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(SUMMARY) The Fourteen Uncommon Currencies of the World


The necessity of currencies

To become successful, you need something. This something is the currency. The currency enables you to make transactions. Freely download and read this book, 77 Uncommon Currencies of the World for more profound revelations. Also check out the full article of this video on his blog for more profound revelations.


Below are the fourteen powerful currencies that rule the world

1. Money

Essential for influence and transactions; study money systems but avoid greed.


2. Leadership

Influence equates to leadership; strive to be influential through positive actions.


3. Products

Create products that meet basic human needs to earn currency.


4. Problem-solving

Addressing problems can yield rewards; focus on significant issues for higher value.


5. Provision of services

Services like those offered by Amazon or Google generate substantial revenue.


6. Upgrades

Enhance high-performing products or services for added value and competitive edge.


7. Understanding the psychology of people

Catering to basic needs and emotional connections can attract currency.


8. Potentials

Recognize your natural talents as currencies and use them to achieve success. Your unique abilities are valuable assets in life.


9. Inner Power

Cultivate qualities like diligence, discipline, patience, persistence, and endurance. These are essential for maximizing your potential and achieving goals.


10. Godly character

A good name is more precious than riches. Maintain integrity and respect for all, as it will garner favor and opportunities.


11. Social skills

Relationships are important currencies. Connect with people across various platforms and build genuine friendships without ulterior motives.


12. Flexibility

Adapt to different cultures and social settings. This adaptability is a currency that can open doors and foster acceptance.


13. Humility

Humility attracts people and opportunities, leading to greater heights. Contrarily, pride can isolate and hinder progress.


14. Knowledge with Practical wisdom

Invest in both formal and informal education to gain valuable certificates (currencies). Additionally, practice financial wisdom by saving and spending wisely to accumulate wealth. Understanding these currencies helps overcome rejection and hardship, balancing them with spiritual currencies for a prosperous life. Use these insights for growth. Download the full book, 77 Uncommon Currencies of the World. The full articles are here.


1. The Currencies of the World – 1

2. The Invisible Currencies of the World – 2

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