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Understanding the Language of the Spirit (Demystifying the four realms) - 6


The Word of God declares that God’s ways and thoughts differ from the ways and thoughts of the world. Until one repents and confess Christ Jesus as his Saviour and Lord of life, his philosophy challenges the kingdom's constitution.

Creation speaks to humankind in several ways, but most men have not developed the capacity to tune to her voice. In this article, I will share with you some mysteries of the Spirit. Most often, people only interpret the language of the Spirit with their minds.

Interpreting the language of the Spirit only with your mind limits you. When you only interpret the voice of the Spirit with your mind, it opens the portal for the enemy to block you from accessing specific blessings.

This is one reason I want to share with you some mysteries of the Spirit. In my previous articles, I wrote some important notes on the language of the Spirit. Reading those articles will broaden your understanding of the spiritual world.

For example, when you see animals of the same kind making a strange noise, could you not assume they are insane? To you, the animals may be fooling, but to them, they are communicating. Domestic animals such as cats, hens, goats, dogs and sheep have several ways of communicating with humankind.

Most often, they use gestures (body language) to speak to us. If you are not intelligent, sensitive and Spirit-filled, you will not understand the language of the Spirit and certain animals. Some people have trained themselves to understand the body language of human beings.

Some people spend several years in schools, homes and libraries studying and researching. If some people can dedicate their time to studying the psychology of human beings, why should we ignore the language of the Spirit? 

In this article, I will share with you from the book of Job on the mysteries of the Spiritual realm, soulish realm, demonic realm, animal realm, the angelic realm, earth realm and use some of the visions the Holy Spirit gave me to help you understand the four corners of the world.

Kindly share the link to this article with your loved ones because the wisdom and mysteries in this article may save a soul from destruction. Don’t visit shrines and evil mediums to access secret information.

You have the Holy Spirit living in you. The Holy Spirit knows every mystery in the world, and one of the ways to download revelations from Him is to develop a relationship and fellowship with Him (Meditate on Luke 8:10).

In my books and articles, I emphasize that Spirit-led fasting, a meditation on God’s Word (Holy Scriptures) and prayer are some of the best ways to unlock revelations from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit has shown me several visions and dreams, of which some have come to pass.

I believe the Holy Spirit reveal visions and dreams to me to increase my faith in Christ Jesus, the church and Word (Holy Scriptures). Child of God, do not doubt in visions and dreams because it is one of the frequent ways the Holy Spirit speaks.

Download and read my free book, How to Hear the voice of the Holy Spirit, for more profound revelations. I will share some revelations the Holy Spirit gave me about the devil and the kingdom of light.

In this vision, I saw the devil barking at me like a bulldog. The bulldog was barking at me with extreme hatred as I came out from a room. In the vision, I used one of my fingers to lift the angry bulldog that was barking at me and threw it away.

In the vision, I was surprised because the bulldog was not as strong it posed. The bulldog I saw in the vision was a symbol of an evil spirit. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that an evil spirit could appear like a bulldog.

The devil and his cohorts appear as strong creatures, but inwardly they are fragile and vulnerable. If we act in faith, the devil and his cohorts will be like a speck of dust before us. In the same vision, the Holy Spirit revealed another mystery about the devil.

I saw the same bulldog I lifted with my finger barking and chasing me. In the vision, the Holy Spirit was alerting me that the devil uses the spirit of fear and false dominance as its first weapon. The devil and his minions can never attack us until it dominates us with fear.

I have written books and articles (Spiritual warfare label) about the devil and his operations, but this time, the Holy Spirit was revealing to me in dreams and visions about the devil’s schemes. The devil acts in fear, and it uses fear to attack and break our shield of faith.

Other times, the devil uses our ignorance as a point of contact. The moment we respond to fear, he gets the power to attack and dominate us. Whiles attacking us, the devil has great fear in him! If you don’t use your authority in Christ Jesus, it will torment you with fear.

I had another vision some months ago and, in this vision, I saw myself among many people. Some were males and females. I saw a mature dark woman (between the age of 30 and 50) who wore white attire with a white veil on her hair in the vision.

Her attire covered her whole body, but I could see her face. We were in a lift, and the lift was taking us up. The dark woman was the one leading us in the lift. A gate opened when we reached a point, and the woman led us to a new place (realm).

After the vision, I felt the Lord telling me the woman I saw in the vision is the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit lifted me to a higher realm with some group of people. I had another vision and, in this vision, I saw myself sitting in a passenger car with some vessels.

I have had numerous visions sitting in a car. Sometimes I will be sitting with some people, other times; I will be driving myself. Let me continue with this vision. We were three in a passenger car (it resembled the public transport vehicles). 

A mature man was driving the vehicle, and a dark woman with a white garment covered her entire body. She had a white veil covering her hair. She was talking to me on the bus while the driver drove. I decided to alight at a particular junction in the vision, but the woman insisted I stay in the car and move with them to a specific location. 

I will not write this vision in detail for security reasons. After the vision, I felt in my spirit, the man driving the car was Christ Jesus, and the woman was the Holy Spirit. Child of God, seeing yourself in a car is a call to the ministry. 

It can also mean God has given you a specific assignment to accomplish on earth. From my spiritual experience, the Holy Spirit has the heart of women, whiles Christ Jesus has the heart of men. It takes an understanding heart to connect with the Trinity (The Heavenly Father, Christ Jesus and the Holy Spirit).

Most often, the Holy Spirit draws closer to sensitive people. I mean people who can use all their spiritual and physical senses. If you are not sensitive in the Spirit, soul and body, you kill the signals of the Holy Spirit.

Build your spiritual sensitivity with Spirit-led worship. Get my book, How to Worship God in Spirit and Truth and read my series of articles for more profound revelations. I remember the Holy Spirit showed me a vision.

In this vision, I saw myself driving a car. I passed through several towns and villages. Then I reached a bushy place. I saw a strong and tall man that cleared the way for me as I drove through the bushy road.

When I got to the main road in my car, I did not see the man again. As I contemplated the vision, I understood that God sends His angels to assist us in a stage our strength fails. God knows our limitations, and He is always ready to help us come out successfully when we place our faith in the Word (Holy Scriptures).

Most often, prophets drive big cars like excavators and articulators in the spirit. I am writing from my spiritual experience. In the spiritual realm, most of the prophets driving these cars have little sympathy.

Pastors in the spiritual realm are the most caring people from my spiritual encounters. That is what I have observed in the spiritual realm. When you encounter a minister in the pastoral office in the realms of the Spirit, they are likely to help you.

Some prophets, too, are kind, but it’s scarce to find them in the spiritual realm. Most prophets in the spiritual realm are unmerciful. If you don’t take care, they can destroy you and the ministry God gave you.

From my spiritual experience, prophets are unmerciful because of the power and assignment they carry in the spirit. Please note that it is not all prophets that are unmerciful. Out of one hundred prophets, you are likely to find two merciful vessels.

Apostles, too, are very dangerous vessels in the realms of the Spirit because they have a strong altar speaking for them. Evangelists are the most vulnerable of all the ministers in the realms of the Spirit. In the spiritual realm, they are open to several attacks because of their role.

God’s eyes are always on evangelists in the realms of the spirit because they take the risk, but prophets, are attackers. Pastors are coaches in the spiritual realm. Some ministers spiritual power lies in their eyes, hands and words.

Some ministers, too, have invested the power of the Holy Spirit in anointing oil. Some have the spiritual strength to transport you in the spirit if you sow a seed to them. Most often, stronger and bigger buses in the spirit signify the power and strength of the ministry.

I am writing from the visions, dreams and revelations the Holy Spirit has shown me. When you see yourself in a passenger car in the spirit, it means you are supposed to be in an established ministry.

The Holy Spirit may keep you in that ministry to train you for a season. At the appointed time, the Holy Spirit will bring you out when it’s your season. It is not everybody that is supposed to start a ministry.

God may be calling you to join an established ministry permanently or for a season. God has called some ministers to be fathers and some to be sons. In the spiritual realm, your spirit gets access to countries, cities and villages where your books, articles, videos and words have had an impact.

The Holy Spirit will reveal something about the people your soul and spirit (books, videos and sermons) has had access to so you can intercede for them. Many people cannot break out in the ministry because they have failed to dominate the demonic altars in their families, workplace and jurisdiction.

Following Christ Jesus (Holy Spirit) demands total submission to the Word (Holy Spirit). If you are not ready to sacrifice your time, money, family and energy for God's work, you cannot do much.

The Holy Spirit may not use you to do great works if you do not surrender all to Him. As the Holy Spirit authorizes me, I will reveal more visions, dreams, and revelations to you, so keep reading. In the book of Job, Eliphaz makes a profound statement.


Now a thing was secretly brought to me, and mine ear received a little thereof.

In thoughts from the visions of the night, when deep sleep falleth on men,

Fear came upon me, and trembling, which made all my bones to shake.

Then a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up:

It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying

Job 4:12-16 KJV

One of Job’s noble friends, Eliphaz, shared a vision with Bildad, Zophar, and Job. Eliphaz declared that he had a vision in the night while in a deep sleep. This vision came in the night, which means we can have a vision in the day, afternoon, twilight, and dawn.

The night is a season of darkness, and this vision came in a night of deep sleep, which mean we have levels of sleep. We can have a light sleep where our spirit, soul and body become conscious of our surroundings.

In the season of light sleep, our soul and body dominate the Holy Spirit and our spirit. People usually have dreams in this season. We call this dream lucid. We cannot trust this dream because it emanates from the senses or subconscious mind.

For example, you can dream of seeing wars because you watched an action or adventure movie and dozed off. In a deep sleep, your body is completely inactive. Your soul and body surrender to either the Holy Spirit, human spirit, and evil spirits.

This is the realm; the human spirit encounters the celestial forces. In Eliphaz's vision and experience, he described that fear came upon him, and he began to tremble. The spirit of fear made his soul and body tremble and shook awfully.

I have had such experiences and visions before. When you are about to see this vision, you will often experience fear when you are about to sleep. In this season, you feel a spirit is in your room. Let's continue with Eliphaz's dream.


a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up:

It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying

Job 4:15-16 KJV

Eliphaz further described that a spirit passed by his face, and the hair of his flesh stood up. I have had such encounters several times. You will try to talk, shout, and move your body in this season, but you cannot.

It looks as if a magnet or some powers are restraining your body. Some people call it sleep paralysis. That’s a half-truth because spiritual forces play specific roles in this experience. The truth is, it is a spiritual experience we pass through.

I believe this period is the season the human spirit, soul and body communes with the four corners of the world. In this season, the human body wants to act independently of the soul and spirit. Since God created human beings to operate on earth with the body, spirit and soul, it will be impossible for the body to act without the involvement of the spirit and soul. Reread the Holy Scriptures.


a spirit passed before my face; the hair of my flesh stood up:

It stood still, but I could not discern the form thereof: an image was before mine eyes, there was silence, and I heard a voice, saying

Job 4:15-16 KJV

In verses fifteen and sixteen of Job chapter four, Eliphaz described a spirit passed before his face. The question is, how did Eliphaz know it is a spirit? Eliphaz was asleep, but he could recognize a spirit passing by his face, and this spirit made the hair on his flesh standstill.

This means Eliphaz became anxious, fearful and confused. Child of God, our spirit has senses. Let me give you a practical example. Have you ever felt your heart beating fast for no reason? In my spiritual life, anytime I feel uncomfortable, it means something is wrong. 

Most often, I pray when I feel uneasy in my heart. I remember I had a similar experience like Eliphaz's dream in the year 2020 whiles working on a project on my laptop. I was tired, so I bowed my head on the desk on which I was working.

Within some minutes or seconds, I had an open vision. In this vision, I saw a strange beast watching me with intense hatred. I could sense the hostility from his face, stature and demeanour. This beast was standing on tall legs that looked like a cow’s leg.

His face looked like a furious adult lion. He had two hands ready to strike if it had the opportunity. He stood at the gate gazing at me. It was panting as if it had just ended a marathon. The beast stared at me with its eyes with extreme hatred!

I could feel, see and smell its hatred! In the vision, my head was on the desk whiles my laptop lay next to me. I wanted to wake up, but I couldn’t. I felt some strange force all around me. The force looked like a magnet.

I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t move my body. I was stiff in the vision. Suddenly I wake up. After the encounter, I heard the Lord voice saying, I did not allow the devil to attack you because I have a covenant with you.

The Lord further said the devil hates me (including Christian believers) because of the storms I am causing in the kingdom of darkness. Child of God, this is just a glimpse of the vision. The Lord protected me from the attack of the enemy. Glory to God!

The devil hates Christian believers with perfect passion. One weapon to break the devil’s attack is to covenant with the Lord using the Holy Scriptures. If you read the vision of Eliphaz, you will recognize that after the spirit passed by his face, the hair on his flesh stood up.

You can imagine the fear of Eliphaz. Eliphaz described that there was silence, and he heard a voice. Child of God, you must understand that in the spiritual realm, our five senses work. Sometimes, our body and soul can feel what our spirit and soul feels and thinks in the spiritual realm.

Have you dreamt of crying, and after the dream, you saw yourself  (body) crying? The Spiritual realm is real, and it is our responsibility to take responsibility because until we play our part (prayer, worship, fasting, meditation and obedience to the Word), the Holy Spirit cannot play His role.

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