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A Call for Watchfulness and Prayer (1)

Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. It has come to my notice that some policies the government and some leaderships are implementing and enforcing are destroying the Christian faith. 

It looks like the system of the world is dominating the system of God. We must not be ignorant of the devices of the enemy least the devil takes an advantage over us (Christians).

Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

2 Corinthians 2:11 KJV

Life without Jesus Christ is a disaster. We must uplift the banner of Jesus Christ high above the world because Jesus Christ is the greatest of all. Most Christians are ignorant of the enemy’s plan in these last days. If we sit idle, the enemy will use the government (ungodly politicians) and leadership to destroy the Christian faith.

I have never seen these protocols (taking personal information from people) observed in the market centres and organizations in this pandemic season. For church activities, church officials require our details. Why do the officials demand our details when we come to church?

In one of the Sunday services, I asked one of the church officials why they were taking our phone numbers, house addresses, our full names, and other private information. To my surprise, the man (church official) told me they will use our data for contact tracing.

Meanwhile, in Universities, market centres, and other organizations, these protocols are not observed. Because of the pandemic (CONVID-19), church services are almost empty on Sundays. Most Christians are afraid of Bible studies and prayer meetings because of the epidemic (coronavirus). 

People are so scared of the coronavirus in Churches, but for the market centres, schools, and workplaces, they are not afraid of the coronavirus. Are we limiting God because of the coronavirus?

We must understand that the enemy is using the media, leaders, and the public to create fears in our spiritual life. Read my previous article for more wisdom keys. This is the season we must draw closer to the Holy Spirit. This season calls for an intimate relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit.  Request for a free copy if you cannot afford it.

We have allowed the media, internet, the unbelievers, and the enemy to downgrade our faith with this pandemic called coronavirus. People will go to work and market centres and ignore church services because of the so-called virus corona. 

In our schools, they have terminated church services. If leadership can prevent church activities in schools, then work must be closed. Without church services in schools, how can the spiritual life of the students be sustained? 

The devil is gradually implementing the ten commandments, Alice A. Bailey proposed. Leadership is progressively destroying the Christian faith with the devil’s commandments, and we (Christians) are silent. 

Sometimes I ask myself, are the leaders of our country Christians? How can Christian leaders enforce the ten commandments of the devil (Alice A. Bailey commandments)? The youths these days are becoming immoral because they are taking Christianity out of the system. 

Don’t be ignorant because it is a conspiracy in the Satanic kingdom to destroy the Christian faith. I recommend you read Pat Roberson's book, “The New World Order.”

In the Junior High School textbooks (Religious and Moral Education), I found a disgusting topic I never thought they should publish. I have taught this subject in a Junior High School before so I know what I am writing. 

Under Chastity and Immorality, there are some portions (under sex education) the publishers should review because it promotes sexual immorality. In secondary, technical, vocational and tertiary schools, they have eliminated Religious and Moral Education as a core subject. 

Our educational system is removing the moral topics in the student textbooks because they want to take Christianity out of the system.

Students are becoming immoral because there is no subject to help them understand the moral values (Christian faith). What do we see in our schools today, fornication, abortion, and all kinds of immoral behaviour? 

Educational authorities have placed a limit on teachers to discipline students to a certain level. Leadership is enforcing the Alice A. Bailey commandments, and Christians are fighting each other. What a shame!

Child of God, don’t be ignorant because the god of this world (Satan) is using leadership, media and the public to eliminate Christianity. Some religious leaders are merging Christianity with other faiths (Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, Bahai, Judaism, Sikhism, Zoroastrianism, Shintoism, Paganism, the list goes on).

Soon, Christianity will be weak if we (Christians) don’t rise in prayers and teach the living Word. There is no power (Holy Spirit) in the Church. Carnal and false preachers are producing unbiblical doctrines. These fables and false teachings are producing nominal and carnal Christians (See 2 Timothy 4:2-4). 

The rate at which divorce is rising is alarming because the church is ignoring the foundations of the Christian faith. The spirit of Jezebel (lust, witchcraft, and corruption) is dominating our churches, schools, and organizations.  

False Church leaders, the media, the internet, and unbelievers are promoting lesbianism, gay marriage, abortion, and other ungodly practices under the guise of human rights. The enemy is using ungodly human rights to destroy the Christian faith and Christians are quiet. 

The Word of God must be our criteria for judgment in terms of moral and immoral behaviour. It is time we cry unto God in prayers, and teach the true Word because we are in the last days.

We need more (presence, fire, and power) of the Holy Spirit because the devil is crushing the church. We must be on guard. Let’s pray that God will enthrone godly leaders. If we fail to confront the enemy, the church will fall into apostasy. 

The system of the world and the devil are silently dominating the system of God's kingdom. Let us (Christians) stop fighting ourselves and become one because unity uplifts the faith of God's kingdom.

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