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/ / The Top Seventeen Reasons Why You Are Failing in Life - 1

The Top Seventeen Reasons Why You Are Failing in Life - 1

 why people fail in life


The Case of Kwaku Samuel and Ismael Kofi

It’s been three years since Kwaku Asomani Samuel started his business. The people he started with have built houses, bought lands, and diversified their businesses. However, Kwaku Asomani Samuel struggles with finances.

For the past three years, Kwaku Asomani Samuel has had nothing to show for his business. The truth is that Kwaku Samuel Asomani does not profit from his business. He does not break even. He has borrowed money from family, friends, and microfinance companies to build his business.

However, he keeps making losses. His half-brother Kofi Yeboah Ismael has also tried several times to grow the ministry God has given him. However, he has never counted ten people in his church for the past ten years.

The highest Kofi Ismael Yeboah could count in his church is five. That is his wife, three children, and himself. Kwaku Asomani Samuel and Kofi Ismael Yeboah decided to employ a new strategy.

Kwaku Asomani Samuel secured a long-term loan from a bank to make the business work. His brother also made expensive posters throughout his community to attract people to his church. However, after two years, they did not succeed.

The bank and creditors of Kwaku Samuel Asomani arrested Kwaku Asomani Samuel because he became bankrupt. After arresting Kwaku Samuel Asomani, the creditors closed his business. They sold the business assets to pay a portion of his debt. In prison, Kwaku Asomani Samuel blamed the gods and witches of his house for the failure. His brother Kofi Yeboah Ismael gave up on the ministry because people did join the fellowship.


Lessons from the story

Analyzing the story of Kwaku Samuel Asomani and his half-brother Kofi Yeboah Ismael, you will realize that they failed because they did not make the right decisions. Instead of these brothers finding out why they were failing, they borrowed and spent the funds unprofitably.

People fail because they don’t search for the reasons for their failure. As a minister of God, entrepreneur, and individual, you must search for the root cause of your failure. You can have the best seed.

However, if you plant that seed in an infertile soil, the seed will not germinate. The problem is not the seed. The problem is the soil. In the same way, success will not come your way if you don’t search out why you are failing.


Dissecting the success and failure

In this article, I will share the top seventeen reasons why you fail as a minister of God and entrepreneur. You are the coach of your life. You have what it takes to succeed. However, if you don’t search for the root cause of your failure, you will try several times and fail.

To become successful, you must understand the cause of failure. Knowing the root cause of your failure will help you deal with barriers. Have you realized that trees have roots? It doesn’t matter how strong the tree is.

It doesn’t matter how delicious the fruits are; if you destroy the roots of that tree, the fruits and leaves will die. It is mandatory to search for the reasons why you are failing. Knowing the root cause of your failure will expose the darkness limiting your light.

I am revealing these secrets (the top seventeen reasons people fail) to help you break the chains holding your glory. Freely download and read my book, the top eighteen mistakes people make in life, for more profound revelations. The book is free on my blog. Below are the top seventeen reasons people fail in life. Kindly share the link to this article so that others can grow in wisdom, power, and success.


Top seventeen reasons why you are failing

why failure

1. Because you have a faulty mindset.

A pig delights in the dirt because that is how it has programmed itself. Transfer a pig from America, Europe, and Asia to Africa. That pig will delight in an unclean environment because that is its mindset.

In the same way, you are failing because of your mindset. The information you receive from your parents impacts your life. Your culture has a significant impact on your life. The information you receive in your school, workplace, community, friends, “church,” and enemies impacts your life significantly.

The information you receive from your family, neighborhood, church, school, friends, and culture can upgrade or downgrade you. Failure to dispose of ungodly ideas and superstitious beliefs can hinder your progress.

The fact that your family, friends, co-workers, classmates, teachers, and loved ones have accepted something does not mean it is right. It might be a fallacy or deception. It would be best if you thought for yourself.

You must compare every piece of information with the Word of God (the Holy Bible). One thing about the mind is that it makes decisions based on the information received. Therefore, failure to dump the erroneous information received from childhood, parents, neighborhood, school, enemies, workplace, and “church” can hinder your progress. Analyze yourself.

  • What information are you working with?
  • What books are you reading?
  • Who do you open your heart to?
  • What songs are you listening to?
  • What games are you playing?
  • What information do you download from the internet?
  • What videos are you watching?
  • Where are you receiving your information?

You remain in your current position until you flash out the erroneous information received from family, friends, school, workplace, electronic devices, neighborhood, enemies, internet, and “church.”

It is time to unlearn, learn, and relearn. The new and godly information you receive and act upon will transform your life. It will open the door to success. You can download and read my series of books for more profound revelation. (the books are free on my blog).


2. Because you are not born again

You are failing because you are not born again. Being born again means you have repented from your sins and accepted Christ Jesus as your Savior and Lord of your life. When Christ Jesus comes into your life, he sets you free from the bondage of sin and Satan.

When Christ Jesus comes into your life, He paves the way for the Holy Spirit to commune with you. With the presence of the Holy Spirit, you will not struggle to succeed. However, there are “successful” ungodly people who are not born again.

Such people still live under the bondage of sin and the devil (meditate on 2 Corinthians 4:3-4). To succeed, you need Christ Jesus (the Holy Spirit). When Christ Jesus comes into your life, he clears every darkness covering your glory.

When Christ Jesus comes into your life, he frees you from curses and demonic strongholds. Freely download and read my book, Dominating the Dark Kingdom, for more profound revelations.


3. Because of your besetting sin

Anything that challenges the Holy Bible is sin (see 1 John 3:4). As human beings, we can be tempted to sin. However, you have the seed of the Holy Spirit, willpower, and mindset to stop evil (meditate on 1 John 3:9; 5:18).

Failure to deal with sin hijacks your blessings. Sin has the power to limit your glory. Your glory stands still until you deal with the seed and virtue of evil. Sin opens the portal for demons to access your life.

Sin can limit the works of the Holy Spirit in your life. Sin can limit the help of God (see Isaiah 59:1-3). People can disassociate from you because of sin. Failure to deal with sin will suppress your success.

Sin is like a chain. It drags you away from success. Sin pulls you away from your glory and settles you in the prison of pain, fear, depression, psychosis, hopelessness, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, phobia, and personality disorder.

Sin can blind you to the extent that you will perceive your friends as enemies and enemies as friends. Sin can blind your senses. It can invite curses, calamities, and stagnation to your life (meditate on Romans 6:23 or get my book Spiritual Keys for life for more profound revelations).

To deal with the problem of sin, freely download and read my book, 777 Uncommon Keys to dominate besetting sin. Analyze yourself. Are you living in a conscious sin? Close the door of deliberate and besetting sins. Demons will distance themselves from you. Success will embrace you.


4. Because of the demonic altars.

Altars are channels invisible forces use to access the creation of God. You are not succeeding because you have failed to deal with the demonic altars in your family, neighborhood, workplace, and school.

Demonic altars exist in water bodies, the underworld, heavenly places, and the earth. Until you deal with altars, you cannot open the door to success. To dominate the invisible altars holding your glory, freely download my book, Dominating the Dark Kingdom. You can also connect with my teachings on altars on my youtube channel for more profound revelations. When you deal with the ungodly altars, the angels of God will open the gate of glory.


5. Because of the unbroken curses.

Curses are the offspring of sin. One reason you are failing is that you have not dealt with curses. Most often, curses are jurisdictional. A family, country, community, organization, and individuals can inherit curses.

The gate of success remains unopened until you break the curses limiting your glory. Disobeying the Word of God can generate curses. Living in a particular family, environment, and organization can place you under the curses ruling that place.

Evil people can speak curses over your life and bloodline. Demons can issue curses. They often work through birds of the air, accused materials, witchcraft, and earthly animals. You can also curse yourself unconsciously.

Some people can write their curses and place your name in it. Evil spirits and wicked people can put an evil mark on you when a curse is operating in your life. One way to see whether you are working under curses is that strange things occasionally happen to you and those connected to you unexpectedly.

Another way to detect curses is that you try the best methods to succeed. However, you keep failing. Another way to detect curses is to check your dreams, family, and community. Christ Jesus has dealt with curses.

However, you must know how to live above curses. Freely download and read my book, Dominating the Dark Kingdom, for more profound revelations. Deal with curses if you want to enter the gates of glory.


6. Because of pride

Pride is when you exalt yourself above God and his creation. Pride is a seed of sin and Satan. Failure to deal with pride can hinder your blessings. You are not succeeding because of pride. Pride is an invisible virtue.

It opens the door for the devil to recruit you. God resists the proud. Therefore, if you live in pride, you exempt yourself from God’s help (see James 4:6). Pride can make people fight and hate you. You exclude yourself from the support of humankind when you live in pride.

Learn to live in humility, and God will exalt you. When you humble yourself in the sight of the Lord, the devil, and his cohorts cannot recruit you. You will not struggle to progress if you take off the seal of pride and put on the seal of humility.


7. Because of ignorance

You are failing because of your ignorance. Lack of knowledge or inadequate knowledge can limit your progress. Ignorance of God’s laws, the devil’s rule, the laws of nature, and human nature can hinder your progress (meditate on Hosea 4:6).

To succeed, you must study the psychology of human beings. You must know the principles of God (the Holy Bible). You must know that the devil works with rules. Breaking its rules can open a door for his minions to sabotage your glory.

Fighting nature can limit your blessings. The air, trees, earth, water, and animals can help or sabotage you. Therefore, apply wisdom. Failure to connect with human beings can also limit your success.

To succeed, you must know what people want, how they want it, where they want it, and when they want it. Learn to solve people’s problems. This wisdom key will connect you to people. Obeying the principles in the Word (the Holy Bible) will activate the hands of God.

You can read my book, the mysteries of Azar, for more profound revelations. Disengage from evil activities. The devil and his cohorts will limit their activities in your life when you live in the holiness and righteousness of Christ Jesus.

Grow in wisdom by reading relevant books. The more you know, your chances of success rise. You can read my book, 777 Uncommon Benefits of Reading, for more profound revelations. Break the gate of ignorance with knowledge. You will become victorious.


8. Because of your association

Your close friends reflect your character, goals, mission, and assignment. Your group tells a lot about you. The people you share your vision, mission, and goals with reveal who you are. One reason you are failing is because of your visionless association.

The information you receive from your associates forms your philosophy. Through that friendship, you create a soul tie. If the soul tie is godly, it builds you. However, if the soul tie is ungodly, it breaks you.

  • Which people do you surround yourself with?
  • Are the people helping you accomplish your given assignment?
  • Are the people supporting, empowering, and grooming you to become the person God has made you become?
  • Are their words and actions upgrading you for the better?

Fellowshipping and relating with visionless and ungodly people can hinder your progress. It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are. If you associate with visionless people, they will break your progress.

If you associate with ungodly people, the evil spirit following them will haunt you. It is time to make amendments. Analyze your friends. Which of them is helping you grow spiritually, financially, socially, psychologically, and mentally?

Some people will help you grow financially, spiritually, socially, psychologically, and mentally. Relate with each friend wisely. Get rid of people and groups draining your time, energy, resources, and mission. Get rid of people who are limiting your progress.

However, disassociate wisely. If you get rid of the groups and people limiting your goals, plans, mission, vision, and assignment, your load of success will be lighter. When you connect with the right people and environment, you will open the gate of Heaven (success).


9. Because of your words

Words have power over our destinies. The words you speak over your life can upgrade or downgrade. Words attract spiritual forces. Evil words attract demons, while godly words or God's Word attract undefiled (holy) spirits.

Some people fail because they accept the evil words people speak in their lives. Some people cannot progress because they keep speaking failure into their lives. For example, some people say, I am not sure I will make it.

Some, too, confess that I am not fit for this project. I will not progress because: “Mr. AAA” is my competitor. Suppose you always make a negative confession about your life. In that case, you open the door for evil spirits and enemies to control you and those connected to you.

Learn to speak positive words. For example, you can say, I will make it because He that lives in me is Greater than the devil and enemies in this world. You can speak to yourself; I can do everything through Christ Jesus, who strengthens me.

Speak to yourself. The Lord is the strength of my life. I will not fear the enemy. Occasionally confess the promises of God over your life. Doing that creates a positive atmosphere and focused mindset. You will not struggle to progress if you confess the promises of God recorded in the Holy Bible over your life.


10. Because you have no mentor.

You can progress alone. However, if you want your progress to stay long, connect with people. You need the wisdom of successful people to become successful. You are failing because you are too proud to follow a mentor.

A mentor is someone who has succeeded in the path you want to venture. A mentor is someone you value and obey. You will likely take a long time to succeed if you have no mentor.

A Mentor can groom you. You can have multiple mentors. However, be led by the Holy Spirit because many wolves are in sheep's clothing. A godly mentor experience can shape you. His wisdom can guide you.

If you don’t have a mentor, search for a successful mentor. Follow his godly wisdom. If the mentor has books, read his books. If he has a blog, read his articles. If the mentor has videos and audio, connect with the materials.

However, if you want to fail or take several years to become successful, do not follow a mentor (s). Check out my wisdom books for more profound revelation. You can connect with my latest video for more profound revelations. Kindly share the link to this article so others can grow in wisdom and power.

To be continued…

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