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Words of Wisdom and Knowledge (3)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. In life, if you are quick to judge a matter without adequate truths and understanding, you can fall prey to the enemy.

Life is full of mysteries. Therefore, whenever you hear a matter, take a deep breath and investigate before deciding because many people have made regrettable mistakes in life and died prematurely in this state.

If you are the type of person that decides without wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, the devil and his cohorts will always trap you. So many people have died before their time because they could not hold their tongues.

There are some people in life you cannot attack. Attacking them in life brings God’s judgment upon your life and family. David knew the secrets of God. He knew King Saul was God's vessel, so he did not kill him when he had the chance.

King Saul tried many times to assassinate David but to no avail. God delivered David because His eyes were upon him. King Saul and his son died prematurely because King Saul had an evil mind towards David. You can read my book, The Mysteries of Jealousy, for more profound revelations.

Don’t attack an anointed vessel of God without adequate information, evidence and understanding because there are repercussions. Doing that is to your own and your family's detriment. For example, have you ever asked yourself why God viewed the Amalekites are His enemies?

The Amalekites slaughtered innocent Israelites without mercy, and God swore to oppose them. In God's kingdom, Christian believers are spiritual Israelites. Therefore, anyone who touches true Christian believers becomes an enemy of God irrespective of his title and position in life.

This is one reason the Holy Scriptures declare that no one should touch, destroy, oppose and fight innocent and Spirit-filled Christian believers (See Psalms 105:15, 1 Chronicles 16:22). One reason God favoured the Israelites was because of Abraham, David, and other unique vessels.

God made covenants with the Patriarchs, Kings, and Prophets in Israel, so anytime He remembers the covenant, He takes control. In the new covenant, Christ Jesus has become our covenant.

Anyone who touches the followers of Christ Jesus becomes an enemy to God and His angels. It doesn’t matter the position you hold in the organization. When you touch God’s vessel, you touch Christ Jesus.

If you read the Holy Scriptures, you would understand that on judgment day; Christ Jesus declared to some specific people that they did not visit Him in prison (See Matthew 25:31-46). These people ignored the poor in their hunger state.

They destroyed the poor and weak in society, not knowing they were doing unto Christ Jesus. Therefore, you must understand in life that whatever you do to your neigbour, you do it unto God (Christ Jesus).

Like the people on the right-hand side of Christ Jesus, they did not know that their good deeds towards men were unto God (King of Kings). Christ Jesus alerted them that as they did unto men, they did it unto Him. Know these truths.

  • Don’t attack anyone until you have adequate evidence?
  • Don’t fight anyone without the influence of the Holy Spirit.
  • Don’t accuse anyone until you have all the evidence.
  • Don’t join the unbelievers to oppose someone you know nothing about.
  • Don’t open your uncircumcised mouth and issue insults on people without understanding.
  • If you attack an innocent person, you attack Christ Jesus.
  • If you falsely accuse someone, you falsely accuse God Almighty.
  • If you work wickedness against your neighbor, you attack the Ancient of days.


You may not see and experience the consequences of your devious actions in your time. But, as time passes, your wickedness bear fruits on your children and family. It is not a curse; it is a seed you have sown (Meditate on Galatians 6:7). You can listen to my teachings on youtube, titled Spiritual laws, Sowing and reaping, and read my books, Spiritual Laws, Spiritual Keys, and Spiritual Codes, for more profound revelations.

Sow good seeds in the life of others, and you will reap it. Even if you don't experience your good deeds, your children and family will reap your good works. Sometimes you must analyze and assess yourself on why you want certain things in life. Ask yourself.

  • What am I going to do with the things I am struggling for after getting them?
  • Why am I not getting my heart's desires?
  • How can I get the things I desire?
  • What are some of the godly principles people used to get the things I desire?

Asking yourself these questions will help you avoid the trap of Satan. It will help you avoid deadly mistakes and connect with the mind of God (Holy Spirit). See the good in others, and it will help you connect with them.

Trying to change everything about someone can make the person pretend and hate you in his heart. So instead, understand the person as he is and connect with the person in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

When you see the good in others, it empowers them to exhibit more of their good deeds. Learn to assess the strength of others and use it for good. If you are the type of person that always sees the weakness and bad side, you cannot create relationships.

When a man or woman recognizes that you don’t see any good thing about him or her, he will despise you and exhibit bad character. The person you always see as evil will be hardened by weakness and wickedness because you have tagged him as evil.

When you see nothing good in a person, it devalues the person’s worth and creativity. From today, learn to see the good in people and slowly alert people’s weakness through love, and you will see a transformation in the person.

One thing about the devil is that he makes you blind to the things that can destroy you and separate you from the Holy Spirit. The devil will make you think your evil deeds are normal. In God's sight, it is disgusting.

Like an insane person enjoying himself in his garbage, not knowing the waste is destructive. The garbage will eventually destroy the mad person because he is ignorant of the environment. That is how some people have programmed themselves.

I have also realized that some people are not willing to allow themselves to be stretched.  Stretched in the context of my writing means you don't accept corrections from others. You only accept your opinions as final.

You never admit your mistakes. Acting in that way will lead to destruction. It is like a young crooked tree germinating. If you don't straighten or shape the crooked tree and it grows to become a big tree, it remains crooked until it dies.

That is how some people have grown into. They have become hardened in their sins, so they see it as usual. They justify their sins in their corrupted mindset. No one can correct them because they are crooked mature trees.

Accept corrections at your tender age because that is the season of transformation. However, it might take decades or God Almighty to change you if you mature to a certain age. This is one reason God commands parents to train their children because it is at this age the child learns and transforms.

You can read my books, The Top Eleven Errors People Make in Life and The Top Eighteen Errors People Make in Life, for more wisdom keys.

Most often, children imitate what they see and hear. However, if the child does not receive adequate training at that tender age, calamity awaits the child. This is one reason we see many vagabonds and criminals on the street and online.

No one trained these children at their tender age, so they followed the orders of the world (corrupt and untrained people). This is one reason, God prepares His vessels. He will not give spiritual power and anointing to an imbecile or a rebellious person.

When Elisha asked Elijah a double of his anointing, Elijah replied to Elisha that it was a challenging request. Elijah knew the consequences of the anointing. You cannot joke with God's children.

The Lord has revealed several dreams and visions to me where I saw some men of God imparting and anointing me. But, unfortunately, others attacked me, and the attack backfired on themselves and their family.

Every man born of a woman needs training. God has several ways of training His children. First, he can train you through experiences, the Word, the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and Spiritual leaders.

The higher you graduate in the Spirit, the higher your sphere of influence and demonic attack. Greater spiritual power attracts greater demonic opposition. God’s anointing and angels are in the ranks.

Demons are in ranks. You need the wisdom of God to deal with certain opposition in life. I have realized that the devil and his minions become feeble in our hands when we walk consistently with the Holy Spirit.

If you know the spiritual laws of God's kingdom and the devil's kingdom, you will not struggle to operate in the spiritual realm. So sometimes, I marvel when Christian believers feel shy to dance and praise God in church.

Some Christians are so full of themselves to express joy in the presence of God. In God's presence, there is nothing like title and diplomacy. If the unbelievers can shamelessly express themselves in nightclubs and other social gatherings, why do you (a Christian believer) feel shy to express yourself in God’s presence?

If you can spend excessive resources on academic textbooks, food, clothes, and other temporal materials, why can’t you spend your resources on the things of God? Buy and read books that will help you grow in your Christian life.

Make time for God’s Word. Read and practice what you learn in books. Serve in the house of God. Listen to Christian messages and watch important documentary videos because it takes adequate knowledge to make important decisions.

If you want the Holy Spirit to pour His anointing on your life, develop a relationship with Him. You can read my series of books for more profound revelations. Most often, the devil uses the people around you to prolong (attack) your blessings.

Apply wisdom in your relationship because the devil can use anyone to attack you. I have decided to become a fool for Christ Jesus and the church. If some people can sacrifice their lives for their jobs, family, and other temporal things, what stops us (Christian believers) from serving the Lord and the church? You have some precious gifts in you. It is time to utilize these gifts because some people‘s lives depend on them.

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