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Some Mysteries about Food


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. In this article, I will share some revelations the Holy Spirit gave me through dreams and visions. Initially, an anointed man of God I worked with said to me if I want the anointing on my life to be strong, I should be careful of the food I buy and consume in town.

The man of God emphasized that I should not buy and consume food from town if I want to operate in a higher dimension of the anointing. He is a holiness, and deliverance minister anointed to start new churches. You can get my book, Secrets of the anointing, for more profound revelations on the anointing.

I never thought about this minister's advice until the Holy Spirit revealed to me how the spiritual forces observe human food. When we see insane people eating on the streets and in dirty places such as garbage centers, we often close our nose and mouth because their food smells terrible and unhygienic.

Mad people or people with schizophrenic symptoms see garbage food and food in gutters as their favorite. To normal human beings, we see such food as rotten and unhealthy to the human body. Sometimes I feel like vomiting when I see mad people on the street eating rotten food.

To them, they are celebrating their party with such food. They enjoy such food because they see the meal (poisoned, contaminated, and rotten food) as a regular meal. Through dreams, the Holy Spirit revealed that spiritual beings see food prepared by unclean hands as cursed.

I told some of this vision to some ministers of God I led in prayers in a church program. When the spiritual forces see us eating food prepared by unclean hands, they see such food as contaminated, poisoned, and rotten. Like the mad person’s food, we see such food as rotten and smelly. That is how spiritual beings observe human food prepared by unclean hands.

I remember I bought some Banku and Tilapia from a food seller in the township of koforidua in the evening. The woman packaged the food for me, and I took it home. After I ate the food in my room, I slept off.

In my dream, I received a heavy attack from the marine kingdom. The Lord said to me, the food I bought and ate is cursed. The woman who prepared the food had an unclean spirit operating in her, so she poisoned the food spiritually with her dark powers.

Anyone who bought and ate her food without the covering of the Holy Spirit will become a slave in the marine kingdom. When this happens, the spirit of lust will dominate such a person. The Lord revealed this vision to me because He wanted me to be careful of the food I buy and consume.

Have you ever thought about Prophet Daniel? Daniel purposed in his heart he will not defile himself with king’s meat and drink (See Daniel 1:1-8). Daniel knew such foods were contaminated in the spirit. Daniel was a spiritual man. He knew unclean food could damage his spiritual life, so he decided not to eat from Babylon's palace. 

The servants and people that ate in the king’s house became slaves in the satanic kingdom because they did not see with Prophet Daniel’s eye. Our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus did not eat certain foods because Isaiah prophesied of Jesus meal.


And he said, Hear ye now, O house of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also?

Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.

For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings.

Isaiah 7:13-16 KJV

Jesus could walk perfectly with the Holy Spirit because He did not eat anyhow. You can get my book, How to Walk and live in the Spirit, for more profound revelation. Some theologians believe Christ Jesus ate butter and honey because it was a Jewish custom.

If you read from verses fifteen and sixteen of Isaiah chapter seven, the Holy Scripture declares that the food will help Jesus reject, hate, oppose evil, and walk-in righteousness. Almost all the vessels God has used to do tremendous works had a deep knowledge of food.

It is said that Joseph Ayo Babalola ate fruits from farmlands. He could pray, fast, and operate powerfully in the anointing because he knew some secrets about food. Kathryn Kulman, T L Osborn, Smith Wigglesworth, and many great men of God who operated in higher anointing and miracles did not eat anyhow.

They knew the damage and power of food in their spiritual life. Most of the vessels God used fasted and prayed. I heard some ministers of God in their sermon declaring; they only eat from their wife's kitchen.

I will write in detail in the following article on fasting. Christ Jesus declared John the Baptist as one of the greatest men in history in the old covenant. John the Baptist was one of the most anointed prophets and evangelists because he did something tremendous.

He ate wild honey and locust (See Matthew 3:4). That was John the Baptist’s favorite food. John the Baptist knew the spiritual danger and power of food so he could operate in a higher anointing. I remember I had a dream, and in this dream, I saw a woman from a distance preparing jollof rice.

I could discern in the dream she was preparing the food to sell on the market. In the food preparation process, I saw the woman heating the jollof rice with a five-month baby! I felt the five-month-old baby was in great pain because the heat coming from the jollof rice was harming the child.

The woman positioned the child on top of the hot and cooked food. The woman looked heartless and ruthless! I recommend you read this book, Women Who kill for more wisdom keys. After heating and preserving the five-month baby with the jollof rice, she threw the child to the ground as I could see the child falling.

When I waked up from bed, I was alarmed and uncomfortable. I thought to myself, how on earth can some women be so wicked and heartless! I knew the dream has a spiritual interpretation. The woman was using the child as a sacrifice.

The Lord said to me, be careful of the food you buy and consume outside because most of them are demonically contaminated. As the Lord spoke to me, I realized the Holy Spirit reminded me of my spiritual life and the anointing upon my life.

I used to buy jollof rice and egg from a particular woman in town. When I had this dream, I decided I will not buy food from that woman again. Although this Jollof was delicious, I made up my mind not to venture into her arena.

I love jollof rice with egg and fried chicken, and the woman I use to buy the jollof rice from was my favorite cook. I believe that evil spirits contaminate the jollof rice. Anyone who buys and eats from that woman will become a slave to the enemy if that person has no covering in the spiritual realm.

I had another dream where I saw an older woman preparing food with a frog. In my country, Ghana, we don't eat frogs, so I became uncomfortable in the dream. I said to myself, what on earth is happening!

Most of the foods people prepare and sell in market centers, towns, villages, restaurants, and hotels are full of curses because most of the people are cursed and possessed with evil spirits. I can write many visions the Lord has revealed to me about food, but this is enough. 

I wrote this short revelation article to help you prepare for the next article because I will write into details on fasting and how it works in the spirit. Pray over every food you buy and prepare before eating because it has numerous spiritual consequences. Stay blessed as you keep yourself from contaminated food.

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