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/ / 77 Practical Wisdom Keys to Break Barriers and Advance in life (Escaping the Prison of Unemployment and Depression) - 1

77 Practical Wisdom Keys to Break Barriers and Advance in life (Escaping the Prison of Unemployment and Depression) - 1


I did not plan to write an article on this topic because it was not on my list. The message I shared on my YouTube channel forced me to write these wisdom keys. If you have not listened to my message relating to this article, check it out on my YouTube channel for more profound revelations.

In this article, I will share some profound wisdom keys you can use to advance in life despite the situation. This article will cover the subject of unemployment, some factors of unemployment, and how you can break out from prison of unemployment. I will further share with you how to become a person of value, how to come out with business ideas and expand your potential. I will also teach how to build an unbreakable entrepreneurship spirit and strong Christian life.

Money is important in life's journey, but it is not ultimate. We don’t solve every problem or life challenge with money. There are several ways to solve problems in life, and in this article, I will share some of the wisdom keys with you. Check out my series of articles (wisdom for life label) and wisdom books for more profound revelations.


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In real life, some people think I have billions and millions of cash because of what I am doing with my life. The secret is most of the things I do emanate from the wisdom the Holy Spirit has invested in me, and I have shared some of these wisdom keys in my articles and books.

If money is the only asset needed to advance in life, I don’t think I would have reached this level. The Holy Spirit gives me the knowledge to do certain things in life, and I do my best to share some of the wisdom keys He reveals to me in ministry.

According to the Institute of Statistics, Social and Economic Research Center in the University of Ghana, about 120,000 people graduate from the tertiary institution every year. Out of these 120,000 people, only 10% get employment.

This means out of 120,000 tertiary graduates; only 12,000 people get employment in the public and private sectors. I am using my country (Ghana) as a case study because that is my place of birth.

Considering my neighboring country (Nigeria), which tops the whole of Africa in terms of population, they also face a huge percentage of unemployment. The truth is, unemployment is everywhere.

Both developed (high gross domestic product) and developing (low gross domestic product) countries face the challenge of unemployment, but the developing countries have a higher percentage of unemployment.

One of the main reasons we face unemployment is bad leadership. Most leaders in developing countries have a weak leadership system. There is no system to check and avoid bribery and corruption.

The gap between the rich and poor in developing countries is alarming. Most politicians and leaders in developing countries only care about themselves and their families. Developing countries' politicians and leaders must repent and create strong security systems to check and eliminate bribery and corruption.

If the leadership puts into place a strong system that checks and eliminates bribery and corruption, the unemployment rate will reduce to the lowest level. Most often, wild animals such as lions, tigers, leopards, wolves, and others are kept in cages so that people can observe them in zoos.

The animals might look harmless to you because of the cage. If the zookeeper opens the cage, you will feel and understand the wickedness of these wild animals. In this case, the cages are systems to check the wickedness of the wild animals.

In the same way, we can create cages (systems) to check and eliminate corruption in various leadership so that the corrupt leaders and politicians (symbol of the wild animals in the cages) will not destroy the economy.

Corruption is in every country. In fact, the most educated people are the most intelligent thieves in life. The difference between the developed and developing countries is the strong security systems working in the leadership.

Do you think the leaders in developed countries are not corrupt? If you think the leaders in the developed countries are not corrupt, then you are ignorant. I believe the leaders in the developed countries are more corrupt than those in the developing countries.

The only thing that protects the developed countries is the strong systems they have created to check and eliminate corruption. If common sense teaches us to lock criminals in prisons, what stops us from creating security systems to prevent corruption in various leadership.

In every developing country, you will find rich people. The same applies in developed countries. In every developed country, you will find poor people. The difference is that developed countries have many wealthy citizens.

When you come to developing countries, we have few rich people, so most often, people use national prosperity to judge the wealth of a nation. Doing that is a great mistake because national prosperity is different from individual prosperity.

Money is a currency, and it flows from one place to another. Money exchange hands daily. We use money as a medium to exchange products and services. Money is printed paper accepted by the law court.

In summary, money is legal tender accepted by the law enforcement agent in a country. Money is made up of wood. The Federal Reserve, international banks, and state banks can print them in abundance to regulate the economy.

Some religious people also believe that money is spiritual. Money is simply a currency legally accepted by law enforcement agencies to transact business. You must work to earn money in life, and without employment, you cannot get money to pay your debt and rent.

We need money to satisfy our needs and wants. We need money to develop the country. Money helps in daily lives because, without money, you cannot buy land, a house, a car, and assets in life.

Without money, you cannot expand your business and church infrastructures. A country with a higher unemployment rate has greater records of social vices such as arm robbery, harlotry, war, and all sorts of immoral behaviors.

As I stated that poor leadership is one of the leading causes of unemployment, I also realize that a flawed educational system can lead to unemployment. Let’s face the truth; you cannot travel from Ghana to Australia using a donkey.

You might die on the way because the donkey will get tired and hungry. Even if the donkey does not get tired, you will become tired, hungry, and fall off. Boats, horses, and donkeys were the central transport system in the olden days.

Today, these transport systems are not needed for long-distance because of cars, airplanes, trains, and advanced ships. The developing countries are still using horses and donkeys in the educational system; meanwhile, the donkey’s era is no more working.

The educational system in most developing countries is outdated, and we must change it! Imagine traveling from Ghana to Argentina with a donkey; what do you think will happen to the rider and the donkey?

That is how most developing country's educational systems are operating. Most of the things we learn in schools are theories. The lessons provided by the educational bodies in most developing countries are outmoded.

It is no more relevant in this century! The schools are only training the students for jobs meanwhile the jobs are not available. We must upgrade and restructure our educational system, or else we will keep producing jobless graduates in the country.

Formal education is good because it helps one be disciplined, but our system is outdated. It is time we study the current educational system of successful countries and apply them. We must introduce practical entrepreneurship courses in the schools.

We must build more technical and vocational institutions and fill these schools with the best accessories. It is time we engage more in technology because that is one of the reigning systems in the world.

Why should a country keep producing thousands of jobless graduates every year? This is a financial loss to the state. If we change the educational system, life will become better. Life will be smooth if we create strong and strict systems to check and eliminate corruption in all leadership centers.

There is no way a cat will spare a mouse if it crosses its path. It doesn’t matter the innocence of the cat; it will harm the mouse when it crosses its path. That is the nature of human beings. Human beings are naturally wicked.

The best way to prevent the cat from harming the mouse is to cage the cat. The strong security systems we create will prevent corrupt leaders and politicians from stealing the nation’s wealth. Another key to help break the chain of unemployment and depression is to develop the habit of reading.

It is said that if you want to hide something from an African, put it in a book. It might be true because most Africans don’t love reading. Some Americans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, and several continents do not love reading as well.

The statement Africans do not love reading is a fallacy because I am an African (Ghanaian), and I love reading. I know some Ghanaians and Nigerians that love reading. The fact that many Africans do not love reading does not mean Africans in general dislike reading.

In life, every decision we make most often emanate from our mind. Although there are several external influences, our mind takes the lead in every decision we make. If you don’t want to perish in life, become a voracious reader.

Fall in love with relevant books that connect with your vision, assignment, and purpose in life. Through books, you can discover your purpose in life. You can read my article titled, how to discover your purpose in life for more profound revelation.

Discovering your purpose is one of the main success factors in life. After discovering your purpose, you need the required wisdom to accomplish your purpose, and one of the best ways to acquire knowledge is to become an avid reader.

Do you know that Apostle Paul was a voracious reader? Apostle Paul did great works in God’s kingdom because he loved books. In Hosea chapter four, verses six, God stated that His children perish because of ignorance.

If you hate knowledge, you cannot rise higher in life. Formal education is good but do not limit yourself to only classroom books. Read relevant books about religion, money, leadership, psychology, business, science, technology and apply the knowledge within.

The best book I can recommend to you is the Holy Bible because the words within are true. The golden words within the Holy Bible will never expire because they are the foundation of life. Spend your energy, money, and time on books that can transform you into a better person.

Spending your time on unnecessary things will limit you in life. Eliminate anything that holds you from advancing in life because time lost cannot be regained. Today, technology has made it easy to find and follow a mentor.

The trusted way to find a faithful mentor is to fast and pray. The Holy Spirit can lead you to the right mentor if you allow him in your life. You need a mentor to help you in the journey of life because whatever you want to achieve in life, someone has already achieved it.

Read the biographies of your mentor(s). Read his books, listen to his audios, and watch his videos. If the mentor has a website or a blog, check it out. To become successful in life, you must build inner values because no one will be willing to connect with a visionless vessel.

Even animals have benefits. People take them into their homes for several reasons. They can regulate your emotions. Animals such as cats and dogs serve as security. Cats can eliminate snakes in your home.

Cats can also drive away negative spirits. Dogs can protect you from thieves and evil people. What is your value? What are your skills and talents.? Build your skills and values through knowledge and training.

Do you think Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Jezz Bezos, Warren Buffet, Aliko Dangote, David Oyedepo, Shepherd Bushiri, and several successful people become prominent in life by idleness? No! They did something with their lives.

Elon Musk (the richest man on earth) is solving the problem of production and technology, and the world is paying him. Mark Zuckerberg is solving the problem of technology (Facebook now Meta), and the world is paying him.

Aliko Dangote is solving the problem of production and trade, and the world is paying him. Jeff Bezos is solving the issue of electronic commerce and production, and the world is paying him. Think of any successful person; they are solving problems, and the world is paying them.

Even Christian ministers engage in businesses alongside their ministries. For example, Bishop David Oyedepo has built two Universities in Nigeria. He has several companies and schools. Learn everything about the business before venturing if you want to succeed.

Build yourself emotionally, intellectually, psychologically, physically, and spiritually before venturing into the business because money is not the only asset required to fulfill the vision of God for your life.

Build yourself in the chambers because you will need inner strength to stand the storms of life. Money is just a tool to expand your vision. Do you think Usain Bolt, Lionel Messi, or any famous sports figures became world champions without training?

These people dedicate their time to training because they need that inner drive to complete the task (business). Successful Christian ministers sacrificed their time and energy in fasting and prayers before breaking the barriers of life.

I sacrifice my time, energy, and money to write and publish my books and articles. I fast and often pray to build my spiritual muscles. Although the Holy Spirit has anointed me to write, teach, preach and prophesy, I discipline myself to utilize the spiritual gifts.

Maybe you have a business plan, but you don’t have money to start it. You can use technology to start a business. There are several ways to raise money to start your business. You can reduce your expenses or cut down spending and save the money to reach the startup capital threshold.

Decide to spend little money on telecommunication airtime and internet bundle, food, rent, family, friends, transportation, and clothes and save that money to start your business. If you want uncommon practical business ideas, link up.

Save a percentage of your hard-earned money in financial institutions. Venture into the business when you get the amount needed to start it. You can sell some of your expensive assets and use the money to start a business.

I know some people who use expensive phones and several electronic gadgets, yet they complain about money. Why don’t you sell that phone, car, house, land, and asset of yours to start a business?

Family and friends, too, are a great way to get money to start your business. You can also convince investors with your business ideas, and they will give you the required funds to start your business.

I will not advise that you take loans from banks because their interest rate can be huge, especially if the interest is compounded on the principal monthly. Most banks demand collateral before giving out loans to start or expand your business.

Be careful with loans when venturing into business. I recommend you engage in fasting and prayers because all things are possible with God. God can touch the heart of someone to invest in your business.

Pray for the favor of men because Christ Jesus grew in favor of men and God. You need the favor of God and men to progress in life. Live in the holiness of Christ Jesus and build a consistent prayer life because the enemy will fight your progress.

With Christ Jesus on your side and the wisdom keys provided, you will break barriers and advance in life. I encourage you to connect with my message on YouTube for more profound revelations and wisdom keys.

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