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Eight Fruits of Dead Congregations [Escaping the Dark Churches and False Preachers]

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The Holy Spirit commanded me to write and publish these wisdom keys because several Christian believers' lives are lost in the wilderness. Some Christians live in the darkness, thinking they are in the light.

One grievous mistake to make is to realize you were on the wrong path when your soul and spirit permanently departed from the body. In Apostle John’s vision, Christ Jesus gave several revelations about the church.

I recommend reading the book of Revelation, chapters one to three. You can also check out my series of articles for more profound revelations. Christ Jesus warned seven churches. He reminded them of their wickedness so they could repent. These churches apply to our modern-day churches. It’s a mistake to fellowship with a dark church because it can disqualify you from heaven and the new earth.


Some visions about dead congregations

The Holy Spirit has revealed several visions to me by God's grace. He has revealed to me false churches and gospel ministers in dreams and visions. The Holy Spirit has also revealed true gospel ministers to me.

In one of the visions, I saw most of the “church members” drinking alcohol while some were smoking cigarettes and illegal drugs as the “gospel minister” stood on the pulpit. The preacher on the pulpit was doing something ungodly.

I cannot remember what the preacher on the pulpit was doing. However, he was also part of the church member’s immoral activities. I could see from the vision that the people were blind in the spirit.

The people within the church were lost, profane, wicked, and hopeless! The preachers in the church had nothing to do with the Holy Spirit and Holy Bible. However, I was once a member of that church. I am no more part of that church. The Holy Spirit revealed this vision to me several years ago after I left the church.


Second vision about dead churches

The Holy Spirit revealed another vision to me about a specific church. In the vision, the people in the church were happily responding and dancing to the tune of a loud secular song. I could see in the vision that the “Christians” concentrated entirely on the ungodly music!

In the vision, I saw a large number of women. They were dressed seductively. The women were over one thousand. Their dresses looked similar to those on the beaches. They were dancing to secular music playing in the church.

The women were behind the church pulpit. I could see from the vision that the church members and preachers were blind to the activities of the ungodly women dancing behind the large auditorium.

While the women were dancing behind the pulpit, “a minister of God” ordained a bishop. One thing that marveled me was that “the Christians” were fully concentrated on the secular music playing in the church.

They did not see the worldly-dressed and lustful women dancing behind the pulpit. I could see in the vision that the pastors on the pulpit and the man ordaining the new bishop did not see the women dancing behind the pulpit!

The church had flashy, colorful lights flashing as the secular song played. I could feel the happiness of the church members. They loved the beat of the music! The church looked partially like a nightclub because of the darkness and flashy light displayed within the large building.

After the bishop's ordination, the women dancing behind the pulpit left. The Jezebel spirit operates in several churches, yet people are ignorant of their presence and devices. I have had several visions about some gospel ministers and churches. I will share more visions with you when the Holy Spirit authorizes me.


More profound revelations about dead congregations

Several people are fellowshipping with dead ministries and false gospel ministers. Being in a dead church and submitting to a false gospel minister is a great tragedy because it brings you under demonic curses and covenants.

A dead congregation is a place of darkness. It’s a place of destruction, evil, and eternal doom. Fellowshipping in a dead congregation automatically makes you a citizen of hell. The curses and demonic altars operating in the dead church dominate you when you submit to false gospel ministers and dead congregations.  

This is one reason I want to share with you eight signs of dead congregations. Knowing these secrets will deliver you from fellowshipping with dead congregations. Your chances of missing heaven and the new earth will be low when you recognize dead congregations and false ministers.

Although you receive salvation through Christ Jesus, you can lose your salvation when you walk outside the path of the Word (Christ Jesus). I recommend reading my book, who is a Christian believer, and the forty types of Christian believers for more profound revelations.


The man that wandereth out of the way of understanding shall remain in the congregation of the dead.

Proverbs 21:16 KJV

Solomon, one of the wisest men that walked on earth, writes that a foolish man will remain in the congregation of the dead. People deviating from Christ Jesus's path will likely end in dead churches.

Connect with my article if you don’t want to end in dead congregations. Do well to share the link to this article with your loved ones so they can also escape the snare of dead churches and false gospel ministers (wolves in sheep's clothing). Below are eight fruits of dead congregations


Eight fruits of dead congregations

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1. Excess carnality

One identifying mark of a dead congregation is excess carnality. A church full of sexual immorality, witchcraft activities, prostitution, idolatry, hatred, abortion, gossip, confusion, and conflicts is a potentially dead congregation.

The Holy Spirit is not the author of witchcraft, sexual immorality, and ungodly activities; therefore, these evils are signs of darkness. Flee churches that have numerous carnal “Christians” and leaders because it’s a potentially dead congregation.

Preachers and “Christians” in dead congregations are wolves in sheep's clothing. If you don’t want to miss heaven, disassociate from excessively carnal Christians and preachers. However, there are true churches with carnal Christians.

However, true churches have fewer carnal Christians than dead congregations (churches with numerous carnal preachers and lost Christians). If many people in the church are sensual, it’s a dead congregation.

Choose another church. In my next article, I will share twenty-one signs of true churches. Check out my book, who is a Christian believer and forty types of Christian believers, for more profound revelations.


 2. Excess wickedness

Another sign of a dead church is the continual works of wickedness. A church with no sympathy for the poor and unbelievers is a dead congregation. A church that abuses the poor is a dead congregation.

A church void of true love is a dead congregation. A potentially dead congregation neglects the vulnerable and praises only rich people. Escape for your life when many people in the church show the character of the devil (lying, murder, and corruption). Flee for your life when the people and leaders in the church visit shrines to destroy others. That church is dead! Escape for your life!


3. Operates under the spell of the enemy

Dead congregations operate under the charms of the devil. They use magic books and worship images. Dead congregations pray to images. Dead churches live under the curses of evil spirits. The evil powers in the environment have total control over dead churches because dead congregations lack real power.

Dead congregations have no power to break out from the enemy's chain. They remain under the demonic altars in the area. If the demonic altar is premature death, the people within the church die often.

If the spell is a sickness, the people within the church often fall sick. Dead churches are helpless and powerless. They remain in the bondage of backwardness, poverty, failure, and fear. Escape from such churches if you don’t want to become a slave of demonic altars and curses. Freely download and read my book, dominating the dark kingdom, for more profound revelations.


4. Prayerlessness and dryness

One identifying mark of dead churches is that they don’t consistently fast and pray. Dead congregations have an intense hatred for fasting and prayer. Even if they pray, they don’t pray the right way.

Their prayer is unbiblical. As stated, dead congregations pray to images. They pray through false gods, trees, dead people, animals, and stones. You will not find dead churches embarking on long hours or days of prayer.

Dead churches have no time for fasting. The “pastors and leaders” do not preach and teach about prayer and fasting. They rarely or do not engage in long hours of fasting and prayers because of the evil spirit dominating them.

Dead churches do not know how to pray using the Holy Bible. If you find yourself in such churches, escape for your life. Search for a church that prays and fasts the right way (biblically). Search for churches that fast and pray holystically (in the ways and leadership of the Holy Spirit). Holystically is my term for describing the deep ways of the Holy Spirit. It’s in my dictionary.


5. Ignorance of God’s Word

Dead churches have little or no knowledge of God’s Word (the Holy Bible) because they don’t have time for it. These churches do not preach and teach from the Word of God. They preach from strange books.

Dead congregations use books outside the Word of God. Get me right. Some people have written books inspired by the Holy Spirit. These books have their foundation in the Word (the Holy Bible).

Teaching from books that have a foundation on the Word is good. However, teaching from the Apocrypha is unbiblical. Leave churches that do not preach from the Holy Bible. I mean, leave churches that preach and teach from books not found in the canon.

The true Word of God (Holy Bible) has sixty-six books with two testaments. The Old Testament has thirty-nine books, while the New Testament has twenty-seven books. There are several churches creating doctrines outside the Word of God.

If the church’s doctrine has no foundation in the true Word of God, flee! Dead congregations do not believe that Christ Jesus is Lord. They reject Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord. Choose a church that believes in Christ Jesus as the Savior and Lord. Choose a church that preaches and teaches from the Word of God and books that has their foundation in the Holy Bible (Holy Spirit-inspired books).

If you are born again, you will know the books inspired by the Holy Spirit. Fellowship with churches that has doctrine in the Word of God (the Holy Bible). Escape churches that preach from strange and uninspired books.


6. Ungodly adoptions

Dead churches practice the corrupt systems of the world. These churches have a large number of members dressing seductively. Dead churches dress like unbelievers. The dress unbelievers take to nightclubs are the same dress dead “Christians” wore in the church.

Dead churches sing and promote worldly songs. These churches rarely play Holy Spirit-inspired songs. If your church has many people dressing like prostitutes, escape for your life. 

  • If your church uses the corrupt systems in the world to grow the fellowship, flee for your life.
  • If your church uses the grace of God as a license to sin, flee for your life. 
  • If your church preaches false grace, flee for your life. 
  • If your church does not play or rarely plays Holy Spirit-inspired songs by true Christian musicians, flee from that fellowship. 

If the church adopts corrupt practices such as bribery, ungodly secular songs, status quo, seductive dressing, lesbianism, gay, bestiality, transgender, and tribalism, choose a different church because it’s a dead congregation.


7. No real power

Dead churches do not practice and experience the power of the Holy Spirit. Even if they experience spiritual power, that power is demonic. Dead churches do not operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

You will rarely see the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in dead churches. Genuine miracles are absent in dead churches. The burning desire to work for God is absent in dead congregations. “Christians” in dead congregations do not have a strong desire to evangelize and win souls into the Kingdom of God.

The people within dead churches have no desire to intercede for others because there is no spiritual power. Escape for your life if you see no real spiritual power in the church. Escape for your life if you don't see divine healing, the raising of the dead, blind people receiving deliverance, and demon-possessed vessels receiving deliverance in your "church."

The gifts, fruits, and miracles of the Holy Spirit are one sign that the Holy Spirit is present in the church. If your church has no fruits of spiritual power, escape for your life. I mean the real spiritual power of the Holy Spirit. If your church does not exhibit the gifts of the Holy Spirit, flee for your life because you are in a dead congregation.


8. Hatred for the truth

Dead congregations have hatred for the real Word of God. These churches want to hear what pleases them. They reject true gospel preachers because they have itching ears. Dead churches love to hear false stories.

You will not get their attention if you preach holiness, righteousness, and sanctification. Dead church members gradually reduce when the true Word of God is preached. Dead congregations preach and teach the corrupt philosophies of men.

They teach false doctrines. Dead churches promote lesbianism, gay marriage, incest, abortion, bestiality, and all forms of immorality. Heresies are the foundation of dead churches. Escape for your life if your church hates true holiness, righteousness, sanctification, and purity messages.

If your church does not occasionally preach holiness, righteousness, sanctification, and purity messages, flee for your life because it’s a dead congregation! In my next article, I will share twenty-one uncommon fruits of true churches. Do well to share the link to this article so others can escape wolves in sheep's clothing.


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