money. In every stage of our lives, we need money to transact business.

We need money to speed up our projects. If you are going to travel faster, you need money. If you want to make an impact globally, you need money. You can have great ideas, yet inadequate or no money can limit the ideas.

You must study how to make money legally. However, don’t be greedy because the love (lust) of money can lead to destruction (see 1 Timothy 6:10). In some churches, you will not get a leadership position if you are financially weak.

You receive a leadership position if you have some level of financial strength. This principle works in almost every organization. The more money you have, the more people desire to empower you.

Few people or nobody will identify with you when you are financially weak. You are likely to have few friends because of poverty (Proverbs 14:20). People are likely to reject you because of poverty (see Proverbs 19:4,6-7,17).

However, wealth (financial abundance) will draw people to you. People will love to identify with you because of your money. You can expand the Kingdom's work and help the weak when you are financially strong.

People of power and influence will get close to you if you have enough money (currency). Your mission, vision, and ambition will run faster with enough money. Don’t be over-spiritual. Do not ignore the currency of money because money speaks.

Money is currency. The world values it. You cannot do much without this currency. If you lack this currency, you will be limited in some aspect of life. However, if you have this currency, you can do many things at a faster rate.

Are you searching for practical ways to increase your wealth and finances? (Meditate on Deuteronomy 8:18 and Proverbs 10:4 for more profound revelation). Freely download and read my books, The Forty Types of People and How to Live with Them, Uncommon Wisdom Keys, and 777 Uncommon Wisdom Keys to a Successful Life for more profound revelation. The books are free on my blog.


2. Leadership

Leadership is a broad topic. However, I define leadership as a positive influence on God’s creation. If your actions, words, and presence change the people's mindset, you are leading. Leadership makes us powerful.

If you can influence somebody to do something, you have power (currency). That currency is the spirit of leadership. With this currency, you can do great things. For instance, the president of Ghana can command numerous Ghanaians and organizations in his jurisdiction.

The president of Nigeria can command numerous people and organizations in Nigeria. The president of America can control numerous people and organizations in his estate. The president in your country can control innumerable people and institutions in his jurisdiction.

Imagine the president of your country deciding to promote you. Since he is the president, he can choose the best organization or institution. The leaders in that organization will accept your promotion because the president has power over them.

The role of the president makes him powerful. In the same way, the leaders in the workplace, school, and organization can control the employees. Their leadership position makes them powerful.

That’s the power (currency) of the world. The president can make the lives of his citizens miserable or joyful just by one decision. That’s power (currency). If your boss decides to fire you, you lose your salary.

That’s the power (currency) of the world. Today, leadership has grown. Leaders influence people globally through social media, blogs, games, podcast, software, videos, music, and books. If you have numerous followers, you command many people.

That’s power (currency). Every leader in his field has a certain level of control (currency) over his workers. If you are going to be a person of value, strive for leadership. With the leadership power (currency), you can do great things.

Be disciplined, knowledgeable, sacrificial, hardworking, and consistent. When you master these virtues, you will be influential. Your influence will make you a leader. With this leadership (currency), you can create your world. Do you have a conviction? Can you stand criticism, hatred, false accusation, opposition, and rejection? Welcome to the world of leaders (carriers of the world)!


3. Products

I will not write much about this currency. As humans, we eat and drink. That’s one of the basic needs of humankind. If you can create a product that can meet the needs and wants of people, they will give you money. What product are you creating? Start creating products (currencies). People will provide you with the needed currency. With this currency, you create your world.


4. Problem solving

Another currency of the world is problem-solving. Humans are full of problems. No matter how rich, poor, and flourishing a man is, he has issues. If you can identify the problems in your locality and provide a solution, people will give you the currency.

The problem you solve will determine the value of the currency. Solving big problems will create high currency. In the same way, solving low problems will attract low currency. Do research on what problems the rich are facing.

Provide the best solutions to their problems. Search for the solutions high-income earners are accumulating. Provide similar or better solutions. You will receive the reward of high-income earners.

However, don’t limit yourself to your locality. Be global. Search for global problems. Use the internet to solve the problems. People will supply the currency. With this currency, you create your world.


5. Provision of services

Do you know that providing services is an earthly currency? Yes, you create a currency by creating a service. Amazon has many services. One of their main services is electronic commerce.

Amazon sells books online. This company is making money because of their services. Google has many services. However, their primary service is the search engine. With their cloud engine, you can find much information online.

Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft, and multi-million dollar companies provide services. With their services, users give them currencies through advertising and sales. What service are you providing? Is it food and delivery services? Is it clothing, network, solar, digitalization, electronic accessories, or cars?

  • Are you into production service?
  • Are you into marketing services?
  • Are you into real estate development?
  • Are you into online business?
  • Are you into banking?

There are numerous services. Your responsibility is to create a legal service. Create a high-profit service. I mean a service you have the talent, knowledge, skills, and resources. By providing the services, people will supply you with the currency.

With this currency, you rule! Imagine Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, Mark Zuckerberg, Bernard Arnault, Sergey Brin, and Jack Ma being dedicated Christian believers.  

Christianity will grow faster. They will invest much of their funds into the ministry. Are you a dedicated Christian billionaire or millionaire? You have the currency to change and expand the Kingdom's work! It’s time to donate to the ministry of God!


6. Upgrades

Creating products and providing services are not enough. You must search for high-performing products and services. I mean, search for products and services making significant profits. After searching for high-earning products and services, add value and sell them at a lower or competitive price.

Find new ways of connecting with customers and maintaining them. For example, let’s assume the people in your community demand more Fufu and Palm nut soup. Find ways to add more value to the Fufu and Palm nut soup.

Maybe the sellers in the locality only prepare fufu with chicken palm nut soup. Add goat, cow, pig, Akrantie, Kusie, and fish to the palm nut soup. Adding value to the palm nut soup will draw more customers.

Maybe the sellers in your neighborhood only prepare mixed cassava and plantain fufu. You can value to the fufu. You can prepare yam fufu, mix cocoyam with cassava fufu, and maintain the mixed cassava with plantain fufu.

More customers will come to your shop if you provide better services. You can digitalize the fufu and Palm nut soup and supply the food outside the community. That’s another way of diversifying the fufu and palm nut soup business.

You can apply this principle to any trending and high-profit product or service. People will supply you with the currency if you provide better products and services that are highly in demand. With this currency, you create your world.


7. Understanding the psychology of people

Another currency of the world you must know is human psychology. As stated, people will supply the currency if you can provide their basic needs and wants. Every human being needs food and water.

Therefore, there is no day people will not eat and drink. Even animals eat every day. That’s another business (currency). Suppose you can provide the best meal in your locality at an affordable price. In that case, the people will supply you with the currency.

Psychologists believe that men are rational while women are emotional beings. With this knowledge, you will know how to approach men and women. Have you realized that most men interpret respect as love?

Most Women also feel loved when you appeal to their emotions. By speaking sweet words to women and emotionally weak men, you are likely to attract them. However, there is something called dark or reverse psychology.

I advise you not to use this psychology to manipulate others. However, use this psychology to protect yourself and those connected to you. Knowing that humans need food, water, love, security, and power, you will know how to make them feel accepted.

If you can connect with people on these levels, they will supply you with the currency. Freely download and read my series of books on my blog for more profound revelations. I will end the earthly currencies here. I may continue with the earthly currencies in the next article. Remember, we are in the month of currencies. More currencies are coming out soon! Kindly share the link to this article so others will grow in wisdom.

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