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Why We Must Love Knowledge [101 Power Benefits of Reading Books] – 6


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Seeds of Ignorance and Wisdom

A baby cries out of fear, ignorance, desire for love, adversity, hunger, and rejection. If the baby knew that God loves him, he would not desperately desire love from others. If the baby knew that God was with him, he would not walk and live in rejection and fear.

Suppose the baby knew that he could do anything he has determined to do with the assistance of God. He will not allow rejection and adversity to dominate him in that case. The baby is a symbol of ignorant people.

Ignorant people cry because they don’t know what the future holds for them. Ignorant people allow the rejection of their loved ones and the world to control their emotions and decisions. They don’t know that Christ Jesus died and rose on the third day for their salvation.

Ignorant people live in pain, rejection, and fear because they don’t know Christ Jesus is preparing a place for them in Heaven and new earth. Ignorance is an invisible barrier. It limits your blessings, focus, vision, and potential.

This is one reason you must love knowledge. I mean, you must be a reader. Reading breaks the walls of ignorance (fear, confusion, depression, and uncertainty). There is nowhere you cannot travel with a transformed mind.

You can travel to America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and any continent with your soul without your body (physical presence). It takes an enlightened mind to think intensely. If your mind is weak (lacks knowledge), your hope and vision weaken.

Reading eliminates the darkness clouding your glorious path. Your friends might have rejected you. Your neighbors, co-workers, “church members,” and loved ones might have left you. However, their rejection will not make you fearful, abandoned, hopeless, and useless if you know what to do.

Knowing what to do comes with knowledge (information.) This is one reason you must love books. Reading increases your hope. It boosts your creativity and makes you unique. Reading enhances your vision. It makes your imagination clear and attainable. Reading cleanses and stretches your visionary glass. It makes you think and imagine tactfully and strategically.


The light of knowledge

One reason Christ Jesus did not fear entering the land of crucifixion was that he knew something others did not know. Christ Jesus did not fear death because he knew he would rise on the third day.

Christ Jesus knew he could give away his life and take it back. He had the power to resurrect himself. Christ Jesus knew the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit would resurrect him from death. That knowledge made him fearless and unstoppable.

While Apostle Peter and other apostles mourned Christ Jesus’ death, Christ Jesus rejoiced because He knew his death and resurrection would end the power of sin and bring victory to humankind.

Apostle Peter tried to stop Christ Jesus from entering Jerusalem because he knew Christ Jesus would die. However, Christ Jesus rebuked Apostle Peter. He knew something Peter did not know. Sometimes, your boss or a wise person can rebuke you for your fears and decisions because he knows something you do not know.

Sometimes your loved ones cry for you because they think your end has come. They might think disease, debt, disability, and poverty will end your life. However, you will not be bothered by their crying and discouragement because you know something they don’t know.

You have some information they do not possess, so you don’t allow their sad faces and words to hijack you. If you are knowledgeable (a reader of books), the destructive criticism and evil expectations of people will not bother you because you know something they don’t know.

Enemies may conclude your matter. However, you have information they don’t have. They might be thinking your end has come. They might think you cannot do anything. However, the information (knowledge) you carry will empower you to move on.

Be a knowledgeable vessel if you want to dominate people's destructive criticism and evil expectations. Read books. The more you read, it upgrades your mental faculty. Your knowledge will dominate the ill wills and destructive criticism of enemies. Your knowledge will break the evil expectations hanging in the atmosphere. Do you love books? Are you a reader?


Knowledge is a life giver

One thing I have realized about myself is that I don’t easily get discouraged. Some people try to intimidate me spiritually and physically. However, the information I carry makes me focused and unstoppable.

I know something the enemy and loved ones do not know. Your friends, enemies, and family might not believe in you. Some people might be waiting for your failure. However, the information you possess will make you unstoppable.

Knowledge is an invisible protector and projector. It takes you to the future. Knowledge prepares you for the future. It shapes your destiny and positions you at a higher height. Knowledge will give you three years to accomplish what took some people thirty years to achieve that same task.

America and other advanced countries are seen as powerful because they know something other countries do not know. Knowledge makes a country, organization, church, institution, or individual untouchable.

The knowledge you carry can make you bold as a lion. Why do you think a doctor welcomes a man with diabetes? The doctor knows what to do to make the diabetic man receive healing. A man that is full of the Holy Spirit, the Word, and anointing does not fear the devil and evil spirits because he carries something.

He knows something the ordinary man does not know. It is said that “What a cat sees and ignores, a dog sees and bark at it.” Do you want to know why? The cat knows something the dog does not know.

Assuming a friend gives you a car as a gift. The next day, you realize that the vehicle is not moving. You might think the car is faulty or the friend gave you a fake one. However, take the car to a vehicle mechanic.

That mechanic will fix the car for you within minutes because he knows something you do not know. It might have been a minor fault that needed a fix. However, because you did not know how to fix the car, you concluded that the vehicle was faulty and fake. In the same way, what you don’t know makes you vulnerable. If you don’t want to be vulnerable, read and read. If you don’t want people to take advantage of you, be a lover of books.


The ignorant woman and the parrot

I heard this story from a man of God. However, I have thrown more light into the story. In the story, the man of God said a man bought her mother a beautiful talking parrot. After that, the man gave some money to her mother and drove to his house.

The next day, the man visited her mother because he wanted to hear from her mother how the parrot entertained her. On arrival, the man saw her mother happily preparing his favorite soup. The man told herself the parrot might have entertained her mother because he saw smiles on her face.

Her mother had no one to entertain her because she was the only one in the house. When the man approached her mother, her mother embraced him and told him, I prepared a delicious palm nut soup with the parrot you gave me!

Her mother insisted her son enjoyed the palm nut soup she prepared with the parrot. What! The son shouted! Did you prepare palm nut soup with the parrot? The mother was innocent and, at the same time, ignorant.

She did not know that the parrot could talk. She saw the parrot as a potential meat to make her soup delicious, so she killed it and made palm nut soup. So you can see from the story that the woman did not know that parrots could talk.

If the woman knew the parrot could talk and entertain her, she would not have killed it and used it for palm nut soup. As stated in my previous articles, ignorance leads to destruction (see Hosea 4:6).

Ignorance made a woman use a parrot for palm nut soup. In the same way, ignorance can make you abuse a treasure. If you have spiritual eyes, you will not abuse people irrespective of their tribe and status. If you have superior knowledge, you will not abuse animals. If you have spiritual knowledge, you will not abuse nature. Be a reader to escape calamities.


The authority of knowledge

Knowledge makes you authoritative. What kills ordinary people cannot kill knowledgeable people. This is one reason you must love books. You must be a reader. Reading elevates you from the realm of darkness to the realm of light (abundance, glory, fame, and power).

Knowledge can take you to a place money cannot take you. Knowledge puts a smile on your face while others (the ignorant) live in depression. While others are crying, you will be rejoicing because of the information you carry.

While others give up, you will walk through the storms because you carry certain information. In today’s world, knowledge is the master key to dominion. Read if you don’t want your enemy to dominate you.

Why do advanced countries invest in technology, artificial intelligence, and data collection (knowledge)? They know the power of the internet, technology, artificial intelligence, and data collection (knowledge).

Things are changing. What reigned yesterday is passing out because of advanced knowledge. You can have the best military. However, weak systems and inadequate knowledge can make you lose the battle.

It is said, “A group of sheep led by a lion will defeat a group of lions led by a sheep.” If the leader is weak, it affects the followers. A lion knows the strategy of war. You allowing a lion to lead is an excellent decision.

You can have thousands of lions. If the leader is a sheep, the lions will fail because the sheep do not know or have little warfare principles. The lions will fail because of the sheep's mindset. The lion has a higher mindset when it comes to warfare.

In the same way, countries, organizations, churches, and institutions full of weak leaders (ignorant leaders) will fall into jeopardy. Governments, churches, organizations, and institutions void of knowledge will fail because they don’t have the required knowledge to make critical decisions. A group (country, organization, church, business, and institution) with no or inadequate knowledge will fail in leadership. Do you love books? Are you a reader?


The strategy of knowledge and systems

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It takes superior knowledge to devise an unstoppable strategy. Whether it be church growth, business, leadership, and management. Unbreakable, unbeatable, and unstoppable groups update their systems with the current database with new information (knowledge).

For example, no one can enter your social media account or email address without getting your password, even if a hacker (criminal) gets your password. There is a second layer of security.

The hacker has to get your phone number because the system will send verification codes to your phone before signing in. Sometimes the system can detect suspicious engagement on your account and alert you.

In this case, the security system will ask the hacker to provide answers to some secret questions. Let’s take PayPal, Payoneer, Google, and Facebook as an illustration. Before creating a profile or an account on these platforms, you must have an active email address, active phone number, recovery email address, and security questions and answers.

If you forget your password, the system will send you a recovery link to your phone or email. Sometimes, the system can ask the security questions you input while creating the account. There are some accounts; the system automatically forces you to change your password at least every six months.

Sometimes, the system can force you to create a strong password. These systems are the works of artificial intelligence. You don’t need a human being to work these out. The system protects you from hackers. A real human being comes in when it needs a technical solution. That’s the power of knowledge.

Today, you can withdraw money on your electronic device without visiting the bank. I heard someone say you can deposit money into your account in some Automated Teller Machines.

You can have thousands, millions, and billions of funds on your electronic device. You don’t need a human being to do your transactions. Why can’t we set up security systems to monitor, prevent, and detect bribery and corruption in our Churches, institutions, organizations, and government?

Knowledge is powerful. We can do a lot with knowledge. We can create ultra-modern systems and updates these systems with the latest information (knowledge). Feeding the systems with the latest database will protect them from criminals (hackers and scammers).

Criminals will temper with the system; therefore, we must protect them with cyber security, cameras, and wild animals. We will update the system with the latest technology (information) to close loopholes.

We can even use wild dogs, lions, and tigers to protect the systems. Human beings will be feeding the animals! Knowledge is a great resource. As one man said, “We don’t need strong men; we need strong systems.”

We must read books. We must acquire proven information. We must acquire qualitative and quantitative data (knowledge). We can build more systems if we have adequate knowledge.

We must update our minds with resourceful information. Living without a mobile phone, internet, and smart electronic devices can limit you. Insisting that you don’t need a mobile phone because, in your time, a mobile phone was unimportant will lower your productivity.

Insisting that you don’t need the internet because, in your time, you used the post office to deliver your message will limit your progress. Insisting that you won’t travel by car, train, or airplane because, in your time, you walked and traveled by camel will limit you.

Insisting that you won’t read because you can think for yourself will limit your growth. Someone with a higher certificate and knowledge base will eliminate you from your office, home, and place of comfort.

In today’s world, knowledge plays an important role. You can be sixty years. If you are ignorant, a ten-year-old child can manipulate you with his electronic device. A fifteen-year-old child can earn fifty times your monthly salary because of the knowledge he carries.

Someone can use one hour to earn what you take as a monthly salary because he knows something you do not know. This is not a scam. It’s technology. It’s a system. The level of knowledge the fifteen-year-old child carries is why he is earning fifty times your monthly salary.

Rise from the realm of ignorance. Be a reader. Be a lover of books because they can change your life and those connected to you. Knowledge will make you develop an application that will fetch you thousands of digital cash. You can use those funds to expand the Kingdom's work and help people experiencing poverty.


God works with our minds

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Ephesians 3:20 KJV

I hope you read the Holy Scriptures. Apostle Paul writes that God can do abundantly above all we ask or think. This means our thoughts can be prayer requests. Your imagination can be a request in Heaven.

Your thoughts are words in Heaven. Your thoughts speak in the spiritual and soulish realm. Your thoughts are images in the sight of the Trinity and spiritual forces. You can pray without opening your mouth because God sees, feel, and touch your thoughts.

This is one reason to transform your mind with spiritual and resourceful books. God can work with your visions. One way to have a greater vision (mindset) is to be a reader. Your mindset and decisions are directly proportionate to the level of your knowledge.

Like a child, he is always thinking about food and toys. Such a child cannot imagine great things. God will work with the visionary level of the child. He will ensure the child gets food and toys because that is his mindset (prayer to God).

In the same way, when a man has adequate information, he will think great things. Great minds think about mansions, souls that need salvation, businesses, development, productivity, acquisition of lands, churches, and unity.

When God sees these thoughts (salvation of souls, productivity, church growth, development, and unity), He will help you get those things because your thoughts are prayer requests. Let me drop the Holy Scripture.


Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

Ephesians 3:20 KJV

If you read the latter part, Apostle Paul adds, “According to the power that works in us.” What power is Paul talking about? You can check my article on power for more profound revelations. Power in the context of the above Holy Scriptures symbolizes knowledge.

Knowledge brings power. God cannot work with an ignorant vessel (meditate on Hosea 4:6). He needs something from you. The Holy Spirit does not want to abuse your will. He wants to work with your willpower. God wants to work with what you have.

  • What are your plans?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your vision?
  • What do you have?
  • What is your knowledge base?

The power that works in you comes into full force when the Holy Spirit unites. When the Holy Spirit unites with you, your plans, knowledge, vision, and goals align with God’s seed. A seed does not grow by itself.

It needs fertile land, sunlight, and water. In the same way, God expects adequate fertile land (wisdom), sunlight (knowledge), and water (understanding) to help you make an exploit. When God sees your level of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, he gives you the seed.

God will not waste his time giving you seed because that seed will perish without fertile land, sunlight, and water. He will not give you something you cannot manage. He wants to know the level of your knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and relationship with the Holy Spirit. God does not waste resources. He wants to be sure of your capabilities and faith in His Word.

  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to handle people?
  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to handle a husband?
  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to handle a wife?
  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to you handle a child?
  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to handle a business?
  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to handle a Church?
  • Do you have what it takes (knowledge) to handle your prayer request?

God does not want you to perish. He wants to be sure whether you can grow and multiply the seed. If you want God to invest in you, be a man of knowledge (meditate on Hosea 4:6). Gather adequate knowledge.

Read books. The more you read, it expands your mind (creativity, skills, and potential). The more you read, your land becomes fertile. The more you read, your sunlight becomes brighter. The more you read, your water becomes larger.

God will trust you with greater resources when the power (knowledge) in you is great. You cannot get your request from God because you don’t have the capacity (knowledge) to manage the resources.

You have limited knowledge. Your knowledge base is inadequate. You cannot expect God to fill a ten-litter bucket with a thousand-litter bucket of water. Your knowledge of the Word (the Holy Bible) is shallow.

Your relationship with the Holy Spirit is weak. Your faith in the Word is weak. Your spiritual strength is weak because you don’t have the Word in your spirit and soul. You are too carnal to receive the seed of God.

You hate reading. You despise knowledge; therefore, the Holy Spirit does not invest in you. God (the Holy Spirit) does not want you to mishandle the Church members you are praying for. God does not want you to break down because you don’t have what it takes to lead people, organizations, churches, and countries.

You have not tasted death. You have not resurrected from death. You don’t have the knowledge dead seeds received from the earth to stay alive. You don’t have the life (knowledge) Earth and Heaven possess.

What is your power (knowledge) level? What power (knowledge) is working in you? What is your knowledge base? Don’t expect the Holy Spirit to give you something you cannot manage. In the same way, don’t expect people to give you what you cannot manage.

  • Are you born again?
  • Do you have the anointing to handle the team?
  • Do you have the wisdom to lead?
  • Are you a reader?

The people coming your way are more knowledgeable than you. God does not want to embarrass you. He wants you to grow in wisdom. Read books. Have time for the Word (the Holy Bible) because God works with your vision (the knowledge that works in you). Where is the power (knowledge)?


Your knowledge base increases your dominion mandate

…the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.

Daniel 11:32 KJV

Have you realized that a driver does not fear handling a car because he knows how to drive? In the same way, a pilot is not fearful of the airplane because he knows how to handle an airplane. An astronaut does not fear a rocket in space because he knows how to handle it.

A pastor who has pastored for several years does not fear a congregation in a remote territory because he has the knowledge and experience. In the same way, the people who know their God are strong.

Secondly, they do exploits. If you know that your parents can pay your tertiary education fees, you will not be afraid to buy the school forms because your parent can afford them. In the same way, you will not be afraid of abusers if you know your parents are stronger than the abusers. Imagine your father being the Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank.

The intimidation of the workers in the bank will not depress you because you know that your father can deal with them (I hope you are doing the right thing as a worker in the bank). In the same way, people who know God walks in power.

Those who know their God have an invisible authority. You can be a Christian believer and still be tormented by demons if you don’t know the power of God. If you don’t know the greatness of the God you serve, someone with a lesser god can intimidate you.

However, your knowledge of God will make you bold. Like Elijah and Baal prophets, Elijah knew the power of God, so he challenged the Baal prophets. Elijah knew his God was superior to the Baal prophet’s gods.

This made Elijah bold. Elijah dealt with Baal prophets because of his knowledge (faith) in the God of Israel. David knew something about his God. He challenged the Philistine warrior (Goliath). Physically, David was no match for Goliath.

However, David's knowledge about the God of Israel empowered him to challenge the Philistine champion. Shadrack, Meschack, and Abednego knew the power of their God, so they did not bow to the evil decrees of Nebuchadnezzar.

Talk of Daniel, Noah, and Abraham. They knew God. Their experience and knowledge about God empowered them to do “abnormal” things. What do you know about God? What have you read about God in the Holy Bible? What have you learned about God in spiritual (religious) books?


Some of my personal experience

I remember the Holy Spirit telling me to go to Akwatia and its community to do the work of God. Initially, I didn’t want to go because Akwatia was unpleasant. That’s where I was born. I left that place in the year 2005.

I was young when we left that place. The Holy Spirit spoke to me several times in dreams and visions to go to Akwatia to do the work of God. If I should count the number of times the Holy Spirit spoke to me to go to Akwatia, it will be more than a hundred times.

One afternoon, I was fasting, praying, and waiting on the Lord. Immediately, I had a short dream (vision). In the dream, the Holy Spirit told me to go to Akwatia again. He told me to do the work of God in Akwatia.

This time, I obeyed. Immediately, I packed some of my clothes in my bag. I did not know where to sleep in Akwatia. I boarded a traveling bus from Koforidua to Bodua. When I reached Bodua, I took a taxi to Akwatia.

When I reached Akwatia, the Holy Spirit directed me to an old friend I attended primary school with while living in Akwatia. By God’s grace, my friend welcomed me into his small room. He was even happy seeing me.

However, I got some bad news from the community my friend lived. Some people told me that my friend was a drunkard and a smoker. It was true because I smelled alcohol when he spoke to me.

I advised my friend to use the Holy Scriptures and prayed with him several times. As I stayed with my friend, I could see some changes in his lifestyle. I did what the Holy Spirit commanded me to do in Akwatia for some days.

One thing that proved that the Holy Spirit sent me to Akwatia to pray for the land and preach the good news was that most people received the gospel. Some even gave me good offerings after preaching.

Although I did not ask for an offering after preaching, they gave from their hearts. I felt I had accomplished what the Holy Spirit told me to do in Akwatia. I faced temptations. However, the Holy Spirit gave me the grace to overcome.

Some people accepted the gospel, while some didn’t accept me. I did what the Lord told me to do. If I did not apply wisdom, some people's reactions would have discouraged me from praying for the land and preaching the gospel.

Every day, I woke up at midnight to pray with my friend. We walked through the camp of Akwatia in the middle of the night, praying. I believe the Holy Spirit used me to train my friend. One thing that increased my faith was that I met a strange guy who partially looked abnormal.

The Holy Spirit told me to minister to him. I prayed for him and prophesied over his life that the Holy Spirit should have mercy over him and use him. I believe he was one of the main reasons the Holy Spirit pressured me to come to Akwatia.

Leaving Koforidua and journeying to Akwatia was “unpleasant.” However, my knowledge and experience with God increased my faith. I went to Akwatia and did what the Holy Spirit told me. I believe there are more journeys to embark on.

With my faith and knowledge in God’s Word, I will not allow the fears of this world to hold me. Before going to Akwatia, I had some fear in me. I thought, where will I sleep? What if something bad happens to me?

What if the people reject me? What will I eat in that place? Many negative thoughts were hovering over my soul. However, my knowledge of God and the wisdom acquired from the Holy Bible empowered me to step into Akwatia to preach the gospel and intercede for the land.

Most of the people in Akwatia gave me enough offerings. Some, too, did not accept me and the gospel. Some accepted the gospel and gave their lives to Christ Jesus. There was a time my friend refused to pray with me in the middle of the night.

I had to walk alone in the camp of Akwatia, praying in the middle of the night. I could pray alone in the middle of the night in the camp of Akwatia, and nothing evil happened to me! That’s the protection of the Holy Spirit!

If the Holy Spirit sent me, He will protect me. The Holy Spirit will provide if He sends me. My fears could have imprisoned me in my comfort zone (Koforidua) if I had little or no knowledge about God and His Word (the Holy Bible).

Because I studied the Holy Bible, I entered the “unpleasant” place to do the work of God. The testimonies in the Holy Bible empowered me to go to a place I had no assurance. If I had been ignorant of God’s Word, I would have missed the blessings of God in Akwatia. Although I have traveled to several places to preach the Word, Akwatia’s journey was unique. It took knowledge, faith, and wisdom to enter Akwatia.


Where lies your knowledge?

My question is, what do you know about your God? I mean, what do you know about Christ Jesus?

  • What do you know about God’s Word (the Holy Bible)?
  • What do you know about the Holy Spirit?
  • What do you know about the Heavenly Father?
  • What do you know about the devil and evil spirits?
  • What do you know about human beings?
  • What do you know about animals?
  • What do you know about nature?

If you know the God you serve, nobody can intimidate you. If you know the promises of God recorded in the Holy Bible, nothing will stop you. Aside from going to church, know the God you serve.

I mean, study God in the Holy Bible. Study the attributes of God enshrined in the Holy Bible. The personalities of God will sharpen your spiritual senses to do great things. Read about the business you want to venture into. Be a reader, and you will not enter the prison of ignorant people. You will escape the prison of fear, depression, confusion, and hopelessness if you read.


Study the Word to receive divine power

As stated, study the personalities of Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit in the Holy Bible. Read books connected to the Holy Bible. With the spiritual knowledge, you will know the power of God.

You will know the abilities of God. Through studies, you can do great things in the Kingdom of God. One reason the devil abuses you is because you don’t have any knowledge about Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

The devil abuses you because you are ignorant of God’s Word (the Holy Bible). Evil spirits manipulate you because you don’t know the devil's devices (meditate on 2 Corinthians 2:11). Study the Word of God from your heart.

The enemy will not dominate your soul when the Word of God fills it (meditate on Hebrews 4;12). Demonic oppression, depression, suppression, and possession will not overwhelm you when you know God biblically and experientially.

You are attending church is good. However, be a voracious reader of the Word. Obey the Word. The more you study God’s Word, it prepares you for exploits. The Word of God does not fail. When you stand on the Word, you stand on the unbreakable (solid) rock.

Grow in faith by hearing more of the Word. Let the Word of God dwell in you. When you feed on the Word and books connected to the Word of God, the enemy hindering your progress will depart.

The enemies abusing and blocking you from entering the promised land will disappear in the red sea when you become one with the Word of God. Study the miracles of God enshrined in the Word.

If God did it for others, He can do it for you. The more you know about God, the greater his power and presence fills you. As stated, one way of knowing God is by studying the Word of God and reading books connected to Holy Spirit.

I mean reading Holy Spirit-inspired books. Freely download and read my book on my blog, knowing the Holy Spirit for more profound revelations. Do you want to be strong spiritually and mentally, then read books?

Study the Word. The Word will give you the resources to make exploits. Most books and articles the Holy Spirit used me to write came through studies. The more I studied the Word and prayed in tongues, the Holy Spirit inspired me to write.

Freely download my book, How I wrote over 40 Books and Over 350 articles within three years, for more profound revelations. Be a reader if you want to invent things. Read spiritual and resourceful books if you want to manufacture great products. Read books to grow your business, organization, and church.

In the next article, I will write in detail about the superiority of knowledge and how it affects us and the world. Kindly share the link to this article with loved ones so they can also grow in wisdom.

To be continued…


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