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/ / The Top Seventeen Reasons People Fail in Life [Master Keys to Success] – 2

The Top Seventeen Reasons People Fail in Life [Master Keys to Success] – 2

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In my previous article, I enumerated ten reasons people fail. Kindly check out that article for a more profound revelation. In this article, I will share five reasons people fail. If you know the root cause of your failure, you will not struggle to succeed.

As a Christian believer, entrepreneur, and leader, you must know why things are not working. If your electronic phone goes off unexpectedly, something causes it. It might be that the battery is low.

It might also be that your phone needs an update. Fasting and praying for the phone to turn on will not work. You have to charge the battery or update the software of your phone. When you charge the phone’s battery or update the software, the phone will become usable.

In the same way, we deal with the issues of life with cause and effect. You have to search for the root cause of your problem. After finding the root cause of your problem, you will find the best solution.

You might be praying for a husband. However, every man that comes your way leaves. You may possess physical beauty. However, your character is bad. Your beauty can attract men. If you don’t have a good or godly character, every man will leave you.

Until you change your bad character and build an inner beauty, every man that comes your way will leave. The same applies to men. You might have money. However, every woman that comes your way leaves you because of your bad character.

Until you deal with your bad character, every woman that comes your way will leave. Sometimes, you have to examine yourself.

  • Why is this thing not working?
  • Why are women ignoring me?
  • Why are men ignoring me?
  • Why is my relationship not working?
  • Why is the church not working?
  • Why is my business not working?
  • Why is my family facing conflicts?
  • Why is everybody dissociating from me?
  • Why is my life not working?

If you can ask why things are working and why things are not working, you will get answers to your problems. This is one reason I have dedicated my time to writing this article to help you uncover the reasons for your failure.

Knowing the root cause of your failure will give you the grounds to deal with the problem perfectly. Maybe the fruits in your house are bitter. However, your neighbor’s fruits produce delicious mangoes, oranges, pawpaw, and coconuts.

It might have been that you planted a bad seed. It might be that you planted genetically modified seeds. It might also be that pests, insects, and harmful animals poison your fruit. You can apply the best solution when you discover why your fruit tastes bitter.

If the problem is a bad seed, you have to destroy the tree from its root and plant a new seed. Suppose the problem is a genetically modified seed. In that case, you must stop growing genetically modified seeds and plant organic (natural) seeds.

If the problem is pests, insects, and harmful animals, you must apply the best pesticide and insecticides. If the problem is inadequate exposure to sunlight and water, you have to plant the seed in a place where the seed can get enough sunlight and water.

If weeds are making your seed unfruitful, you have to eliminate the weeds. Suppose your seed is bitter because you planted genetically modified seeds; applying pesticides and insecticides will not solve the problem.

Although, applying pesticides and insecticides is another way of solving the seed problem. You did not apply the best solution, hence, producing no result. However, if you destroy the genetically modified seed and plant an organic seed, you will get the best fruit.

Let’s assume malaria strikes your family every month. Taking your children to the hospital for treatment can temporarily solve the problem. However, if you want to solve the malaria problem once and for all, you have to deal with the root cause of malaria.

First, you have to understand the causal agents of malaria. As we all know, the causal agents of malaria are the female anopheles mosquitoes. I wonder the female mosquitoes are the ones spreading malaria.

“The male mosquitoes are innocent.” The next to do is to deal with the breeding place of the mosquitoes. If you can destroy the breeding placing of female anopheles mosquitoes, they will not transfer the parasite (plasmodium falciparum) to your children.

If you want to prevent female anopheles mosquitoes from touching your children, your children have to sleep under a treated mosquito net. You have to spray your children's room with a mosquito insecticide or use a mosquito repellent.

Taking your children to the hospital to treat malaria is good. However, the female mosquitoes will keep transferring the harmful parasite (plasmodium falciparum) to your children, while the male mosquitoes will disturb you.

Maybe your church is not growing. There might be insufficient evangelism and follow-up on the new coverts. It might be that the church does not engage in prolonged fasting and prayers. There might be no love (agape) in the church.

It might also be that the devil and his minions are limiting the church. If you can find out the root cause of your church's failure, you will know the best solution to apply. Maybe, your business or institution is not growing.

It might be that you have weak systems to check and prevent corruption. It might be that the business or institution has weak leadership. It might be that you don’t deal with your customers fairly.

It might be that your workers are unhappy or you are maltreating them. It might also be that you are not doing what successful competitors are doing. Knowing the root cause of your problem will set you ablaze for success.

This is one reason I have dedicated my time to writing this article. Below are five reasons you are failing. Knowing these secret keys will unlock your gate of victory. Kindly share the link to this article so that others can grow in wisdom, knowledge, and power.


The Top Five Reasons Why You Are Failing

What are the 5 keys to success? How do I become very successful in life? What are the 7 steps to success? What are the 10 keys to success?

1. Because you have prioritized money

Money plays a vital role in our lives. However, we don’t solve every problem with money. You are failing because you have magnified money above everything. It is true that “money rules the world.”

However, money has limitations. There is something we can do without money. Most of the things I do demands money. However, with the wisdom of the Holy Spirit, I rarely use money to advance the Kingdom of God.

Do not allow money to occupy your heart to the extent that you cannot advance without it. Money helps. However, you can become successful without money. I write from my experience. Money is just a booster.

You can freely download and read my books on my blog, Uncommon Wisdom Keys, and how to pursue a purposeful life without money for more profound revelation. There are better things more powerful than money. It would help if you had those things to accomplish your task. Get me right. I am not disregarding money.

I will balance this wisdom in point four so you will understand the power and limitation of money. Thinking that you can do nothing without is ignorance. Haven’t you seen countries with money yet the citizens live in poverty?

Don’t prioritize money above wisdom. You can do many things with little or no money (From my experience). With technology, character, integrity, focus, and grace, you can become a resourceful person.

Many businesses, organizations, and individuals have much money. However, they are unproductive, unhappy, sick, and depressed. You might think money can make you successful. However, that’s a half-truth.

The money boosts our success. It would be best to have the wisdom to channel the money profitably. See money as a booster. Don’t see money as the only way to success. You have numerous resources to accomplish your task.

Money is one of the gateways to success. Money is not the only gateway to success. You have life, good health, mind, friends, family, knowledge, gifts, and above all, the Holy Spirit to become successful.

Money comes to brighten success. Don’t allow money to limit you. You are stronger than money. Freely download and read my books on my blog, how to pursue a successful life without money, 777 Uncommon Wisdom Keys to a Successful Life, and Uncommon Wisdom Keys for more profound revelation.

Remember, money is a booster. Money is not the ultimate. You can do many things without money. Money comes to help you reach a certain height. Don’t allow money to blind you. Don’t allow people to limit you because of money.

You have the King of Kings and Lord of Lords living in you and working with you (the Holy Spirit). Your gifts are money. Your being alive is money. Family and friends are money. The silver and gold belong to God.

Wisdom is money. God has given you the power to make money. I will write in detail in point four. Say to yourself; I can do everything through Christ Jesus who strengthens me (meditate on Philippians 4:13).


2. Because you are not persistent.

You are failing because you are not determined and focused. To be successful, you must be persistent and unstoppable. A gospel minister said, “Persistence breaks resistance.” In other words, you will break the walls limiting your glory if you don’t give up on your goals, missions, plans, and assignment.

If you keep striving through the storms, you will break every chain. One thing I have realized about myself is that I am focused. I don’t allow anything to stop me when I decide to do something.

When I decide to accomplish a good or godly task, I do it no matter the cost. One reason you are failing is that you give up easily. When you face challenges, you give up. When things are not moving as you expect, you dump the mission.

You cannot advance with that mindset and attitude. You need a strong heart to become resourceful. Enemies will criticize you destructively. Some will attack you spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Some will accuse and slander you. You will give up if you are not strong inwardly, focused, and persistent. If you are going to be successful, you must develop hard skin and an unbending heart. For more profound revelations, freely download and read my books on my blog, 777 Uncommon Wisdom Keys to Successful Life.


3. Because you are not disciplined

You are failing because you are not disciplined. Discipline means you work with time. Discipline means you know your priorities. Discipline means you know when to work, sleep, and have leisure.

You don’t use your working time for games if you are disciplined. You will hardly find me playing. I am always doing something profitable with my time. When I am having a little fun, I will be listening to an important message with my headset.

Having fun has to do with playing an electronic game. While playing the electronic game, I mute the sound to listen to important audio with my headset. I read books most often in my leisure time.

I do that because I don’t want to waste time. Time is an intangible asset. To succeed, you must respect and use time. Don’t procrastinate. Do what you have been assigned to do. If you are consistent with your daily activities, it builds you.

I have decided to write a minimum of one article every week. Although I have many schedules, I find time to write articles and books. Without discipline, I will not write. The same applies to you.

Whatever you do, be disciplined. If you are disciplined, failure will be far from you. The devil will sometimes be tired of you. Your enemies will distance themselves from you when they observe that you are disciplined.

Christ Jesus did not joke with his assignment. At age twelve, Christ Jesus said he must be doing his heavenly father’s business (see Luke 2:41-49). Success will embrace you if you discipline yourself. Failure will distance you if you discipline yourself.


4. Because you don’t know the systems of money

In point one, I explained that you can succeed without money. However, you must also understand that money is essential. It is said that “money rules the world.” There are some things money can do.

For example, you need money to buy your basic needs and wants. You cannot buy food, water, clothes, or rent without money. You cannot purchase land, a car, jet plane, a house, or substantial assets without money.

You cannot buy church instruments and pay your bills without money. Without money, you cannot do mass evangelism. Without money, you will be limited in your purpose. Without money, you cannot buy a land to build a church.

Without money, you cannot buy medicine to treat illness. You need money to purchase and prepare healthy (balanced) diets. If you have bad health, you cannot accomplish your task.

  • You are failing because you don’t know how to make, manage and multiply money.
  • You are failing because you don’t check your income and expenses.
  • You are failing because you don’t check your revenue and expenditure.
  • You are failing because you don’t check your spending and profits.
  • You are failing because you don’t have a budget.

Your expenditure exceeds your salary. You buy liabilities. The things you buy are not bringing money to you. You buy things that take money from you. For example, buying the latest car or jet plane can be a liability.

You must buy fuel, power, and maintain the car and jet plane. That car or jet plane is a liability if it is not bringing money. Purchasing the latest phone can be a liability if that phone is not bringing you money.

You must feed the phone with recharge cards (airtime) to make calls. You have to buy internet data (bandwidth) to browse the internet. It is a liability if you are not using that latest phone to make money. In summary, anything that takes money from you is a liability. Anything that brings money to you is an asset.

  • You are failing because you spend money on liabilities.
  • You are failing because you misspend your money.
  • You are failing because you are not searching for problems.
  • You are failing because you are not solving your community's problems. You are not creating services to solve the issues in your area.
  • You are failing because you are not investing your money into profitable ventures.
  • You are failing because you are not paying your tithes.
  • You are failing because your financial plan is weak.
  • You are failing because the products you buy do not bring you money.

You have failed to plan financially. The money that should have been used to acquire an asset that will generate income is used to purchase liabilities. Because of that, you are failing. Escape the failure route by planning your financial life. For more profound revelation, freely download my book on my blog, Uncommon Wisdom Keys.


5. Because you have ignored your social life

Isolation can limit you. Predators often attack a single animal because it’s easy prey. In the same way, your enemies can trap you in your singleness. Singleness, in the context of this article, means a life without connections.

It would help if you had others to become successful. You are failing because you have little or no connections. Sometimes people seem not to connect if you are poor financially. However, be persistent.

Persistence will break the resistance (meditate Luke 18:35-43 or get my book, How to Unlock the Gate of Faith). Build yourself. Break the inferiority mindset. Learn to be sociable. You can have the best product or service.

However, if people do not know your product or service, nobody will patronize it. You need people to market and advertise your product. You may have the best gifts and knowledge. However, it would help if you had people supporting you.

You need people to help you become who God made you become. Even Christ Jesus (God Almighty) needed the womb of a virgin called Mary before coming to the earth. Christ Jesus needed John the Baptist to fulfill prophecy.

Christ Jesus needed disciples to help him expand the Kingdom's work. Christ Jesus is God Almighty. However, he needed the help of his creation when he walked on earth as a man. This should tell you that we need help (You can read my book, the mysteries of Azar, for more profound revelations).

You are failing because you think you can make it alone. Technology can help. However, it has limitations. It would be best if you had people. One thing you must know is that we are social beings.

We need the encouragement and presence of others. You need good and godly people to speak well of you. It would help if you had others because you are limited. Technology can do many things.

However, you need people. You need people to show you your weakness and strength. You might be on the wrong path unknowingly (see Proverbs 14:12). Connecting with people will open the door for them to see what you cannot see.

God made our minds in such a way that we think differently. Your temperament, upbringing, and personality can make you think and see things a certain way. However, with people on your side, they can help you see the whole picture.

You are where you are because you are alone. It’s time to make friends. It’s time to marry. It’s time to connect with people. Connecting with people does not mean you should join anybody. Search for godly people.

Connect with people who agree with your vision, mission, and purpose. The people might have some weaknesses. However, build the relationship on their strengths and help them with their weaknesses as they also help you.

You will not struggle to succeed when you connect with godly and like-minded people. This is the introduction. In the next article, I will write in detail about why you are not succeeding so that you will uncover the keys to success (Heaven). Kindly share the link to this article so others can grow in wisdom, power, and success. Connect with my video messages on youtube for more wisdom keys.

To be continued…


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