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The Rewards on the Road to the Celestial City (18)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing the strength of the Lord. Knowledge is one of the greatest assets you can ever possess in this world. Without adequate and relevant knowledge, you limit yourself to the enemy's deception and become a failure in life.

It is through knowledge that we know the best decision to make in life. Many people are struggling in life because of ignorance. There is nothing destructive like the seed of ignorance. Ignorance makes you a liability to your family, church, friends, and the world.

The moment you remain in the realm of ignorance, you limit the productivity of your life. This is one reason I have trained myself to read relevant books. The more I read, the greater I build myself.

Fools love to live in their ignorance. If you don’t want to become a failure in life, get knowledge by reading relevant books that can transform you into a better person. Some people are going through psychological trauma, abuse, and all forms of emotional disturbances because they don’t know what to do.

Can I suggest that the solution to the challenges you are facing is the seed of ignorance you have sowed in your life? Wherever there is a challenge or problem, there is a way out. It is the information you carry that determines the outcome.

Formal education may educate you. You must read books that will reprogram your mind to a higher dimension. Most developed countries are advancing at a higher pace because they read and apply the knowledge they have acquired.

A wise saying by an unknown author, he said, “If you want to hide something from an African, write it in a book.” Well, that may be a half-truth because some Africans like me love reading. Most Africans will love to live in their ignorant state and allow evil men to dominate them.

If you are a wise person, you will never kill for a political party. We use laws to solve problems. We don’t dissipate our strength to do something knowledge can do. Someone can sit behind his computer, phone, laptop, or electronic device and do more extraordinary things to fetch him greater returns.

Most Africans love the traditional way of doing things because they are ignorant. It is time Africans read relevant books and apply that knowledge. The more we read, our resourcefulness and value increase. One thing I have realized in life is that ignorant people most often are proud.

Their ignorance makes them oppose something that will elevate them. Ignorance is a great and invisible disease you must cut off from the root. If you don’t deal with the seed of ignorance, you put your life and those connected to you in danger.

I have never seen a reader who walks in defeat. The knowledge you carry puts exceptional attention on you. People will invest in you when you are knowledgeable. Fools ignore resourceful individuals and perish in their ignorance.

When Christ Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem, he moaned over religious and unreligious people's state because of their ignorance. God works with people of substance. The higher your knowledge in His Word and systems, the greater God uses you (Meditate on Hosea 4:6). Know these truths.


  • If you are ignorant of God’s systems, the Holy Spirit cannot work with you.
  • If you are ignorant of the humankind systems, human beings cannot help you.
  • If you are ignorant of the devil’s system, it is to your detriment.
  • If you are ignorant of the spiritual laws that govern the spiritual world, the spiritual forces cannot help you.
  • If you are ignorant of the laws that govern the animal world, it is to your detriment.
  • If you are ignorant of the laws that govern God’s creation, it is to your detriment.

Do you know why Apostle Paul did mighty works than all the disciples of Christ Jesus? It is because of his love for knowledge. Apostle Paul knew the system of God, the devil, and other creation. He prayed more in tongues and read more books than all the disciples of Christ Jesus in his time. Apostle Paul said; he laboured day and night in the ministry God gave him. (See 1 Corinthians 14:18, 2 Thessalonians 3:6-9, 2 Timothy 4:13, 2 Timothy 2:15).

Because of the knowledge Apostle Paul acquired and through his hardworking, prayer, and dedication, the Holy Spirit used him to set up many churches and write many books, which we have today in our holy scriptures as the Pauline letters.

I have read books where the authors compared our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus with Krishna and other religious founders such as Mohammed, Buddha, Zoroaster, and many famous personalities. Some people think Jesus Christ is the founder of the Christian faith.

Some people think Christianity emanated from Judaism. There a lot of fallacies about the origination of sin. Some people believe Saint Irenaeus (a bishop of France) created the origination of sin, and then Saint Augustine of Algeria developed it.

We must understand that Christianity began in the beginning; Jesus fellowshipped with His Heavenly Father. Jesus became a human being to express the love of the Heavenly to us so we can understand the meaning of love (Meditate on Proverbs 8:22-31).

Some people are using the discoveries of the scientist, researchers, humanism, psychology, philosophy, and strange religious beliefs to downgrade and destroy the Christian faith. Today, people challenge the authority of God’s Word (Holy Bible) that it is irrelevant. Some people say God’s Word (Holy Bible) is not applicable in our modern world.

Some people believe the Word of God is a historical book. Some people claim the Word of God is contradictory. Others contribute to the authorship of the holy scriptures to strange people. There are a lot of conspiracies revolving around the world to destroy the Christian faith.

The truth is, no one can destroy the Christian faith because Christ Jesus has overcome the world (See John 16:33). We (Christian believers) are more than conquerors. We have an everlasting home. Christ Jesus said to His disciples (includes you as Christian believer),

the Son of man shall come in the glory of his Father with his angels; and then he shall reward every man according to his works.

Matthew 16:27 KJV

The Son of man in the context of this scripture is Christ Jesus. Jesus will come in the Heavenly Father's dignity together with the holy angels, and He will reward us according to our works. Hallelujah! Child of God, I believe you have marked the words of Christ Jesus,” he shall reward every man according to his works.

Maybe you are a churchgoer or a nominal Christian. Can I present to you that if you are not a worker in the house of God, you will not receive a reward in the Celestial City? It is only those who are active in kingdom work that will attract the blessings of God.

Some Christians only occupy the church seats every Sunday. Some people come to church because they need husbands, wives, jobs, money, and other temporal things. If you are in a church because of your personal and parochial needs, you will not receive any reward in the Celestial City.

Every Church has workers. Search within because Christ Jesus has invested some gifts and talents in you (See Matthew 25:14-30). Maybe you love to pray, join the prayer or intercessory team. Perhaps you love to evangelize, join the evangelism team.

Maybe you love to sing or play the church instrument, join the choir and instrumental team. If you love organization, join the ushers or any corporate team in the church. Joining the workers in the church will activate the angels of God to build your rewards in Celestial City.

It is like working in a government or private industry. The employer pays you (remuneration or salary) based on your work is done. Some employers pay you for overtime. Sometimes, the employer can cheat you.

In God’s kingdom, Christ Jesus is the faithful rewarder. Jesus will never cheat you like the government or private employer. Jesus will reward you according to the work you have done in His kingdom.

Dedicate your time, resource, and energy to build the kingdom of God. You can use your money to build the kingdom of God. You will receive your reward if you do it with a sincere heart. Don’t act like the carnal and blind Christians who sit in the church with no involvement in church activities.

Add to your faith good works because good works in the kingdom produce rewards in the Celestial City (See 1 Corinthians 3:8,14, Colossians 2:24). Our good works will not guarantee our salvation. Our good works activate and validate our rewards in the Celestial City.

If it's true you are a Christian believer and that you are not a baby Christian, legalistic or religious Christian, start working in the house of God from your heart. One sign of maturity in God’s kingdom is that you give yourself as a living sacrifice unto God and His church.

Let the blind one’s gossip about you. Some “Christians” may mock and slander you. Hold unto Christ Jesus. Be steadfast in the kingdom business (evangelism, follow up on new souls, intercessory, giving your resources, and helping the church grow).

Your labour of love in the house of God will never be in vain. Whatever you find doing in the house of God, take it as your job. Don’t assume you are working for a man. Have the mindset you are working for Christ Jesus and His church. If the Holy Spirit sees you doing the kingdom work from your heart, He will reward you much, and remember your reward is eternal in the Celestial City. Hallelujah!

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