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How to Activate the Presence of the Holy Spirit (4)


Loved one in Christ Jesus, I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. I remember seeing two beds in a building warming up. Analyzing them from a distance, one was a male and the other a female.

Initially, I entered the building to pray. As I stood watching these lovely birds, I observed that the male bird tried to build a nest in the building. Anytime the male bird brings the material (a thin leaf) into the building, the female bird pecks the material to the ground.

I observed this scene for some time as I could see that the male bird was doing its best to build a nest, but the female bird destroys the work. As I stood there watching these birds, the Holy Spirit whispered to me.

This is what is happening in the lives of many Christians and married couples. Some people build without a solid foundation, so the enemy comes in to destroy their labour. The Holy Spirit whispered to me again; He said many Christians choose incompatible marriage partners.

Some people do not know the ones closest to them are their worst enemies (Meditate on Matthew 10:36). Many Christians do not have a consistent prayer life and relationship with me (Holy Spirit), so the devil and his agents break in to scatter their labour.

Some Christians struggle in their marriages, businesses, and life because they failed to pray for my (Holy Spirit) guidance. As a result of their errors, the enemy makes their work profitless and vain.

As the Spirit of God whispered these words to me, I examined my life. Child of God, choosing a marriage partner is one of the most important decisions to make after salvation (repenting and accepting Christ Jesus as Saviour and Lord of your life).

The friends and associations you join have an impact on your life. Living in a dark (hostile) environment can affect your life. If you connect with the wrong partner, it affects the vision of God for your life.

You become an enemy to yourself if you live in fear, hatred, jealousy, and inferiority complex. Accepting negative (destructive and offensive) words can make you fail in life because words have power (Meditate on Proverbs 18:21).

The words you keep hearing create a fountain of faith (beliefs, ideologies, philosophies, and mindset) in you. If you digest negative words in your soul (intellect, willpower, desire, emotions, and mind), it blinds you, makes you inferior, depressed, and confused in life.

You will never value yourself because these negative words will make you unproductive and unworthy in the vicissitudes of life. Bad words can kill your creativity and potentials. The people you allow into your life can build you or destroy you because their words affect you.

It is like a teacher whipping a student with a rod. That is how words touch our soul. If you open your heart to any words, you surrender your life to the speaker. Disconnect from people who destructively criticize you, speak negative words to you, and connect with people who speak words of wisdom into your life.

Associate with godly people who value you from their heart and see the potentials in you. The more you listen to inspiring words from sanctified people, it motivates you to be creative and purposeful.

Relying on your weakness keeps you in an invisible prison of fear, pain, and self-pity. It will destroy your potentials and make you self-destructive. Believe God has created you with a gift and build those gifts in you.

In my book, Spiritual Codes, Spiritual laws, and Spiritual Keys for life, I have enumerated some unbreakable keys you can use to unlock the hidden gifts and potentials God has deposited in you.

You are like fire. The more you add gasoline or, the more people add gasoline to the fire, it blazes. If you allow people to pour water into the fire, it fades and turns into smoke. Are your friend's fire extinguishers or fire blazers?

Some friends are good at helping you shape your life. These are the life builders. They can identify your bad character and attitudes and help you shape your life. These are the people who pour water into the soil.

You are the soil, and these friends are water. Learn to move with these people because you will not pass the test of life without them.


  • Identify the people pouring water on the fire and disconnect from them.
  • Identify the people pouring water on the earth and examine yourself to enable you to make changes.

Examine yourself.

  • Who is quenching the fire within you?
  • Who is blazing the fire within you?
  • Who is watering the seeds within you?

Eliminate the fire extinguishers and connect with fire blazers. Spend some time with the life builders. Don't focus on your weakness but instead focus on your strength and connect with people who can empower you to become the person God created you to be.

If your parents or guardians are the fire extinguishers, respectfully let them know their words negatively affect you. If you feel shy of expressing your emotions with your parents, discuss it with a respectable older adult or authority figure. They will discuss it with your parents.

I have realized in life that words have the power to build the destiny of a man or destroy the vision of a man. Cursing people is dangerous because it can backfire if they are innocent (Meditate on Genesis12:1-3, Proverbs 26:2).

What would have happened if Stephen cursed his murderers? Probably Saul (later became Apostle Paul) might have died or encounter miseries in his life. Speak words that brings life and avoid words that brings death (hopelessness, war, disaster, depression and wrath and pain).

In Genesis chapter one, Moses records that when God saw darkness, He decreed light. When you are going through some storms, decree the promises of God recorded in the Holy Bible, and the Word will take responsibility.

The Holy Spirit revealed to me that animals have a significant impact on our life. You must not joke with some dangerous animals such as cats, birds in the air, lions, and dogs. Maltreating dogs and cats have a strong negative effect on your life.

Each animal has a negative and positive effect in the spiritual realm. Seeing these animals in your dream connotes alertness in your life.  

  • Have you ever asked why the Holy Spirit took the image of a dove when John the Baptist baptized Christ Jesus?
  • Have you ever asked why Noah sent a raven and a dove to investigate the result of the flood?
  • Have you ever asked why God demanded specific animals for cleansing?
  • Have you ever asked why God identifies Himself with a lion?
  • Have you ever asked why God commanded Moses to hang a serpent on a pole as a means of deliverance to the disobedient Israelites?
  • Have you ever asked why God forbade the Israelites from eating certain animals under the old covenant?
  • Have you ever asked why the devil took on the image of a serpent to deceive Eve?
  • Have you ever have asked why the cherubs identify themselves with ox, lion, eagle, and human?
  • Have you ever asked why the twelve tribes of Israel use animals to describe their lineage?

Child of God, animals are symbols of God’s wisdom and power. Animals explain some mysteries in the spiritual and earthly realm. Some people may think it is mysticism, but the truth is, God hides specific truths from some people because they cannot handle them.

God reveals mysteries to those who reverence Him (Meditate on Psalms 25:14). Ghana must pray against any dictatorship or totalitarianism because the Holy Spirit has revealed several visions to me about the state of Ghana and Nigeria.

Ghana, Nigeria, some presidents, and African countries need God's intervention. Christian believers must consistently fast and pray for the next President and members of parliament, or else the devil will use the ungodly leaders to enforce his plans. I will start writing some mysteries the Holy Spirit reveals to me soon.  


Why Christian Believers Must Delight Themselves in the Presence of the Holy Spirit/ How the Holy Spirit affects an Environment with His Presence.

In this article, I will share with you how to activate the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life. Knowing the systems of the Holy Spirit opens the door for you to unlock God’s secrets, wisdom, power, and anointing.

In his letters to the churches scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia, Apostle Peter wrote that “one day is with the Lord as a thousand years and a thousand years as one day."


…beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

2 Peter 3:8 KJV

In the presence of God (Holy Spirit), there is fullness of joy (See Psalms 16:11). The Holy Spirit reminds you of some bad habits to enable you to repent anytime you enter His presence (See the book of Jonah in the Holy Scriptures).

Asaph (a Levite and chief musician of David) said it is good to draw near God and put our trust in Him (See Psalm 73:28). Do you know that wicked people find it challenging to live under the presence of God?


Let God arise, let his enemies be scattered: let them also that hate him flee before him.

As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked

perish at the presence of God.

Psalms 78:1-2 KJV

Criminals and people who hate Christ Jesus and the church perish and go astray under the presence of God! The Holy Spirit releases His judgment on the wicked anytime His presence dominates a hostile atmosphere (sinners).

This is one reason wicked and unrepentant people become sin-conscious when a Spirit-filled Christian enters their presence. The Holy Spirit convict sinners of their evil deeds to enable them to repent.

Make a habit of creating a presence for the Holy Spirit because evil people will flee from you. Your holy presence will disrupt their evil plan. The atmosphere you have created for the Holy Spirit will oppose the unbeliever's plans and bad seeds.

When this happens, you can have your peace of mind to serve Christ Jesus, the church, and fellowship with the brethren.  If you live in a hostile environment, consistently create a presence for the Holy Spirit. The devil and his minions will distance themselves from you.

The evil people living in that place will either repent or vacate that place because light and darkness cannot live in one place. At the initial stage, the witches in that surrounding will fight you spiritually.

Some may oppose you physically. Don't fight them physically or give up. Let the Holy Spirit establish His presence in that place, and you will see the wonders of God.


Some Virtues the Holy Spirit Dislikes or Things That Prevents People from Accessing and Activating Presence of the Holy Spirit.

Before I share with you how you can activate the presence of the Holy Spirit, I will explain to you some things the Holy Spirit dislikes because you cannot associate with a Person if you do some things or engage in activities that put him off.  

Remember, the Holy Spirit is a divine Person that carries a Presence. For example, the electronic device you are using to read my article is a material (substance). The material (phone, laptop, computer, tablet) has a presence.

The electronic device can produce sounds, play videos, games, songs, and do many things. That is how I can explain the Holy Spirit logically. The Holy Spirit is not a wind, fire, anointing, and power.

The Holy Spirit is the one who creates the fire, wind, anointing, and power because He is a Person we can interact with (Meditate on Romans 8:26-17). You can read my series of books for more profound revelations.


Quench not the Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:19 KJV

Quenching the Holy Spirit is like extinguishing fire with water. The Holy Spirit cannot influence some people because of the destructive habits they portray. It is like an adult who has defecated on himself.

You cannot come near the adult because the feces around him make him smelly. That is how the Holy Spirit sees and smells some people. The spiritual scent around some people is so stinky that the Holy Spirit cannot associate with them.

Some people allow sin to rule them. They hold unforgiveness, jealousy, bitterness, lust, ungodly anger, pride, and many invisible sins dominate their heart. Because of these evil deeds, the Holy Spirit finds it challenging to fellowship with them.

Some people enjoy the pleasures of sin to the extent of becoming channels for the enemy to exhibit wickedness. One weapon about bitterness and unforgiveness is that it creates strange diseases.

Bitterness, jealousy and unforgiveness can lead to depression, demonic possession, and schizophrenia. This is one reason Apostle Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus to avoid ungodly anger (Meditate on Ephesians 4:26). Paul further stated that we must not allow bitterness, wrath, and evil words to linger in our heart


Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with all malice:

Ephesians 4:31 KJV

You can read my book, The Mysteries of Jealousy and The Mysteries of Fear, for more profound revelations. Hate sin with a passion because it is one of the greatest enemies of the Holy Spirit.


Behold, the LORD's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:

But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

For your hands are defiled with blood, and your fingers with iniquity; your lips have spoken lies, your tongue hath muttered perverseness.

Isaiah 59:1-3 KJV

Some people love insulting, gossiping, mocking, and destroying the reputation of others, yet they call themselves Christian believers. Such people create an unfavorable environment for the Holy Spirit to operate.

Consistent and willful sin creates an environment for evil spirits to dominate an atmosphere (See James 3:16). When this happens, the Holy Spirit departs from such places.


…grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

Ephesians 4:30 KJV

You can offend the Holy Spirit and make Him sad by your actions. If you read the lessons recorded in the book of Genesis. You would understand that when humankind began to multiply, wickedness increased.


And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,

That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose.

And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Knowing the things Holy Spirit dislikes makes Him come closer to you

There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart.

And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, and beast, and the creeping thing, and the fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.

 Genesis 6:1-7 KJV

God regretted creating humankind and became offended to the extent of wiping out humanity because of their excessive evil deeds. The Holy Spirit could not associate with humanity because of sinful activities.

Sin is an enemy of the Holy Spirit. It can silence your spiritual senses and make you irresponsive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Anytime you engage in immoral activities, you create a gap for the Holy Spirit.

In your relationship, you do your best to satisfy your partner, parents, friends, employer, and loved one because you want love. You may do anything in your power not to hurt your loved one because you know it can create problems in the relationship.

If you can refrain from some habits your loved dislikes because you want to maintain the relationship, why do you want to do something that will create a gap between you and the Holy Spirit? Repent from evil deeds and surrender your life Christ Jesus to enable the Holy Spirit to access your life.

To be continued...

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