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Brief Answers to Important Questions About Life and Christianity - 1


Browsing the internet, I realized that some people struggle with important questions. As a Christian believer, I felt it is essential to address some of these questions because life is about solving problems and making the world a better place to live.

As human beings, we face some challenges in life. No one can deny this truth; everyone has a problem. It doesn’t matter your status in life; as far as you are a human being with a soul living in a body, you will encounter some challenges.

I don’t know everything in life. The same applies to you; you don’t know everything in life. We need the wisdom of God, inspiration, wisdom of creation, and proven wisdom of humankind to advance in life.

As a matter of fact, I want to address some questions people ask in life briefly. Although I have answered most of these questions in some of my books and articles, I will expand the wisdom keys in this article. Become a blessing by sharing the link to this article so that others can benefit from this revelation.


What is love?

One of the questions most people ask is, what is love? Love is a broad topic I cannot fully explain in this article. Love is best seen in people who desire to walk and live with God Almighty (Yahweh) with all their hearts.

Love is the nature of God because He is the source of it. Without God, love cannot exist. Any desire outside the heart of God is not loving. In other words, any action and deed that comes from the heart of God is love.

God created us in His image and likeness, so anytime someone expresses peace, unity, and joy in a community, such a person expresses love. True love gives because God is a giver. God exemplified his love for humankind by sending Christ Jesus to the world as a sin offering.

We did not deserve Christ Jesus, but God expressed his love for humankind by sacrificing His beloved Son to die for our sins. True love has no explanation for its desires and actions. For example, a woman deciding to follow a man she doesn’t know all the day of her life is an expression of love.

True love is a seed that grows from our hearts. If nurtured in an atmosphere of peace, joy, and conflict, the seed of love matures to the standard of God. True love manifests itself in the season of adversity.

Ture love sees beyond the natural eyes. Like a child’s love, it is pure. A child’s love is unconditional. A child’s love is vulnerable. However, we have different kinds of love. Check out my series of articles for more profound revelation about love. The articles are in eight series.


Who is Jesus?

The word Jesus means the Saviour of the world. Jesus is the beloved son of God Almighty. Jesus was not created. Jesus came to the world to save humankind from sin. According to the Holy Bible, He lived a sinless life when he walked on earth.

Jesus is the path to God Almighty. He is the true image and likeness of God. Jesus came to the world to reconcile humankind to God through his sacrifice (death and resurrection). Jesus is the light and path of Christianity.

Jesus reigns in heaven, and he lives in the heart of Christian believers as the Holy Spirit. Jesus is Lord, and He will return in his glory to take the saints to heaven. Jesus will reign with the saints and holy angels on the new earth forever. He is Jesus the Christ.


What is the church?

The church is the abode of the Trinity (the Heavenly Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit). When two or more Christian believers meet in the name of Christ Jesus, a church has taken place.

The church is where Christian believers meet to worship and praise God. The church is a place of prayer. Called and chosen vessels of God meet the Christian believers and unbelievers to share the wisdom within the Holy Scriptures.

Every Christian believer has a church within their heart. The Holy Spirit reminds us of things we are supposed to embark on within this church. Within this church, we lift prayers without opening our mouths.

This is the place (church) the Holy Spirit convicts us when we are about to break the laws of God. At this place (church), the Holy Spirit reproves us when we walk outside God’s will. The Holy Spirit grows His gifts and seeds of love, patience, faith, joy, temperance, meekness, gentleness, and longsuffering within this church.


What is sin?

Sin is an enemy of God Almighty and His creation. According to the Holy Scriptures, sin means the transgression of the law (God’s Word). When you walk in the path of Satan, evil spirits, and people whom the Holy Spirit does not control, you are walking and living in sin.

Sin gives Satan and his minions the license to attack us. Sin is one of the virtues that separates us from God and His holy angels. Download my free book for a more profound revelation on sin. Also, check out my series of articles for more profound revelation about sin.


Who is God?

God is evidence of creation. The things we see in this world show that there is a supernatural Creator. God is the life of the world. He has no beginning and end. In Him, the solar system exists.

God is a Spirit. We can fully experience Him in the Spirit because we are spiritual beings with a soul, and this soul lives in a body. Anytime you see a human being in his “right senses,” you have seen an aspect of God. Check out my article for more wisdom keys.


What is the Bible? 

To be precise, the Holy Bible is the manual of God Almighty. The Holy Bible contains the wisdom and plans of God. The Holy Spirit inspired men to write the Holy Bible. Within the Hoy Bible, we find the purpose of creation.

The Holy Bible explains the purpose of human beings, trees, the world, animals, spiritual beings, and things our minds cannot comprehend. In summary, the Holy Bible is the guide of life. Check out my free books for more profound revelations about the Holy Bible. Check out my article, understand the Bible in seven minutes for more profound revelation.


What is prayer?

A prayer is an act of faith we express towards an unseen being. Prayer means sharing your burdens, happiness, and requests to God with your heart and tongue. A prayer is an act of humility because you do not totally depend on your strength. For more wisdom keys, get my book on prayer. Check out my article on prayer for more profound revelation.


What is a Christian?

A Christian is a follower of Christ Jesus. A Christian follows the teachings of Christ Jesus recorded in the Holy Scriptures. A Christian believes in the Holy Scriptures as the final authority of God.

A Christian believes that Christ Jesus is the Savior of the world. A Christian loves the church and its activities. He prays to God Almighty through Christ Jesus. A Christian is an enemy of Satan and his minions. Christians do not walk in the corrupt path of wicked people. They have crucified the lustful desires of the flesh and the soul. Christians obey the principles of the Holy Bible. For more profound revelations, check out my series of articles. Also, check my series of articles titled, forty-five (45) types of Christian believers for more wisdom keys and profound revelations.


What is hell /hades?

Hell is an evil spirit and within him are darkness and prisons. Hell captures wicked people into his kingdom. This spirit controls people who are not God’s children. Hell is an enemy of God and Christians.

He works with Satan to destroy the good plans of humankind. Hell is the temporary resting place of the unsaved. As stated that hell is a spirit, and within him are prisons. Hell has several departments in the spiritual realm.

Hell has a bottomless dark pit in the spiritual realm. He imprisons unbelievers and lukewarm Christian believers. Hell will receive his final judgment on the last day, where he will be thrown into the lake of fire.


How to meditate as a Christian?

Find a quiet place where no one and nothing can disturb you. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give you an understanding of the activity you are embarking on. For example, if you are with the Holy Bible, think and ponder over them.

Question the Holy Bible and write something down as you study the Word. Read the Holy Bible slowly and ask questions about what you are reading. Read more, how to study the Word of God. Check out my message on youtube for more wisdom keys.

Brief Answers to Important Questions in Religion and Life

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