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Wisdom Series | The Top 7 Reasons You are Poor |

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  • Do you know that over 25,000 people die from hunger every day?
  • Do you know that over 10,000,000 people die from hunger every year?
  • Do you know that over ten people die from hunger every minute?

Averagely one person dies from hunger every second. Over $400 trillion of money circulates the world, yet people die from hunger. According to some astrophysicists, the world is worth five quadrillion United States dollars, which means the world has enough to feed itself.

For example, Forbes estimates that Elon Musk is worth $210 billion. Jeff Bezos is worth $150 billion. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Bernard Arnault are worth over $100 billion.

Let’s assume these prominent people set up strategic ways to feed the poor; people will not die from hunger. Although some rich people donate some of their money to feed the poor, people die from hunger.

The wealthiest man in Africa, according to Forbes, is worth $12 billion. He ranks 130 among the world's richest personalities. We have Christian believers who are rich enough to feed the poor. Yet, we see people dying from hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and sickness.

We live in a fallen world controlled by the godly and ungodly. If you think money is not in the world, you deceive yourself. If you don’t apply wisdom and use the gifts God has deposited in you, you become a slave.

Money is good, but it is not ultimate. We can also do several things in this world without money. However, we cannot live a fully fulfilled life without money because money controls some aspects of our lives.

In my previous article, I enumerated the top five reasons people become poor. I will enumerate the top seven reasons people become poor in this article. Become a blessing by sharing the link to this article with your loved ones because the wisdom keys can save a life from destruction. Below are the top seven reasons people become poor. Knowing these truths will prevent you from traveling the path of the poor. Check out the seeds blocking your way to prosperity.


1. Because you waste time

Time is a precious asset. If you joke with it, you lose. In other words, you cannot recover time. If you are supposed to do something and decide to postpone it, you have lost the resource to advance in that season.

You lose money, energy, and resources every second, minute, and hour you waste. You may be thinking, oh, it’s my time and life, and I can choose to do with what I like. Well, if you are that type of person, you will lose much money because the hour you are using to do unnecessary things on social media, the internet, friends, and television is money and resource wastage.

For example, watching unnecessary videos on social media, taking pictures, and uploading them to social media to receive likes and comments can waste time, money, and resources if you don’t know how to use the internet.

You can use that time to do something profitable. Get me right; there is nothing wrong with sharing some of your pictures with your family and friends. However, you must understand that constantly doing that can consume your precious time.

If you become addicted to these activities, you become a slave to social media. I recommend watching this educative documentary, the social dilemma, for more wisdom keys. Social media has advantages and disadvantages.

If you learn to use it wisely, you will profit from it. Watching a long-hour movie that has no lessons is a waste of resources, time, and energy. I know we sometimes have to watch some movies to regulate our emotions.

There’s nothing wrong with watching a movie to regulate your emotions if you want to reduce some stress. The problem comes when you become addicted to movies that do not educate you. Once in a while, you can watch a fun film but don’t become addicted; all else, you can become poor.

The time you should spend doing something profitable will be channeled into time-wasting and unprofitable leisure. Spending time listening to unnecessary songs can also make you poor. Technology has made it easy to spend enough time on television.

We have thousands of television channels fighting for your attention (time). If you are addicted to sports, you become a loser becomes numerous tv stations can provide sports activities twenty hours nonstop.

If you are the type that loves seasonal movies and secular songs, there are numerous channels on the television and internet fighting for your time. Becoming addicted to these channels and programs will drain your time, energy, and resources.

Unnecessary socialization is a pathway to poverty (time waster). It can make you poor if you don’t manage how you connect with friends and families. Before I watch a movie, read a book, and listen to a song, I analyze it.

  • Will this movie or video educate me?
  • Is this movie worth my time?
  • Will this song inspire me to love God?
  • Will I gain some life lessons from this video?
  • Will this book educate me?

Think through.

  • How many hours do you spend watching movies a day?
  • How many hours do you spend playing electronic games a day?
  • How many hours do you spend on social media a day?
  • How many hours do you spend on Netflix a day?
  • How many hours do you spend on television a day?
  • How many hours do you spend listening to unnecessary songs a day?
  • How many hours do you spend listening to the radio a day?
  • How many hours to spend socializing a day?
  • How many hours do you spend online a day?
  • How many hours do you spend reading books that do not educate you to advance in life?

Use your time profitably because time is an asset. If you abuse time, you attract poverty.   


2. Because you are not learning from God's creation

Creation teaches us a lot about money, management, and wisdom. God did not create animals just for consumption. Animals and other creations of God perform greater roles in our lives. For example, the Holy Scriptures teach us to learn from the ant (see Proverbs 6:6-11).

Ants are tiny animals, yet they possess great wisdom. They gather their food at the appropriate time and store them for the future. They work in unity and protect one another. Some animals (camels, crocodiles, snakes, giraffes, frogs, spiders, and many more) can survive without food for over one week, month, or year.

Some animals (bullfrogs, elephants, deer, horses, sheep, and many more) can live for several hours, days, and months without sleeping. Some animals (ants, camels, dogs, beavers, bulls, donkeys, and many more) can work throughout the day without complaining.

If you analyze the lives of domestic and wild animals, you will realize that they teach us many lessons. If you check the lives of some domestic animals, you will realize that they do not depend on their parents at certain stages of their lives.

Ants, for example, teach us the lesson of management, love, and unity. Trees, for example, teach us about seasons, sowing, and reaping. You are not advancing in life because you are not learning from the creation of God.

If the Holy Scriptures command us to learn from His creation, such as ants, what stops you from learning from wise animals. Some animals (crows, chimpanzees, elephants, cats, rats, horses, falcons, and many more) have a high intelligence quotient.

Humble yourself and learn from animals because they teach a lot about prosperity. You have consumed innocent animals for a long time. It is time to make an amendment. Download and watch wildlife because they can teach you some life lessons. I recommend this book by Donna Antoinette Coleman and Vernon Coleman, The Wisdom of Animals.


3. Because you are wasting your precious energy.

Do you know that sexual intercourse involves energy? From my research, I learned that sex is energy. When a man releases sperms (semen) during sexual intercourse, he releases energy to the woman.

Some medical doctors state that semen released during sexual intercourse can nourish women. In his book, think big and grow rich, Napoleon Hill says that we can transmute our sexual energy into something productive.

In the Holy Scriptures, the wise man states that we should not give women our strength (sexual energy) (see Proverbs 31:3). In my book, the Mysteries of Sexual Purity, I have revealed over 60 mysteries behind sexual purity.

Sex is an invisible force. If you waste your sexual energy, you can become poor. God has invested most of your creativity in your sperm; that is why God can turn a sperm into a human being in a woman’s womb.

Wasting your sexual energy on prostitutes, women, girls, animals, and sex toys can make you poor. You can channel your sexual energy to do great things in life. If you don’t want to be poor, learn how to use or channel your sexual energy into something productive.

If you are not married, use your sexual energy to do something productive. If you are married, manage your sexual energy because your wife can lower your energy when you abuse sex. Stop masturbating because it can also make you poor. Think through.

  • Are you addicted to sex?
  • How often do you have sex a day, week, or month?
  • Do you chase women, girls, wives, and prostitutes because of sex?
  • Are you addicted to masturbation?
  • Are you addicted to porn and romantic videos?
  • Are you addicted to erotic books and songs?

If yes to any of these questions, you will likely be poor because you are wasting your sexual energy. Instead of using sexual energy to advance in life, you will be wasting it on unnecessary things. Do you know that the force of sex is greater than the force of anger, joy, and sorrow? 

If you want to advance in life, channel your sexual energy profitably. You can use your sexual energy to do the things of God (evangelism, intercession, and any church work). Channel your sexual energy to maximize your gifts, passion, and purpose if you want to escape poverty.


4. Because you are ignorant of spiritual laws

Do not forsake spiritual laws if you want to advance in this life. Most successful people you see online, in media, and neighborhoods know something about the spiritual world. Some of them use strange powers to advance in life.

Others use the right channel to advance in life. However, if you want to become successful, do not neglect the power of the spiritual world. You are not advancing in life because you are ignorant of spiritual warfare.

In most families, counties, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods, some spiritual powers control them (meditate on Ephesians 6:12-18). Ignorance of these spiritual forces can limit you in life.

Some demonic altars in your family can also hinder you in life if you don’t tackle them. Bloodline, jurisdictional, demonic, and self-imposed curses can limit your progress if you don’t break them through prayers and fasting.

Making negative comments about yourself can also give demons the legal right to hinder your progress. Curses can also give Satan and his minions the license to hijack your blessings. Apostle Paul writes that we are in spiritual warfare in the book of Ephesians chapter six, verses ten to eighteen.

Failure to deal with the wicked spiritual forces in your family, workplace, school, and neighborhood can limit and prolong your prosperity. Failure to decree and profess the promises of God in your life can hinder your progress. In my book, should we fight, I have enumerated the top twenty reasons we must fight. Think through.

  • Do you occasionally have strange and hostile dreams?
  • Have you made a background check to see the power ruling your family and life?
  • Have you examined your place of worship “church”?
  • Have you examined your workplace?
  • Have you examined your mentors?
  • Have you examined the community you live in?
  • Do you occasionally speak negative words to yourself?
  • Have you examined your friends and association?

Your association can generate blessings or curses. Embark on fasting and prayers as led by the Holy Spirit because the devil and his minions are real. Wicked people are real. These evil vessels can use strange powers to hinder your progress if you don’t take responsibility. Check out my series of books for more profound revelations. Also, check out my series of articles if you want to break the spiritual stronghold limiting your blessings.


5. Because you solely depend on human beings to make it in life.

  • Are you solely depending on the government to become successful?
  • Are you solely depending on your parents or guardians to become successful?
  • Are you hoping that a rich man will come to your aid?
  • Are you relying on a promise someone made to you to become prosperous?
  • Are you hoping that you will become prosperous without making any effort?

If yes to any of these questions, I welcome you to the prison of poverty. God has provided food for the birds of the air, but they die from hunger if they refuse to fly (work). I hope you got the analogy?

You cannot sit idle and expect people to help you. One thing you must know about life is that people are busy with their lives. Most politicians make false promises to build trust and get votes.

Politicians do not concentrate on individuals. They deal with countries, cities, towns, and groups of people. If you are hoping that the government will one day locate you and solve all your life problems, you will likely remain poor because they are busy with their lives.

If you are fortunate, the mercies of God may locate you to receive help. However, do not put all your trust in the government and human beings because they also have problems. It doesn’t matter how successful a person may be; that vessel has some challenges.

I pray that the Holy Spirit opens the eyes of your spirit to see the struggles of some successful people. Some are in great pain, sorrow, confusion, depression, and strange diseases. If the Holy Spirit should permit me to write and publish most of the visions he gives me, you will not be jealous of rich and famous people.

The Holy Scriptures state that you are cursed if you place all your trust in human beings and forsake God (see Jeremiah 17:5-8). If you want to be successful on earth, do not put all your trust in human beings because they can disappoint you.

People can change their minds towards you. They can lie to you. The people you are hoping to help you also have problems. Some of their problems may be bigger than yours. God can use his creation (human being or anything) to help you but do not put all your trust in human beings. Putting all your trust in human beings can lead to curses and poverty.


6. Because you are always relying on the past.

You are poor because you are always relying on your past mistakes. One thing I have realized about life is that we are bound to make mistakes. We are imperfect beings searching for ways to advance in life.

The fact that we can make mistakes does not mean we should stop progressing in our failure season. When I make a mistake, I admit it, learn from it, and move forward because I cannot change from the past.

The only way is to move forward. Some people cannot advance in life because someone hurt them. Maybe it was a relationship problem. Because of the hurt, they cannot move forward in life.

They allow the pain to hold their progress. Some people allow the abuse of their loved ones and others to create a scar in their lives. For example, some people complain that their parents did not take them to school.

Instead of these people moving on in life, they allow the pain to create a curtain of darkness in their lives. They see hopelessness, despair, failure, and confusion. If you are the type that continually relies on the past, you are likely to become poor.

The dark scar you create will close the open door in your life. Instead of creating a bright future for yourself, the past pain and abuse will be caging you not to move forward. Think through.

  • Are you constantly thinking about the abuse you went through?
  • Do you take responsibility for your failure?
  • Are you constantly blaming others for your failure?
  • Are you holding some pain and abuse people inflicted on you?
  • Are you constantly complaining about life?

Life may not respond to you as you intended because we live in an imperfect world. Your parents, guardians, family, friends, and neighbors are imperfect beings. They are likely to hurt you in the journey of life.

Like a cat and mouse, it doesn’t matter how innocent the cat is; it is likely to harm a mouse when it crosses its path. The people around you are like cats. You are the mouse, don’t think the people (cats) are harmless.

Instead, live with people in wisdom. You are likely to be poor if you always complain about what people did to you. You may have done great evil. The evil deed keeps reflecting in your heart and mind because you cannot forgive yourself. Repent, make restitution, ask the Lord for forgiveness, and move on because life is a school. Failure to resolve past mistakes and abuse can make you poor.


7. Because you have not sown any good seed

If you plant the seed of oranges, you will reap oranges. If you plant the seed of mangoes, you will reap mangoes. Your seed will determine your fruit. You are poor because you have not sown seeds of money or financial assistance into people's lives.

Consistently giving to the poor, paying your tithe and offerings from your heart is a seed (see Proverbs 19:17, Proverbs 28:27). At the right time, you will reap the harvest if you keep giving from your heart. You cannot expect the fruits of maize if you have not sown the seeds of maize. The same applies to the seed of money. Think through.

Whatever you can do to help the vulnerable in life, do it from your heart because it is a seed you are sowing. Failure to sow good (financial) seeds in the life of others can make you poor. On the hand, if you sow bad seeds, you will reap them (meditate on Galatians 6:7). Repent and sow good seeds if you want to advance in life. Are you ready to advance in life?

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