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A Word of Wisdom to Christians and World Leaders


One thing I have realized in life is that people dwell in invisible prisons in ignorance. Some people have allowed their past failures, mistakes, and abuses to trap them in the enemy's cage. You can live in prison without knowing.

It is said that Nelson Mandela decided to forgive his offenders after they imprisoned him for twenty-seven years. He said, “As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I'd still be in prison.”

Invisible prison is one of the dangerous cages one can ever find himself. If you hold bitterness, unforgiveness, and revenge in your heart, you are a prisoner in the enemy's kingdom. Instead of you advance in life, you become an enemy to yourself.

You will become blind to the door ahead of you because you allow the abuses and injustices people fired at you to darken your vision. Instead of you pressing on and living in the present (the realm of faith and hope), you remain in your past (invisible prison).

The open doors ahead of you become invisible because your mind has caged you. It is time to forgive and forget the abuses people loaded on you. I know sometimes it is challenging to forgive offenders. In my book, Spiritual Seeds for Growth, I have enumerated some wisdom keys you can use to forgive offenders.

You might have made some regrettable mistakes. Admit you are a human with imperfections. Forgive yourself and move on to life because life is full of mysteries, laws, and opportunities. The moment you allow your past to control your present, you become an enemy to yourself.

You will not see the vision ahead of you because all you see is failure, pain, injustice, and corruption. I live in a country where most leaders don't want to use the resources to develop the economy.

The system to check corruption in my country is weak. I know corruption occurs in various countries and organizations, but I have decided to feed my mind with things that will upgrade my life.

I don't allow my weakness to limit me. I focus on my strength (gifts, talents, and potentials) and search for ways to develop them. If you allow the destructive opinions and criticism of others to dominate you, you will give up.

Disconnect from negative people and the environment that undermines your gifts and connect with wise people and materials to help you build your gifts, talents, and potentials. Stop depending on the government, college certificates, and family for jobs.

Search within because you have valuable gifts inside you. Develop the gifts God has invested in you. Search for godly people that agree with your vision, plans, and assignment and decide with them. Set daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals and improve yourself by reading relevant books and learning from successful mentors.

There are numerous opportunities online. Don’t follow the corrupt system to become successful. Someone needs what you carry. If you can are good at website creation, book editing, video editing, networking, computer programming, graphic designing, and any other talent, visit Fiverr, Facebook, Freelancer and create a profile for yourself.

People will search for your gifts and talents and employ you online. Technology has made it easy to become successful. I love writing because that is one of my gifts. If you check my website and other blogs, you will analyze that I have written over two hundred articles and fifty books.

I discovered one of my gifts and worked effectively to build the gifts God has deposited in me. You can read my book, How to Write and Publish Books, for more wisdom keys. In that book, I have enumerated some of the principles and channels I used to write, publish and market my books.

Amazon and other online bookstores pay me (royalties) when someone buys my book. Stop undermining yourself and start building your gifts. Your value is determined by the problems you can solve.

Africa and other continents are full of opportunities because many people are facing challenges. Provide solutions for the problems in your village, city, and country, and people will pay you for your services (solutions).

“We have over 7.8 billion people living on earth. Out of these people, it is recorded that 2.382 billion are Christians, 1.907 billion are Muslims, 1.193 billion are non-religious, 1.161 billion are in Hinduism, and 506 million people are Buddhists.”



Jesus Christ came to the earth die for the lost. Whoever believes in Christ Jesus and walks in His footsteps receives eternal life. If Christ Jesus came for the world and out of the 7.8 billion people living on the earth, only 2.382 billion are Christian believers, what awaits the unbelievers?

Today, many churches in the USA and other continents are breaking down, yet most Christian believers are silent. The power and presence of the Holy Spirit are absent in many churches. Many Christians are broke and living in poverty because some sect of Christian believers are selfish and heartless.

It is believed that Islam is one the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam has taken over the Northern part of Africa, many continents, and important leadership positions. Strange religious groups and organizations mislead the unbelievers and ignorant Christians with false information while Christian believers and the church keep silent.

Strange religious groups are misinterpreting the Holy Scriptures, and Christian believers are quiet. These religious groups compare Christ Jesus with Krishna, Mohammed, Zoroaster, and other famous religious personalities while Christians keep silent.

I read on the website of Ravi Zacharias of some allegations fired at him after his death. I was a follower of Ravi Zacharias's messages before his death. I have been listening to Ravi Zacharias because I see him as an important Christian Apologist.

If you listen to his lessons, books, and analyze how he projects the Christian faith, you would understand that God called him to defend the Christian movement with his teachings and materials.

Most Christian believers are ignorant that the enemy plans to disgrace and tarnish the image of the Christian faith, Ravi Zacharias, and his ministry. It may be possible that the allegations projected at Ravi Zacharias may be true.

Christians must find ways to deal with this issue. Wisdom and knowledge are a necessity in problem-solving. I strongly believe it is a weapon of the enemy to destroy the reputation of the church on earth. One thing about the enemy is that he is passionate about destroying the church.

If the enemy wants to destroy an important person or an organization, he first destroys his reputation. By tarnishing the person's or the corporate image, people begin to disengage from the person or the group.

Sometimes I feel in my spirit that some people or groups are tarnishing my reputation. If Christ Jesus is on our side, no one can destroy me and the ministry he has given me. Today, the media gradually eliminates important videos and other essential materials of Ravi Zacharias out of the system.

The enemy uses the Olympians (the Committee of 300), the Illuminati, the thirteen satanic bloodlines, the media, and ungodly leaders to create strong systems to wipe out the church. With Christ Jesus on our side, we are victorious!

Christian leaders should stop fighting each other and become one. We cannot allow the enemy to use the strategy of divide and conquer to dominate the church. I wrote an article, Why Christians Must Occupy Every Leadership Position.

You can download and read that article and share it with your loved ones. You can buy the complete book on Amazon or read it free on Amazon Kindle Unlimited for more wisdom keys.

Christian believers must walk in unity because it takes agreement to develop and maximize productivity. I know some Muslims that are principled and godly. Such leaders are qualified to occupy some leadership position. If a man is genuinely God-fearing with all his heart, he is impartial in his works and leadership.

Christian believers should not allow strange religious groups and people who have no fear of God to occupy important leadership positions because corrupt leaders cannot build strong systems to regulate the growth of the economy and church.

Christians should support each other because the blood of Christ Jesus has made the church a family. This is the introduction. I will write into details in the upcoming articles about how Christians can unite and build the church and economy in the ways of God. 


Becoming successful in a world of darkness and defeating the enemy of progress

Building your inner man with wisdom, strength and power.

Becoming purposeful in life despite the oppositions.

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