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IMF has done enough for Africa! | Ghana must rise! Africa must rise! |


As human beings, we cannot exempt ourselves from the actions of others because their decisions can affect us. For example, if your country's leadership mismanages and corrupts the finances and systems of the economy, it can affect you.

For example, the war in Russia and Ukraine could have been avoided if the leadership had taken a peaceful decision. Several innocent people are dying because of the decision leadership in that country took.  

At the time of writing this article, Ghana has received financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over fifteen times, yet, the economy is not advancing as it’s supposed to. This should tell that there is something wrong with the economy of Ghana.

We have not dealt with the root cause of the problem. It looks like every government comes into the office to scratch the surface of the problem. If the International Monetary Fund could assist the government of Ghana over fifteen times and Ghana is still struggling to advance, it should tell you the kind of people are leading the economy and managing the system.

It looks like after the leadership of Ghana mismanaged the economy and embezzled the country's funds, they turned to IMF and other financial institutions for assistance. You can be a competent leader; however, if your followers (ministers and other leaders) are corrupt and incompetent, it will affect you and the country.

Ghana has numerous natural resources, yet we depend on other nations for assistance. No citizen outside Ghana will be willing to develop the country of Ghana from their heart. It takes the leadership of Ghana to develop its nation because the right decisions program the citizens to cooperate.

Educated minds boost the development of the economy. Illiterates destroy out of ignorance; therefore, we must educate them. An educated mind with a corrupt mindset is a disaster to leadership and society.

It takes tried and tested systems to check and prevent corruption. It takes Godfearing, knowledgeable and selfless leaders to transform a developing nation into a developed nation. Most citizens in developed countries are hardworking because the leaders have set up systems to advance the economy.

Leadership in advanced countries has established strong systems to develop their nation, so the citizens are committed to growing its systems. Leaders in developed countries believe that strong systems prevent corrupt people from tampering with the development of the economy, so they update their security systems.

These security systems detect and monitor corrupt activities. Even if the systems have weak points where people can tamper with them, dedicated and strong leaders employ trustworthy people to monitor the systems.

If Africans do not unite, no one will unite us. If Ghanaians cannot develop their country, no one will develop it for us. We can process our natural resources and export them at higher prices because we have rich Ghanaians and Africans ready to invest.

According to Forbes, Elon Musk is the wealthiest man in the world. Do you know that Elon Musk is from South Africa? Elon Musk’s father (Errol Musk) is from South Africa. His mother is from Canada.

Elon Musk’s grandfather (Walter Henry James Musk) is from Pretoria (South Africa). This means the richest man in the world is from Africa. Africa can process its natural resources. We can process our oil and agricultural products and manufacture our own cars and other electronic devices.

We don’t need abusive investors. A country that always relies on loans and aid cannot develop its nation. Examine the strategies of developed countries and how they rose from their poverty state.

We have several African countries advancing faster because leadership has taken responsibility. If leadership takes responsibility, the citizens will take responsibility. We don’t need educated thieves who have no moral integrity in governmental bodies.

We don’t need educated thieves and professing religious people in leadership positions. We need selfless, visionary, Godfearing, decisive, and dedicated people in leadership positions. We need strong security systems to monitor and eliminate corruption.

We must use good strategies some developed countries used to advance their countries. We must build our plants to process our natural resources. We need active entrepreneurs. Ghana can develop her nation.

If Americans, Europeans, and other countries are developing, we can also develop our continent and industries. Africa can build its continent because we have what it takes to advance. We have several people (youths and unemployed graduates) searching for jobs.

The youths and unemployed graduates will get jobs and set up jobs if the leaders take responsibility. It is time to build our formal and informal sectors. It is time we invest in our products and services because some foreigners are taking advantage of us.

I love my nation (Ghana) from my heart. I love the continent of Africa. I love every continent. I see a new Ghana. I see a transformed Ghana. I see African countries uniting and developing tremendously.

I see political leaders uniting and building the economy. I see industries in various African countries rising. I see entrepreneurs setting up large businesses. I see the youth working with all their heart.

I see advanced roads being built in Africa. I see industries manufacturing cars, airplanes, trains, televisions, computers, mobile phones, yachts, and precious materials in Africa. I see the Americans and other continents praising the industries and leadership of Africa for their hard work and creativity.

These prophecies will come to pass if we take responsibility! We can develop as a nation if we stop unnecessary political rivalry. Let’s set up a national agenda and stop the unnecessary propaganda.

Let’s educate people on the dangers of illegal mining activities and the consequences of unlawful businesses. Sometimes people engage in illicit trade because there is no work in the economy.

Let’s educate people on entrepreneurship. People must survive. Families must survive. If the citizens are employed, paid rightly, and monitored, they will not destroy the system. Precious and corrupt leader, have you thought about the curses you bring on yourself and your lineage due to your willful mismanagement and corruption?

Precious leader, your time on earth is limited, so take responsibility. Create a legacy so people will imitate your good works. You cannot take the nation’s funds into your graveyard so think twice.

Precious leader, let the holy spiritual forces be proud of your good works. Once in a while, leadership can seek assistance. However, it shouldn’t be continuous because excess reliance on foreigners limit creativity.

Africa can rise to the industrial and technological age if we take responsibility. We must change and revise our political and educational system. We need a new set of generations to take the leadership mantle.

We cannot allow some people to create problems and provide solutions. Creating and solving problems is a deceptive way of controlling people and tampering with the security system. Africa can feed itself if we change our agricultural system.

Let’s examine how developed countries process their agricultural products and imitate them. There is nothing wrong with learning from others if it will benefit us. Africa will advance at a higher pace if we process our natural resources.

We have rich people in Africa who can come together to build industrial plants to process our natural resources and manufacture products. We can develop our technological systems if we take responsibility. We can digitalize our business, build a strong currency and security systems, and grow the nation if we take responsibility.

Ghana must arise!

Africa must arise!

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