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The Mysteries and Principles of Total Deliverance


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. There is one important topic I want to share with you. By the time I finish writing this article, you will understand some secrets, revelations, and principles of deliverance and knowledge.

Many Christian believers and unbelievers run to churches and anointed servants of God for deliverance, not knowing the spiritual laws. The Holy Scriptures declare that ignorance (lack of knowledge) leads to destruction (See Hosea 4:6). Know these truths.

  • If you don’t want to perish on earth and become a prisoner of the enemy, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don’t want God to reject you in the kingdom, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don’t want the devil to recruit you as his agent, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want God to use you in a higher altitude, acquire knowledge.  
  • If you want the anointing on your life to produce more outstanding results, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don’t want to become the prey of the enemy, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don’t want to become useless in life, acquire knowledge. 
  • If you want to advance without limitations, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to connect with people of value, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want people to invest valuable assets into your life and ministry, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want people to respect you and obey your decisions, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to make the best decision in life, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don’t want anyone to abuse you, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don’t want darkness to dominate your life, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want your family and loved ones to walk in freedom, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to build your gifts, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to discover and expand your purpose in life, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to accomplish your dreams, visions, and imaginations, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to sprout in your purpose, visions, and goals, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want the Holy Spirit to invest more extraordinary gifts and anointing into your life, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to break out from a specific realm in the spirit, acquire knowledge.
  • If you don't want to remain in your mediocre state, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want to dominate the devices of the enemy, acquire knowledge.
  • If you want your organization to advance, acquire knowledge.


I hope these few truths and revelations will challenge you to acquire knowledge. Moreover, I will share few encounters I had in some deliverance I performed on some people in a church and other places.

I remember delivering a lady in a church building together with some Christians in the evening. As I was delivering the lady, she stopped breathing. I could see that all her movement had seized up.

She lay flat on the church grounds. I believed she went into a coma, or her spirit and soul left her body in the process of deliverance. I could sense fear in the people around me. But, I had little fear in me because I knew this lady could not die while the Lord was using me to deliver her.

I ordered some of the church members to bring me water. I sprinkled the water in her face and called out loud her name several times. As I kept calling her name, I felt some movement in her body.

I realized that the wicked spirit in her family wanted to trap her spirit and soul and kill her in the church whiles I was delivering her. So I learnt from this experience that, without faith, the devil could trap our deliverance.

Some people need deliverance from wicked familiar spirits. One thing about deliverance is that it is not everybody that has the spiritual power to perform it. It would help if you had the spiritual mantle to embark on deliverance, or else nothing will happen.

It would be best if you had somebody that is anointed to perform deliverance impart you or authorize you to perform deliverance. So, for example, there was another lady I was delivering in a church one evening with some Christians.

Anytime I laid my hand on her, sexual lust develops in me. I discerned that the lady carried the spirit of lust. I needed to deal with the lust in me before I could deliver her. There was another lady I encountered in my evangelism work.

When I entered her room, I saw two ladies. I introduced myself as an evangelist and they allowed me to preach the good news to them. When I finished preaching, one of the ladies told me she needed prayers.

When I began praying for her, she started to manifest. A strange (evil) spirit within her began to speak. The evil spirit said, the lady is her family member, and she owns her. The evil spirit proudly declared she has the legal rights to control the lady’s life and that I cannot set her free.

As I kept listening and questioning this strange spirit speaking through her, I realized that the lady opened the portal for the evil spirit to access her. I realized that the evil spirit would continue to oppress her until the lady repents from that bad habit.

One thing the evil spirit in the lady said to me whiles I was delivering her was that the lady had visited several anointed ministers of God but to no avail. So this lady needed deliverance, but she was not ready to repent for her bad character.

There was another lady; I was delivering in a church with some ministers of God. This lady was into the business of fornication. As I was delivering her, she manifested like a snake. The lady was very violent as she tried several times to escape from the church ground as I was delivering her.

One important truth you must know as a Christian believer is that it takes the fire of the Holy Spirit to deliver people possessed with evil spirits. In the deliverance process, the evil spirits in the lady declared that she could kill some of the ministers helping me in the deliverance.

The evil spirits in the lady knew some of the ministers helping me in the deliverance were into fornication. What would have happened if I was into fornication? Probably, the evil spirits in the lady could attack me.

Child of God, you must know the principle of deliverance or else the devil and his agents will attack you. Therefore, I will briefly share with you some principles of deliverance. Understanding these principles will help you in your spiritual life.


1. The first key to total deliverance is absolute repentance.

Without repentance, total deliverance cannot take place. Repentance means you acknowledge your sin and decide to change from evil. For example, if you want God to deliver you from the spirit of lust, repent from fornication, masturbation, porn videos and anything that makes you sensual.

You can receive deliverance from the most anointed servants of God and remain in bondage if you don't repent from the habit that opens the portal for the enemy (evil spirit) to access you. Before you deliver somebody, assess yourself.

Do you have control over what the victim is suffering from? For example, if someone needs deliverance from lust and you are full of lust, how can you deliver the person? It takes repentance to close the entry points of evil spirits in your life.

Don’t be like the dog that vomits and returns to it. When evil spirits depart from an individual, they return to investigate whether there is an entry point. If there is an entry point, they will recruit seven wicked spirits greater than them to possess the person. Close the entry points of evil spirits by repenting from any destructive habit (Meditate on Matthew 12:43-45) to enable you receive total deliverance.


2. Search for the root cause.

The second key to helping you perform or receive total deliverance is to search for the root cause. Ask yourself.

  • Is it a curse or demonic altar that has opened the door for the demons to operate?
  • Is it territorial spirit responsible or an accursed material that has opened the portal for the demons to operate?
  • Is it a bad habit (sin) that has opened the door for the demons to operate?
  • Is it ignorance that has opened the door for the demons to operate?

Assessing the root cause will help you apply the best principle in deliverance.


3. Are you born again?

The third key to deliverance is checking the salvation status. Without Christ Jesus, deliverance cannot take place. Christ Jesus is the qualified seed to set the captives free. At the mention of Christ Jesus name, every knee and power bows (See Philippians 2:10).

When Christ Jesus enters your heart, every evil spirit vacates. Without Christ Jesus, evil spirits can access and possess you. If you don’t walk in the footsteps of Christ Jesus, you cannot receive deliverance. If you don’t have Jesus Christ in you, some demons will not bow to your command.


4. Embarking on Spirit-led Fasting and Prayers.

Fasting and prayers are some of the spiritual boosters of deliverance. Some demons will not bow until you fast and pray. Spirit-led fasting will upgrade your faith and sharpen your spirit in deliverance.

Spirit-led fasting will enhance your spiritual power. The more you fast and pray, your spirit becomes receptive to the spiritual forces. When this happens, you will not struggle to perform deliverance or receive deliverance (Meditate on Matthew 17:14-21)


5. Build a Solid Christian life after deliverance.

Remember that evil spirits continuously search for open doors after receiving deliverance. Therefore, build your spirit and soul with God's Word, spiritual songs, holiness, sanctification and righteousness lifestyle.

The more you build yourself in the Lord, your problems and challenges reduce. You can download and read my free book, How to Become a Perfect Christian believer and read my series of books for more profound revelations. Build a solid relationship and fellowship with the Holy Spirit to maintain your deliverance.


6. Apply wisdom in your relationships.

The next key to helping you obtain total deliverance is to be watchful of your friends. Apostle Paul commands us in the book of Corinthians that we must not equally yoke with unbelievers. Some friends are full of evil spirits.

You cannot associate with such people because they can corrupt you with these strange spirits. Moreover, the Holy Scriptures declares that evil communication corrupts good manners, so be mindful of your friends. 

If you want to maintain your deliverance, disconnect from hardened sinners and connect connect Spirit-filled Christians who can help you walk in the ways of Christ Jesus.  (Meditate on 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, 1 Corinthians 15:33).


7. Know the truth.

Total deliverance comes through the obedience of God's Word. Until the Word of God enters your spirit and soul, you remain a captive of the enemy. The Word of God can break curses, spells, incantations, witchcraft and satanic traps.

The Holy Scriptures declare that deliverance comes by knowing(understanding) the truth (God's Word). Connect with anointed Christian messages to enable you to receive deliverance. 

Make time for God's Word. Consistently meditate, confess, declare, obey, preach, pray, and profess the Word of God for a total turnaround.   Meditate on this Holy Scripture.


…ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32 KJV

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