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/ / The Top Fifteen Things That Destroy the Purpose and life of Mankind (8)

The Top Fifteen Things That Destroy the Purpose and life of Mankind (8)

Loved one in Christ Jesus I believe you are growing in the strength of the Lord. Initially, I wanted to end this series and start with new lessons, but I felt in my spirit that I should share this wisdom keys, the Holy Spirit gave me with you.

Kindly read the previous lessons because there are a lot of wisdom keys in those articles. I have been hearing some people saying the ministry is about souls, and the industry is about sales. That is a half-truth because without the Holy Spirit, resources (funds), divine wisdom, knowledge, and the help of God, we cannot reach the souls.

The Kingdom of God is not only about souls, but it is also the Father’s business (See Luke 2:49). If there is no finance or insufficient resources, how can the kingdom function? God has given His children the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit has invested gifts in us to enable us to advance His kingdom on earth. 

Most of the unbelievers will not use their funds to advance the kingdom of God. If some people criticize that business in the ministry makes the kingdom an industry, I disagree with them. We use sales from Christian books and other commodities to advance the kingdom of God. We cannot pay our bills with the anointing. 

We use the money to pay our bills. Let us stop this hypocrisy and judgemental attitude. I know some people are using their spiritual gifts for their benefits. Some false people are pretending to be ministers of God. We can detect these false ministers by their fruits (See Luke 6:43-46). God searches our hearts, and He knows every thought behind our actions (See Jeremiah 17:10).  

One benefit we derive from spiritual gifts is maximization (profit). We use spiritual gifts to advance the kingdom (See 1 Corinthians 12:7). If a pastor sells a product (example Christian books) in His ministry and you call that ministry an industry, you blaspheme the Holy Spirit. The Pastor or the leader can use that money to advance the gospel!

God has given us gifts to enable us to contribute and expand the ministry. God has given us brains to think and the energy to work. You cannot sit idle and declare that the ministry is only about souls. If you don’t apply the wisdom recorded in the Word, you can perish.

By the grace of God, I have written inspired books on soul winning. I almost stress all my evangelism on soul-winning and church work. If you are ignorant of the kingdom principles, you may condemn a wisdom key you can use to grow the ministry God has given you.

In the time of the Apostle Paul, Peter, and the other disciples, they did not have our systems. They travelled by feet, donkeys, and camels to preach the gospels. Most of the occupation at that time was agriculture and construction. In the time of John Wesley, Dwight L. Moody, Charles G. Finney, William Branham, and the other generals, technology was not advanced, so using their strategy will not fit our season.

We are in a global world. Technology has taken over the system. We cannot apply the principles of our great grand Father’s in the Lord used because they will not fit into our system. The system changes as the year pass by. You cannot pour new wine into an old wineskin. We must learn how to apply knowledge and connect with the mind of the Holy Spirit because wisdom and knowledge is a necessity in God’s kingdom.

There are spiritual truths and foundations we cannot ignore. For example, prayer, fasting, evangelism, and feeding on the Word is a foundation in the Christian faith. We cannot travel on foot to preach the gospel all the time because the system has changed. We are now in the technology season.

You cannot bring foodstuffs as your offering or tithe because we don't need those things in the church. We don't reconcile our expenses with foodstuffs, we pay our bills with money. Sell that foodstuff and bring that money as your tithe and offering. Talking about the internet, television, radio stations, and other media centers, without funds, we cannot evangelize on these networks.

Almost everything connected to the ministry of God in the 21st (twenty-first) century is about funds. We must apply wisdom and knowledge because funds are vital in the ministry of God.  I know some things require divine wisdom and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

If you cannot use the spiritual gifts that God has planted in you to help edify and finance the church, you have made a big error. This does not mean that you go about selling your gifts for money or make the church a market center. We have sanctified businesses.  If you are in a church, and God has invested some spiritual gifts in you, use it to build the church because it is part of the contribution.

I know some ministers of God, who has been preaching at market centers, public buses, and roadsides. Some even have their ministries, yet they suffer because of insufficient funds. These preachers are very sincere. 

They love God and the ministry, but they have no or insufficient funds to support the ministry. Some people have given up in the ministry because they did not have funds to raise, the ministry God called to them fulfill. Most of these ministers are called, chosen, and anointed, but finances have limited their ministry.

Is God wicked to let them perish? No! God works with us according to the knowledge we have acquired about Him (Meditate on Hosea 4:6). In my evangelistic and online ministry, I realize that funds are one of the most important needs. As ministers of God, we need funds to expand the kingdom of God.

God can give you a glorious vision or a burden, but if you don’t have the finance or people to encourage, organize, and support you financially, you will be frustrated. Some frustrated people visit shrines and covenant with satanic societies because of funds. I believe money is important in the ministry of God, but it is not the ultimate. Know these truths.

  • Money without the Holy Spirit is destruction. 
  • Money without a vision is destruction. 
  • Money without a plan is destruction. 
  • Money without wisdom and knowledge is destruction. 

The most important person we need in the ministry is the Holy Spirit because He is the best Person to supply us with divine power, wisdom, and gifts to enable us to fulfill the ministry. Within the Holy Spirit, there are gifts, and these divine gifts can produce inspired books and anointed songs. We can sell these inspired books and songs to finance the church. We can also freely distribute these books to people with insufficient funds.

By the grace of God, I can write inspired books and do many things without difficulty. Writing books is just a fraction of my spiritual gifts. I believe with all my heart that God gave me the wisdom and gifts to advance His kingdom on earth.

I may not be able to print and distribute these inspired books to the people who need my books because of insufficient funds. I am making this statement because I know ministers of God like me who are facing my challenge in the ministry.

In the ministry, God has called and anointed me to teach and preach to the outermost part of the world, especially the youths and those in colleges. I have been preaching and teaching to students in universities, secondary schools, vocational, training colleges, and Junior High Schools. 

I have some sincere ministers of God and friends ready to work with me, but insufficient funds will not allow me to fully fulfill the call of God upon my life. I know there are other ministers of God facing the challenge I am facing. 

Most of these ministers are sincere from the heart, but there is no support. Even Jesus Christ needed helpers, when He started the ministry, the Heavenly Father sent Him to fulfill. Apostle Paul needed helpers. Moses needed helpers. Almost everyone God used needed helpers. 

We cannot do the work of God alone. We need helpers who can support us emotionally, financially, and physically. For divine help, the Holy Spirit can intervene when we call on Him in prayers. Sometimes, I reason with the Heavenly Father, the Son (Jesus Christ) and the Holy Spirit that if He has called me to preach the gospel to the lost souls, then he should connect me with the ministry helpers.

Although I don’t wholly depend on men for help. I believe knowledge, hard work, fasting, and prayer can activate the hands of God. Miracles can happen if the situation needs a divine encounter. God has given us spiritual gifts to profit therein. Some people are gifted to sing, prophesy, write, preach, teach, perform miracles, and do mighty works in the house of God.

God knows why He invested these spiritual gifts in those vessels. God will never invest gifts into a vessel He does not trust. Out of ignorance, some people cannot activate their spiritual gifts. Some people also abuse their gifts and become greedy when they find their gifts. God knows how to deal with such people.

Spiritual gifts are not the foundations of the ministry, they are attachment to the ministry. Maturity is a process. All of us will pass through this process. Jesus started his part-time ministry at twelve. Jesus Christ prepared for thirty years before He entered full-time ministry. 

Jesus fasted and prayed to enable Him to master courage and pursued His ministry. There are some spiritual laws we cannot ignore when we choose the path of Jesus Christ. Every minister of God needs training.

God can choose a minister of God for you to follow. God may direct you to read His or her books and listen to his messages because your ministry is like that ministry. God can choose a minister for you to follow because He wants you to learn and receive some mentorship, skills, wisdom, anointing, grace, knowledge, and training from that anointed minister and his ministry. 

By the grace of God, I have had several encounters in the Spiritual realm. God has allowed me to encounter some ministers of God in the realms of the Spirit. I know which minister of God I must listen to and follow, but I am waiting for a confirmation. 

We may have made some errors in the ministry because of ignorance, immaturity, pride, or fame. God always searches our hearts. If your heart does not condemn your actions, move with faith. I always pray to God to perfect my imperfection and consecrate my heart. I don't want to deviate from God's path.

By the grace of God, a man of God who died, prematurely laid his hands on me in the spiritual realm. I believe he did not finish his assignment. God wants me to complete his assignment. I have had another encounter in the spiritual realm, where an anointed man of God in Ghana anointed me with oil whiles I was ministering to students. 

The man of God anointed me from his heart because I could discern in my heart and feel the love in my heart in the spiritual realm. I cannot write all the encounters I had when he was anointing me with the oil in the spiritual realm.  

Some ministers of God have imparted spiritual gifts to me in the Spiritual realm and physically. I have had several encounters with men of God waiting for me to climb to a certain ladder so they can walk with me. I believe in my heart, the ministers of God who anointed and imparted me are from God because their fruits are evidence (See Matthew 7:15-20).

Most of the ministers of God I encountered is alive. There are some men of God I encountered in the Spirit, they did not agree with my calling. The ministry God gave me differs from their ministry, so they did not impart me.

There are ministers of God, I have followed and honoured. Later I encountered them in the spiritual realm. Their spirit was strange. When I analyze their fruits, I don't see any errors or suspicion in most of their associates. I know the devil can use some of their faces to mislead me, so I am cautious not to expose a man of God. 

I have seen many ministers who act as ministers of God, but in the realms of the spirit, they are different. Before I saw them in the spiritual realm, I have already honoured them. I have to apply divine wisdom in dealing with them because I can make an error and accuse a true minister of God.

I have to verify some visions I see about them in the natural by their fruits and with time. God has shown me some secrets on how to connect and receive the anointing and grace of some anointed ministers of God in the spiritual realm. There are a lot of dignitaries I have encountered in the realms of the Spirit.

Most often, I see the devil and his minion's monitors and attacks me in the spiritual realm. God has revealed to me the heart of some sincere ministers of God. Some ministers of God defend me in the Spiritual realm. I have seen false ministers operating as ministers of God. Some ministers attack me.   

Sometimes I find it difficult to expose them because I cannot believe they are the ones I trust as ministers of God. I have seen good and strange visions of some ministers of God in the spiritual realm. Some of these ministers are from Ghana, Nigeria, and the USA.

I know the enemy monitors me in the spiritual realm. He uses his human agents to monitor me physically, but I don’t give them attention. I concentrate on the things God has called me to do. Sometimes these enemies manifest physically because, in the Spirit, they couldn’t overcome me. 

Don't think I am insane, or I don't know what I am writing to you. I knew a lady when I was serving the nation of Ghana after completing university. She told me she encountered a similar problem I am encountering. This lady is gifted, but she couldn't stand the storm. Her household enemies have jeopardized her life. 

When I analyze my life from childhood, I question myself, why did God keep me? I believe I should have died a long time because I was troublesome and stubborn. In my ignorance and stubbornness, God kept me under His umbrella of mercies, Glory to God! 

Some enemies have tried to murder me physically but to no avail. Jesus Christ always protected me, and I believe He is still protecting me. I know what I am writing to you. Never think I have a psychological problem. If you are not connected to the Holy Spirit, you may misjudge some of my testimonies.

If you don’t know the system of the Holy Spirit, shut your mouth because speaking against something you are ignorant of can activate curses. There are some visions and testimonies I cannot publish. I have kept them in my journal and notepad. Those visions and testimonies need clarifications. I may share some of them with you at the chosen time.

Learn to keep your mouth shut if you don’t understand the things of the Spirit. I have learned not to speak against anybody in life, especially ministers of God, because I know the consequences. I love to read, worship, and pray because it helps me connect with God. 

My little advice to you is that dedicate your time to God's Word, resourceful materials, and build a prayer life. Ignorance is a silent killer. You destroy yourself if you don’t know the consequence of your action. You can destroy yourself and your family if you don’t know the consequences of your decisions and actions. It is only the mercies of God, that keeps us going. We are who we are because of the blood of Jesus Christ. 

  • Never speak against or attack something you don’t understand. 
  • Never speak against or attack someone you don’t know. 
  • Never attack until you have evidence.

Many people have ended in their untimely grave because they lacked this wisdom key. Many people couldn’t fulfill the assignment God designed for them because they lacked this wisdom key. 

  • Money is good, but it is not the ultimate.
  • Knowledge is power but is not useful until you apply them. 
  • Your spirituality is vain if you don’t feed your spirit and soul with Word. 
  • Your walk with the Holy Spirit will be fruitless if you don’t build a consistent prayer life.

Get my series of books for a more profound revelation. Meditate on these scriptures for more wisdom keys.

For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they do not know.

Jeremiah 4:22 KJV


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

Hosea 4:6 KJV

To be Continued…

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