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How to Know God and Have Faith in Him (Top 9 Ways to Experience God)

The Holy Spirit inspired me to write this revelatory article while listening to this song. Most often, we doubt the existence of God because we cannot see him with our physical eyes and touch God with our hands.

“We” cannot vividly hear the voice of God. Because of these experiences, we sometimes lose faith in God and doubt his power, love, and existence. Some people see God as a myth because they cannot experience Him in the physical realm.

One thing you must know about God is that He is a Spirit (see John 4:24). We are spiritual beings with a soul living in a body (meditate on Proverbs 20:27, 1 Thessalonians 5:23, Hebrews 4:12).

The primary way of connecting with God is by our spirit because that is how God made it in the beginning. In the beginning, humankind could vividly heart he voice of God. Humankind could interact with God as we interact with others.

Humankind could speak to animals and understand their language. However, this connection broke when humankind sinned. Sin created a gap between God and us (meditate on Isaiah 59:1-3).

Christ Jesus came to restore us to God. His death and resurrection opened the portal for us to experience God as we had in the beginning. Get in touch with me as I share the top nine ways to connect with God.

  • Do you want to know how to have faith in God?
  • Do you want to experience God (the Holy Spirit)?
  • Do you want to grow your faith with the Holy Spirit?
  • Do you want to know the real way to feel, see, and experience God?

If yes to any of these questions, keep reading. Below are the top nine fundamental and real ways to know and have faith in God.


1. You can know God and have faith in Him through the Word (Holy Bible).

One of the best ways to know God is by studying the Word. When you study the Word of God, the power within the Word grows your faith (meditate on Romans 10:17). The more you study God’s Word, you understand the personality and thoughts of God.

God’s Word is full of divine wisdom. You cannot know God without encountering the Word (Holy Bible) because God's power, wisdom, knowledge, personality, and ways are embedded in it.

Faith comes by hearing more of God’s Word. Download an audio version of the Holy Bible and feed on it. Listen to the inspired sermons of your shepherd and read his books. Buy a hard copy of the Holy Bible and download the Holy Bible application on your phone and feed on it.

Meditate on the Word, and you will begin to know God. Study the Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic names of God. Use bible study books. Study the Word with mature Christian believers. Search for the attributes of God in the Holy Bible.

Your faith in God will begin to grow if you follow these master keys. As recorded in the Holy Bible, the more you know who God is, your conviction in him becomes strong. When your conviction in the Word becomes strong, God will be interested in you because we can connect with God by faith, and the source of faith is the Word (meditate on Hebrews 11:6, Romans 10:17, John 8:32).


2. You can know God and Have faith in Him by studying the personality of Christ Jesus.

Do you know that Christ Jesus is God Almighty? Check out my article for a more profound revelation. If you want to know God, study the personality of Christ Jesus as recorded in the Holy Bible.

Christ Jesus is the exact image and likeness of God (meditate on 1 Timothy 3:16). Study the disciples of Christ Jesus in the Holy Bible and how they connected with Him. Whatever you saw Christ Jesus did in the Holy Scriptures, that will be the same way God will do on earth.

Study how people in the Bible were able to get the attention of Christ Jesus because that is how to get the attention of God. As you study Christ Jesus in the Holy Scriptures, question yourself.

  • Was Christ Jesus friendly? Then God is friendly.
  • Was Christ Jesus loving, then God is love?
  • Was Christ Jesus open to sinners and strangers, then God is available to strangers and sinners.
  • Did Christ Jesus express emotions (sadness, joy, and peace) when he walked on earth as a man? Then God can identify with us in our sorrowful, joyful, and peaceful season.
  • Was Christ Jesus generous and patient? Then God will be generous and patient with you.
  • How did Christ Jesus treat hypocrites and religious unbelievers? Then that is how God will react to you if you are a hypocrite and religious unbeliever.
  • Was Christ Jesus merciful and righteous in his ways? Then God is gracious and righteous in judgment.

Study Christ Jesus in the Holy Scriptures, and you will know the personality of the God you serve (meditate on 1 Timothy 3:16).


3. You can know God and have faith in Him through testimonies.

You can know God and have faith in him by listening to the testimonies of others. Sometimes people give testimonies in churches, workplaces, homes, and social gatherings to reveal God's virtues.

People share with loved ones how God saved them from a calamity. Some people share testimonies of the miracles God has done in their lives. Others with near-death experiences share mysterious testimonies about God to reveal the supernatural realm.

Some people even rise from death to give testimonies about God and the spiritual world. Listen to genuine testimonies to grow your faith in God. The more you listen to and read these miracles and supernatural experiences, you will start believing in God.


4. You can know God and have faith in Him by examining the supernatural realm.

Maybe you have not observed your dreams and visions. One of the ways to know God is to examine your dreams and visions critically. Although we have different types of dreams, God speaks to us through dreams.

Your dream signals that there are supernatural forces beyond the earth. God can manifest in your dreams. He can deliver you through dreams. Seeing the past, present, and future events in dreams, visions, trance, and prophecies signals that God is alive and speaking to you.

Haven’t you seen some of your dreams come to pass? This should tell you that there are supernatural powers controlling activities in the unseen and physical realm. Science is trying to connect the spiritual world through CERN.

Your dreams, visions, and trance should alert you that an eternal force controls humankind's affairs. Seeing people do unnatural things should alert you that there is a God whose power exceeds human ability.


5. Examine the creation

Maybe you have not observed creation. You can know God by observing the animals in your neighborhood. Watch and examine wildlife videos. Observe the cats, dogs, ants, goats, and other animals. Observe their movement and daily activities, and you will believe in God. Observe the mountains, the seas, oceans, and trees, and you will believe there is a Supernatural Creator.


6. You can know God by examining yourself and others.

God created us (human beings) in His image and likeness, so when you see people in their right senses, you have seen an aspect of God (meditate on Genesis 1:26-27). If you desire justice, then God also desires justice.

If you desire love, then God also desires love. If you desire peace, God desires peace. The only thing that separates us from God is our sinful desires. Apart from that, anything about us reveals the nature of God.


7. You can know God and have faith in Him by soaking yourself in spiritual songs.

Biblical and anointed songs have the power to transmute our spirit and soul to the realms of God. I love anointed and biblical songs because it helps me connect with the supernatural realm. Spiritual (anointed and biblical) songs have the power to connect us with the Holy Spirit (God).

Have you ever thought about why David loved music? Have you ever thought about why most of the old covenant prophets activated God's voice through worship and praise? Worship and praise God from your heart, and you will begin to know God (the Holy Spirit). Get my book, How to Worship God in Spirit and Truth, for more profound revelation.


8. You can know God and have faith in Him by examining the uncommon miracles.

God’s eyes are always on us. He is interested in our lives because He cares. He is ready to deliver us when we call on His name. Maybe you have not examined the miracles in your life. If the Lord should open your eyes to see the enemy's attacks, you will always be praying for protection.

Haven’t you seen strange attacks and evil forces trapping you in your dreams? I have had several dreams of seeing myself in battle with the enemy. The enemy desires my deathand destruction, but God always delivers me when I call upon Him.

The enemy uses false accusations, demonic birds, carnal people, curses, and strange powers to destroy us, but God always delivers us. You should be dead by now if not by mercies of God. God has delivered you from several enemy attacks, but you have not recognized it.

Examine your life, and you will realize that God has delivered you and your loved ones from premature death, strange sickness, and conspiracies of the enemy. These uncommon miracles and testimonies should increase your faith in God.  


9. You can know God and have faith in Him by studying the human anatomy.

We are a miracle! You being alive today is a miracle because numerous strange diseases are flying in the air, animals, demons, water bodies, foodstuffs, and through other human beings. Doctors specializing in human biology will tell you that each body part plays a specific role.

For example, the heart pumps blood to the other parts of the body. When the heart fails, you become a corpse. The digestive system in the human body is a miracle! When you eat, the body can separate the nutrients from the waste.

The large intestines receive the waste and pass them out through the anus. The waste, as we all know, is the feces. When you chew food, the saliva in your mouth mixes it so it will not choke in the oesophagus.

The body can separate the water from the food when you eat and drink. When a pathogen such as bacteria, virus, and fungus enters the body, some armies in the body fight these foreign pathogens so that you can stay healthy.

The body performs several activities our eyes cannot see. This should tell you that there is a Supernatural Creator with perfect intelligence. Do you know that we have over seven billion people living on earth?

None of these people has the same fingerprint! The activities and anatomy of the human body should tell you that there is a Supernatural Creator (Christ Jesus). You did not appear by accident; therefore, have faith in God (Jesus the Christ).

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