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Wisdom Series | The Top Five Dimensions of Life |


wisdom key for life

We often focus on minor things and ignore the important ones because of ignorance and pride. I have realized that if you fail to plan life, you open yourself to unwanted misfortunes. Although there are some things in life we cannot control, we need the help of God.

Some things in life demand wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and responsibility. Even the Holy Scriptures declare that a false balance is an abomination to the Lord (see Proverbs 11:1). God expects us to utilize His resources on earth.

He has given the earth to humankind to manage and multiply them. God has given us the mind to think and make important decisions (see Genesis 1:26-28). For example, you don’t pray to God to feed you from heaven because he has given you the wisdom and strength to buy or prepare food.

You don’t pray to God to bathe you or brush your teeth. It is your responsibility to bathe and brush your teeth. In the same way, we are supposed to think and focus on some important aspects of life.

One reason people suffer in life is because of ignorance. I believe that we can achieve whatever we have purposed in our hearts and mind because God has given us the tools to make life successful.

We are not like robots created to operate by specific rules. We have the free will to make decisions. It doesn’t matter your tribe, educational level, and country. If you are determined to do something, you can do it because God has provided whatever you need in life.

It takes wisdom to decipher which path to focus on. In this article, I have enumerated the top five places you must focus on and build to become purposeful and successful in life. Check out my books, how to pursue a purposeful life and how to pursue a purposeful life without money, for more wisdom keys.

I define a successful person as discovering and fulfilling his God-given assignment to the fullest. As stated at the beginning of the article, God will not do something we are supposed to do. He intervenes when our strength fails.

We call on God to assist us in things that outweigh our strength and wisdom. Below are the top five paths (places) you must focus on to break out from the prison of darkness (stagnation, confusion, and depression).


1. Spiritual Path

Life is spiritual because the world came from the invisible realm (meditate on Hebrews 11:1-3, Genesis 1). God is a Spirit, and He created the tangible things we see in this world with spiritual materials (the Word).

Although we cannot see spiritual things with physical eyes, they are real. Without faith and spiritual experience, you may doubt the spiritual world's existence. One of the easiest ways to believe in the spiritual world is to analyze your dreams.

Although some dreams emanate from our environments and the things we have stored in our subconscious minds, most dreams emanate from God and the spiritual world. If you want to break out from the prison of stagnation and advance in life, do not ignore the significance of the spiritual world.

The earth realm is just a container of the spiritual world, like a journalist giving information on television. The real person (journalist) on the television symbolizes the spiritual world. The television set is a symbol of the earth realm.

Most of the things we see in this world have their substance in the spiritual world. Before something happens on the earth, it has happened or manifested in the spiritual world for a long time.

I remember a lady at Koforidua Technical University told me about her dream. In her dream, she saw someone in an unpleasant place (similar to a gutter). She did not take that dream seriously. After three days of the dream, her brother died.

This lady could avert the pre-mature death of her brother because she saw it in her dream. The death of her brother had already taken place in the spiritual realm. The only thing she could do was to fast and pray, seek help from the Holy Spirit, and cancel the manifestation of that bad dream (pre-mature death of his brother).

I have had numerous dreams about my family members, innumerable ministers of God, world leaders, singers, and people I have communicated with in real life. Anytime I get a bad dream, I pray and cancel them.

Sometimes I fast and pray to destroy the plans of the enemy. I also pray for the manifestation of the good dreams the Holy Spirit reveals to me. Maybe you had a bad dream and decided to ignore it because of ignorance and pride.

You cannot advance as God has ordained if you ignore the significance of the spiritual world. Like a mirror, it reflects our image. That is what the spiritual and earth realm looks like. The real person is the one standing before the mirror, and that is the spiritual world.

The image you see before the mirror is the earth realm. If you lift your hands before the mirror, the image reflected in front of the mirror will do the same. From today, take your spiritual life seriously because it plays an important role in your life.

Many people could avert numerous calamities in their lives if they took notice of the spiritual world. One of the ways to take charge in the spiritual world is to engage in a Spirit-led prayer and fasting.

When you pray consistently, you align yourself with the spiritual world. The real you is your spirit and soul. The flesh is just a container of the soul and spirit. For a more profound revelation of the human spirit, soul, and body, get my book on how to walk and live in the Spirit. Also check out my series of articles, understanding the language of the Spirit world for more profound revelations.

When you ignore the essence of the spiritual world, you put your spirit and soul in danger. Make time for your spirit and soul through the Word of God (Holy Bible), Spirit-led fasting, prayers, and fellowship with the brethren. As you build capacity in your spiritual life, you will not be a slice of meat for the enemy. You will walk in victory if you focus and build your spiritual life.


2. Social Path

One thing about human beings is that they are relational. I have never seen a normal human being that hates sound relationships. Although our temperament and personality affect our social life, real human beings are relational.

It is only demon-possessed and insane people that hates genuine relationship. If you want to advance in life, do not ignore relationships. Find time to build a relationship with family and friends because it positively impacts your life (positive psychological effect).

Do you know that you can die prematurely if no one speaks to you for a long time? According to some psychologists, sitting idle with no one speaking sound words to your soul shortens your life.

You need people in life if you want to succeed on earth. Even in this digital and technological age, you need people in life. You may need someone one day, so humble yourself and make friends in your neighborhood, workplace, and school.

You may be surprised that a relationship can open doors you never expected. Even God needs human beings, how much you being a mortal being with limitations. Have you seen a corpse before?

Did you see (observe) how helpless it was? That is how human beings are? Like a one-year child, he needs the help of his parents and loved ones. If you are the type that hates human beings, then you have a problem.

Seek help from your pastor, psychotherapists, friends, and clinical psychologists. I have many schedules, but I try to create resourceful relationships. The fact that you should be relational does not mean making friends with anyone.

Abusive relationships can shorten your life. It is better to be alone or be with few people than to connect with toxic people who desire your sorrow.

  • Make friends with people who can upgrade you.
  • Make friends with people who value you.
  • Make friends with people who will not downgrade you.
  • Make friends with people who reverence the Lord.
  • Make friends with people of vision, mission, and purpose.
  • Make friends with people who can encourage you.
  • Make friends with people who love you unconditionally.
  • Make friends with people who can advise and rebuke you when you go wrong.
  • Make the Holy Scriptures your closest friend by feeding on them.
  • Make the Holy Spirit your closest friend by soaking into anointed Christian and biblical songs.

Last but not least, make friends with yourself because God created you in his image and likeness. Do positive things to make you happy. For example, reading books, listening to godly music, watching a godly video, and playing non-violent electronic games.

If you hate yourself, you will find it challenging to make friends. If you undervalue yourself, you will find it challenging to make friends. Value relationships because they can boost your success in your life.


3. Financial Path

You cannot advance at a higher pace if you are weak financially. One thing about this world is that it is ruled by money. Although money is not the ultimate controller in life, we cannot ignore its significance.

Materially, money is printed papers and coins accepted by the law enforcement agent in a country. Money comes in various ways. People exchange products and services for money. People solve problems to get money.

There are a whole lot of ways people generate money. Without money, you will not be able to feed yourself, your family, and others. Money is necessary because it helps us do many things in life.

Although money cannot solve some problems in life, we cannot ignore it. If you want to advance in life, build your financial life. Read books that will help you grow financially.

  • How will you provide basic needs such as food, water, and shelter for yourself and your family if you don’t have money?
  • How will you finance your career or children’s education if you are weak financially?
  • How will you embark on crusades, evangelism, and missionary works if you are weak financially?
  • How will you promote and advertise your product and services if you are weak financially?
  • How will you buy land and build a home if you are weak financially?
  • How will you marry (perform family rites, engagement, or church wedding) if you are weak financially?

The list goes on. It doesn’t matter how intelligent, wise, and anointed you are; if you are weak financially, you put a limitation on your life. God has given you the power to create wealth. These powers are hidden in your talents, resourceful books, people, products, services, and profitable problems you are ready to solve (meditate on Deuteronomy 8:18).

Build yourself financially so that you will not become a liability to the world. Acquire assets that will bring you money and increase your value. Don’t spend too much money on depreciable assets; instead, spend money on fixed assets that will generate wealth.

Spend time and energy on resourceful books, videos, and materials that will educate you financially. Reduce your expenses and increase your revenues. Connect with godly people who are sound financially and learn from them to break the barriers of life.


4. Physical health

Your health is a vital key to success. Have you ever visited a hospital or clinic before? Try visiting that place, and you will see the vulnerability of human beings. Have you ever felt sick before?

How did you see the world in that season? Maybe you felt hopeless, depressed, and confused. That is how life without proper care for the body works. If you want to advance in life, take good care of your body because the weakness of your body can limit your progress in life.

  • How often do you exercise?
  • How often do you rest to reduce stress and pressure?
  • Do you eat a balanced diet?

Life on earth is short of occupying yourself with too many unnecessary things. Get me right; I am not condoning laziness. I love work. I utilize my time profitably to do something purposeful with my time, but I rest when tired.

I apportion some of my time to release stress. If you don’t want to die before your time, then take good care of your body (health). Once in a while, visits the hospital to check your health. If you have a personal doctor, let him check on your health.

Doing that can prevent unknown diseases in your body and pre-mature death. Aside from your spiritual life, social life, and financial life, your physical health is important. Make good use of your time and enjoy a little bit to prolong your life.


5. Philosophical status

You cannot rise higher if you have an erroneous mindset, morals, ideologies, and ethics. One thing about the mind is that it controls most of our decisions in life. Know these truths.

  • The leadership of your parents or guardians affects your life.
  • The things you learn in school affect your life.
  • The teachings you keep hearing in the church affect your life.
  • The activities in your neighborhood affect your life.
  • The books you read affect your life.
  • The videos you watch affect your life.
  • The music you listen to affects your life
  • The friends you make affect your life.
  • The games you play affect your life.

If you had a bad or negative upbringing, it affects your decisions in life and personality. This is one reason you must restructure your mind by unlearning, learning, and relearning some things in life.

  • Maybe you were taught that men are cheats, so you see, all men are cheats.
  • Maybe you were taught that all women are liars, so you perceive women as diabolical liars.
  • Perhaps you were taught that Africans and other tribes are inferior, so you perceive Africans and some cultures as unworthy.
  • Maybe you were trained by parents who had a poor mindset, so you also have a poor mindset.

You remain a prisoner until you break these negative mindsets, ideologies, and beliefs. If you have bad morals, it will distance you from genuine people. You attract who you are. The reason why visionless people surround is that you have a visionless mindset.

One of the reasons you are not progressing in life is your mentality. Until there is a change in mindset, you remain in darkness. Do you know that the mind controls the direction of the body? Riches begin from the mindset.

One of the main reasons you are weak financially is your poor mindset and habits. One of the main reasons people don’t love to hang around you is your negative mindset, ideologies, and beliefs.

The mind plays an important role in life. If you want to advance in life, change your negative mindset. Build your mind with resourceful books, videos, and messages. The best book I can recommend to you is the Holy Bible because the words within will never pass away. The words within the Holy Scriptures are pure and trustworthy. They contain the wisdom of God Almighty. What a privilege to build your mind with God’s wisdom!

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