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/ / A Short Wisdom Key to Advance in Life (Mostly for African countries, undeveloped and developing countries)

A Short Wisdom Key to Advance in Life (Mostly for African countries, undeveloped and developing countries)


If you don’t want to become a bad debt or a liability in your family, business, organization, and country, acquire knowledge that will help you become valuable in society. Nobody will recognize you until they see the value in you.

That is the law of human nature. People are carrying a lot of problems you are ignorant of. Adding your problem to theirs makes you a liability in their presence. It is a problem you solve that determines your value.

Develop yourself by praying and reading books that can help you become resourceful and profitable. Before the twenty-first century, people could cater for their families with their college certificates and businesses.

The higher your college certificate, the higher your position in the organization. The higher your school certificate, the higher your salary in the organization. Nowadays, school certificates are becoming useless because we are in a global world.

Organizations are using artificial intelligence machines, software’s and advanced technological systems to manage their businesses. Educate yourself to meet the demands of this generation. Study technology, software engineering, computer programming, and anything that involves the computer, and you will become a valuable person in this century.

Big companies can employ you in their organization if you have the skills, qualifications, and talents. You can be in Ghana, India, Brazil, China, Nigeria, Indonesia, the USA, and any other country and work in big companies like Google, Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, and other global businesses if you have the required talent, skills, and qualifications.

Formal education may help you read and write. Certificates in colleges are customized A4 sheets. Stop relying on those customized A4 sheets and build your mind because every decision you make emanates from your mind.

Follow godly successful entrepreneurs, read their books, watch their videos, and read their articles online. Put into practice what you have learned. Enroll in technical and vocational institutions because, after studies, you will acquire skills to employ yourself.

Do you know the number of unemployed people with Bachelor's degrees, Masters, and Ph.D.'s living in poverty? Formal education is good, but it has limitations! God has invested gifts and talents in you.

Do your research, and you will recognize that most successful entrepreneurs did not have college degrees! Whatever you need in life is inside you. You can stay in your country and become successful because you are full of untapped potentials.

Like a seed, within the seed are forests. If you plant a seed of maize into fertile soil, it germinates with numerous maize's. You are that seed. Connect with people who have successfully walked on the path you want to walk and learn from them.

In most developing and underdeveloped countries, the informal sector employs more than the formal sector. In my country Ghana, the informal sector employs over eighty percent of the citizens.

Because of this, many school graduates cannot get employment in the formal sector. Most of us learned theories in our schools. Most institutions train students to write good curriculum vitae and search for white-collar jobs; meanwhile, the jobs are not available.  

You only get employment in the formal sector if a manager, politician, or a recognized employer (Chief Executive Officer) in a company knows you. Stop wasting your time on unnecessary materials (books, videos, and songs).

Use social media wisely and profitably because you can generate funds through these platforms. Don't solely rely on the government and politicians for jobs because most only think about their interests and families.

Disconnect from people who have no vision in life and connect with godly people who have the same vision you want to pursue. Spend quality time on valuable information on youtube, Facebook, blogs, books, and websites.

Spend money on relevant books. Don’t waste your money, time, and energy on materials that will increase your expenses and expenditure. If the material you possess takes money from you, it’s a liability.

Purchase materials that will increase your revenue. There are some things you may not need now. Sell those materials (liabilities) and use the funds to purchase assets. Whatever brings money or adds value to you is an asset.

Whatever takes money from you or wastes your time and energy is a liability.  This is the best definition of assets and liabilities I can give to you as Servant of God and counselor. Check your income statement and match your expenditures and revenues, assets, and liabilities.

Eliminate or limit the expenses and expenditure, and you will increase your profit and value: the lower your expenses and expenditure, the higher your profits. In your scales of preference, let your needs (things you cannot live without) dominate your wants (stuff you can live without), and you will not overspend. I gave you some little intellectual knowledge to help you pursue a purposeful life. You can get my series of books,

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