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The 10 Generations Living on Earth


In my previous article, I enumerated the five types of people living among us. As a rational and emotional human being, there are some truths you cannot ignore. For example, ignoring the law of gravity on earth is to your destruction.

It doesn’t matter how strong you are; you will drown if you walk on water with your bare foot. It takes the power of God to walk on water with your barefoot. In the same way, ignoring some truths in life can make you a loser.

As the world evolves, it is your responsibility to catch up with the good systems. The rate at which the world is advancing is alarming. You don’t need anybody to tell you that things are gradually changing.

The Holy Spirit has revealed some future events to me in dreams and visions. Child of God, pray for divine wisdom and read relevant books because numerous robots will take over most of our activities.

I saw this vision months ago. Robots will take over every activity in this world. False religion is going to dominate the world. The devil is using innocent and evil people to enforce his plans on earth.

Strange religious groups are secretly establishing their strongholds (buildings) in various centers. The Holy Spirit has revealed these visions to me. It will be a battle between human beings and robots in the future!

I mean intense war! Robots will pursue human beings on earth. Some human beings will run for their lives whiles others will fight the robots for their lives. Some of the robots will be smallish in nature.

The giant ones will destroy buildings and kill human beings. I am sharing with you some of the visions the Holy Spirit revealed to me months ago so you can be watchful and prayerful. The leader of Russia is a man of war and blood.

I don’t know how to describe this vision, but I feel in my spirit that the Holy Spirit is telling me not to share this vision. Americans and Europeans need much intercession because the devil has won an exceedingly large percentage of the citizens.

It is time Christian believers lift prayers unto God for divine escape because many countries will be ruined if the Lord does not intervene. I saw many countries and properties being destroyed. It looked like the air force and advanced military groups had bombed the entire world.

We must pray to avert every kingdom desiring human blood. I sense in my spirit that the devil and his cohorts have already set the evil plan. We can destroy the enemy's plans as Christian believers if we apply wisdom.

However, if it is the will of God for this destruction to happen, there is nothing we can do. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, they received God’s judgment because of their unrepentant evil deeds. Like the evil people in Noah’s day, they faced the wrath of God.

We have to lift prayers unto God and know His counsels concerning our lives and countries. As stated, I will share with you ten types of people living among us. Below is the list.


1. The children of this world.

And the Lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.  

Luke 16:8 KJV

Children of this world are one of God’s creations. These people are known as unbelievers (blind and sinful). Children of the world do not express faith in God and His Word (the Holy Bible). They are only concerned about the things of this world.

Most often, children of the world oppose the church and people who value the things of God (Christ Jesus). They criticize, condemn, and destroy people who have faith in God. Be mindful of these people because they can jeopardize your faith in God and His Word if you give much attention to them (meditate on Psalms 1:1-3, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, 1 Corinthians 15:33, 2 Corinthians 10:3-5). Be focused on the church, the Word of God and the Holy Spirit, and create a gap with these people if you are a baby Christian believer.


2. The Children of light

As stated in the book of Luke, chapter sixteen, verses eight, the children of this world oppose the children of light. The children of light are people who follow Christ Jesus. These people are concerned about the church and things that concern God (Christ Jesus).

Children of light contribute their money to help build the church. They use their resources (time, energy, gifts, and wisdom) to build the house of God. Children of the light are enemies to the children of the world because of different philosophies.

Children of the light are concerned about righteousness, holiness, purity of life, sanctification, pure moral values, integrity, credibility, godly character, and attitudes, whiles children of the world are into sinful and corrupt activities.

Children of the light bring glory to God, while children of the world bring glory to the devil. Children of light exhibit peace, pure love, faith, and other fruits of the Holy Spirit, whiles children of the world exhibit hatred, confusion, pain, destruction, and all forms of wickedness.

Children of light have one distinguishing virtue (divine love). Children of light are chosen vessels working in God's vineyard (the church). Some work as pastors, evangelists, prophets, apostles, and teachers in God’s kingdom (meditate on 1 Peter 2:9). They exhibit the personality of Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit leads them. The Word (Holy Bible) is their ultimate constitution. For more profound revelation, check out my series of articles.


3. The Pessimist

These people always look at the dark (negative, offensive, weak, unfavorable, destructive, and impossible) side of issues. They have a negative view of the world and those around them. These people have no positive value about themselves.

On the other side, you can use the wisdom of these people to break the challenges facing you because some of their ideas are valuable (if you analyze them). Some criticisms are constructive and destructive.

You are responsible for detecting and ignoring the destructive criticism and finding ways to overcome the constructive criticism. Be mindful of these people because they will always show why you cannot make it. Apply wisdom when connecting with these people because they can make your life dark and gloomy if you are emotionally and logically weak. 


4. The Optimist

These people are the opposite of pessimists. These people often look at the good (possible, favorable, better, active, and productive) side of the issue. The optimist will likely boost your hope because his words are full of life.

Even if they criticize you, they do it constructively. The optimist believes you can do it. They add more energy to your light. The optimist pushes you further because they have a positive mindset.

Unlike the pessimist, who often looks at the impossible side, the optimist looks at the possibility of the plan. If the people around you are pessimists, find optimistic people to help boost your hope and creativity. Christ Jesus called twelve apostles to train but chose three as his closest. Have you ever thought about why Christ Jesus chose three disciples (John, Peter and James)?


5. The Introverts

Introverts are independent people on earth. I am an introvert, so I know and understand most of these people’s mindsets. Introverts love to be alone because that is their place of energy and productivity.

You will hardly find an introvert having fun with a group of strangers. Most introverts keep things themselves because they barely talk or express their feelings to strangers. Most introverts love reading, and they turn out to be excellent writers, scientists, and researchers.

Introverts are best at jobs that require fewer or no people. For example, introverts can work alone in organizations. Put an introvert in a quiet place or an environment of few people; they can produce much.

Introverts love independent jobs and online business. Most introverts are not the best at teamwork because they love to work alone. Introverts do not easily express anger when provoked.

However, if they express their anger, it is sometimes highly destructive. Introverts do not make friends easily because they are loyal in relationships. An introvert wants a trustworthy person as a friend.

Unlike extroverts who easily make friends, introverts are cautious when choosing a friend. Be mindful of introverts because you might tag them as unfriendly and boring. Most often, introverts turn to be pessimistic because of their inward nature.

Some introverts exhibit optimistic behaviors, but inwardly they are pessimists. If the introvert is full of the Holy Spirit, he will not struggle to connect with people. Get closer to introverts, and you will find out that they are unique in their own ways.


6. The Extroverts

Extroverts are the opposite of introverts. In other words, these people are open to strangers and welcoming. My mother is an extrovert, so I know some of their traits. These people love to be with people because they receive energy from others.

Extroverts easily express their feelings. They love to be in social gatherings such as parties, weddings, churches, and fun places because it boosts their performance. You will hardly find these people alone because silence kills their energy.

Extroverts do not struggle to make friends. They are good at teamwork and jobs that involve people. Most often, these people tend to be optimistic. Although some are pessimists inwardly, they view the world as a place of fun and unity.

Extroverts can make a gloomy atmosphere bright and pleasant because they are life-givers. Be mindful of these people because they can pretend. Extroverts can easily burst out because of their emotional tendency.

While the introvert tries to hide his feelings, the extrovert searches for ways to express his feelings. Do not mistake categorizing anyone who loves fun as an extrovert because some introverts also love fun.

The major difference between introverts and extroverts is that extroverts are naturally fun-pleasing people while introverts are artificial fun-pleasing people. In other words, introverts learn how to express their fun in public and to strangers, whiles extroverts have no problem expressing themselves in public and to strangers.

I believe you will not employ an extremely introverted person as your customer relations officer because introverts love working independently. I hope you will not employ an extremely extroverted person as your administrator or librarian because extroverts want people in their chambers.


7. The Extreme Emotionalist

Naturally, most women are emotional beings, whiles most men are logical. This is one reason you must be careful when employing a woman at a job that demands strict logical controls. I know some men that are more emotional than women and some women that are more logical than men.

However, most men are logical beings; whiles most women are emotional beings. It is not evil to be emotional. The problem comes when you become too emotional. Some people are too emotional to the extent that they override logical reasoning.

One thing you must know about emotions is that they are temporal. Extreme emotional people often do not make sense because they only make decisions with their feelings. If you encounter these people, you will be wondering what they think.

Extreme emotional people can stagnate you in life because they are only concerned about their feelings and the feelings of others. Get me right; it is not evil to be concerned about your feelings neither is it evil to consider the feelings of others.

However, you must recognize that emotions are like vapors. Emotions become invisible within a few seconds. Be logical in your emotional state because logic exceeds feelings. In other words, logic (reasoning) is superior to emotions.

Before you become emotional, ask yourself, is it logical and worth spending my time emotionalizing this issue? You will likely not advance in life if the people around you are highly emotional.

Do you think Christ Jesus would have made it to Jerusalem if he allowed Apostle Peter's decisions (emotions) to dominate him? Think through.

  • Are you an extremely emotional person?
  • Are the people around you too emotional?
  • Do you always make decisions based on your emotions?

Your life is likely to be unstable if you are highly emotional. You will act like a child if you are too emotional. You will take a long time to advance if you surround yourself with highly emotional people because illogical and extreme emotions block your vision, plans, and creativity.


8. The Extreme Rationalist

These people have little or no emotions. They are the opposite of emotional people. Being rational is one of the best traits you can have as a human being because decisions determine your destiny.

On the other side, ignoring the emotions of others can create conflict in the short run. As stated, women are naturally emotional; if you always deal with women or extreme emotional people rationally, you kill them internally.

Have you realized that women love talking? Women are strong internally because most of them are emotional beings. Men are naturally strong externally because of their rational and body stature.

Extremely rational people can sometimes make your life unbearable because they cannot consider your pain (stress and trauma). Extreme rational people only search out for the benefits before committing.

Unlike the extreme emotional beings who are only concerned about their feelings and other people’s feelings, extremely rational (reasonable) people care about the profits they can derive from you.

You cannot outsmart extreme rational people because they are intelligent, smart, and wise. Conversely, these people can greatly help if you are clever, thoughtful, and wise. You can work with them if you have their traits. Using emotions to connect with these people is a waste of time.


9. The Irrational

I often call these people mad (insane) because their mindset contradicts the normal person’s mindset. For example, it is abnormal for a human being to eat from the gutter or dust bin (garbage box).

Irrational people make sense of senseless things. Don’t rationalize with these people because they don’t know what they are doing. You waste your time, money, energy, and resources trying to get these people’s attention. The way out for these people is divine healing, psychotherapy, counseling and pure love.


10. The Psychopaths

These are the lawless people in our society. They have no respect for rules and regulations. In the schools, they disrespect teachers, principals, and authority figures. In the workplace, they intentionally break the rules and regulations.

In a social gathering, they intentionally cause commotion to get attention. Psychopaths abuse others and take laws into their own hands. They are like people with irrational traits. The difference between psychopaths and irrational people is that psychopaths are aware of their abnormal behavior, whiles irrational people are unaware of their insanity (abnormalities).

Psychopaths are master manipulators and destroyers. Be mindful when connecting with these people because they can make your life miserable. Disconnect from these people when you discover them.

To be continued…

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