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How to Activate the Presence of the Holy Spirit (6)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. I have realized in my spiritual life that evil transactions frequently take place in the middle of the night. I remember, one midnight, the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes to observe some activities.

The Holy Spirit pressed me to pray, but I allowed my flesh to dominate me. Anytime I place my head on my pillow to pray, I fall asleep. Most often, when I want to pray for hours, I walk around in my room.

Other times too, I sit or kneel in prayers. As the Holy Spirit was pressuring me to rise from my bed and pray, I kept resting on my bed. Immediately the Holy Spirit opened my spiritual eyes. It was an open vision because I was partially aware of my surrounding whiles lying on my bed.

I saw a brownish mature dog hiding within my walls. The dog was peacefully lying within the walls watching me intensely with its eyes. As the dog watched me, my eyes became heavy on the bed.

I tried to rise from my bed, but I found myself dozing. This activity was taking place in the vision. I felt my body had dominated me to the extent I enjoyed sleeping. In the vision, I saw myself lying on the bed.

I was conscious of my body resting on my bed, and at the same time, I saw the dog watching me lustfully with its eyes. When I tried to rise from the bed, the dog made a strange and emotional sound.

This is not a psychotic hallucination or depression. I know how bipolar disorder and hallucination works. I believe the Holy Spirit allowed me to see this vision because He taught me some lessons in the Spirit.

That night, I could not pray. When I wake up from bed around 4:00 am, I heard the Lord telling me, the dog I saw in the vision is an act of witchcraft. The witchcraft spirits in the neighbourhood used the dog to weaken my spirit.

As the dog watched me in the spirit, it attacked my soul with the spirit of lust and slumber. The witchcraft used the dog to weaken me spiritually and prevent me from praying. The witchcraft spirits knew my prayer would destabilize their evil works, so they attacked me with that dog to enable them to have their meeting in peace.

Child of God, be careful with animals because evil spirits can work through them to fight against you. Soak yourself, family, belongings, neighbourhood and animals into the blood of Christ Jesus in prayers.

Anytime you soak them into the blood of Christ Jesus, the blood of Christ barricades them with the fire of the Holy Spirit. I remember after eating some food from a specific place, I felt weakness in my spirit.

I felt the enemy cast some spells on the food. The enemy used the spiritually contaminated food to attack me in the spirit. Pray over every food you buy or prepare because the devil can poison it spiritually.

Failure to pray over your food and the things you buy can open the portal for evil spirits to attack you because evil spirits can hide in physical substances. If you encounter a problem or an attack in your family, church, business, school and life, tackle it spiritually.

Fast and pray for God's intervention. If it is a spiritual problem, the Holy Spirit will fight for you, or He will give you the wisdom to solve the challenge you are encountering. People who only solve their problem without considering the spiritual side become victims of the devil.

The devil and his agents work through human beings and the elements. Apply divine wisdom when solving a problem, or else the enemy will take advantage of you. I have realised that if you are strong spiritually, the physical enemy can never dominate you.

Christian leaders should start building the church members because weak Christians cannot stand the storms of life in a beautiful building. It is like beautifully decorated structures; if the foundation (presence of the Holy Spirit and church systems) is weak, it will not stand the storms of life.

That is how churches and organizations work. If Christian leaders fail to build their members with the pure Word and prayer, the church building (Christian believers) will be like beautiful houses without solid foundation (weak, carnal and nominal Christians).

This is one reason we see many church buildings with numerous sinners. We have many church buildings and numerous evil workers because Christian leaders have failed to build the vessels (church members) with the pure Word (biblical doctrine) and prayer (Holy Spirit).

Preaching and teaching of God’s Word build and transforms the mind of Christians. If you build the church members with strong bones (unadulterated Word and prayer), the church building will not waste.

I remember in one of my of dawn broadcasting (evangelism), as I was preaching the Word of God, I saw some cats making strange movement in the area. I realized that the environment had an intense witchcraft operation.

There was a curse on that land. As I was preaching the unadulterated Word and making some prophetic declarations in the surrounding, the Holy Spirit destroyed some yokes and strongholds in that environment.

Through my preaching and prophetic declarations, Christ Jesus was setting the captives free from the satanic bondages. I remember the Lord open my spiritual eyes in the middle of the night. In the vision, I saw total darkness in the area I lived.

The Lord said to me, the environment I live in is a stronghold of witchcraft and sorcerers. The enemy has sowed satanic seeds in the entire house. Christ Jesus placed a task on me to destroy the satanic strongholds to enable light (Holy Spirit) to dominate the environment.

Child of God, it is your responsibility to dominate your jurisdiction with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Since I left my parents' house and lived in a different area, I always see myself battling satanic agents in the spiritual realm.

God uses his children to fight satanic forces hindering others. We must understand that every environment has a principality (holy or unholy prince) ruling the atmosphere. Our responsibility as Christian believers is to set the captives free through fervent prayers, fasting, and radical evangelism.

I remember in a dream I saw myself with an aged strange man standing on a high mountain. The strange man showed me treasures of the city and how wealthy he was; he said he would give them to me if I agree with his terms and conditions.

In the dream, I almost agreed to the terms and conditions of this strange man. When I wake up from bed, I realized the devil was the one deceiving me with those deceptive treasures. Child of God, before the devil attacks you, God reveals it to you so you can pray against it.

The Holy Spirit reveals the secrets thoughts of our heart so that we can pray for a transformation. We need more of the Holy Spirit because He knows the deep things of our heart (Meditate on Romans 8:26-27).

Without the Holy Spirit, we will go astray. Anytime the Holy Spirit dominates our environment, we receive divine refreshment (See Acts 3:19). The evil in our heart burns when the Holy Spirit controls our surrounding.

All forms of evil vanishes in the presence of the Holy Spirit (See 2 Thessalonians 1:9). This is one reason I want to share with you how you can activate the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life and surrounding.

In this article, I will share with you one invisible weapon you can use to activate the presence of the Holy Spirit.


The Unbreakable Effects of God’s Word (Holy Scriptures) in the Spiritual Realm

Do you know that God’s Word has the power to create the presence of the Holy Spirit? The Word of God is the pathway of the Holy Spirit (Meditate on Genesis 1:1-3, I John 5:7-8). Without the Word of God, the Holy Spirit cannot manifest.

Until God’s Word come out, the Holy Spirit remains dormant. It is like fire and smoke. Without fire, smoke will be invisible. The Word of God is like a fire that produces the smoke (Holy Spirit).

It takes the Word of God to make the Holy Spirit active. The Holy Spirit survives in the presence of the Word. When the Word of God comes out, it creates an environment for the Holy Spirit to operate without limitation.

If you read the centurion and Christ Jesus lesson, you will realize that the centurion knew some mysteries about the Word. The centurion said to Christ Jesus, “speak the Word only, and my servant shall be healed." (See Matthew 8:8).

The Word (Christ Jesus) had to speak the Word before the Holy Spirit could heal the centurion's servant. This means the Word has the power to bring the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. In Hebrews chapter four verses twelve, Apostle Paul makes us understand that the Word of God plays three roles in our lives.


For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

Hebrews 4:12 KJV

1. The Word of God can dissect the thoughts and desires of our soul.

2. The Word of God can dissect the thoughts and desires of our spirit.

3. The Word of God can dissect the thoughts and desires of our flesh.

Paul also describes the Word in three ways.

1. The Word is quick (active and priceless treasure).

2. The Word is powerful (has life on its own).

3. The Word is sharper than any two-edged sword.

The real you is your spirit. We know that man is spirit, he has a soul, and the soul lives in the body (Meditate on 1 Thessalonians 5:23). The Holy Spirit communicates with us through our spirit because our spirit is the only vessel that understands the operations of God’s kingdom.

You can read my book, How to Walk and Live in the Spirit, for more profound revelations. One truth you must know as a Christian believer is that the Holy Spirit cannot speak directly to our soul; it takes the Word of God to make way for the Holy Spirit to speak to our soul.

Anytime you read God's Word, or anytime someone speaks the Word to you, the Holy Spirit speaks to your soul through that Word. Without the Word, you will make errors in your decisions because the soul has internal and external influences.

When we take in the Word (Holy Scriptures), it breaks the deceptive ideas of our family members, corrupt educational (school) ideas, bad words of our enemies, and societal beliefs stored in our soul (includes our subconscious and conscious mind).

Most often, the philosophies we receive from our family and schools oppose the mindset of the Holy Spirit. It takes the unadulterated Word to break these evil philosophies (Meditate on 2 Corinthians 10:3-5).

When the Word of God enters us (heart) as we feed, meditate, profess, and obey it, the Word converts our mind to the mindset of the Holy Spirit. When the Word of God takes total dominance over our spirit and soul, the Holy Spirit gets the opportunity to dominate our conscience.

We begin to think like the Holy Spirit. When the Word of God gets ascendancy on our spirit and soul, it creates an irresistible avenue for the Holy Spirit to function in our lives. When this happens, we talk and behave like the Holy Spirit.

When our soul and spirit operate in this level (consciousness of the Holy Spirit), the desires of the flesh dies. When the desires of the flesh die, the Holy Spirit establishes Himself in our life and environment. In Galatians chapter five, verses sixteen and seventeen, Apostle Paul gave a profound revelation.


This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

For the flesh lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.

Galatians 5:16-17 KJV

Until the Word of God dominates our spirit and soul, we cannot activate the presence of the Holy Spirit. In my previous article, I wrote in details how holiness and righteousness work to activate the presence of the Holy Spirit.

One way to pave the way for the Holy Spirit to dominate your life and jurisdiction is to delight yourself in God's Word. When you delight yourself in God’s Word, the Word will fight all the invisible enemies and break all barriers blocking the access of the Holy Spirit in your life.

Dedicate time for God's Word, and the Holy Spirit will have His way in your life. When the Word of God enters your spirit and soul, it will lighten and eliminate every darkness (evil, misery, curses, satanic philosophies, and wickedness) in your life (Meditate on Psalm 119:105). When your heart receives illumination, the Holy Spirit will take total control.

To be continued…

How to Activate the Presence of the Holy Spirit (5)...

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