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Is God (Yahweh) a Myth | Shreds of evidence to build your trust in an Unseen Creator |


I was listening to a song by Dunsin Oyekan titled Amazing. As I entered deep into the words of the musician, I felt the Holy Spirit drawing my attention to some questions. Within my spirit and soul, I felt these words springing up.

  • God, are you real?
  • Is God a myth?
  • Is God dead?
  • Can I trust a God I cannot see with my physical eyes?
  • Am I deceived into believing in a God I cannot touch with my physical hands and experience with my other body senses?
  • Is there a Creator behind the things in the world?
  • How did the world begin?
  • Why is there injustice in this world?
  • Why is there so much wickedness in some parts of the world?

These and many questions lingered in my mind as I kept listening to the song of Dunsin Oyekan. Although I have limited answers to some of the above questions, I felt that some people were also struggling with my questions.

The question that kept lingering in my soul was the existence of God. Within the song, he made some powerful statements, and I want to explore those inspirational words. First, the musician said that God speaks to us, but we (human beings) assume it as thunder.

Biblically, the Word of God confirms that the voice of God is like thunder and the sound of a moving river. In the vision of Apostle John, as recorded in the book of revelation, John wrote that the voice of God Almighty is like the thunder and moving river.

Child of God, this is a piece of evidence that we serve a living God. God speaks to us daily, but our activities hinder us from hearing Him. Believe in your heart that the thunder we hear is sometimes God’s voice.

God has several ways of speaking to us. Check out my free book, how to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, for more profound revelation. The musician emphasizes that God smiles at us using the rainbow symbol.

I have seen the rainbow in the skies several times in my childhood. If you read the Holy Bible, God used the sign of the rainbow to affirm that he will not destroy the earth with a flood again. Apostle John records that God’s presence carries the rainbow in the book of revelation.

Child of God, the rainbow is one of the signs that God is alive and that He is interested in the affairs of humankind. The rainbow is a sign of peace and unity. Anytime you see the rainbow, God is speaking to you.

One thing you must realize about God is that He speaks to us differently. Checkout my series of articles to help you understand some languages of God. The musician emphasized in his song that God expresses his love for humankind through rainfall.

Scientists may have their discoveries, but there are some things science cannot experiment and prove because they are limited. Scientists discover, experiment, and prove things God allows. Anytime rain falls from the skies, believe that God is pouring his love on humankind.

Without rainfall or water, the seeds in the earth will not grow. God expresses his love to us by supplying the seeds we have planted on earth to germinate. God supplies rain so that the atmosphere can be sustainable for human, animal, and plant life.

Child of God, there are numerous shreds of evidence that God is love (alive). The musician emphasized that God reveals his presence through the air (wind). Wherever you feel the air, expect God’s presence.

One of the attributes of God is that He is Omnipresent. That is, God is everywhere. God can reveal himself to someone in Africa and at the same time reveal himself to someone in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, and Oceania.

God created us in his image and likeness according to the book of Genesis chapter one, verses twenty-six and twenty-seven, so anytime you see a Christian believer, you have seen the image and likeness of God.

According to science, they believe that the sun is one of the stars and that the sun is over 100 times larger than the earth. Can you imagine! According to science, we have about nine planets and billions of stars within the solar systems (milky way galaxies).

This means the earth is the tiniest in the solar system. Do you know how long it will take you to travel from Ghana to Australia using an airplane, ship, car, or train? Do you know the number of years the fastest airplane or rocket can take to travel around the world and the sun?

The earth is like an ant in the sight of God. We are too limited to understand all the ways of God. One advantage we (Christian believers) have over the unbelievers is that we have the Spirit and soul of God to tap into God's mindset.

Check out my series of articles to help you understand some of the ways and thoughts of God. We have numerous religions claiming to be the right way to God. Christ Jesus said, those that came before him are thieves (see John 10:8).

Anyone or religion that declares that he is the path to God Almighty is a liar according to Christ Jesus’s words (see John 10:8; 14:6). Christ Jesus is the only truth, life, and way to the Heavenly Father (see John 14:6).

This means Christianity is the way of life and path to God Almighty. You might doubt the existence of God because that is your belief. I have a question for you. The article you are reading did not appear by itself.

I typed them on my laptop, edited them, and published them on my blog. Similarly, the world did not appear by accident, big bang, or any dead philosophical ideology created by man. There is a Supernatural Creator who existed before time, matter, and energy.

Out of the Supernatural Creator came the visible things. You may ask, where did the Supernatural Creator (Yahweh) come from? He came from Himself because there was nowhere for him to come from!

God Almighty existed in Himself before the beginning began. I watched a movie titled God is not dead. In the movie, a college professor hated Christianity because He was an atheist. The college professor condemned the existence of God because of some reasons.

One day, the professor encountered a Christian believer who did not agree with his philosophy. I think you should watch the movie because I cannot explain the movie to you in this article. In summary, the Christian believer convinced the professor before the professor died.

Check out that movie because it is educative. There are some things in life we cannot prove with our five senses. However, the Holy Bible gives us a clue. For example, why does God allow people and animals to suffer? From the biblical point of view and my understanding, these are some of the reasons why people suffer.


Top nine reasons people suffer or why does God allow injustice


1. Some suffering can emanate from Satan and his agents.

In the Holy Scriptures, we understand that God has enemies and these enemies oppose God and his children (see Ephesians 6:10-18 and 1 Peter 5:8-9). If you are a child of God, Satan and his agents will oppose you.

You must stand on the Word of God to walk in freedom, or else Satan and his agents will oppress, suppress, depress, and possess you. Check out my series of articles and books for more profound revelations.

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2. Some suffering can emanate from your ignorance

In Hosea chapter four, verses six, God declares that His people perish because they lack knowledge. Ignorance opens the door to suffering in your life. It is said that what you don’t know kills you.

Will you enter the jungle (bush) if you know that some wild tigers and lions live there? Can I present to you that your ignorance is a doorway to suffering? Break the seal of ignorance by reading the Holy Bible and relevant books.


3. Some suffering can emanate from the seeds you have sown.

The Word of God declares that we will reap whatever we have sown (see Galatians 6:7). If you sow evil seeds, you will reap them. If you sow good seeds, you will reap them. Making others suffer can also make you suffer (meditate on Matthew 26:48-52). Repent for a turnaround.


4. Some people suffer because of willful and consistent sin

One thing that brings suffering in the life of people is disobedience (see Deuteronomy 28). If you break the laws of God, the laws of the devil, the laws of humankind, and the laws of nature, you will face the consequences. As the Holy Scriptures state, the wages of sin are death (see Romans 6:23). Abstinence from bad behaviors and willful sin is the way out.


5. Some suffering can emanate from physical enemies.

As far as we are human beings, we will attract enemies. Aside from spiritual enemies, some people will dislike you for your poverty, prosperity, personality, passion, and purpose. Enemies are part of life.

They come into our lives to teach us some lessons. Some will sow seeds of suffering into our lives to test us. One thing about the natural man (including woman) is that he is wicked (see Jeremiah 17:9).

Someone who is not born of the Spirit, the Word, and blood carries a bitter, unforgiving, revengeful, and jealous personality. Even Christ Jesus did not commit Himself unto humankind because he knew them (see John 2:23-25). It takes wisdom to deal with sworn and ignorant enemies that bring suffering into our lives. Check out my series of books for more wisdom keys.


6. Some suffering comes to us because we follow Christ Jesus

Christ Jesus promised us in the Holy Scriptures that the world will hate us because they hated Him (see John 15:18; 16:33). None of Christ Jesus’ disciples died naturally except Apostle John. Some were crucified on the cross; some were stoned to death, some were burnt alive, and some were fed to animals.

As Christian believers, it is part of the cross we must carry (see Matthew 5:11, Luke 6:22-23, 1 Peter 4:14,16). For more profound revelation, get my book, keep quiet and let me follow Jesus. For more wisdom keys, check out these books, Fox’s book of martyrs by John Foxe, God’s Generals by Robert Lardon and this book by Dag Heward Mills.


7. Some suffering comes to us because we desire to live in godliness.

We live in a corrupt world surrendered by evil people. Today, it is not easy to live for the Christ Jesus in the workplace, home, and schools. You will become the odd one (enemy) if you follow the principles of Christ Jesus recorded in the Holy Scriptures and the inspired teachings of your shepherd (meditate on 2 Timothy 3:12).   


8. Some suffering comes to us because this world is not our permanent home.

It is scarce to find a stranger being treated with love in a neighborhood. In some countries, the citizens treat foreigners as enslaved people and second-class citizens because of racism, superiority, and inferiority complex.

Christ Jesus declared to us that the world (unbelievers and false Christians) would not accept us (genuine Christian believers) because we don’t belong here (see John 15:19). We are strangers because the world did not accept our Saviour and Lord when He walked on earth as a man.

The world will not accept us because strange spirits control them. Their philosophy disagrees with our philosophy (Holy Bible). The world will oppose us because we hold the banner of Christ Jesus.


9. Some suffering comes to us because God wants to train us

Christ Jesus learned obedience through suffering. Although the Holy Scriptures declare that Christ lived a sinless life, He passed through suffering to sharpen his obedience (see Hebrews 5:8).

Joseph grew in wisdom, leadership, and service through suffering. Jabez, Job, David, Paul, and several people God used passed through suffering because God wanted to train them for the future. Check out this series of articles, and book for more profound revelations.

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