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The Seven Ancient Generations Living on Earth


In my previous article, I enumerated the ten invisible generations living among us. Check out that article for more profound revelations. In this article, I will reveal the seven generations living among us.

One thing you must realize about life is that things don’t happen without a cause. I was listening to an interview hosted by a Ghanaian actor, author, and director Kwaku Sintim-Misa on his KSM show on my device.

In the program, the host interviewed Pastor Eastwood Joseph Anaba. I learned these valuable lessons from Pastor Eastwood Anaba. He made these statements (with my added emphasis).

“Some things that happen to us emanate from the works of human beings. Some of the things that happen to us emanate from the spiritual realm. Some things that happen to us emanate from the laws governing the world (laws of nature).”

 Child of God, with my experience, I have also realized that some of the things that happen to us originate from our conscious and unconscious attitudes. If you align yourself to Christ Jesus, the Holy Spirit and holy angels will direct your path.

If you align yourself to the corrupt systems of the world, unbelievers, carnal Christians, and evil spirits will direct your path. If you obey the laws governing the earth, the laws of nature will support you.

If you are disciplined, you will produce good results. If you are indisciplined, you will bear the sour fruits. You cannot sit idle and expect things to happen. God has laws governing the spiritual and physical world.

For example, the law of sowing and reaping. If you sow an orange seed in fertile soil, it will grow if the seed receives the required water, sunlight, and protection. You don’t have to fight the earth to produce the fruits of oranges because the law of nature will work for you.

The fruits of the oranges are hidden in the seed. Every fruit has its seed. It is your responsibility to work with the seed God has given you. That is how God has programmed the world. Your input will determine your results.

If you obey spiritual laws, it will work for your good. If you ignore spiritual laws, it will work against you. It doesn’t matter how gifted, knowledgeable, and anointed you are; if you jump from a twenty-story building, you will not be alive on earth because the law of gravity is active.

I wrote this brief introduction to help you know some truths of life. Knowing these truths will help you discover the systems of the universe, yourself, and others. Below are the seven generations living among us.

If you fall into a good group, keep up with the work. If you fall into the bad group, amend your ways. If you know someone who falls into the bad group, educate the vessel or share the link to this article with the person. Do well to check on my other articles related to this article and share the link to save a life.


The Seven Generations living among us


1. Extreme superstitious people

These people do not regard knowledge and wisdom because they attribute everything to God and the spiritual world. In some parts of Africa, people don’t go to farm and sea because they believe the “gods” will be working on those days.

Numerous beliefs are hindering the growth and productivity of some people. Some people don’t sweep their rooms in the evening because they believe it destroys their blessings. Some tribes see black cats and dogs as demons, whiles some see twins as witches.

With these people, anything that happens in their lives originates from the spiritual world. I believe in the activities of the spiritual world, but there are some things God expects us to use our brains.

For example, you cannot depend on God to cook for you when you are hungry. It is your responsibility to buy your food, assign someone to cook your food or cook it yourself. When crossing the road, you don’t expect God to tell you to wait for the cars to pass by before crossing.

When you wake up in the morning, you don’t expect God to brush your teeth and bathe you. When you want to urinate or go to the toilet, you don’t expect God to do it for you; you have to do it yourself because God gave you the accessories (mind and body) to perform those roles.

You cannot expect God to supply money from heaven if you don’t work with your hands and mind. One thing about superstitious people is that they solely depend on God for everything; meanwhile, God expects them to use their minds.

As stated, I believe in the spiritual world and its activities, but there are some things I use the brains God has given me. Extreme superstitious people often become poor because they don’t use their brains.

Why do you think most faithful and religious people are poor? It is because these religious and faithful people don’t use their brains. They expect God to do everything. Most developed countries advance at a higher pace because they use their brains.

I mean, they work hard with their hands and minds. If you always attribute everything to God, you are likely to perish because God gave you the mind to think and make decisions (meditate on Hosea 4:6).

Why do you think God created angels? God can do all things, but He created angels to have time to concentrate on important projects. God has programmed chairs, wardrobes, houses, food, rubbers, and money in trees, animals, and seas.

God has given you two hands, legs, and brain to think and work so you will not perish. In the same way, God has given you the brain to think and make important decisions. It is your responsibility to create products and services with your mind.

I believe in the activities of the spiritual realm. However, I don’t attribute “everything” to that realm because we have a role to play. Are you always depending on God to do everything for you?

Think twice because God has given you his Word (the Holy Bible) to act upon. The Holy Spirit is there to guide you in the journey of life. God has given you the brains, eyes, mouth, ears, legs, hands, and several assets to work with. If you do your part, God will also do your part. Check out my series of articles for more profound revelations.


2. Extreme rational people

These are the opposite of the extreme superstitious people. It is good to be rational. However, there is a place for spirituality. Extreme rational people have no respect for spiritual things because of their “advanced knowledge and wisdom.”

The Holy Bible calls these people fools because they don’t believe in the existence of God and the spiritual world (see Psalms 53:1). Extreme rational people don’t believe in spiritual activities such as prayers, fasting, offering, tithes, church activities, and biblical laws.

They live by their laws (philosophy). If you are in this group, analyze that there is a Supernatural Creator who existed before time, matter, and energy. I hope you understand the concept of cause and effect.

Nothing happens without a cause. Analyze creation (animals, trees, seas, mountains, workings, and anatomy of human beings), and you will believe in an intelligent Creator. Have you ever asked yourself why the seas, rivers, and oceans cannot cross certain boundaries?

This should tell you that there is an invisible power controlling the universe. Miracles should alert you that there is God. It is good to use your mind but don’t reject the existence of God because spiritual forces are active. Analyze your dreams, and you will recognize that unseen forces interact with you. Check out my article on how to know God and have faith in him for more profound revelations.


3. The Specialists

People often see these vessels as a genius because of their incredible creativity, wisdom, and knowledge. These people can create resourceful products, services, and systems to grow the world.

Most often, these people have a high intelligence quotient (IQ). They are like saviors because they discover things ordinary people cannot manufacture. If you are around these people, you will always hear them talking about ideas and projects.

These people love reading, research, and doing profitable things. You will hardly find these people playing with their time. These people are workaholics and focused because they want to bring their ideas into manifestation.

They can dedicate their whole life to proving their ideas to the world because they are innovators. These people hardly give up on their projects because they are determined. They make friends with people who share their interests and learn from others. Some identifying marks of these people are time management, mind management, discipline, persistence, endurance, and focus.


4. Phlegmatics

These people love a peaceful environment and relationships. In relationships and friendships, they easily submit because of their peaceful nature. Naturally, they are introverts. That is, you will hardly find them speaking to strangers.

Phlegmatics are easy-going people who don’t struggle to connect with a fun pleasing person. Unless you engage these people, they will not contribute. You often have to push these people to work because they tend to be slow. You might see these people as holy angels because of their calm nature.


5. Sanguines

These people are extroverts in nature. They love to be around people. Sanguines love to make friends and meet new people. You will often see these people in social gatherings because that is where they receive their energy.

You will hardly find these people alone because they need others to make them feel better. These people love talking and giving advice. Be cautious when sharing secret information with these people because they can share it with others.


6. Cholerics

These people love to lead and control people because of their dominating nature. You will hardly find these people sitting idle because they love work. Put these people in a leadership position if you want your workers or followers to produce results.

Naturally, these people are extroverts. When they plan to do something, they are focused. Anyone that stands their way is likely to become their enemy because they want to see results. Most often, these people do not easily show emotions of weakness.

Compared to sanguines who easily express their emotions, Cholerics see sad emotions as weakness. They want to be in charge in their circles. These people want you to submit to authority and follow the rules. If you have these people in your circles, work with them with rules, goals, and principles.


7. Melancholics

These people are introverted in nature. You will hardly find these people in social gatherings because they love to be alone. Most often, these people love to work alone. You will likely find these people in libraries because they love reading.

Privacy is one of their greatest assets. Melancholics are good at designing, writing, and doing research works. They receive energy when they are alone. These people tend to be loyal friends and workers.

People often misjudge melancholics because of their unpredictive nature. Melancholics do not easily make friends. They show their true self to be people they trust. Unlike sanguines, who easily express emotions to strangers, melancholics are the quiet type. They are organized and perfectionists. Give them a deadline, and they will complete the work before the date.

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